Car Accident: Real Or Fake?

•March 18, 2013 • 18 Comments

Miranda supposedly had a car accident on 11th March, SMH broke the story 2 days after it allegedly happened. I say allegedly because there is a lot of speculation whether the accident actually happened.

The Supposed Story:

Miranda was in the car with an assistant when another car rammed into them on a busy LA freeway. The driver of the other car has been arrested and is likely to face reckless driving charges. Miranda was rushed to hospital and undergoing MRI scans to determine if any permanent damage was sustained.

That doesn’t sound very suspicious does it? Read on.

The Oddities:

1) First off, the neck injury/brace. Anyone with any kind of neck and/or back injury should not and could not carry anything like a reasonably heavy handbag yet Miranda is and manages fine. Neck injuries can also make it difficult to live out your day to day routine, yet, Miranda manages fine as she is out and about with pals on the 12th (the day after the accident) even though Miranda’s spokesperson, Annie Kelly, claims she is in a lot of pain. The day after the crash, Miranda is also seen wearing sneakers that contain a hidden 3 inch wedge (here they are). For someone that has a neck injury and is in a lot of pain, heels/wedges are the last thing you could and should wear. Here you can also read how wearing neck braces/collars aren’t recommended for whiplash (may be recommended if you are having trouble sleeping due to the pain, but as Miranda seems completely fine walking around in her heels and carrying her bags, I doubt it). Only one MRI scan would be needed yet Miranda’s spokesperson claims she had more than one.

2) TMZ. They reported on the “accident” but said they were “unable to confirm those reports” even though TMZ can get to a car incident like lightening (hell, they even broke the news Michael Jackson was dead before it was even confirmed). Here they are with an old has-been actor that got into trouble with the police for blocking a highway. TMZ had ALL the news on that story, even a nice picture of this guy posing with the cops like a wedding photo yet they had nothing on Miranda’s story, couldn’t even get to the scene after it had happened… very strange for a pap agency that hear things in an instant and have insiders in police forces and hospitals (hence how they knew about MJ before the rest of the world). TMZ were there like a shot when Orlando crashed his car and caught it all on film (Orlando walking away from his very injured friend – nice) and another time when Orlando had a car accident, same when Lindsey Lohan is doing who knows what! As of writing this, TMZ still haven’t confirmed anything to do with Miranda’s accident.

3) The vanishing neck brace. Three days after the crash, Miranda took off her neck brace to shoot a KORA advert with her bum chum Chris Colls. Miranda did go to the doctor that day (still carrying her heavy bag) but was seen leaving the doctors with her neck brace still on. One would assume that if she was fit enough to remove it, the doctor would have removed it and examined her neck and if she was fine to keep it off to take it off in the surgery, but no, the neck brace is still round her scrawny neck. How is she able to work with such a bad neck? It’s KORA – the company she owns, I’m sure a commercial can wait!

4) Witnesses. None. Miranda’s car was rammed on A BUSY FREEWAY yet not one person has mentioned this anywhere (for example “I passed a car accident on the busy freeway today and I just heard Miranda Kerr had been involved in one – might have been hers 😮“).

DISCLAIMER: I do not want any harm to come to Miranda, nor do I want her dead, ill, injured, mutilated, decapitated or paralyzed (like some claim I do).

Miranda’s Hacking Update Part 2 +3!

•February 14, 2013 • 10 Comments

Haters and shippers alike, please read THIS article. It is irrefutable proof that Miranda lied about her hacking and/or lied about contacting the “cyber crime unit”.

Let me pick out the juice quotes for those that can’t be bothered to click on the link.

Miranda said on her Twitter:

Just with the cyber crime unit. Whoever hacked my account, expect a knock on the door very soon.

Miranda’s publicist said:

We can’t say much more than that other than we are definitely in close contact with senior members of the fraud and cyber crime squad but it does not involve any of her social networking accounts.

(quote from link) Yet Police said they had not been informed of any incident involving the supermodel. A federal police spokeswoman said their cyber crime unit did not investigate cases of hacking against individuals.

This is so similar to her wedding dress incident. Case closed, we knew she was lying and now the fat, jealous police confirm it… or are we to blame for this in some way like we usually are *rolls eyes*.


So now she has called the police about this apparent threats and hacking, will be interesting to see the result of this and find out who this person is, makes me wonder if I should have took it further when she had her team impersonate a lawyer to try and put the frighteners on us:

Miranda’s Hacking Update

•February 12, 2013 • 5 Comments

Miranda posted this on her twitter:

So Miranda must be using the Australian cyber crime unit because as she says she is “with” the cyber crime unit-yet looking at their website

Computer intrusion

Computer intrusion is any unauthorised access of a computer or network of computers.

This might take the form of hacking of free email services. If your free email account has been hacked and an unauthorised person is using it then, firstly, contact the provider of the email service and seek assistance to fully resolve the problem.

If you know who the perpetrator is, the person resides in Australia, and you consider the matter serious enough to warrant reporting to police, you can report it to the State or Territory police where you live.

In most cases, Australian law enforcement will not have the jurisdiction to take action. Only when the perpetrator resides in Australia or the computer server of the company that provides the free email service is located in Australia are Australian law enforcement officials able to act.

Read the proof here:

Yet look at what she says there WHOEVER.. so she doesn’t know who the hacker is or where they live!  And even so does she really expect us to believe that they would act because someone apparently hacked her account to say she was pregnant! LOL OK!

Even if she was in the USA, they would not act on such pathetic, simple hacking such as that, all they would recommend is changing their password etc  Seems more BS for publicity-yet again!

A Family Affair

•December 19, 2012 • 23 Comments

The “Miranda cheating” rumors STILL haven’t been denied by Miranda or Orlando many weeks after they first began, but it seems Miranda has gained herself two new “stans”.

Sonia Copeland-Bloom (Orlando’s mommy) and her sister, Penelope Casadesus (Orlando’s aunt AND god mother) have both gone public with their adoration for the cheating slut panty model and their knowledge of their relationship.

Sonia spoke to The Daily Mail (Miranda’s favorite British tabloid), saying “I don’t know where this has come from but, my gosh, they are very happy.” Seriously? You really don’t know where the rumors come from? Try your slut of a daughter-in-law, how she is all over other men and when such rumors start she does nothing, NOTHING to quash them even though she can quash those “i’m not pregnant – I’ve been hacked” rumors!

Then we have Penelope, gushing how sweet Miranda is on a Cele|bitchy. Cele|bitchy of all places (yes that is her because here she is ranting to someone on a fake obituary site)!!! The sisters seem to have some kind of mantra: “Where do these mean rumors come from for Pete’s sake?!” again, all down to the “sweet” Miranda!

First off, has anyone noticed how they are addressing the split rumors yet not the cheating rumors? How they both jump to Miranda’s defense as, lets be honest, the split rumors come from the rumors of HER cheating! Why do the both of them feel the need to speak out publicly when this (should) be a very private time? Orlando and Miranda are both capable of speaking for themselves. How do both of them know she hasn’t cheated? I mean, even Orlando cant know that for sure so how can they? Penelope didn’t even know if he was alive or dead not long ago (she thought the fake obituary may have been true) so obviously aren’t that close as they dont keep in contact enough for her to know if he alive or not. How does Penelope know Miranda is a good wife? or that they have no intention of splitting? Mind reader much? Why have either of them NEVER commented on any other rumor about both of them before? Love how Penelope is on a celebrity gossip site, publicly telling people to “MYOB” while giving details of the happy couples marriage status – lol

This is over kill! Too many people protesting a la “I’m Spartacus” – putting people off the scent? trying desperately to hide something? There’s a saying: “the lady doth protest too much” and that fits perfectly here. I also laugh at Penelope calling Miranda “sweet”! Sweet is so flat, so bland, sweet is something you call a little girl, not the wife to your nephew/god son when she is totes the perfect wife and mother! I also don’t think his mother or aunt would say “actually, I think she’s a ho and I can’t stand her”.

Oh and Penelope, they do have a nanny when they AREN’T working. Shows how much you actually know about their lives. Everyone can see the nanny in the background of paparazzi pictures at airports or shopping sprees.

None of this helps Orlando because he can speak for himself. It makes his family look bat-shit crazy and this resonates on him as I’ve seen people laugh at him because his old mommy has written a letter to the teacher, explaining why he cant do Phys Ed and now his aunt is ranting at all the bullies at school. Tip: let him or his PUBLICIST speak for him regardless if you want to kiss Miranda’s well seen ass or not, after all, there are a lot more serious discussions to have in today’s world, isn’t that right Penelope?

Miranda Drops Herself In It?

•November 25, 2012 • 24 Comments

Clever old Miranda has possibly just admitted (by accident) she is the person that planted the fake tweet about her being 2 months pregnant. Read on for proof:

Here is the original tweet Miranda is talking about:

Here is Miranda’s tweet:

Can you spot the difference?

Fake Tweet has “embed this tweet”. Real tweet has “… more” and “details”.

Even viewing the real tweet this way still has differences to fake tweet:

This tweet has the “follow” option and the pull down to the left of it. “Embed this tweet” is there but “…more” is still there, still totally different.

You can create fake tweets at sites such as THIS.

Because Miranda is saying her Twitter account WAS hacked, she is admitting SHE is the one that created the fake tweet and spread it round. If she is claiming her account was hacked then she would also be claiming she saw THAT pregnancy tweet (to know it was hacked) and had to delete it but… no such tweet existed as we can see, real tweet and fake tweet are different. Miranda could have said that she had no idea where that tweet came from but instead she is stating as fact she was hacked. That tweet can be created via other sites or made with Photoshop but MK doesn’t entertain any of these possibilities, just hacking.

ETA: Where are the 623 retweets that were made from that fake tweet? I can’t find anywhere that says a retweet disappears if the original tweet is deleted. Would appreciate if someone can confirm this as 623 retweets is a lot considering no one else is talking about it (apart from Belazon who saw the fake tweet on Tumblr).

UPDATE: Mirandas Certificates

•October 3, 2012 • 15 Comments

Just thought Id do a quick update on Mirandas smugness at thinking/claiming she is certified (credit goes to the brilliant KayC33 from Delphi, sorry for stealing all your info guys, hope you dont mind):

Well, that was fun! Just checked the website and Health Coach is not a certificate that they issue as far as I can tell (did several searches too). It is just a certificate from the school that says she has taken classes with them.

The American Association of Drugless Practitioners is an association where anybody who has taken classes at member schools can get a meaningless certificate. Their site doesn’t allow “reproduction”of it’s content so here’s a link or two if you are interested: 
You have to use their links to get to the “Schools Listing” but my personal favorite was Nightlight Astrology!

It also includes the American Alternative Medicine Association:

I did find a website for one of the other schools, Northern Star Academy of Holistic Studies and it has no restrictions on “reproduction” :


Commission on Accreditation
This is to certify that Northern Star Academy of Holistic Studies has met all professional and educational requirements of the
Board on Accreditation and Certification as is recognized as a Higher Educational Institute.
“Your school’s curriculum fully meets our accreditation board’s educational requirements, and will give your students
a thorough knowledge of courses set-forth by the Academy. Graduates of your school will be eligible to apply to be Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioners through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.”  AADP.


Donald A. Rosenthal, M.D., N.D.
Executive Director
 They did, however, have enough intelligence to…

NOTE: The AADP is a private accrediting commission and is not recognized by the US Dept of Education.


lol did you guys read that?The AADP is a private accrediting commission and is not recognized by the US Dept of Education.“. In a nut shell, her certificate is meaningless and only means she past a course, it does not qualify her to practice it in the outside world and claim she is certified! The course she sat was questions with multiple choice answers so she could have got them correct by chance and discussing it on a forum. So sorry shippers, I have not twisted anything here, your darling Miranda has willing or unwittingly claimed a big pile of BS yet again. Take all this up with the site Miranda linked to, not me. I dont need to twist or lie about anything to prove a point, shame the same cant be said for Ms Kerr!

Mirandas Certificates

•October 1, 2012 • 12 Comments

Id like to do this post in reply to a comment from asti.

It seems Miranda has shown us all her amazing certificates that make her a certifed health practitioner. It seems there is more to it than we think. Thanks to the lovely Callie at Delphi for the following information.

Id like anyone that thinks Miranda is now 100% certified in what she claims to read everything that is written and linked here. I will simply quote Callie who says it all:

Dingho has tweeted out a pic of her “certificate” on 1 year anniversary of “graduating” as a “certified health coach” from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition-

Does she carry this around with her and have it with her in South Africa, where she claims to be with “hubby” while he’s filming love scenes with a hotter, younger woman?

As you might imagine, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition is as riddled with BS as the Academy of Natural Living in Cairns, which she claims is the “university” at which she “studied” nutrition.  Once again, she took an online course from non-accredited health center that teaches debunked pseudo-information.  On Googling the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the 2nd entry, right below the entry for the Institute’s official site, is one titled “A Skeptical Look at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition” (which should tell you something about how bogus this “institute” and their teachings are).  Check out the full set of findings but here’s the summary of the BS (bolding mine)-

The Bottom Line

IIN is flooding the marketplace with graduates who market themselves as “board-certified health counselors.” Their training is certainly not based on scientific nutrition as emphasized in the degree programs accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education. That generally takes 4-7 years and includes basic sciences, dietetics, and closely supervised work with many clients. IIN provides almost none of this. It teaches—in effect—to use your own experience to inspire others.
I personally would not trust someone who lacks scientific training to tailor diets based on dietary needs or who relies on IIN’s teachings to counsel patients. Nor do I believe that “counseling” a few clients is enough to enable students to provide quality advice or to know their limitations. Rosenthal’s approach might inspire some people to improve their diet by moving closer to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. However, they may also absorb misconceptions about diet, health, and disease that will ultimately harm them.

And as this site points out (which also has a copy of the syllabus + some very interesting comments)-

the curriculum does not appear to have a rigorous scientific (biochemical, physiological, etc.) component to accompany all the lectures about marketing, self-care/love, and exploring different dietary theories like raw food diets, macrobiotics, Sally Fallon’s nourishing traditions diet, body ecology diet, etc.

So, in a nut shell, to be a REAL certified health coach, you would have to study between 4-7 years, Miranda’s only took 1 year. Miranda is not entirely what she claims.

In reply to asti about the KORA certification. Miranda did not get KORA certified organic because she was committed, its because they were caught out. Miranda and Therese were claiming KORA to be certified WAAAY before they even applied for organic certification and only applied for the certification because EcoCert warned KORA to either apply for certification or remove EcoCert from their claims or action would be taken. Does that say dedication to you? No, it says to me that they tried to get away without ever having to get certified for as long as possible before getting caught and once caught, their hand was forced into getting certified. If you think differently then you are a fool!

ETA: Callie also said:

Dingho also “wrote” about her “certificate” on the Whora blog-  She was “impressed” that she was able to connect with people online. LMAO. No lectures from anyone with an actual degree in nutrition, no actual lectures in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry (you know, the actual subjects that would help those “health coaches” understand what an actual calorie is), no group work sessions, just listening to some podcasts, taking a 3 question multiple choice test and doing some online chats with the other dupes who paid $4500 for a worthless piece of paper with no academic accreditation… I was going to type in a long hahaha here to laugh at her stupidity at thinking she did real work to obtain a real degree, but then I thought of the morons who read her BS and actually think this is something to be impressed by, and then I wanted to bang my head against the wall.


ETA 2: Oh and according to Kerrplop: “the institute who has given her this certificate is not accredited by the U.S. Office of Education anymore. Because “of concerns about the quality of the courses the Institute offers”.