Miranda Photoshops Herself

Like she isn’t skinny enough. Proof Miranda Kerr photoshops pictures of herself to make that pre-pubescant body of hers even skinnier and posts it on her official Instagram.

Miranda’s IG picture (and a screencap in case it gets deleted)

The original picture.

and for those of you who cant see a difference >HERE< are the two pictures together with the obvious differences plain to see.

Yes, lots of people photoshop pictures of themselves, but what ever happened to Miranda’s “Treasure Yourself”? “Love who you are and let your little light shine”? Proves every words she spouts is bullshit and she doesn’t believe a word of it. This also sends out the wrong message to impressionable girls/women as Miranda is skinny enough yet photoshopping herself to be even skinnier.

And before anyone says “maybe she got that picture from a different site and doesn’t know its been photoshopped” – she has posted a few other pictures on IG she has taken herself that also look like they have been photoshopped and as she taken the private pictures herself – only she had access to them 🙂

Grow up Miranda, you are a 30 year old woman, not a 14 year old girl from high school. Accept who you are like you tell others to do or GTFO!

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 13, 2013.

19 Responses to “Miranda Photoshops Herself”

  1. Oh boy….desperate, pathetic, ridiculous…she’s getting worse as time goes by…she needs to hire a new PR Team asap, because the PR she has clearly isn’t doing her any favour…and the more she speaks and blabs the more people call her out for the fake patronizing attempt of a model she is…but of course everyone criticizing her is full of envy, right? *rollsyes*

  2. Nice catch!

  3. Anyone who can’t see the difference is in denial. She may be looking for sympathy from her not so recent separation with Bloom. Wonder what kind of hell she put him through the last six months and the way the separation was announced, seems it came from his PR team. Good on him for finally waking up.

    Her mantra of letting your little light shine must be a shadow like the light at the end of a tunnel that she will never reach. This is as ridiculous as her recent comment of when I’m facing something that is challenging, I jump for joy. I bet when the PR announcement came out she jumped for joy saying oh shit, now who do I use for my set ups. She’s a total loon.

  4. I’ve noticed before that a few of her IG pictures are photoshopped. I kind of feel sorry for her. She must be very insecure and too dumb to realise what a silly hypocrite she is.

    • I can’t feel sorry for anyone who professes to embrace a healthy life style and then photoshops her pictures to make her be something she’s not. Being healthy is not just exercising and eating right but also being healthy mentally and spiritually. I find her to be very selfish, hypocritical and downright pathetic. I’d feel sorry for her if I felt she has been honest but whatever she has done, she has brought it on herself, and it will be nice to see that smug look she always wears, go away.

    • I hear you, I feel sorry for anyone who feels like they have to photoshop themselves to be something they think fits in with society BUT Miranda is so full of shit and lies that I dont feel sorry for her because if she really was this “love yourself, be yourself” etc then sure, but she isnt. Miranda is a “model”, she and people like her contribute to this unhealthy obsession with bodies, size, shape, sexiness, appearance and live in a world where photoshop and fakery is king so no, I cant feel sorry for someone that contributes to this fucked up society. Its like a drug dealer complaining of so many people dying of drug use. Sorry, she chose and still chooses the profession she is in and life she leads, deal with it or choose a profession where things arent so shallow and where you arent responsible for people feeling the need to photoshop themselves slimmer or more pretty.

      • I do agree with this. You cant chose to live in a world that is so phoney and all about looks then decide to be insecure, the 2 dont go together. She could easily try her hand at something else, something less shallow where looks / size dont matter but no. No way does an insecure person get naked at every opportunity. She loves herself and this love for herself is genuine. Who knows why she makes her self skinnier, who cares really because she doesnt need to put on bikini / underwear shots of herself that she feels the need to ‘shop, she could have easily have put on a fully clothed pic or hey, a pic where she isnt in the picture seeing as though it wasnt about her but about the other VS girls. Self obsessed till the end.

      • Vincent, agree. Someone who has no confidence in themselves would never pose half nude or nude at every opportunity. She has proven many things. She lies, she cheats, she is not natural, she is not down to earth, she is not caring except for herself. She is a selfish self centered narcisstic person who puts herself and her ambitions above everyone and everything and that includes her soon to be ex-husband and child. I feel sorry for Flynn in all of this. Kids always pay and she has made him pay big time. I am hoping Orlando gets custody of him because with him because with him Flynn has a chance at having a somewhat normal life.

      • I completely disagree with the assertion that an insecure person wouldn’t behave this way. There are many models who will confirm that models are some of the most insecure people. She is obviously looking for validation and positive feedback because if she’s not getting that constantly then she doesn’t feel like a worthy person. She feels the need to constantly hear from fans etc. that she’s hot because she doesn’t have the self worth to just be happy within herself. Why would somebody photoshop an image of themselves if it wasn’t because they were insecure? What other reason is there to enhance an image? She wasn’t happy with the way she looked in the photo so she altered it. I think she has a narcissistic personality disorder that is driven by feelings of shame or unworthiness. She is constantly seeking positive feedback in order to feel valued. It’s very ironic considering her treasure yourself crap.

      • I respect your opinion, but how insecure can a person be if they have no problem showing themselves nude or naked most of the time. You have to have some serious backbone to do that and its not always down to her job as a model. She has shown me a few things – she cares only about herself and what she can gain to get ahead and be ahead and has put her child in jeopardy. Her walks in New York and at the airports are obvious setups. Real celebrities/models/etc. who are well known far more than she is don’t have to resort to that. You reap what you sow and her garden is now full of weeds.

      • From wiki: “Narcissists have such an elevated sense of self-worth that they value themselves as inherently better than others, when in reality they have a fragile self-esteem..” (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Narcissistic_personality_disorder)

      • I dont deny she has NPD but does she have it 100%? Do people with personality disorders or mental health issues have every single symptom? Not always. Besides, like I said, even if she does think she is better than everyone else yet has low self esteem – go find another job where you wont have your self-esteem supposedly crushed. To even consider being a model you must have to think you are hot shit, she isnt just living day-to-day thinking she is better than anyone else but cries herself to sleep at night cos she thinks shes ugly, she pursued modelling and no doubt had her mom told her how special she was and I think that has stuck with her. I personally think she loves herself and I see no tell tale sign in her body language or anything that says she has low self esteem. You can photoshop your body thinner because you would like to be that way, not because you hate yourself. Attention seeking is also different to seeking reassurance. Posing nude constantly has to take guts and some degree of confidence no matter how much better a magazine can make you look. One naked shoot I can give you but dozens?? Nope and in my opinion you can tell she loves doing it and thats why she flashes her tits at events for example, its for the attention, not the reassurance. Of course this is just my opinion, I may be right, I may be wrong.

      • Isolde, I agree. You can’t be shy about dropping your clothes and posing with your boobs and all else exposed. Her mother may have told her she was special to the point she thinks she’s better than anyone else but at some point, you have to grow up and take responsibility for your actions. What I don’t like is the obvious set-ups where she has used Flynn. She chose this life and its style – he didn’t and as a human being, and a child, he should be protected, and when I see her pimp him out like an accessory, I have zero respect or tolerance for her.

      • I agree Joely but like most celebrity families – the child always suffers. Both Flynns parents have pimped him out – her more so.

      • As much as I would like to give Orlando a pass, I can’t. he’s contributed to it too and they have done it so much, Flynn must think they are friends.

  5. Also, if the IG photo was taken from another website, why is she the only who was photoshopped? I doubt her fans will think that she isnt skinny enough.. you know, since shes so ‘perfect’ and all.

  6. This woman has just seriously lost the plot!! How can she act like this and think she will get away with it? It baffles the mind!! She is slim as it is, skinny actually, why does she feel the need to have an even smaller waist, I would bet hers is about 22 inches at the most! She just looks like she doesn’t have one because there isn’t a lot of difference between her waist and hips, she makes me sick.

    I cannot feel sorry for her either because she has chosen this way of life, chosen to be an utter liar and fraud, people are now seeing the real her and she has lost everything, I would call that Karma, and so does MK doesn’t she? After all she did say that you “get the life you choose and deserve”.. stupid idiot!

    • I wouldn’t be surprised if she is doing for sympathy because their marriage fell apart, but they’ve been apart for six months so it shouldn’t matter. After all when she has a challenge, she jumps for joy! I read somewhere too that she hardly cries or gets emotional. She is not made of flesh and blood but of teflon. She has no feelings towards her son or Bloom and no respect for anyone. This year is her year to fail and its not over yet. I hate to wish bad things on people but you get what you reap. She deserves every bit of it.

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