More Car Crash BS?

In the recent issue of Cleo Magazine, Miranda gave more information about the supposed injuries she sustained during the dubious car crash incident (read our previous entry here).

Miranda claims:

“The crash impacted three discs in my neck, with one protruding onto the spine. The doctor gave me the option of surgery or taking time to heal myself. I wanted to heal myself.”
Miranda laughs as she recalls the expression on the offender’s face when her husband, Orlando Bloom, arrived at the scene: “One of the boys saw Orlando and said, ‘Shit, it’s Orlando Bloom'” (read Sassi Sam’s blog for more BS info).

Let’s look at the facts (Miranda’s version in red, the facts in blue)

The crash impacted three discs in my neck, with one protruding onto the spine. The doctor gave me the option of surgery. Impacted discs (or Herniated Disc) don’t usually require surgery [source] and one should consider surgery only if the previous treatments were attempted and unsuccessful.

or taking time to heal myself. I wanted to heal myself. Then why was Miranda out and about in 3-4 inch heels and carrying a large bag on her arm the very next day? and posing in a bath tub with Chris Colls two days later? This is simply not possible with such injuries – injuries that supposedly require surgery. Rest is always recommended for 48-72 hours

Miranda laughs as she recalls the expression on the offender’s face when her husband, Orlando Bloom, arrived at the scene: “One of the boys saw Orlando and said, ‘Shit, it’s Orlando Bloom’. Orlando wasn’t even in town when she had her “crash”, he was away skiing and didn’t return home until a day or two after.

The facts speak for themselves don’t you think? You really couldn’t make this up, even though some people think I do, I must put inaccurate words into her mouth huh?

~ by Kerrazy Lies on April 23, 2013.

16 Responses to “More Car Crash BS?”

  1. Well, well, more bull shit that everyone (haters and shippers) knows is bull shit. Doesnt surprise me because this is MK. Thanks for the write up 🙂 Sorry you are getting aggro from dumb fucks, its easier for them to blame you rather than face facts and blame the ass hole that this trash comes from (MK).

  2. Great entry! I have no doubt in my mind now that this accident never even happened. Because it was a made up event, she cant keep track as to where her made up hubby was lol Stupid bitch, cant stand her. Considering her first love died in a car accident, its pretty sick to lie about something like this, but she is sick.

    • Not just her first love, even her “hubby” had serious spinal injuries in his early twenties because of an accident. It’s done in bad taste all around, but you would think with two serious examples this close to you, you wouldn’t even think lying about something like this (or at least get the medical facts right). Did the offender meet Bloom before or after he was arrested for DUI? What happened to him after that, is he released on bail or what? If they’re going to lie about things like this at least get your story straight!

      • I did wonder all about him supposedly getting on the scene. I have so many questions regarding it. How was he even there when he was away. How were the offenders allowed to come face to face with OB. Who even told him there was an accident (didnt think family were told so quickly where the injured were still at the scene). What was the outcome.

  3. Lol! This is amazing! She’s always so very entartaining with her ‘interviews’! I think that now that she has more time off, she should try and be a comedian, cause she’s naturally hilarious, isn’t she?
    Seriously, just when you think she can’t dig deeper…she does! I can’t even say I’m surprised, she says one thing and she denies it the next day…of course she claims she decided to heal herself, she probably feels like a superwoman, she had a 472538494 hours labour without pain killers, her mother healed herself from cancer, she left VS (!) not to starve anymore….too bad that she’s always actes as if she was the healthiest person ever…so what? Was she lying when she blabbed about the 80-20% rule every chance she had, or is she lying now? It’s confusing…she should buy an agenda and note everything she says, just to avoid misundertandings!

    • Or to say it plainly: She. Is. Lying. All. The. Time – ‘notorious lying’ is a medical condition and she obviously suffers from it … for oh so many years.
      I hope she entangles herself in her web of desperate lies, and someone like VS is suing for badmouthing. Anyway, whichever company who considers to hire her is very probably disgusted and declining to give her a job. Her career is done … by her own doing.
      Karma, Baby! Now it bites your @$$!

  4. From a medical standpoint, the disc is the stuff inbetween the vertebrae, and the spine is the bone, it’s totally harmless if something is protruding into the spine, it’s just bone, in fact doctors never say “protruding into the spine”. the disc is inside the spine columns. However, if the disc is injured and protruding into the spinal cord which is full of nerves, she would have required immediate surgery. I’m a doctor, what a load of b.s. this girl, unbelievable!

  5. The language she uses is really weird. “Protruding onto the spine”. Intervertebral discs are a component of the spine so saying that they protrude onto the spine makes absolutely no sense. It makes me think she just made it up because a doctor would never explain it like that. I think she made the entire incident up and is still milking it.

  6. Wtf is wrong with this woman? She is insane!


    Okay, really?! Never flying quantas. this is the dumbest marketing ever. British AW it is!

    • lol and yet again she has to have her dressing gown wide open but even that has to come off to show her in underwear (because that has so much to do with the actual uniform). Urgh and that god awful wink at the end – irritating as hell.

    • I love how she is “so we’ll known” that the author of this article doesn’t even know that she is married it say she is dating orlando. Lol

    • I flew QANTAS today actually and they aren’t even using Kerr’s face anywhere in their promotions. All of their advertising material is just regular Australians with the slogan ‘You’re the reason we fly’. I guess like David Jones, QANTAS has figured out that Australians don’t relate to her.

  8. She will never change.


    More from our favorite model? Why not sell makeup with nipples?! Genius!!

    • God I feel so sorry for Flynn. If my mother ever behaved like that I would be absolutely mortified. I guess the same goes for Orlando. Who wants their wife flashing their breasts for attention like that? So embarrassing.

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