This page (which will be updated regularly so keep checking back) is dedicated to those little pearls of wisdom that come out of Miranda’s gob that don’t really fit anywhere else.

1) Remember when Miranda said she liked the “designs” of John Mark Karr? The interviewer pretends JMK is a designer when in fact he is the pedophile who wrongly confessed to the murder of 6 year old beauty pageant contestant JonBenét Ramsey. Doh Miranda, you should KNOW your designers or maybe you just like the “designs” of a pedophile? Is “designs” code for something?

2) Remember when Miranda said “embezzled” instead of “embellished”? Freudian slip?

3) Remember when Miranda quoted Winston Churchill and Rudyard Kipling on her Facebook but never gave proper credit? Then proceeded to delete all comments that pointed out the quotes were from someone else and she should really credit when she steals quotes from other people. That says to me she wants everyone to think she came up with the “words of wisdom” herself as she never corrected herself, credited the original source and the fact she deleted all evidence (comments) of where the quotes came from.

4) Remember when Miranda was caught coming out of the MET after party and she was so drunk (or stupid) that she couldn’t give the paps the two fingered salute? While the evil paps stalk her, she manages to pose a little at the end for them. How sweet! Love the way she smirks through out her canter away from them. I mean, if you are being stalked and hate it, you do not smirk and then pose for them! Me thinks she doesn’t hate the nasty paps as much as she wants us to think.

52 Responses to “Doh!”

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  2. She really is STUPID. Like any other model she is the living stereotype- DUMB AND A BIMBO. She TRIES to come across all intelligent, but she fails because you can see through it. That is why she is a model because she isn’t bright enough to be anything else where you need a brain.

    Her and Orlando are as dumb as each other in my opinion, I’m sure there is plenty of videos out there that proves that.

    They are the perfect match IMO.

  3. LOL! I remember that. What a moron. You would think a MODEL would know the names of designers, but apparently not. What’s wrong with admitting you haven’t heard of someone? Especially one that’s not a designer at all.

  4. Great page!

  5. LOL
    “It is better to be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”
    – Benjamin Franklin
    If you have no idea what it’s talked about you better shut up. Everything else shows your stupidity.
    What’s wrong with saying ‘Never heard of him? Is he a newcomer?’?

  6. How can a model get the word Embellished soooo wrong? I don’t understand that. I love how people on the forum are saying that they hate her voice and the cutsey sweet act- urgh so false and pathetic- but we all know that is to appeal to the stupid men who fall for it .

    She does know all about embezzling yes 😉

  7. Wow… just wow…. LOL!!!

  8. Added #3 for the lovely people who were discussing this is a different thread. Thought it would make a lol read.

    • I think someone made a screencap of the comment a guy made after she posted the quote on FB. Hadn’t take long until it was deleted.

    • There are people who will argue that she did give credit. Some say that you don’t have to put a name and cause she put it in quote marks that it is okay.

      • I’m sure there are and putting it in quotes doesn’t really indicate it isn’t her quote as I read all the comments and most/all believe the quote is from her. Her deleting all comments that pointed out the quotes weren’t hers says she also wants everyone to think she came up with them.

  9. There is nothing that says “dumb as rocks” as someone who CONSTANTLY quotes other people’s quotes at every given opportunity. In my opinion she WANTED people to think she had made them.

    She has angered quite a lot of people on her facebook, who can forget the “you get the life you deserve” shit. I don’t care what her beliefs are in life but you really don’t force them onto people and speak so condescending to them, her saying that is like people who die deserve to, people in extreme poverty deserve to be etc, it is just way wrong to talk to strangers that way when most only come on to lick her arse because they are blind Bloom fans, talk dirty to her, or are just blinded by her “celebrity” tag to buy her skincare range.

    Must say though I have to thank her for going on facebook and saying all she has, because she has only cemented exactly everything I thought about her..

    • Perhaps it changed, but I’ve noticed now that she posts more so regularly on her KORA FB rather than her official FB.

  10. Dont remember the quote stuff, I dont venture over to her FB a lot as its fuill of crap and same old, same old shit everyday. What i never got was the fact her kora fbook was more about her yet her fbook was a lot about kora 😐 backward bunch but yeah, her deleteing comments just looks like she wants the recognition for the quotes.

  11. Possibly another doh moment, Miranda leaving the MET after-party, one of the paps says to her not to be a wanker, and she retorts that she definitely isn’t a wanker while making a poor attempt to give the finger and fails. source

  12. I figured this could possible be considered a Doh moment.

    Either Miranda or someone from her team posted how to cleanse your face on the blog (really? You have to do a how to for that?) Now, I found this interesting:

    Miranda/KORA state in the blog that their cleansers do not foam up [proof]

    And yet one cleanser is called “foaming cleanser” [proof], which is described as gentle, soap free foaming cleanser [proof].

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t disodium lauryl sulfosuccinate which is an ingredient in that cleanser, a foaming agent?

    This basically goes back to the first image, why say none of the cleansers foam when one in fact does and is called such.

    • LOL Thanks for that info. Yep indeed, she is selling a foaming cleanser that she says doesnt foam, but that ingredient makes things foam, lmao- they really dont know their stuff do they???

      DOH indeed!!!

  13. Perhaps another doh moment? I do find it fairly amusing that her wedding dress was only mentioned today (at least it’s still today my time which is EST) and now this?

    It’s now November and she’s only mentioning this now? And why is it only HER luggage that went missing? She never mentioned it in July, or August… or September… or October.

    • Dammit, the image didn’t post, there’s the link to it at least source.

    • Interesting, strange to mention it now. Can anyone remember seeing any luggage when they came back from honeymoon? How many were there? Did any see any pics of any luggage going on honeymoon? Cant keep up with pap pics so dont know if there are any of going or returning.

      • I posted the image under source, for some reason I couldn’t get the image to show.

        It’s on her KORA FB, she only posted it as of today.

      • If one can assume when they were leaving Gatwick Airport in London on July 17 for the wedding, being there’s a large gap between the 17th and the 25/26th when they were next seen. They do in fact have luggage see here. To me that’s their typical amount of luggage, nothing special.

        As of the 25/26th from the honeymoon, flight from Miami to LAX, I’m trying to see if I can spot any luggage.

      • Luggage from 25/26th. From the looks of it, maybe a few pieces are missing, but they’re awfully small pieces, I can’t really tell.

        Another of the luggage they came back with.

        I dunno, it looks like it could be the same amount of luggage, just not piled on top of each other.

      • It is hard to tell. The first lot looks like it cold be both of theirs piled on top of each others so it really is hard to tell but I dont buy it anyway as I think she would have mentioned it sooner to ask for advice as she said thats why she was asking on her FB. Also noticed she mentioned her doctor grounding her so she isnt allowed to fly lol That answers our questions regarding if she is seeing a doc or not.

      • Of course her doctor could very well be the message boards and advice she gets ;x

        With the luggage, I think maybe the two larger black bags aren’t present on the 25/26th. Then again, she had several gowns flown out, so maybe they had dress bags as well?

        If someone had found it and being it has things in it that she holds dear, and it’s obvious that it’s her bag, wouldn’t someone have mentioned it or something?

    • She is now mentioning it? If some of her luggage did go missing in July and it still hasn’t been return well it it long gone. Someone would probably sell it and make a quick buck.

      • That’s what I don’t get, if she has person belongs in said luggage, why hasn’t someone come forward, or even sold the luggage to the media or something.

      • Indeed. She didn’t seem too bothered or worried in the pics coming back from honeymoon and they had lots of luggage.

  14. Sorry, I don’t know me this exactly position should, where. 🙂

    The child was planned by Miranda. She had to assume that Orlando wants to make end at the latest since hes remark in January 2010, that they are only friends. Or that she bores him because they were/are only Fuckbuddies. And that her career then goes down the creek.

    And for this she has accepted even a great lie, namely that one of the father.

    The more nearly the birth appointment toward the middle of January goes gets still more incredible that Orlando is the father now. A pregnancy lasts medically seen for on an average 40 weeks in which the ovulation (and the fathering) takes place only in the second till third pregnancy week. So and now count 37 weeks back… 😉

    At all events Orlando was not together with Miranda because thousands of kilometres were they separated. And the eruption of this unpronounceable volcano Eyjafjallajökull (I can neither say nor spell him too and have copied the name only from Wikipedia ;-)) has brought the (flight) traffic to a standstill in the truest sense of the word at that time.

    And Orlando Bloom, even if your wife and your manly pride want to demonstrate this to you: NO, your sperm cannot survive two weeks outside your body to impregnate your girl friend. Strictly speaking, it survives only 12 hours; neither with NONI juice or Red Bull. 😉

    • Thanks for the infos Nicole!

    • If she or whoever is saying the baby is due late Jan, the baby would have been conceived early on in May (until about the 10th of May for it to be a Jan “bub”). I used a due date calculator.

      • Apparently in early may she was already pregnant, as she claims she noticed symptoms and sickness while shooting in Paris, so…

      • Well, going by that, she was due later Dec :/

      • No 100% sure but if she was 4 months along in august when gave the pregnancy announcement wasn’t the baby conceived in april? *confused*

      • I thought she did the Paris shoot in April? Or am I mistaken?

      • Actually Im confusing myself. Lets say for arguements sake the baby was conceived April the 4th, the babys due date is 25th Dec.

      • From what I remember the photoshoot was done in May, at all the VS events she did right around her birthday in April right into May, she was very sickly looking. She has been constantly stating that she’s due in EARLY 2011, with only a small hand fulls that she’s due in January. Now, there was a report, I don’t know where that she was due closer to February at one point, then it went back to early January. Oddly enough she’s only NOW mentioning that she’s having back pains. There’s a slew of reason why I think she’s already given birth, especially since she’s MIA except for her FBs.

      • @Rik, any reason why you think she has already given birth or why she would still be keeping quiet about it? If she has had it cut out of her, she could easilly say it has come early, seeing as though she was trying jumping off the bed like someone suggested on her FB lol

      • Besides her being MIA for some time (I believe last we saw of her was on December 11th).
        Considering that her timeline just doesn’t add up. We have the mystery baby bump that when she resurfaced in December, she was carrying high, then the next she was carrying lower, then again in the infamous “cue Orlando’s mechanical laughter at the mere question of a baby name” she was back to carrying high again. There was a quote on her FB that she said she was enjoying motherhood, not quite sure how one can enjoy motherhood while you are still pregnant. There was also the Hugo’s for lunch “candids” where while she was big, her boobs were very small and rather perky looking under the black shirt. Not to mention if you can go by Herald Sun she’s due in Late January, while before Christmas (I think it was the 23rd or possibly before that) she said she was due at any time, I don’t think that’s something one would say if she knew she was due in late January.

        There was also the comment not long ago (I think in November) where she said that it was very hard to type due to her belly being so big, now suddenly she hasn’t a problem.

        Plus she was also grounded from flying directly after her shoot candids at LA in October which, I do believe she claimed was her 6th month (she said something else on FB that she was six and a half meanwhile magazines were saying at the end of October she was at 6 months), to me a doctor grounding you in your 6th month seems a month early, unless there’s complications.

      • @KerrazyLies
        The shoots in Paris were done in may. He reached her there and they were ‘caught’ in errands in Paris, cuddling in that park. Before that, she attended that event hnouring sebvastian in NYC right after her birthday and was very sick looking and emaciated.

      • And infact she looked bloated and sick also in those may pics from Paris with O.

      • @Dea She did, through mid-April onward she looked sickly. Actually, thinking about it I do believe throughout April we only had one candid photoshoot with her and that was at the very beginning of April, even though she had a helmet on, the rest were all events. Start of April she looked fine, but directly around her birthday, she looked very sick looking, dull and extremely pale.

  15. I think the child will be born sometime in the next days.

    She told a common FB friend yesterday that she had celebrated New Year’s Eves together with Orlando and her family and lasts for it no longer. Said honestly I have waited for the message for two weeks daily. And that there then is a great BANG!

    I must into bed now it is already 1 o’clock in the morning here in Germany and I am tired.

  16. When was this actually with the quarrel during a flight from Los Angeles to New York? And this with Orlando’s strike during the shoe shopping?

    I believe, the first was toward middle/end of March and the second around Pentecost, that is the end of May.

    Or am I wrong?

  17. The ‘shoe fighting’ was back in june, right before he did attended the Memorial Lecture Series at The Rockefeller University in NYC (we can now say she was already pregnant) whilethe flight fight happened in late march, before MK went back to LA too for a VS event, the Anniversary of the Victoria’s Secret Swim Catalogue at the SLS hotel, right in LA.

  18. It also was claimed by a supporter, for a short time, Miranda also would play-act.

    Hey you devotee of a Dingho, then can you say too, which film or series?

    Only somebody who has played in a movie or series or has studied it like Orlando is an actress for me. Not counts for me be married with one or appear in a series and play himself only.

  19. Didn’t Miranda say that she would like to travel to Korea at the end of May? We already have June 1st now …

    • Actually she’s in Korea…as she wrote on her twitter:
      MirandaKerr Miranda Kerr
      Just arrived in Korea for work for one day. First night away from Flynn… Miss him so much already 😦

  20. Just wanted to share this article. Looks like the Aussie media is getting tired of her.

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