Any “OMG you fat, jealous haters. Miranda’s supporters will come after you” type comments will be removed instantly. I will block all email addresses and IP’s connected to any such comments.

Both sides of the fence can comment, discuss, speculate etc but must do so in an adult, respectful manner.

I will back myself up with facts where possible and will state if it is only my opinion when I cant. If posting, please use facts and back yourself up, do not use opinion, heresay etc as fact.

Do not use this blog to vent your anger at other haters/shippers. Such posts will be deleted.

If such posts are made, I will post your IP and/or email address for all to see, so post at your own risk.

PLEASE REMEMBER: All posts made for the first time have to be approved so please be patient if your comment isn’t published for a while.

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