Hello Dolly!

Miranda first became known through Dolly Magazine when she won a competition in 1997 aged 13/14. Miranda’s mother, Therese, claims she sent the worst pictures of Miranda there was to Dolly to put them off choosing her as she didnt want her to be a model but infact Therese took a 9 year old Miranda to Sydney model agent Ursula Hufnagl.

The story (1):

One of Miranda’s friends entered her into the Dolly/Impulse Covergirl Competition by asking her mother, Therese, for some photos from the family album and secretly posting them off. Therese said that she didn’t want Miranda to be a model, so sent off the worst photo’s that showed off Miranda’s crooked teeth that she thought would “put the judges off”.

The “worst” photo’s of Miranda:

Very posed for. Very professional. Very “entering a modeling competition”. What kind of “family album” is this?

The story (2):

The pair have been on the trail together since Kerr was a child. We understand Kerr was a mere nine-years-old when her mother sought an introduction to prominent Sydney model agent Ursula Hufnagl.

The proof:


The verdict:

This stinks of the typical “pushy mother”. Either Therese or Miranda wanted to be entered into Dolly but just blamed the friend to make it look innocent but Therese saying she never wanted Miranda to be a model is a blatant lie. Must run in the family.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on October 14, 2010.

7 Responses to “Hello Dolly!”

  1. I think it is obvious what has gone down. And this proves it. Those photographs are far from “worst”. They were obviously taken for her entry as they are so posed.

    As it says Therese tried and failed to get Miranda modeling at 9 years old, now while a lot of girls dream of being an Actress or a model, at such a young age it is usually the parents pushing them into it and making them think it is a great idea. Obviously they have worked on their daughter well, by probably telling her how beautiful she is and so special, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but pushing her into modeling at such a young age is never a good idea. Yes there was outrage about her modeling in swimwear, which Miranda of course dismisses by saying “Dolly is a magazine for young girls not old men”, but that is beside the point. From what is recorded it seems the poses were a little bit too adult for a 14 year old girl to do, and the problem I have is that she was a minor so her parents made all the decisions for her within her work, anybody would have to ask them for permission. There is a photo of Miranda where she is naked and looks to be around 15, nothing can be seen but she is naked all the same, obviously her parents thought having a 15 year old girl pictured naked is fine. To me they had her start out how she went to go on, underwear, swimwear and mostly naked. There is no problem when there is nudity it can be artistic and beautiful, but Miranda has only ever done one kind- sexualized nudity, sure, it is her business, but when she is proclaiming to write a book for young girls and doing what she does, she is not a good role model, how can she be when she is demeaning women for men’s gratification by posing nude sexually? To me that makes her a danger to young women, things are bad enough as it is with young girls of today growing up too fast and dressing inappropriately etc because they see pop stars/reality stars/models/actresses dressing and acting that way, we don’t need her doing this by writing a book to them, TBH no young girl should know who she is, after all she is an underwear model who poses naked, its bad that anyone under the age of 17 should know who she is!

  2. Why did you delete the post about Paris Hilton, and didn’t let my answer show, so that everyone can see that you presented that episode in a false way, and it wasn’t a lie from Miranda?

    • If the post I made regarding Hilton was innaccurate, it has no place on this blog so I deleted it. When I deleted the entry, your comment went with it. Sorry.

  3. If Therese genuinely didn’t want her daughter in a model competition (which I think is BS), then why would she send ANY photos? How about just NOT sending them? What a load of old tosh.

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    http://wwcan you have a look at this clip of young miranda with her buck teeth (video 2)


  5. can you have a look at this clip of young miranda with her buck teeth (video 2)

  6. miranda kerr has adams apple, just go to any youtube & see her talk


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