Lie Request

Post here if you would like to see a certain lie published. Please give as much info as you can (links, screencaps etc). Lies and oddities are in no specific order. There has been so many it is hard to remember them all.

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  1. how did you color your hair dark again, i remember it being blonder last year. any organic colors? do you have to recolor it at all? i love the color!
    2. i have a date this week πŸ™‚ any make up tip you could give me?-X lola
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    Miranda Kerr
    Hey Lola, I used Hennah which is a natural hair colorant which you can by from a healthy food store or I get my friend Harry Josh to do it with ammonia free products.
    No makeup tips just be yourself and wear a smile, it is one of the most beautiful things you

    Good site but make sure you read comments. She says to make hair dark again use Henna. It looks silly if you don’t get it right.

    • Not sure you are getting my post but my wording was off so I apologize. She claims she uses Henna and NO ammonia products BUT to get highlights (like she has more often than not) you do need ammonia/bleach. Im not saying she claimed to use Henna for highlights but she has lied about not using harsh chemicals on her hair because you need these harsh chemicals to attain the highlights. I will edit my original post to clarify what I mean. Thanks.

  2. Do you remember that she was saying she’s not going to the Oscar parties because he’s not in LA. (Or something like this…) Then we saw pics of him at Demi and Madonnas Oscar party. DingHO free. And having fun with Rumer Willis.

    Then there were confusings with her age.

    The Virgin Air stunt. (Face for the airline. Maybe she was jellus because Orlando is and she not. LOL) Branson said that he never heard of her.

    • HAHA will get onto them. Thanks for the nudge πŸ™‚

      • You’re welcome. I try to remember more stuff. Like she said he will be in OZ for xmas or other events and never showed up.
        Her excuse for him not being at the last VS show and he being at ‘Voyeur’. LOL
        Wedding pics, baby bump pic,…

  3. Another one that hasn’t been touched on I don’t think, the age question. When she first started she was said to have been born in 1985 (I think even when she supposedly had an official site back then it listed it as 1985), then sometime after her involvement with Orlando it turned into 1983. I still see some articles on her that come from AUS listing her as two years younger than she says she is. Her birthday has been debated too.

    Also, her and the smoking, where she claimed she never smoked, yet there’s photographs proving she did.

  4. We were talking about her deleting comments. The girls at Delphi saved a few.

    The Winston Churchill one:!/MirandaKerr/posts/143786788975755

    A blogger found some more:

    Remember the deleted rant about the nasty paps?

  5. I don’t think it’s be touched yet, maybe it has, but the pap set-up “candids” especially the infamous balcony takes and retakes.

  6. Not a lie but Jared Followill? Slutty McSlut.

  7. Don’t remember if someone else pointed this out, but the all smoking thing in another lie. She says she never smoked but there are plenty of pics of her smoking. It’d be easier to be honest and say she used to but quit.

  8. Thanks for the requests. I will be getting on to them but the blog wont be updated for a short while as certain people will be looking at it and will need to see the KORA posts clearly. Everyone can still comment as usual though. Thanks again.

  9. Not sure if this is classified as a lie, but The Missus apparently has photos that Carlii was/is trying to put a stop to being published (she’s got her panties in a knot over them). They’re candid nudes that a housemate of Miranda took of her from 2002. Just thought it was fairly interesting, here’s one article about it.

  10. I’d still like to see the Oscar party story.
    Oh, and the ‘Chef’ Matty story. Though that may just be a Family Kerr lie, rather than a Dingho Lie.

  11. Not necessarily a lie, but is there anything to Miranda’s claims that before she persued modeling she studied nutrition and (health) psychology?

  12. How about her religion? Claims to be a Buddhist but I think she just says that because Orlando is.

  13. I wasn’t sure if this was caught or not, I know a screen grab was previously posted with the same person saying that she has a question, then went on to ask if KORA was certified organic, I actually couldn’t find that one, but I did find this. Miranda explains to the same exact girl how a product is 100% certified organic.

    Screen Grab

  14. The woman who doesn’t like to be naked and felt embarassed on Pirelli cal set jut got naked…again! And showed her bump for W Magazine. Another lie?

    • Looks like it! As many have pointed out though, when has she NOT been naked? Then again, her fans find what she did to be more classy then the original one herself, Demi… wtf. Demi at least had the decency to cover her boobs up, Miranda on the other hand is another story, and those boobs still look far too perky. Then again, she’s got red stars on them ;x

      • This come to my mind since she said she was embarassed and not at ease during the Pirelli shots…then later on she got naked again but just because she is a model and has to, of course. I thought supermodel could say ‘no’, but she is so professional and so keen on her work!

      • I think it’s just an excuse to make her still appear innocent. Honestly, I’m not entirely sure how she fits into the issue as everyone else featured with children have already had their kids. She’s the only one who is pregnant in the issue.

        If she wanted to showcase the pregnancy, why not do it in a nursery style shoot with your “partner”? It’d be classier and more familish seeing as that’s what the issue is about.

      • Please, don’t give her ideas! I bet she’ll do a family photoshoot after the baby is born. Adriana Lima did it, so she had to do it too!!lol

      • It’d probably only be her though lol. She’s really only been the one showcasing the pregnancy. Orlando has just been playing body guard.

        The recent photos of him, IMO, he looks like a shell of what he used to be.

      • What? How dare you? He is happy, never been happier, he just glows and you can see how deep is their love. If you don’t you are just jealous! Lol

      • Lol! I needed a laugh today. Thank you.

      • Welcome!;)

    • Im rather disgusted at her getting naked while pregnant, I think its really disrespectful to the unborn child because its just an excuse for her to get naked yet again.

      • Try to understand…I saw pics of the VS angels getting ready for the show and promoting it today…she had to find something to stand out in the news or no one would have remembered she is not there cause pregnant! Luckily she had this lost wedding dress story and the naked pic.

      • The only good thing I’m seeing is the hype isn’t lasting anymore with her. It’s dying down.

        And wasn’t it her who said that anything is possible when it came to her and walking in the VS fashion show when someone asked?

        She hasn’t done any sort of events for VS since… hell knows when, yet Doutzen has done events even when pregnant. Not to mention flew back to her home country for her wedding, yet Miranda is forbidden to fly?

      • I’m past caring about it all, they have and will pimp that kid of,it is the way it is. I knew this was only a matter of time when it was mentioned, had to prove all the naysayers wrong didn’t she! Apparently she has done more shoots with the little one, so there will be more, you wait till it is born she will be doing LOADS of shoots and pap pics, and he will stand by smiling and taking half of the money. TRUST.

      • Only thing I’m hoping that if it’s constant pimping, then it’s quite possible that the media will become bored with them. From what I remember reading there are pap agencies that find them boring already. Constant pimping of the baby/being shocked to be papped with baby even though it’s scheduled, similiar photo shoots with baby = decline of popularity.

        I’m not going to put suggestions on here as big brother sister is watching ;x

      • Big sister is everywhere, better watch out!

      • the saddest part is when this kid is a teenager, he’ll hang out with his friends and hear them talk smack about his mom’s body parts. she really didn’t think through what it might mean for flynn with the nude belly shot and the bood-feeding pic.

  15. Perhaps the plot thickens? If you can go by what the article says, she was photographed when she was in Paris for that tacky pregnancy photo, which if I remember correctly was at the end of September, that photo has her at six and a half months pregnant, when she said in October (I think mid-way through October, if you go by the photo, then mid-way through Oct she’d be somewhere near her half way mark in 7 months)) she was only six months pregnant.

    She also said she didn’t find out she was pregnant until the Jill Sander’s shoot, I can’t check to see when that shoot was done right now though e.e I’m about to leave work x.x

    • Hmm.. interesting, I see what you are meaning by that

      So that means also that orlando was probably with her when she did this shoot if it was around the Paris time. Urgh I cannot get over how tacky they both are.

      • This article is from May, 24th.

        The pics in the park in Paris were taken at the 2nd.

      • Someone who apparently has read the magazine wrote this on JJ:
        “She implies in the magazine that the baby was planned – β€œdecision to start a family not complex at all,” but then can’t figure out why she had been sick so much until she finds out she’s pregnant. Why wouldn’t she have suspected that was the reason for being sick if she had truly been trying to get pregnant? She can’t even keep the story straight in the same interview.”

        Read more:

        Planned pregnancy? Few months before he said they were just hanging out’ and she told the press she was too young to even think of marrying. Good one MK, you tried!
        If they wanted to start a family intentionally, since she is so traditional, they would have got married with a proper ceremony first and then have a child.

      • She wnats to watch it as if she is saying it was planned people will believe Ted C and that she is his beard and the baby was planned to keep people off the scent that Orlando likes the boys LOL!!

        To be honest she isn’t going to say anything else IMO, that goes against her image to say “well it was an accident”- nothing to Miranda is an accident, so its more “her” to say it was planned, sure plenty of people have babies then get married, but then why claim that you are “traditional”, why rush to be married to make it look like it is because if the baby? It doesn’t fit, especially the “hanging out” part and especially because they weren’t seeing much of one another, who is going to bring a child into a relationship where you see one another every 6 weeks? Nah this was an accident or she tricked him, image is too important to them both they would have got married first to make them look how they try to come across.

        But of course! What am I saying? Of course it was planned- by her.

      • I left a message but it didn’t show up. O_o
        The Jil Sander shot was mentioned by her at some VS event at the end of May the pics in Paris with his ‘breakdown’ were taken at the 2nd May.

      • I wonder when she had time to do this shoot, as she was constantly being papped and out in the open.

        I do find the fact that she constantly refers to her hands as being little, yet in this shoot they’re EXTREMELY masculine looking, very large as opposed to being tiny.

        I also noticed comments that people are wondering why she isn’t wearing her rings, someone mentioned it was due to water retention, yet the photo was taken by in September and as of October she was still wearing all her rings and they were fitting loosely.

  16. (I’m on my cell sorry for any mistakes)

    It certainly is looking like it was planned… namely by her. She has been the only one even offering the information, to get anything out of Orlando he had to be asked and still kept mum on it.a

  17. Could fall into the whole “how I started modeling” category, this little gem was found by Sis_73 @ the Delphi forums.

  18. Me again. πŸ˜€

    I’ve just seen a commercial on TV about KORRES, an organic cosmetics company widely known and used all over the world. I couldn’t help but notice how similar KORRES and KORA sound when you say it out loud.

    Btw – KORRES *is* indeed certificated organic, they even have the certificate on their website. Is it just me or are these similarities kinda curious?

    • Hi Annie πŸ™‚ , there seems to be a lot of KORA’s and KORRES etc around but these products offer more than MK’s KORA can, like you said KORRES is certified but it amazes me how there are so many products that sound similar :/

      • It is quite common for commercial products to try to stick to other ones’ reputation taking advantage of similarities both in the type or quality of the products or of the sounding of their names. It is a sort of marketing strategy, sort of advertising in return.

      • Probably someone already mention it but at this stage her purpose to ‘keep her pregnancy sacred’ has gone…nude pregnant pic for W Magazine and another nude shot for Vogue Australia (where at least she covers her breats)…another lie…!

      • Sacred went out the window some time ago with this pregnancy ;x

        Perhaps it is just me, the B&W photo isn’t completely clear (plus a different angle), but between the W photo and now this one, her belly size doesn’t look that different, just looks like it’s dropped and the position of her bellybutton has changed. It just doesn’t look any bigger from the W photo.

      • @Dea, I think we did a sacred post regasrding the wedding and the naked pregnancy shoot was mentioned.

      • Thanks! Sorry, I got confused with all the ‘truths’ she says!Lol

  19. she has a post about organic products that she uses like Noni and how nutritious it is. In fact, Noni has just settled lawsuits with 5 states admitting that those were false claims. If you want to get enough nutrition from Noni, you would need to drink 22 bottles a day (for the daily required nutrition value) at the cost of $500.
    Mecca powder – she said it’s so great and she gets a burst of energy. Yes she does, it’s called a endocrine high. Mecca’s known to cause major depressive episodes and mood swings and it’s not generally recommended by physicians.
    I only looked at 2 things, and both of them had problems. I didn’t wanna look up anymore cause it makes me sad that people are going to buy and do these things that might hurt them.
    Also, you forgot her stretch-mark free party post, there were a ton of funny comments of people telling her that stretchmarks are genetic. it was so funny, there were almost no compliments on her claims.
    Next, go on to earth hour blog, there’s 4 deleted comments under their blog, and no supporters.

    • Very interesting post! I know Noni isnt as good as Miranda likes to make out. Her mother used to work for TNI (the only Noni brand she tells people to buy). Noni can cause major health problems like liver failure yet she tells people to use it without any warning which I think is really cruel but very interesting Noni have had 5 lawsuits against them!

      Never heard of Mecca powder but so not surprised it isnt as good for you as she calims AND can give mood swings – not surprised at all! Thanks for this very interesting info πŸ™‚

    • Wonder if she gave the powder to Nan as well. Better yet wonder if she gives it to hubby as it’s supposed to increase the libido as well.

    • Since she uses mecca powder and it causes mood swings, maybe it’s why she’s such a bitch :p

  20. Hmm wonder what this is:

    • Anyone willing to comment on this.

    • I remember seeing whoever this was posting to her FB, before they were promptly deleted.

    • I remember seeing them about 2 weeks ago, thought it might be a hater or ex fan of hers but I loled regardless and Im shocked they are still there TBH.

      • Well I think they are real.

      • I am open minded TBH and think it is someone who could possibly be telling the truth, however wouldn’t that person go to the media to get more people taking notice? This person obviously wants everyone to know about it. I am VERY surprised that she hasn’t deleted it though :/

  21. I wonder why she doesn’t like doing interviews on flynn, maybe because she did have IVF and the baby isn’t orlandos

    • I can’t see what you posted for some reason. It says I am not authorized or something. What does it say?

    • I seriously CAN’T see O in that baby at all like some of her devoted phans are claiming. I see a chubby-cheeked baby that doesn’t resemble O even a little. Some idiotic comments in JJ actually claim that he looks exactly like O. Seriously? So, apart from God’s failed attempt to give them brains, He also skewered their eyesight or what? Fling looks like he has brown eyes but I believe DingHo has some Filipina or Asian heritage among her mixed heritages(or so I read somewhere), so unless she’s pure Norwegian AAAWWWWLLLLL down the line, brown eyes on a baby says absolutely nothing. I should know, both my parents have brown eyes but some of my siblings have blue eyes due to my parents’ mixed heritages.

      • I agree with you but the shippers actually saw Orlando in a baby that wasnt even Flynn so that says a lot to me.

        Regarding eye color: both my parents have blue eyes, only one of their 3 daughters have blue, the rest have green and brown so I guess what your parents have has nothing to do with it. A lot of genetics can skip a generation also.

      • This is quite true, on my Mother’s side, all her Aunts and Uncles (9 in total) had either blue, hazel or brown eyes. My Grandfather’s sister has brown eyes, while his parents both had blue eyes and he has blue eyes. My Mother has grey eyes and my Father has blue eyes, I ended up with green eyes which is a throw back to my Mother’s Grandmother who also had green eyes.

        Also maybe someone can find out, but what color eyes does Therese have? Are they blue? I can never tell because majority of the times she looks like she’s squinting.

      • I think Therese has blue going by this pic:

      • Possibly blue, or even blue/green. It’s hard to tell with Therese because she doesn’t have wide eyes like MK does, then again a friend of mine has honey color eyes that appear light in photos. So who knows.

      • I can’t see any of orlando either in that baby, it isnt only the shippers who see Orlando, a few of the haters do think he has orlando’s eyes, when I look I just see Miranda, even in the eyes, no Orlando apart from colour, which doesnt prove its his either.

        The shippers say it is the double of Orlando because they are desperate to be his, so by saying it looks like Orlando, they are trying to drive that fear away, unfortunately for them, MOST of the people I have spoken to (who aren’t shippers or haters) can’t see Orlando in this baby at all , which to be honest says a lot about people saying it is the image of Orlando.

        If the baby isn’t his it makes a lot of sense at to why he is fine about pimping it out to the world, the reason why it isn’t his are many also, nobody can be 100% sure what the reason of it not being his is unless they knew the real situation first hand.

  22. As I was saying I hate how she ssays she’s so down to earth.
    On her blog it says she’s a part of earth hour, and tell us to
    “Purchase clothes that are ethically made, not mass produced” and “dress in organic clothing”. Yet she’s wearing all these designer brands. – Louis Vuitton Handbag – Prada Handbag – Chanel Handbag – Christian Louboutin shoes – Prada Handbag – Prada Handbag – Mulberry Handbag – Louis Vuitton Handbag

    Oh and in numerous magazine I’ve noticed she’s quite materialistic.
    In her favorite things sections, her favorite thing are things such as her “prada bag”, “prada shoes”, “mac laptop”, “Balenciaga sunglasses”, “valentino bag”. “prada suitcase” “Muberry bag”. I mean c’mon what about spending time with family or a favourite book?

    Oh wait I doubt she actually reads other than for publicity. It’s like she trying to maintain an “innocent” and “perfect” image.

    Oh and she didn’t even write treasure yourself, somebody ghost wrote it for her.

    • Wow, thanks for all those links! I think it is safe to say she is materialistic. You cant be a model, walk for designers, get X amount of freebies and not be materialistic. She is usually draped in some designer gear. She once said in an interview she loves bags and shoes (designer) as well as a leather jacket (also designer) and Rolex watches (one of the most expensive watches on the planet). Her luggage bags are worth a few grand. Imagine how many starving people could eat for the price of something as insignificant as luggage bags. I think if you have even the most insignificant things (such a luggage) designer then it shows you are pretty obsessed with it. I wouldnt give a toss what brand my luggage was, its not important. I think its funny she tells people to buy such things while she wears such outlandishly expensive clothes and accessories. I think its a case of “do as I say, not as I do”.

    • Only her delusional fans would think she actually wrote it. Woman can barely understand the English language much less write a book in it.

      Oh, she can claim whatever she wants about eing ‘down to earth’ but that is BS. That woman is materistic and you know that she probably dresses homely since Orlando does too and she wants people to think its all cute that they dress alike. Come on.

  23. I think its a case of β€œdo as I say, not as I do”.

    Orlando just said during the interview with yang Lan that his mother used to say this to him, so maybe she and Sonia have much more in common than they think! That’s great!

  24. Do you realise everything you hear about Miranda comes through the media and their job is to make reports intersting. I think you should be focusing on the lies in the media about Miranda insted of “Mirnada’s lies”. You do not know her personally. My next door neighbour’s friend is Miranda’s cousin and says she’s a lovely girl. Most of the “lies” you post on here I can already tell you are not lies. Maybe you should look at real facts not “magazine facts” as they only have misleading information. Try reading treasure yourself. Why waste time putting down someone else anyway, it’s immature and everyone who reads this would get the impression there are some very jelous girls writing this blog.

    • Please can you state which lies are wrong and why? Because as far as I know, we go by what Miranda and/or her family says most of the time and what they say changes and we post up the evidence. So you know Miranda doesnt tell lies because of your next door neighbors cousin? Wow, that is 3 degrees isnt it. Why would I read Treasure Yourself when I can look up most of the quotes she give in that book online as they belong to other people? No thanks, think Ill save myself some money! I really dont care what people think of me TBH, no one knows me, you shouldnt judge etc etc lol

      Anyway, I wont let anymore of your posts through until you can tell me which lies are wrong and why. Bye xx

    • Erm.. no actually we go by what Miranda SAYS IN HER OWN WORDS and DOES most of the time, so your argument is invalid! The media hardly speak about her, she is hardly a A, B or even C list celebrity!! Your next door neighbours friend? LMAO! Sadly for you I don’t need that many degrees of separation to know Miranda Kerr’s character, try ONE degree! I have heard a LOT about her from someone who personally knows her, you can’t beat that. Added to which I am sure Miranda’s family will sing her praises and I am sure Miranda would put on her sweet girl act when she meets people she can’t let her guard down with, so sorry but that proves very little! We aren’t “putting her down” we are exposing her “sweet, down to earth” image that is all an act, is that so wrong? I can’t stand liars and that is a fact. Jealous? Of her? don’t make me laugh! What does she have? She is hardly a great beauty, and her husband isn’t all that. I’m more jealous of someone like Rachel Weisz who has real beauty, class and a great career. And she has money? Who hasn’t that work for it?!

      I have some advice for you, maybe you should learn to read properly and see what this blog actually says, maybe you will enjoy her Kora team coming on here pretending to be lawyers and threatening us (and the proof that it was sent from Kora), or the most famous , screencaps of her saying Kora was certified organic/or in the process, yet it wasnt at all! Bye!

      • Once again jealousy! Of course when nothing else is usefyl jealousy is the only weapon some people can use to adjust everything!
        As Nefratiti pointed out actually these ‘lies’ come from MK’s own words and posts that kerrazylies screencapped so they’re there for everyone to see. Never once this blog quoted magazine’s interviews or articles, do I don’t get what you’re talking about. But say hi to MK for us.

      • Exactly! You arent in a clique called “The Barbie Girls” at school and not think you are something. “The Barbie Girls” says to me you think you are hot shit and probably a lil bitchy too. I wasnt part of some childish clique when I was at school so know nothing of them!

      • What has the person who knows MK personally said about her? Yeah I know, dumb question but I want to know.

      • @ Mystic the person told me that she is a manipulative bitch who stops at nothing to get what she wants, she lies and cheats her way to get what she wants, she looks down on people. She has slept with married men for expensive gifts and money in the past.

      • Thanks Nef. I asked because I have heard some things and I like to hear confirmation on it. What you wrote is what I have heard too.

      • No problem Mystic πŸ™‚

  25. The bottom line is you can’t judge Miranda if you don’t know her. Look how twisted and ridiculous the apparent “lies” that are posted on here, for example “I wonder why she doesn’t like doing interviews on flynn, maybe because she did have IVF and the baby isn’t orlandos” That is just a wild assumption. Anyone could make assumptions like that. If she took the baby on interviews then you would critisize her about being a bad mother. You are picking at every little thing you read about her and trying to form “lies”. To reply to the comment about you using “what Miranda SAYS IN HER OWN WORDS and DOES most of the time”, if you haven’t heard it come from her in person then it’s not very valid is it. At least if you read Treasure Yourself you would have information which actually came from Miranda. You should also look at evidence of what she actually does like support charity, in online newspaper reports (not magazines or internet posts). Everything you read about her on the internet has gone through many secondary sources (such as the person who posted it). Also I’m not in a “barbie girl clique”, I have finished school and that’s not even relevant to what we are talking about. There is plenty to be jelous of when it comes to Miranda, she’s beautiful, rich, successful, young, in a happy relationship, an icon to young girls and most of all she is happy with who she is. This is such an immature and childish blog to have and trust me it doesn’t make you look good or Miranda look bad. Why waste your time writing these sorts of things, do you think it’s going to make you feel better about youself? In the end Miranda is still as successful, happy and beautiful as she was before you started this blog, you don’t need to try and convice yourself and others that she is anything less. I don’t see the point in putting other people down. It only leaves a bad impression of yourself not the person you are talking about. If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all. I’m not going to be part of this childish blog anymore, it’s embarrasing, so don’t get all worked up like you did after my last comment and leave 10 comments on here for the next time I come back because I won’t be part of this.

    • The bottom line is you can’t judge Miranda if you don’t know her.

      I agree, but this works for both side, ‘shippers’ and ‘haters’. we can’t judge her from what we read on the net or in her OWN POSTS in HER social network accounts and so shippers shouldn’t as well keep repeating how adorable she is, as their point of view is based on things they heard, as much as ours.
      I’m sure you’ll find other places that suit you more, there’s always Olove (or what’s left of it). Bye!

      • Agreed!! Sweetness and niceness proves nothing TBH. Im sure Hitler could be nice to people at times lol Obviously Im not comparing them but just saying even the most horrible of people can put on acts and be nice as and when they want/need to be.

        The only person this blog is embarrassing for is Miranda!

    • lol So you are saying her words on her OFFICIAL Facebook and Twitter are not to be trusted? Even though she is saying it is her OFFICIALLY? Yet her book is even though half of the stuff in that very book is by other people (i.e affirmations)? If her words on Facebook arent to be trusted then you must be calling her a liar yourself! I wasnt referring to you regarding the “Barbie Girls” – that was a clique Miranda was a part of at school. I also down own any comments made by other people on this blog, just my own.

      “Everything you read about her on the internet has gone through many secondary sources (such as the person who posted it).” What, like your neighbors, friends cousin?

      PMSL I see you dont even say which lies are wrong like you said some were wrong yesterday. Bye sweetie, huge fail but thanks for the fun πŸ™‚ I hope that bad impression you have just referred to doesnt resonate on you too bad, after all, you are putting us down. No one has ever got worked up sugar, dont flatter yourself that your pathetic attempt to prove anything got to anyone because it was lame and fell flat on its face. There wont be 10 comments in reply to you either, just mine. Just remember this, this blog wouldnt exist if it wasnt for Miranda, her lies, her hypocrisies, her fraudulent behavior etc

    • Sorry to disappoint, but the person who told me about Miranda I know PERSONALLY and have for years, therefore they are trustworthy, so thats much better than your three degrees of separation.

      When will you and others like you ever get that, of course Miranda is going to pretend to be all sweetness and light when she is “on” for her fans, collegues and the media, she wants to sell her Kora and her Treasure yourself, she wants people to think she is wonderful because if people like her then she will make more money and get her arse licked – of course she is not alone in putting on a “down to earth” image for the public, I would say most celebrities do, if you are sucker enough to fall for it then you deserve all you get when it all comes to light what they are really like. NEVER trust a celebrities public image ESPECIALLY when you hear the total opposite from a hell of a lot of impartial people who are in the know and know her very well. Believe me, it is so easy to say the “right things” and say what people want to hear.

  26. lol Isnt it funny how this Lea wasnt coming back but has done a few other posts, even pretending to be someone called Billy (same IP and saying “thank you Billy” even though his post hasnt even made it through lol). Lea, if you see this and Im sure you will, you havent read any of this blog properly because using her organic hair products is pathetic because she said she went lighter haired with henna but henna cant and doesnt lighten your hair. See, her words! Ciao.

    ETA: We know people like her, this place isnt for them, just like how places that like her arent for us, theres plenty of other places out there for people who like her. Told you I wasnt letting any more posts through until you said what lies were wrong and why – you didnt, your opinions do not count because we have used proof to back us up. Do the same or GTFO!

  27. Lea (IP: ,
    Billy (IP: ,
    Lachlin (IP: ,

    Let me guess, you, your brother, your mother? You say we need to grow up? lol Yeah, ok! Dont bother coming back, you had your chance to disprove, you didnt take it, you obviously cant, goodbye!

    • …don’t forget her room-mate! Lmao!
      We are childish? Never seen a ‘hater’ going to shippers’ places to mess around. On the other hand I’ve seen many shippers coming in places like this to mess around with people. Too bad for them they always end up backpedaling.

      • So true. I wouldnt dream of going over to the shipper comms, telling everyone they should stop liking her because a friend of a friend told me shes a bitch and if they dont they are sad and immature cows yadda yadda. People are so desperate (or at least appear to be) for this place to shut down. Well, this blog isnt going nowhere, get used to ti.

    • Do they think that if three people from the same household are saying how sad we are we will think “must be true, better shut the place down”?

  28. I just left a comment proving how ridiculous your “lies” were and you didn’t even approve it just because you don’t want to be exposed for the liar you are… what a joke.


    bloom says he hates the word “father?” I could be reading this completely wrong, we now know little flynn will be calling his dad “O” or “Orlie” or Legolas or Bloom.

    ok, that’s enough for my daily dose of amusement. haha

    • I am pretty sure he meant he hates the word “awesome”.

    • You forgot Will in that list of what Flynn will be calling daddy-dearest.

      It’s funny how she suddenly changed tune listing LotR as her favorite movie (whether she thinks it’s just a whole movie or a series), and that Legolas is the hottest elf, especially since “hubby” is in talks (still) to reprise the role in The Hobbit.

      Last summer, and even before that (she was ALWAYS going on about pirates), I believe a minion of hers asked “elf or pirate” and she said pirate all the way.

      • haha, I think now he was probably referring to “awesome.” But, maybe it’s the first time she has seen LOtR. who knows, maybe she finally sat down to see that movie and never before watched the trilogy.

        aside from the point, i think what has changed recently, is before she did the naked shot, try to advise mothers, and all that, she use to mainly get positive publicity. I remember last year when i first read up on the girl, everything seem so perfect. But then the more I read of her, the more hypocritical everything seemed.
        I think now if you look at a lot of news, posts, there’s a lot more people giving negative comments. I think in general, celebrities who are well-liked don’t preach or go outside their limit of expertise. Like no one sits there and hate on Seal or Heidi or any other VS models, well except Giselle but that’s also cause she was preaching stuff.

        Another thing is humility is something people judge for you, it’s not something you do an interview with your family and have them tell the world they raised the best kid or whatever.

        But, in the end, it’s her life and she’s entitled to do whatever she wants with it.

  30. Have you already checked the timeline? I would have something there:

    According to the German version of Wikipedia ( Miranda and Orlando have been together since February 21st, 2007.

    I know Wikipedia isn’t always reliable in her sources and it doesn’t stand either, where they have this from (at least not in the German issue) – but wasn’t Orlando with Sebastian in the Antarctic at this time yet? And even if they are together already as long as – why hasn’t one even seen her during his play in London then? She wasn’t in London (but only a year late) as far as I remember. Work to and fro – Miranda will have had well one couple of day time for a trip to England anyway. πŸ˜‰

    Something completely different stands on the English-speaking side of Wikipedia ( however again. And something else stands if you look at Orlando again (German:, English:; and this is after all described as his biography.
    I would be interested in knowing what stands on the other sides and what is really the truth of this now… πŸ˜‰

    • Also, in summer 2007, while playing in London, he was spotted with different women, and she was still dating Jay Lyon…they broke up only in late august if I remember correctly.

      • So it stands also on the English-speaking side of Wikipedia and they start to Date late of 2007. But not long ago stands this also at the English-speaking side (therefore I had think, that FCB will be born around the 20th December).

        Maybe Miranda has try to spin her own fairytale and, unfortunately, the Internet (and perhaps a certain Person πŸ˜‰ ) was against her. πŸ™‚


    A pic just taken in Palm Springs last week. a pic from the same trip as her breastfeeding Flyyn for the camera. A pic of Orlando handing his non smoking, breastfeeding wife a cigarette.

  32. this blog should be printed out and put on every house in london

  33. lol…. this is a great idea! πŸ™‚

  34. lol…. that is an awesome idea! πŸ˜€

  35. @Kimberley, Gretchen and Sondra:

    No, it would be better to pass it on to gossip newspapers. πŸ™‚

    However unfortunately, the mosts write only the Crap, the Carlii already preformulatedly without thinking greatly. 😦

  36. Ii dare someone to post this to the kora page,, haha/busted!!

  37. miranda’s real height:
    I know that many of her fans say that she’s 5’9 cause they claim that no agency would accept anyone under that. But here’s the problem. I’ve seen Bloom, and lemme tell you, he’s a little man. Like 5’9 max. He’s real thin and small. then there’s miranda, who is obviously 3in shorter than he is.
    miranda vs bloom:

    So lets take a typical model between 5’9 to 6ft which is how tall you need to enter an agency.

    miranda vs other models:

    so either other models are giants (doubt it) or miranda is 5’6 and I’m being generous.

    enjoy the weekend

  39. check out this article on today:

  40. Always thought it was weird how Miranda said a friend entered her into the Dolly Competition and she just happened to be picked as the winner, as if she had no ambitions to be a famous model and fate selected her to be one.

    Really interesting story with picture of Miranda before Dolly competing in a model competition. Seems like she’s been wanting to be famous for a long time

  41. something else you might find interesting

  42. I came across this today. How desperate for fame and/or work must she be to resort to this?! I would also like to point out that Lipton ice tea is not organic and contains sugar, which Miranda calls ‘white death’ and claims she never eats. Liar.

  43. if i was miranda i would have learnt my lesson from this and refrain from taking up any hosting duties.

    there is a vast difference between photographs and videos. maybe she should ask her husband about it.
    he would know

  44. today, I’m gonna call miranda out on her marriage with orlando, here’s why: it’s been like 5 yrs since they’ve been dating…whatever. So, in these times, no matter how much she managed to get papped, she has NEVER EVER gotten papped even touching orlando’s dog Sidi, walking it, holding its leash. Now, if you’re actually married, for lets say love, wouldn’t you also love their pets and at least attempt at times to take care of them, even if the dog is a little too big for her frail arms? Yet, not only does she never glance at that dog, she does not acknowledge its existence. Sidi, that poor thing must live outside the house, cause lets face it, only Franki lives indoors. So it comes to several things:
    1.she’s no true dog lover, and should stop her BS with pet promotions, cause unless they fit in her purse as a fashion accessory, she wants nothing to do with it
    2.the marriage of love is a fraud, she loves his fame, and not his person or his life. sidi is a dog that orlando adopted with kate, a dog previously abused
    3.she is still fuming over the fact that dog is adopted with kate, which makes her immature
    4.she is cruel person who would not acknowledge/abuse certain animals if they don’t fit her criteria of cuteness.

    enough said, she is not a dog-lover.

    • Spot on!
      Now I’m sure that in the next ‘candids’ we’ll see, she’ll make sure to touch and cuddle Sidi…LOL!

  45. “But look, frockwriter is sure that all the models were paid a lot of money to do this
    calendar. And at the end of the day, apparently that’s all that counts to the models
    and their agents.
    Come Christmas however, Kerr might want to keep the calendar under wraps when
    she is due to unveil her new book aimed at motivating and inspiring teenagers.
    Unless of course Kerr renames the book, which is currently called Treasure
    Yourself, as Pleasure Yourself.”
    Sounds right lol

  46. Oh wait I have something else.

    There’s been a lot of speculation about Miranda’s height, I hate how she claims she is 5’9″. But there is no way she is over 5’7″. She’s really petite in person.

    Please Please make another post on Miranda’s height, something is definitely suss.
    Here’s “Ursula” from Chic management judging girls on their heights.

  47. Thought you might want to read this pile of spin:

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