Welcome to “Miranda & Her Kerrazy Lies”. This blog is dedicated to sharing and showing all the lies Miranda Kerr (sometimes Orlando Bloom) and her family endlessly and needlessly come out with. The majority of the content will contain lies and oddities surrounding things Miranda has said and done.


I do not hate “WAGS” of celebrities I like. Nor do I hate models, “beautiful” woman, women with banging bodies, “superior” women to me, rich women who are living the life etc. What I do hate are liars, people who aren’t what they seem or portray themselves to be, fake people etc. If there is evidence of someone being such a person, I will dislike them as being a liar and a fake doesn’t make you a very nice person. I do not believe in jealousy, I have never been jealous of another person in my life and I am certainly not going to be jealous of an habitual liar who can’t keep her clothes on and shows her anus for money. I have more self respect, dignity and class for that.


There may be some repetition from time to time as some things can fall into more than one catagory.

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