KORA May Ask For Your SSN

Thanks to the girls at Delphi for bringing this up.

It seems that when you place an order with KORA Organics on their site, you may be requested to give your Social Security Number (SSN). I decided to check this out myself by visiting the site, adding a product to my basket, clicked on checkout and sure enough there it was (click for larger image):


That statement says to me that every customer may not be asked for their SNN but it obviously does happen as the statement would not be there in the first place.

This is very strange behavior as you do not need to give online merchants your SSN to make a purchase and online merchants should not ask for it as it is private information and this is how identity theft happens as dodgy online merchants sell your details, such as your SSN to aid identity fraudsters. Don’t just take my word for it, read it >here< and >here<. For those who don’t want to read the articles, here are the bits you need to know:

Never Give Out Your Social Security Number

Providing your Social Security number is not a requirement for placing an order at an online shopping site. There is no need for the merchant to ask for it. Giving out your Social Security number could lead to having your identity stolen. (See PRC Fact Sheet 17a, “Identity Theft: What to Do if It Happens to You,” www.privacyrights.org/fs/fs17a.htm.)”


“Unless you’re very sure about the merchant, don’t provide them with a checking account number and never disclose your social security number to online merchants.”

So, why do KORA ask for your SSN if they don’t need to know it? Makes you wonder doesn’t it! It seems fraud and dodgy dealings follow Miranda and KORA like flies round shit.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on July 24, 2013.

11 Responses to “KORA May Ask For Your SSN”

  1. wow, I had no idea of this as I dont buy her over priced garbage and it seems I was right not to. Is this how she was able to launch it in US? By selling peoples info? Would I be surprised? Would I hell!! She is so underhand and fraudulent, she has proven that before.

  2. nice to see you post btw

  3. Wow…just when you think she can’t do anything worse, she does!! How people can consider her a savvy business woman is beyond me…she’s risking a lot with this kind or procedure…Thanks for the post, amazing job as usual!

  4. I wonder how long until MK removes this. Who does she import with? The mafia? That man who was arrested recently that she definitely socialised with? She is surrounded by so many dodgy people. She is disgusting.

  5. Wow, how dodgy and right around (or beyond?) the line of being illegal. Identity theft, nice. This woman obviously stops at nothing.
    As a side effect, it is now sure that she has no back office on the US west coast as she has claimed in some web article. Only companies with store-rooms outside the US ask for the SSN of their US customers, domestics don’t.
    Caught lying again.

    • Can I just say that she shouldnt be asking for her customers SSN’s no matter where her distribution is coming from as there is never any excuse for it as it is never needed to purchase anything from any country – national or international. Still dodgy, still risky no matter what. I dont think this means she has no US distribution either because asking for SSN’s should not happen regardless where the item is being shipped from and if she is doing this for illegal reasons (why else would she do it?) then she would ask for SSN’s no matter where she was stationed.

  6. I’m fairly sure after reading the delivery conditions, that the crap she’s trying to sell is being sent from Australia. If it was being shipped from a US distribution location to somewhere within the US there would surely be no need for discussion of import taxes in the “international deliveries” section.

    We don’t have SSNs in Australia, we have tax file numbers (TFN) which we use to lodge our tax returns. Any organisation which has to provide information to an individual regarding income / tax deductions etc (for example banks reporting on interest earned on bank balances = income, superannuation companies, income protection insurance companies) need to keep your TFN on your file for taxation purposes, but it is a strictly private and confidential number. No online sales company in Australia would ask for a TFN because they would have no need for it. I would guess an American SSN would be the same.

  7. I googled this and found everywhere NOT to such details to anyone. Im guessing that they may not ask for your SSN during check out but you may get asked via email for it afterwards as like you said they obvisouly do ask for it as why have that mentioned if they don’t. Seriously, this chick is so dangerous in so many ways but I think she likes it all, she doesn’t have to do all this shit but she does. I actually thought she had got her shit together with kora after you exposed her as not being certified when she said she was but obviously not.

  8. do not give out your ssn to ANYONE other than government officials or unless you need it to do with your job. anyone else who asks for your ssn are no doubt trying to sell on or use your info. an online store is an ideal place as it asks for your name, address and ssn – all the info it needs for identity theft. alarm bells should ring if a company even hints of asking for this info as they do not need it, it serves no purpose to them. miranda kerr and kora should be investigated for this.

  9. like others have said, i can’t think of any time where it’s legal to ‘ask’ for your SSN or your country’s equivalent number other than filling out applications for employment and similar paperwork. or anything dealing with official government paperwork.

    this is beyond shady, and this is way beyond what i thought she could do whether it’s intentional (i honestly don’t see how it couldn’t be since quote unquote ‘everything’s approved MK herself’ or some garbage…or somehow accidental, and (conspiracy time!) someone from within her own company is trying to bring Miss Thing Thing down quite a few pegs. if this were possibly true, this is why (extensive) background checks were invented! LOL

    either way, at this point, she had better have a prayer because if anyone with a brain decided to go ahead and buy up some of her special brand of woo-woo and had their information compromised…..well, let’s just say, it ain’t gonna be pretty!

    final note, i hope for her sake, even if i don’t like her words or actions a LOT of the time, that she invested her money wisely into some DAMN GOOD lawyers. this time, she might just NEED them! the real sad irony is that if something unfortunate to befall her business…like, oh say, SHUTTING DOORS/FILING Chapter 7/11/13 (not sure how it works in Australia though. in America, it’s depending if you want to stay in business or liquidate assets) BANKRUPTCY; which i would assume is every business owner’s nightmare other than no true profits….which could lead to bankruptcy! vicious cycle indeed!

    like i said, the irony is for all the times she tried to upsell her slime to her clueless minions…or to quote Sylvi Allan and her LinkedIn:

    “KORA ORGANICS – 30 days to Great Skin! – The perfect relationship builder to convert lazy social media fans into customers!”

    she REALLY, truly (madly, deeply) must not give 2 flying figs about her own ‘homegrown’ company! smdh!

  10. Testing my posts are posting

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