Dear Shippers…

… “you are all fat, jealous haters with no lives” is getting a bit tiresome and rather pathetic. Please come up with a completely different warcry.

you are all making it up. All you print is lies” is also getting ridiculous. You can see the evidence given to prove Miranda’s lies in this very blog. If you choose not to read them that does not make us liars, it makes you avoidists

We are also not hypocrites that are worried about shippers posting. We have let shippers posts through in the past, any challenging post does make it through and will continue to do so, we welcome intelligent, respectful posts through from either side. The above kind of posts will not make it through because it’s all been said a million times and its boring. Come up with proof why we are wrong, then we will talk, which is more than we get from the shippers.

Challenge us, challenge the posts we have made, challenge the proof we have shown rather than avoiding the big issue. Insulting us does not help your cause, it just strengthens ours because you can never disprove or acknowledge the lies your idol has made.

3 Responses to “Dear Shippers…”

  1. Sorry, you seem to have way too much time on your hands. Why do you care what people you don’t even know say or do? You seem to think you have proof of all these so called lies but how can you? All you have is the internet and magazines to base this on. This is just another form of bullying. To say that somebody ‘should have gotten over’ somebody dying is insolent. Did you personally ask Orlando how he felt about giving their child that middle name? I assume that you didn’t and therefor have no right to comment. To say that somebody is trying to get attention by speaking of somebody they lost is absolutely abhorrent. Death affects people deeply and I’m sorry but it’s not something somebody just gets over. People give middle names to their children after loved ones who have died all the time. It is a sign of honor and respect. I don’t know who you are but people who put negative and loathsome websites on the internet are immature and clearly have nothing better to do with their time. I suggest you get a hobby and stop wasting your time and energy on trying to bring other people down.

    • Yeah, yeah, heard it all before. Change the record.

      If you even bothered to read the blog, you will see we have taken Miranda’s spoken and written word (written by her). She shoots herself in the foot plenty by herself without taking the words of RESPECTABLE interviews. Her naming Flynn “Christopher” and how much she talks about him with what she says thrown in, indicates (to me) that she has not got over him. Other than that, really surprised the dead boyfriend is the one you chose to discuss here when there are far more juicier subjects to choose. Her lying about KORA being certified, Therese pretending to be Miranda on Facebook, lying about not wanting to be a model when she was a child etc I suggest you go away and stop wasting your precious time on a bunch of people you dont know proving the lies and inaccuracies of someone else you dont know. Go get a hobby yourself, like… retouching or something. Oh, wait…

    • Sorry, but your reading comprehension SUCKS! Were you not taught how to understand things properly? This blog is VERY clear about when stating things as FACT we have used Miranda’s own words and type, that she HERSELF has said and typed. Where we have speculated it states that it is SPECULATION, but there are facts here like Kerrazy states, but as usual when you idiots come on here crying “liars and bullying” you just turn away from the screenshots of the evidence, and you are also calling a professional body like EcoCert liars too?
      She DOES try and get attention by using Chris’ death at every opportunity! Otherwise why would she keep on talking about it years down the line? Yes, its very possible she never got over Chris, and if she never has then she has my deep sympathy HOWEVER she may need professional help to deal with that and move on, her life is now with Orlando- why live in the past? Whoc ares if Orlando LOVED the idea of calling his own baby after a dead man that Miranda can’t get over? I don’t care, it isnt my child, lets just hope if they have another one he gets first dibs on calling it after an ex girlfriend- thats fair right?
      As usual you ignore the facts, but then you lot always do. Maybe you should stop taking this all so personally as it isn’t about you. And a new hobby? This doesn’t take up much of anyones time, it is all out there. I’m not the one posting and crying “bully” because I am butthurt about someone calling out a celebrity- erm.. maybe you need to chill hun!
      Oh and lastly- why do we care what people we don’t even know say or do? Well- SNAP, but we care because I cannot stand people who fake an image and then make money from that image- that isn’t fair right? We just put what facts we find out here, the rest is up to you, we aren’t making anyone dislike her, or him, it is there- do with it what you will.

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