Those Breasts: Real Or Fake?

So, apparently the reason Miranda has bigger breasts is all because she breast feeds (according to her).

POV for real:

If her breasts are remaining bigger due to the breast feeding, how the hell could she run in a small bra that wasn’t designed for sport (MK doing the AOL run yesterday). Those breasts would be incredibly heavy, running in a bra that was not designed for sport would be painful. Correct me if I’m wrong though. How amazing that Miranda puts herself through such pain.

POV for fake:

Miranda getting her tits enlarged would explain a few things. For instance, when Flynn was born and a good while after, Miranda was not seen holding Flynn AT ALL, it was always Orlando. Was this because MK was advised against lifting or carrying heavy things (like a 10lb baby?). Also, not long after Flynn’s birth (and still breast feeding don’t forget), she wore a few items of clothing with no bra (like this). How is it possible to wear no bra (or even a strapless bra) with big, heavy, tender, leaking breasts? Miranda does have some signs of undergoing breast enlargement surgery, but time will tell once she poses with no clothes (and I’m sure it’s only a matter of time).

You can also view this article which tells us of the telltale signs to look for when deciphering fake breasts.

Again, I’m sure we will all make our own minds up, but once she has posed naked, I think the evidence will be undeniable.

P.S I’m sure we all remember this photo. Do natural breasts lay like that when laid down? Also… is that a scar on your abdomen Miranda? Similar place to a… cesarean scar. But no, Miranda gave birth naturally… for 27 hours with no pain relief! She felt like she was dying so how could she have had a cesarean!!!

~ by Kerrazy Lies on July 11, 2011.

44 Responses to “Those Breasts: Real Or Fake?”

  1. I’m going with fake boobs and a C-section. Like I, and many other, have said: If she complained about glitter in her toes being painful, doubt she could deal with childbirth.

  2. I have zero experience in pregnancy and stuff to date, and so do my friends, so I can’t ask them either! So I’ll leave specific considerations to those who have experienced directly or through friends’ experience. All I can say is that fake or natural, time will tell. Many colleagues of Miranda who were as flat as she was before pregnancy got bigger breasts after it and most of them went back to their previous size after they stopped breastfeeding (example, Alessandra Ambrosio), while some others kept their curves but they already were curvy before having a child (Adriana Lima). I don’t know it it generally works like that but that’s what I noticed, may be right or wrong.

  3. I am going with fake boobs and a C section.

  4. Hard to say, but giving birth certainly didn’t do anything for her looks.

  5. I say fake boobs also. There is no way she could be running in a push up bra and still be breast feeding that would be very painful.

  6. Fake fake fake. She cant boob feed Flynn forever, we will then see how quickly they go down when it stops. You cant run with boobs like that in push up bra. I have trouble running when Im on my period and my boobs are tender. The slightest bounce and is awful.

  7. I am firmly in the fake boobs c-section camp.

  8. I think they’re real only because she’s been seen breast feeding Flynn and you can’t do that with fake boobies. Though you do raise good points I just don’t agree this time. Time will tell I guess.

    • It is possible to breast feed with implants and while Im not disagreeing with you that she breast feeds, how do we know that is what she was actually doing? Did we see Flynn properly suckle on her breast? Or did we see his face smushed into her breast? I didnt see the pics so these are genuine questions. Like the very first breast feeding picture she took, it didnt look like she was actually breast feeding Flynn, he actually looked asleep.

      • Oh, I was always told the way they do breast jobs ruins your nipple so you can’t breast feed afterwards. And to answer your question, no it wasn’t a shot of flynn sucking on her nipple it was more discreet with his face against her breast, but it would be a little inappropriate to have a close up in my opinion. I remember when I was little my aunt breast fed my cousin and I never even noticed it was going on. She just had him next to her breast it wasn’t a great production where you could see everything.

        As everyone’s said, time will tell. I didn’t see any C section scar in those pics either. I agree she lies about a lot I just don’t think this is one of them.

      • Yes, according to this you can usually breastfeed:

        Again only time will tell if she has had a boob job, they should be going down in size now. I wonder if Orlando influenced her decision if she has had one, after all we all know he likes a decent size chest.

      • @Lydia. Since when did MK or paps care about what is appropriate or not. There is a line across her abdomen, you can see it by tilting your screen.

      • That line could be where she sits and creates a crease but I think MK is that slim that wouldnt happen.

      • Hmm I looked at the line on her abdomen and doubting it a tab being from c-section. Nowadays doctors make sure that the incision is as small as possible, espcially for celebs. That line runs across most of her stomach/abdomen.

      • To be fair Flynn was a huge baby, therefore they couldn’t make a tiny inscion on her could they? What usually happens these days with celebs is they have their baby by C-section, have a tummy tuck at the same time, and then get their scars lasered to fade them to nothing. So still hugely possible that she MAY have had a caesarian and what we can just to say see is the scar from the c-section only it has almost faded thanks to lasers.

      • @ Isolde I’ve only seen one pap shot of her breast feeding (I believe it’s from the same set as the bikini shot posted above). The rest were ones she posted herself so she would be more discreet than them. If the line y’all are talking about is the same one I’m seeing it doesn’t look like a c-section scar imo. Just a wrinkle in skin.

  9. I don´t think she is breast feeding any more.
    She loses so much weigth ,and a women who ist breast feeding should not do that!
    It is not healthy for the women and for the child! And then she is so much working and away from her child!! It doesen´t work if you a breast feeding.
    I know what I talk about, I have children of my own and I breast fedding them a long time. I don`t think that her boobs are biger because she is breast feeding!
    Fake boobs, it could be,because everything about her is fake and a big lie!

    • I’ve always heard that you burn a lot of calories breast feeding and it’s actually a good way to help get back into shape after giving birth. She didn’t put on that much extra weight to begin with either so I’m not that surprised she’s back down to her modeling size. She’s got all the time, money & resources unlike us poor mortals lol!

  10. I don’t think she ever breastfed. I think that it was a convienent cover.

  11. I think she may have had a boob job, it is beginning to look that way, if I recall, she said Flynn was on solids, if that was the case it doesnt take very long at all for the breasts to defate back to their pre pregnancy size (or in some cases even smaller!) if her boobs dont go down in the next few weeks, then yes she has had a boob job. And it is total BS if she says “They have just stayed big” because that does not happen unless the mother has put on a shitload of weight after pregnancy and we all know she is skinnier than ever.

    I also don’t believe she has EVER breastfed either.

  12. In the pics of her laying down she looks to be a D or double D, but it could be the top is just too small and is flattening her boobs out more. In the sundress she has some significant sag going on (that happens when you don’t wear a bra when you’re pregnant). You can nurse/breast feed after getting implants, however, she would have had to get the implants way before Flynn was born to allow time for the nipples to heal prior to nursing. What I don’t know is of a doctor would put implants into a woman who is pregnant or currently nursing. On that basis I’d have to go with real. That doesn’t mean she hasn’t gotten implants since then and has actually stopped nursing (many only nurse for 3 months) but continues to say she is. What struck me as odd when she mentioned expressing milk for a day away. It almost sounded to me like she expresses more milk than needed for feeding purposes. When you nurse and the child starts sleeping through the night and then solids, they feed less frequently and your body produces less milk, hence the boobs get smaller in spite of the fact they you are still nursing. If she maintains her current size for any length of time it’s most likely she’s doing it by expressing her milk to keep production up.

  13. That isn’t a scar from a cesarean as someone already mentioned, she’s always had that mark along her stomach. Also, my Mom has a caesarian scar and it’s closer down toward the bikini line rather than being so high up on the stomach.

  14. Looking at the pictures of one of her photo shoots from Hollywood Tuna, she definitely has implants. I guess it’s for some magazine. But really, she doesn’t fool anyone.

  15. Sorry to burst your bubble guys but I am a theatre RN and scrub for C Sections all the time and that is NO C-Section Scar. The scar WOULD be just above her pubic area. that “line” is a crease in her abdomen. Boobs… yeah i think are fake,,, but unless her utereus sits in her abdomen ( which no ones is) thats no a c-section scar.

    • Thanks for your input. We did determine the line wasn’t a C section scar. I did wonder if she was one of those kind of celebs that had a tummy tuck the same time as giving birth but we saw she has had that line for many years. Thanks anyway, no bubble has been burst 🙂

  16. you should control a little bit your statements, or you will appear ridiculus…how can it possibily be a C scar? I mean seriously, just take a break from this obsession you have.

    She might be a liar, but who cares, it’s her job…what do you think all other top models are??
    The tell you they exercise a lot, they eat healthy and all this stuff but the trhuth is that they are genetically thin, they eat whatever, smoke and drink…have you ever seen all victoria”s secrets model’s early pictures? since childhood they were super thin, it’s genetic. Now it’s been some years some of them started doing physical activity, because you know 30y.o. are not 20.

    But finally they all preach good things ina certain way: Adriana that you need to work out, Miranda that you need to eat healthy..I mean she is not spreading a bad model to follow. She is has a money maker mind, but since she isn;t spreading any negative image i don’t see the problem. And she is not the only fake person out there.

    I mean would you prefer those models to say “yeah I don’t care about what I eat, I don’t even eat, I smoke, I drink, mother nature blessed me and not you” ??? Would you prefer them to spread this image to young girls?

    They r spreading a neutral-good message…then the way they live their lifes behind the camera well…it’s not your business.

    Just take it easy, relax.
    Peace & love

    • Yes, we already determined it wasnt a C scar thanks. Also, WE should take a break from this obsession? Even though we have only done around 102 posts in 2 years yet the shippers who comment on every picture, interview, breath they take shouldnt? I dont think we are the ones with obsessions but fine 🙂

      I can honestly say that Miranda isnt “genetically thin” either. I have seen pictures of her as a young teen and she had more curves on her body, more meat on her bones then, now, not so much. I dont think starving yourself and pretending you dont is a good image. Yes, be honest about how you got your figure because many young girls feel like shit because they cant be like Miranda Kerr and if they knew she probably starves herself, smokes, drinks and maybe takes drugs (I mean, what model doesnt) then they may think twice about wanting to be like her (or such people) which I think is a good thing. Miranda sexualizes herself, is that a good image for young girls? She gets naked all.the.time, is that a good image for young girls? Being fake, a liar and a whore is not a good image to anyone and I certainly wouldnt like my daughter having any model as a role model so yes, I do think she spreads a negative image. “Be stick thin, get your tits out, be wank fodder for men” is not something I think any (sane/normal) mother would want for their child. If you think she is a good role model then good for you, you obviously have very low standards. People that save lives, change the world in some way etc are the kind of people that should be role models. If a panty model is the ultimate in your opinion, great, just dont expect everyone to share your view. I think its more normal not to hold these kind of people so highly than actually treating them like idols so, save your lecture please, Im taking it very easy thanks.

      • “If you think she is a good role model then good for you, you obviously have very low standards.”
        How arogant are you?
        Have I said she is my role model? NO
        Have I said a panty underwear model is my role model, the one who is saving the world ? NOOOO

        You shouldn’t point your judging finger against me as you have no idea of who I am.
        An who the hell are you to say I have OBVIOUSLY low standards…do you know me? are you god? NO and NO.

        I think she is a liar as much as you think. But I don’t have expectation from this people, they live in an empty world.

      • You are the one coming here defending her or people like her. You are the one coming here and judging me/us by using the word “obsession”. I also see you missed the word “if” that I used. IF you think she is a good role model…. etc It either applies to you or it doesnt, hence the word “if”. You also came here saying what a good role model she is, please dont backtrack.

      • Your critique is quite right, however it should be extended to the whole fashion industry.
        All underwear models are sexualising them selves, all swimsuits models do as well.
        Your critique is focusing a lot on one person that is mostly only a piece of a bigger problem.

        My attention has gone to Victoria’s Secret’s models in particular, as once in a magazine there was a little article saying how healthy and curvy they are…so I started looking for what victoria secret was and for the models, to see how curvy they was….and surprise surprise they are NOT.
        So Victoria’s Secret is convincing young girls that Miranda Kerr, Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima, KARLIE KLOSS are curvy women…so what should I be? Obese? lol

        The problem is not Miranda alone, but the fact that they are convincing people that she is curvy. While she and her collegues are not.. And then actual curvy girls find them self dieting to be “curvy” as VS models..that’s scary…lol u have to diet to be curvy what a paradox.

      • It is extended to the whole fashion industry, however, I dont think (correct me if Im wrong) that any other model preaches as much as Ms Kerr about how one should eat and live. I know Gweneth Paltrow does and people hate her for it. Miranda is one of few models that have written a book on how young girls should “Treasure Themselves” and I find that incredibly hypocritical. Not all models sexualize themselves, Coco Rocha for example will never pose nude or partially nude and she is a very famous model. She proves to me that if you are a name you dont have to sexualize yourself, Miranda is meant to be one of the biggest models around yet she does it all at the drop of a hat. Miranda claims she doesnt see herself as sexy yet, even in private pictures, thats all she ever poses like, like she is hot shit!

        You are right that the problem is not Miranda alone but Miranda has many times ignored the issue of anorexia and the fact that she is a “thinspo” (it was brought to her attention many times and she ignored it, brushed over it or deleted it on her FB) and as far as Im aware she is the only one (or one of very few) VS models that are “thinspos”. Miranda always screams about how healthy she eats yet her body doesnt match her claims. Other models say you should work out and yes, I do believe these models do work out but I dont believe they eat as healthy as they claim and how many times has Miranda said she does “juice fasts” which are unhealthy and the blood type diet which is also unhealthy and a myth. So, to cut a long story short, I have beef with Miranda more because she puts herself out there by writing a self help book, constantly preaching to people how they should eat and live and the obvious lies and hypocrisies that we constantly find her telling.

        Im sorry if you dont like the fact that I single her out but that is what this blog is intended for like Im sure there are other blogs that single out other models or personalities.

      • Also let us not forget that she has tried to make herself a good role model for young girls with her writing that ridiculous “Treasure Yourself”, she holds herself up as this guru, good role model, how can a woman who sexualises herself and only got where she is through sleeping with the right guys and for what she looks like and because she shows her naked body- how is that a good role model for young girls? Miranda has held HERSELF up to be that and it is WRONG! Last time I checked no panty model did that. Orlando is just as bad by giving those same young girls the message that to attract a guy like him you have to be skeletal and walk around naked or in your undies and that he would only class you beautiful and be proud of you if after having your baby you lost that baby weight and looked skeletal again faster than your head can spin.

      • I can honestly say that Miranda isnt “genetically thin” either.

        And we can see how her mother looks today – so Miranda will look in 20 or 30 years. Maybe even in 10 if she are not careful. 😉

        Ah, and look at Flynn… Although I believe that he is so thick because at him already the yo-yo effect has begun. :-p

    • I love your answer to this ❤

      And yes… I really used to look up to them Victoria's secret models but they really are fake people in general; they even smoke cigarettes between breaks.

      Well it doesn't really matter they are inspiring young girls to eat healthy, exercise and as Miranda says 'Let your light shine'

      • Well, I recall Adriana saying she didnt drink water before a show because it kept her weight down. I also recall many of them saying how juice fasts or no carbs also keeps the weight down before a show. Them saying that is indicating that they think they arent skinny enough – do they really need to be any skinnier? A lot of impressionable young girls will think “drinking water makes you look fat, I wont drink any today”. Yeah they inspire alright but not in a good way. The amount of times I have read “so-and-so model is thin, I wont eat today”.

      • And Adriana Lima was PREGNANT during the last VSFS and forced himself nevertheless these diets and workouts on to act thin.

  17. no offense, but orlando is just as shallow so what message he sends is not that supreme. it’s not like he’s a rocket scientists, or a doctor, he’s this druggy drama class booger who was paid bank to play an elf and the rest of his career fizzled soon after. the fact that he can just let the kerrs run his life is enough said…

    • i am sure he wasn’t paid a bank for LOTR. for the THE HOBBIT ? – yeah probably.
      as for his career – still too early.

      • To be fair, I think 11 or so years is long enough in an acting career, especially in Hollywood.

    • I agree! I also think he’d probably should stick to photography…..he could make a better photographer than the actor he is…

  18. She has fake breasts. I can spot them a mile away. Not that it’s a bad thing, mine are fake too! I just wish people were more honest about it rather than being all, “I treasure myself and wake up looking like this.”

    Utter bs. She has a dietitian, personal trainer, plastic surgeon or two, dermatologist and the list goes on! Jennifer Hawkins looks like the used to have breast implants too (If you look at 2004 pictures) however I think has had them removed.

    I have never seen a magazine pull miranda on having fake breasts – why? They pick on everyone else for it!

  19. why remove my posts? i dont like miranda

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