A Natural Induction?

So, Miranda’s new claim is that her labor was infact induced.

She was on her KORA Blog today and responded with this comment. There are many things wrong with this statement as it does not tally in with her previous claims.

1. Miranda has stated a few times she had a natural birth. An induced labor is NOT natural by any means, it is forced and hormones/drugs are used.

2. The hormones/drugs used to induce the labor don’t tally in with Miranda’s claim of no drugs/pain killers.

3. No doctor would let an induced labor continue for 27 hours without intervening. Plus, the labor time with induction is usually shorter.

4. Why mention this now when she has spoken about the birth twice previous.

Good question. Could it possibly be because the speculation of Miranda’s conception/birth has indicated that the conception of little Flynn was when Orlando wasn’t with Miranda? Whether this is infact true or not, the fact is that Miranda did not mention the baby being late/induced until today – after this speculation and why not? I will leave you to make up your own minds.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on January 20, 2011.

53 Responses to “A Natural Induction?”

  1. I think the post you mentioned had a great role in the latest version of labor and birth…Lol
    What to say? As Aoide commented in the previous post “Anyone who provides (or allows) so many fluctuating versions of a story has something to hide, something to cover up.”
    I totally agree on the point and I think we’ll hear many other versions as time goes by.
    There’s always something wrong, something that doesn’t fit in her replies and thi is just another proved lie of hers. Keep on the great work Miranda, it’s very entertaining!

  2. Why does she even have to mention it. Did anyone even ask her about it. She just can not stop lying. I guess she us just trying to cover her ass.

    • When she first mentioned it on the blog, no no one asked. This was the original question when it was first mentioned:

      congrats on your son miranda! i want to give birth the natural way also! any advice? πŸ™‚

      Her reply: I had a 27 hour labour after being induced so it was tough but well worth it hon. Make sure you have mediation CD’s, make the room how you want it to be to bring your little one into the world and cherish every minute until your little one arrives xxx Miranda

      The second time it was mentioned, it was in a reply to this comment: I think it is wonderful that you labored without pain medication. It takes a strong woman to do that.

      She included it: It was tough the labour – the toughest experience of my life – 27 hours after being induced he was born but it was all so worth it.

  3. The calculations of when she conceived even gives a 2 week overdue lead way for her as well going by the 40 week mark. Through her entire pregnancy she has been very sketchy on just how far along she is, often back tracking the months by at least half.

  4. I don’t know about labour induction in the US, but they use some sort of gel capsules (I think it’s Prostaglandin) which can take quite a while to work. It’s used to soften the cervix and thereby open it. So it could very well be 27 hours until little Errol..errr Flynn was born, but she certainly did NOT go thorugh contractions for 27 hours straight. It’s too straining for both mother and child. As I said, my cousin’s wife got it two days in a row because it wasn’t working that well, and she went home both nights. It wasn’t until the third day when labour really started and then it happened rather quick.

  5. Way back the birth of my second child was an induced one. I don’t know what kind of drugs they use nowadays but in my case the contractions started about an hour after the infusion and the child was born about 3 hours later. In medical terms this is still considered a spontaneous birth so maybe that’s why she’s calling it natural. I can hardly believe that she was 27 hours in full labour, firstly because induced birth normally doesn’t take that long (the drugs speed up things quite impressively) and secondly and most important – no doctor would wait for so long and do nothing. It’s stressful for both child and mother and can get dangerous. I can believe that the total time of labour (from starting to feel the first tiny contraction until the end) was 27 hours but then again if she had natural contractions there wouldn’t have been the need for induction. As usual, it doesn’t sum up – but I guess we’re not really surprised, are we?

  6. Wait…didn’t she say little Errol was early? Why would she have been induced early? If she was induced it wouldn’t have taken…oh, never mind. Her lies are staggering and I can’t believe there are people out there who…I mean…are the shippers really that dumb? I don’t want to think there are humans out there in this world that are that dumb but..excuse me while I go bang my head off the wall…

    • I don’t recall her saying she was early. She hasn’t indicated how far along she was when she gave birth.

      Even if she did claim she was as you said she lies, 9lbs 12oz would be awfully big for a baby born early.

      • I thought I read that she or some family member or a “source” said he was early because I remember thinking that there was no way a baby that big was early. I may have it wrong or I may have read it on a blog or a board. I have been to so many sites lately that I promised myself I would never go back to (and I need to stop again because I am making myself crazy) and may have picked up misinformation or speculation. But with this woman, even “reputable” sources are lies and misinformation and she lies herself so it is hard to tell what is “real.”

      • I think the more important question here is, she’s such a pathalogical liar, I wonder if even she herself knows anymore what’s truth and what’s lie…

        Only thing is, if it’s really not O’s kid, it’s the saddest irony of history repeating itself.

  7. There’s a comment on her FB that I find a little insulting whether it was meant to be or not.

    Delivering naturally without an epidural or cesarean section is ideal for mother and baby, yet most women lack the strength to do so.

    I’m not sure if she meant that some women just can’t or if she meant that some women just don’t have the strength to go naturally without painkillers, as if they go for the easy way out via C-section or to have pain killers (forget the mention of being induced). Take it how you want, but it comes across as what MK said that women choose whether ot not to have children.

    I only find it insulting because my Mother had to have a C-Section due to be being breached (I was the wrong way, feet first), and it was a risk for her because she was anemic (they had to find a blood type match for her) and the doctor was concerned because of her heart. SOME women just don’t have a choice, and it’s in the doctor’s best interest to do what is safe for both Mother and child.

    I’m off my box.

    • So very true. I don’t really care how she meant it I think it is offensive either way. That comment not only belittles MOST women who choose or have to have pain killers/c-section etc but it also makes her sound incredibly self important and yet again, narcissistic. Miranda is so wonderful, Miranda has the strength most women don’t, Miranda knows best yadda yadda!!

      Like you say, there are many reasons why women can’t have a natural birth, whether they would choose to or not if given the choice. If she knew what was best for mother and baby she would have knocked off the noni juice and honey.

      Oh and thank you for answering us about the self indulgent picture of you and the back of Flynns head, Miranda. Yes, breast feeding is indeed a very natural thing, so are many things but it doesnt mean the whole world wants to see a picture of it. You could have easilly just discussed it rather than posting a picture of it. You were, after all, meant to be posting a picture of your baby but all we see is you, you, you!

      P.S Love how Doutzen just announced the details of her child. No fuss. No drama. Just the basic details and a very down to earth picture.

      • Not the first time she is offensice with or without meaning it. I think she’s just not smart enough to give meaning to the words she says, such as that time she wrote she ‘chose’ and ‘decided’ to get pregnant as if getting pregnant could be a matter of willing and not of nature…What do you expect? She’s a model not a nobel, she should start to accept that too!

      • There is a pic of Doutzen and her new son out already? I have not seen it.

      • It wasn’t MK who said this, but one of the girls who posts to her FB. Although I can also see her saying it as well as she tends to put her foot in her mouth often.

        One reply to the comment is that the body is meant to give birth naturally, while true, it isn’t in the case of some women, of course you don’t see anyone mentioned the number of times where a birth ends up in tragedy whether the Mother passes because of the strain to the heart or injury even if an emergency C-section is preformed, or the child is still born. Nor do you see anyone mention miscarriage. Is that considered natural too? That your body naturally doesn’t WANT a child even though you desperately do? Then again according to the scripture of Earth Mother, women make the choice of this route.

        Saint Kerr had to be induced which means she didn’t go into labor naturally. Of course if she posted the information over to her FB instead of keeping it obscured on her blog, then they would still not find any fault to it because it’s MK, Earth Mother who can do no wrong.

      • @ Mystic. I read it wrong, it was actually a tweet or something they did but I dont think there is a pic yet. I read it as a sweet pic was out but I think it was something on Twitter.

        @Rik, Ah, I see. I really dont get why these women have to comment on how other women give birth. They sound so sanctimonious the way they judge women who choose or have no choice but to have a c-section etc Its none of their business and even a natural child birth has risks to the mother and baby. These people are so “natural” obsessed, I really hope they dont use pain relief when they are on their period, in fact, they sound so neanderthal, I hope they just lay there and bleed all over the floor like they did in them days, seeing as though they want women to experience what a woman should. That also includes no birth control or HRT. Just let nature take its course with your body. Also, really didnt want to see another breast feeding pic on KORA. Yes breast feeding babies, so sweet and natural but they are still YOUR breasts and I dont want to see them thanks. KORA FB is now turning into self righteous mommies who think they are Miranda Kerr.

      • I was expecting it, they’re just following in her steps now. If she had posted just a photo of the baby then that’s what they were already doing, but because it’s a breasting feeding photo, well monkey see monkey do.

      • The breast-feeding photo that one of her fans posted is just too pathetic. I have no words. Trying to impress your favourite celebrity on a public forum, ugh, makes me sick that such pathetic people exist.

    • What about all of the women in third world countries who suffer from fistula as a result of natural birth? They just didn’t have the STRENGTH to do it as perfectly as Miranda! And when they end up losing their baby and remain incontinent for their entire lives, it’s all thanks to their lack of will-power and STRENGTH! If they had’ve been given the option of receiving medical care and been offered a C-section after being in labour for 50 hours straight and they took it, gee wizz, it surely would have shown how weak they are and how selfish they are for not giving a natural birth! It’s much better that the baby ends up dead before it’s even born, because it’s better off dead than having such a terribly selfish mother who’s not willing to give a natural, pain-killer free birth.

      Honestly, all those Miranda-loving c&#$@ should keep their naive opinions to themselves. Whatever happened to the attitude of ‘oh I love everybody, Buddhist this Buddhist that, love everyone and everything, I’m not better than anybody’. What an absolute fake persona she and her fans have!

  8. What I understand under NATURAL Induction I don’t say (since we give her Ideas ;-)).

    But they are very natural. πŸ™‚

  9. She mentioned the induction IMHO in response to what was said here the night before (or even same night!) it is way too much of a coincidence otherwise!

    All of her baloney has never added up with this pregnancy and now the birth- I swear if I had not seen that naked belly twice I would have said she had a surrogate giving birth to it!! I still refuse to believe she gave birth naturally, I really cant see her doing that as she certainly doesn’t seem the type when in celeb-land there is an “easier way”.

    She always has to answer the critiques she gets, and lately she is making it more obvious than ever, maybe I should list a load of questions for her to make it easier lol Shame her lies don’t make any sense or add up, she never learns that keeping quiet about things is defo the best policy when you aren’t a good liar, but she wont because she cant stop offering up too much info on her private life, it will be her downfall in the end though, so that will be worth seeing lol

  10. I can’t understand this woman, I swear it. I can’t understand why she has to lie aaaall the time about silly things…. about the baby not being HIS baby… ough! I wonder if that happened, I mean it was true that Orlando is not the father… how he would feel… but suppose he asked for some fatherhood test… right???

    • One can only hope…

      • I hope too, that he (will have) make a Test. And before all that I hope, that Orlando will have make such an strictly marriage contract that Miranda (and the Kid) in this case earn nothing from his possession after a divorce.

        But he isn’t stupid – the most of his Time at least πŸ˜‰ – and surely he will have think over this already.

  11. Yet another minion that makes it out like MK is the first to give birth and to breast feed.

    Just wanted to thank you for inspiring women to trust birth and feed their babies as nature intended. Congratulations to your family!

    • Yup. We’re all hatched out of eggs. She’s the first one who did it in a different way and noone was ever breastfeeding before.

      • It’s so ridiculous. Every GP and midwife out there encourages pregnant women to breastfeed and have been doing so forever. Do these people seriously think there’s going to be an an increase in the number of women breastfeeding as a result of Miranda’s photo? What ego! What a sense of self-importance! Vomit.

  12. yes, vomit!!!

  13. uh, sorry to ask here but anyone know what’s up with delphi? The site seems to be down for some reason…at least, on my end it’s down, and has been for what seems over an hour now. Hope it didn’t get hacked by some crazed shipper/stalker…

  14. she has to lie about giving birth to her son.A lie to proof the lies before and this will never stop,because if ever the truth about her and her “husband” come out she will be ruinid.
    She become a famous super model because she dates O,she sells her bock because her boyfriend is O,she sells her Kora Cosmetics because she is the “wife” of O!

    • Do you think the baby is his? I honestly don’t think so. People say the baby has O’s features or at least some but I don’t see it. He has MK’s nose and maybe her eyes. Poor thing.

      • I don’t see any Features from him too, but also M’s nose and her Eyes. But this can change the next Weeks (fortunately ;-)).

      • How can people tell who the baby looks like? I have yet to see a pic of the baby with his full face in the pic. The tit-pic has his face from the side, and the ones of whorely carrying his ‘son’ like a sack of potatoes while walking in the park has the baby’s face either mushed into his shirt or half covered by his little stringed beanie. Where in god’s name have you guys seen his face to say his nose or eyes like the stupormodul? Not being sarcastic here, merely really curious.

      • I have see Flynn also just at this Pictures, but so far I can see I see, which I write up there. πŸ™‚

      • @Bellz. I have to agree its extremely hard to make out any features of the baby at this stage. I have seen Flynns nose from the side and it *seems* to look like MK’s when she was a child as the nose isnt a “run of the mill” nose IMO (kind of up turned tip). I read that someone said Flynn has OB’s cheekbones and eyes but I really cant see it myself

      • I think it’s rather difficult to tell as some have already mentioned with newborns, they don’t really have terribly distinguished features.

        Point taken a friend of mine just gave birth and her daughter looks similar to Flynn save for the nose. I think the noses may be the only feature that ends up distinguished.

  15. Nobody could tell for certain if the baby looks after any of them. newborns have the abililty to look after whom the parents wants… πŸ˜€ What strikes me is how huge the baby is… he is only 15 days old and he is enormous!!!
    You are right Mona, but it is painful that he has to live a “marriage” and fatherhood with a mother that seems to be compulsive lier!

    • I can be wrong, but I believe they don’t have say till now how tall Flynn was.

      The Babies don’t grow so much in the first 4 or 6 Weeks; my nephew was 56 cm the full first 6 Weeks along.

      And for me he look like a normal 2 Weeks old Boy.

  16. if this little one is his, i like to know how he has done it,if the conception was in mid April
    and he wasn`t with her! That is the point !!!!!!!!
    And I personally find it awfull that he took a newborn in a park to make Set ups.
    And for her that she allowed him to do this,what a mother!!!!!
    Poor little flynn.

  17. Granted, I have never had a baby but…isn’t the baby’s head awfully round for having been born naturally? In the breastfeeding pic, I mean. A friend of mine was told it would take a few weeks for her baby’s head to round out after he natural birth. My niece, on the other hand, was born via c-section and her head was all round and pretty. Like I said, never had a kid so I really don’t know much. It was just something I thought of when I saw the pic.

    • There’s also to consider that a newborn baby does have a soft spot on the skull because the skull hasn’t been completely fused yet.

      • Yes. I just thought that his head looked awfully round for a baby that was born naturally after only a week.

  18. I believe the reason we arent seeing MK is because she had a cesarean and cant travel by car which, if this is the case, makes me angry because of her preaching about natural births and breast feeding. Even if she does breast feed, its probably so she will get her figure back quicker, not for the benefit of the baby. I highly doubt the baby will get the nutrients it needs from MK because I dont think she eats properly to get the nutrients herself.

    • I suspected she had a C section too for several reasons, but if so I wonder why Orlando lets her play this card and does nothing about it. Maybe they are more similar then we think.

    • I’m one of those who also believes she had a C Section, as it would explain her absense from being in public, but I wouldn’t be surprised if next photoshoot we get she’ll be there instead of Mother-in-Law.

  19. Here’s an article that I found interesting: http://www.adelaidenow.com.au/miranda-kerr-a-model-mother/story-e6frea6u-1225996364538

    “If the labour’s gone on for too long and there are complications, then obviously drugs are a good option.”

    We know she had a 27 hour labor (as she claims), and she was induced (although that has been overlooked entirely, no one reads her blog?). We know she had a difficult labor, so could difficult be considered a different word for complicated?

  20. My second child was induced and the labour was just 3 hours. 27 hours in labour ? I don’t think so.

  21. Hi,I’m a belgian midwife (7years now)and I want to tell that an induced labour is NOT natural because you induce with prostaglandin.It’s impossible to be in labour during 27 hours! She maybe gave birth 27 hours after getting her fist dose of prostaglandin but she was not in labour straight away as your labour cannot instantly start as soon as you receive your medication!Being in labour means having contractions that open the entrance of the uterus.Cesarian section is NOT a choice, but the medical answer to an impossibility to give birth ‘naturally’.It’s to get mum and baby SAFE.Natural means nothing when your life or your baby’s life are at stake!MK should think about it!By the way,I’m sure she has a contraception…nothing “natural” there?!

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