Give And Take And Take And Take

Valentines Day has been and gone and how did the love of the century, Mr and Mrs Romance Novel spend it? Apart! But this is not my point.

Miranda recently commented about Valentines Day, saying “when you are married you don’t think about things like that too much“. What?? Then if you don’t really think about things like that, you shouldn’t be accepting such gifts (as Orlando supposedly bought her a Bulgari bracelet and he did mention she wanted earrings for Valentines on Kyle and Jackie O). Take. Take. Take.

Also, on Valentines Day, Miranda was in DJ’s pushing her KORA with a very greedy marketing ploy. Thanks to “me” for the heads up. Nice she put KORA before loving it up with her husband, but again, that isn’t my point. The rip off was – buy 2 KORA products (in one transaction, that is very important!) between certain dates to meet Miranda and have her sign a Valentines card for you. The cheapest KORA product is the Lip Balm for $25 AUS. So the least you HAD to spend is $50 AUS.

*Spend at least $50 AUS in one transaction between certain dates. Online, shipping fees will apply = more spending.

*Buy 2 KORA products for 1 signed card.

*Only the first 150 people get to meet her and get a card signed. So If 500 people did it, the other 350 people bought stuff for nothing.

*Miranda pocketed at least $7500 (thats calculated as 150 people spending $50). This ploy has nothing to do with DJ’s as MK had it on the KORA site and you could also buy from the KORA site to qualify for this rip-off.

I’m not the only one that thinks this stinks [source]. Miranda must think she is so amazing to make people pay to meet her (as she has done before) and have her sign one thing. Can’t she give anything back to her supporters/fans/minions for free? Or give this money to charity? No. It goes straight in KORA’s pocket. Rip-off central!

One last thing, I howled when I read “Reflecting the Victoria’s Secret model’s own classic but fashion-forward style, new seasons trends also included jewel tones, graphic prints, chunky knits and a signature winter coat. Kerr says motherhood has changed her sense of style: “Maybe I’m a little more conservative.””[source]. Erm, does she not know what dressing conservative means? It certainly doesn’t mean having a large amount of cleavage on show, wearing very short skirts/dresses, tight leather trousers, getting naked (although, maybe she thinks that doesn’t qualify as its not “dressed”). To be honest, since “motherhood”, Ive never seen her less “conservative” or as naked.

Oh and why say “I’m glad I’m not in another bikini…” when you wore one in your “private” time only a few days earlier. Wear a one piece for a change! But a one piece doesn’t show off your body the same does it!

~ by Kerrazy Lies on February 16, 2012.

19 Responses to “Give And Take And Take And Take”

  1. Oh man…amazing post, as usual!
    What she said about V Day was true, I am not a fan of this day of the year and when I read I thought that for once I had the same opinion BUT apparently once again she said one thing and did another…Of course no one would turn down a gift, let’s be honest, but her husband had already said on that radio show that she was expecting something, so I think she said that about V Day hust to say the right thing at the right time and it wouldn’t be the first time. What strikes me most is that report about the Kora even…so in one day only she was able to earn $7.500 (don’t think she’d earn the same buck in months of on line sales) and didn’t even want to be bothered for interviews? Wow, sounds pretty pretentious from Miss Humble and smells like marketing ploy. I find it disgusting that the people who went there had to spend that much money, in this period of serious general crisis.

  2. I certainly wouldnt spend a dime to meet any celebrity. They wouldnt be who they were or there busniesses wouldnt be in operation if it wasnt for their fans. Speaking to people on Facebook even though its probably her mother or twitter even though it cant be her because it always has America spellings isnt enough. I dont get why people had to spend anything to meet her when most of these people problly buy her kora anyway. Loved the comment on her Fcebook about her hand having to recover…. looooool writing a few words 150 times isnt that much hard work, kids do it all the time at school, they manage and dont need time off to let their hand recover. She talks liek she is doing people favores when all she is doing is taking their money. id never buy kora even if I thought it was amazing, its just to pricey and there are similar brands out there that are cheaper.

  3. motherhood made her more conservative??? Is talking the same woman who posed completely naked when pregnant, nipples included, which I had never seen before in any shoot of that kind??? conservative of her own current accounts, yes. Is talking the same woman who catwalk for VS to get all men horny and wanky??? the same woman who is naked as soon as there is a camera in front of her??? come on, if motherhood made something out of her was more… how to put it into words? mean? ambitious? best seller of her son, private life? more… a business woman??? she was conservative naked since she was 13… too old to become conservative… simply DJ clothes are so cheap that she looks like a grandma in them. PUke

  4. She is such a materialistic woman, always has been, always will be. She loves her designer crap and how people buy the “down to earth” bullshit she tries to sell, I will never know. The fact she can charge people (well, making them buy her second rate skin cream) just so they can meet her and get her scruffy scrawl amazes me, who DOES she think she is, and like is said, why not give the money to charity, or ask people to give a donation and meet them for that? She is a greedy bitch and that is all she cares about.
    Also no mention of what she bought Orlando for valentines day.. what a surprise-not! Since when does the BS of being married stop you from enjoying valentines day also? She is the biggest hypocrite going, funny how when they are together they don’t look or act like a couple who celebrate their love every day!
    Also was very shocked to hear Orlando state on the radio interview that he found it very flattering that men ogle his wife, seriously that is disgusting, the kind of guy who likes to watch his wife have sex with someone else, or who posts up dirty pics of his wife, he is a disgusting guy saying that whether he means it or not, sad state of affairs that his ego is that big that he finds it very flattering!

    • Replying to the OB radio interview. I wanted to comment on that so much, he looked like he was in pain the entire time they were speaking of her. He looked so uncomfortable and then when that person asked him that question I think he just said that to save face. Then again, he could be that guy that wants to woman all the other men want. To be honest though I don’t think he’s that comfortable with it but he certainly wasn’t going to say on radio that he thinks her strutting around like a skank makes him happy. Either way, he knew what she did for a living when he married her so I don’t feel sorry for him, but I did find his reaction strange for someone so in love. He was literally squirming and his face looked like he was in pain or constipated.

      Been dying to comment on that but aside from this forum every other place I get info from is fan related and they don’t wanna hear that shit. It’s twu wuv or nothing.

  5. LOL. Don’t the ‘Kora values’ include words like ‘community’, ‘integrity’ and ‘education’? Exactly where does charging fans at least $50 to meet Miranda fit into those values?

  6. I can never climb over Miranda! Her is so false and untrue. When will persons view for true being? So many evil things about she, Orlando make me cry with all of this, a male who is like a female who sells sex’s, boss, that is what his is! He so happy for males to be sexy over his own wife? I can not have faith of this! It is crazy!!

  7. Great post, as per usual. She is seriously a materialistic psycho b*tch. Although I will point something out, if I remember correctly, she once said that she doesn’t believe in V-Day cos she thinks couples should spoil each otger year round. (FYI, the interview may have been on Australian show Rove, if you want to check it out.) Wtf! She is such a liar. She says these things then goes and does the complete opposite. And what a cheapskate. Making her ‘fans’ buy her dodgy products just so she can flip her hair, look down upon and talk condescendingly to them. She’s a real nasty piece of work. And as for Orlando. Well, he’s seriously whipped. She’s got him on ball and freakin’ chain. And we’ll just leave it at that. Great post, looking forward to more!!

  8. What struck me as totally PMSL was the fact that she invited the media for her fabulous “meet my fans but they have to buy my product first” but have her people say that she was not giving interviews. What’d she expect these media she invited to do, buy her products so they can *maybe* be lucky enough to be the 150 to have her sign a crappy V-day card for them? I feel really sorry for all the suckers who splurged money and fell for her trick. If these are the kind of people the younger generation look up to and want to emulate, is it a wonder the world is going to hell?

    • I’m most offended by the way she’s taking advantage of the people she’s bamboozled into believing her image. There’s something very cruel about this particular scheme. Her fans are downright obsessive, and she knows that. So she’s making the most of it by getting them to pay to see her. I think Dante had a circle of hell for crap like that.

  9. Well, that’s the final straw for me. I really don’t like her anymore. What’s ironic is that her number one fan complained about your site so that’s the only reason I ever found it. I have read alot of the stuff here and formed my own opinion and am now a former fan. I really do believe she is a fake and also quite greedy and attention seeking.

  10. … just to add – it makes me quite sad that OB is with her and he is the only reason I know of MK and I am/was a big fan of him. I don’t even know if I can remain interested in OB. It speaks to his character that he is with her. 😦

    • Very interesting. Im glad you read along with an open mind. We never try to make anyone change their mind, we just post up what we find out and people can make up their own mind and whatever they decide is cool. I am aware of certain people complaining about this blog. Im not sure why because more often than not I just post up MK’s words and actions, how can I be held responsible for that? But I guess these people need someone to blame as they cant blame her (or OB), thats not a true fans actions. Thanks again!

      • “more often than not I just post up MK’s words and actions”

        Exactly! And you don’t just copy and paste them but screencap her bs ( such as you screencapped those mails form EcoCert), so there isn’t better evidence that that!

    • It speaks to his character that he is with her.

      My thought exactly..:(

  11. the only reason she wasn’t so keen on wearing a bikini is that her tummy isn’t so flat anymore. it is very clear from those recent pool side pap pics.

    those peculiar poses she strikes…..i used to think that she was thrusting out her breasts. but now i think it’s more about stretching her stomach.

  12. Oh boy, I spend quite a lot of time reading these posts since I’ve discovered them:D Did you read the article in daily mail where Orlando talks about valentines day and says that it’s a tragedy they won’t spend the day together and then adds “she probably doesn’t care.”

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