Kicked To The Kerrb Yet Again?

Last month, Miranda was famously DUMPED by DJ’s 9 months before her contract ended.

She has also been DUMPED by Lipton’s Iced Tea, as Kaela Kimura is now the face of Limone (thank you Gachapin).

Her job with Qantas is hanging in the balance as her campaign with them was connected to DJ’s.

Orlando told his astrologer pal what a self centered bitch Miranda was (here and here) and read here to why this came from Team Orlando.

Today, news has surfaced that VS, Miranda’s biggest job, have probably DEMOTED her – she may longer be an angel.

Chief marketing officer Ed Razek for VS is quoted as saying: “…she will always be an Angel to me” and “I’ve already invited her to walk the runway in this year’s fashion show and, happily, she’s agreed“.

That, in my opinion, translates as: “she was an angel, she isn’t anymore but she will always be an angel to me. I’ve invited her to the fashion show, if she was still an angel she wouldn’t need an invitation, it would be her job to be there“.

One sentence in the article did catch my eye: “Though the brand won’t confirm the speculation, sources behind the scenes tell PEOPLE there’s some truth to the pervasive diva rumors. “She can be difficult at shoots and appearances. She’s not very timely,” the source says. “She’s standoffish with the rest of the girls“. We have heard so much of the Flash Nazi being a diva and we are hearing it again. This is PEOPLE, they are trustworthy and, despite what some crazy shippers think, we are not behind these rumors and I find it hilarious that the shippers think we have so much power (manipulating videos to have Aleen mouth something she didn’t, hacking shippers networking accounts and now controlling PEOPLE Magazine lol).

Remember this, all that is coming out now about Miranda, we have been saying since day one. Who looks the more likely to be right about her?

~ by Kerrazy Lies on April 10, 2013.

15 Responses to “Kicked To The Kerrb Yet Again?”

  1. Yes, she’s going down! Stans can spin facts all they want but in the end the only thing that matters is what the people in the industry thinks. She’s burning bridges in Australia and the US. London, Paris and Milan were never really interested to start with, so Asia and high street are the only things that’s left. She now has an unnamed washing detergent (lol), Mango and Reebok. I doubt Qantas is seriously using her for much longer, maybe one last event and then a quiet sayonara. Kora is sinking too. Is Bloom has even an ounce of dignity and intelligence left he’ll understand that now’s the perfect time to leave!

  2. 2013 is definitely not Kerr’s year, is it? Not really surprised about VS. They were barely using her lately, she hasn’t shot with them in ages, she missed all the latest VS events, she skipped shooting the swimsuit line in st. barth and miami while the other girls were there…DJ was not expected but VS was in the air, imho. Do I think they were upset cause she worked for other brands too? Not at all, this explanation didn’t work for DJ and doesn’t work for VS either. Doutzen is a VS angel and still work for Tiffany, L’Oreal and Repeat, to make an example. There is no smoke without fire, we’ve kept hearing and reading about Kerr’s diva behaviour and at this stage only a blind would deny she acts like that, and she has earned this ‘difficult reputation’, which os a bad thing for everyone in evey field, for celebs and common people and now I am curious to see what gigs she’ll be able to get.

  3. Not to forget, she was demoted from her cheap & cheesy Lipton’s job too. Oh, and was replaced by Thavasa …
    So much shit hitting Dingwhore’s fan lately – Karma, Baby!

    • Speaking of Thavasa, there are pics on JJ of Taylor Momsen shooting a commercial for Thavasa…was Miranda replaced there too?

      • I don’t know about that…I’d bet..

        With this new ad campaign,with a FAMOUS actress Taylor Momsen (and “Japanese Otaku idol”Tomomi Itano),Samantha Thavasa should be able to increase its sales!:P

        They both are officially named “muse” for Samantha Thavasa,like “VS angel”lol

  4. It’s time for Orlando to finally be free of this life of lies he’s had to put up with. Orlando needs to get his good image back in tact and the best way is being free of Kerr. I’ve always believed the marriage was fake and I also believe that George Moskos is the real daddy of Flynn. I for one am so happy people are waking up and seeing Miranda for who she really is, a horrible lier and manipulater who quite frankly has always looked like a female version of Vincent Karthieser to me. Anyway, Ding-Dong the Dingo’s Almost Gone!!!!!!

  5. *snort* Miranda can make any statement she wants but she has been demoted/downgraded from Angel status. She should not use Flynn or Orlando as an excuse to standing down because O has always needed her (going by the shippers POV) – same with Flynn, since being born she has left him for long periods of time or done that bad move of taking him to her shoots so that fact that she is claiming all this now indicates that its to save face. She is a bad wife and even worse mother, no point in starting to pretend and try now to give a shit about your family, Flynn has got used to nannies coming and going, paparazzi, travelling the world etc thats why VS have let her go, it most likely a certainty.

  6. It’s all just evidence that you reap what you sow. If she really was a down to earth and friendly country girl etc. one would assume that people would want to work with her. Her losing all of these jobs just proves she fakes that persona and is really a horrible person when her fans aren’t looking. Honestly, the way she behaved for David Jones by demanding her own marquee with vip access etc really screams down to earth right!?

  7. her fans are still like “she’s too big for VS. it’s what happened to Heidi and Giselle when they got too famous…” NOT the same thing. Heidi was an angel for a decade, Giselle earns 35mil a year in contracts and endorsements, VS was a sore in the shoe for her serious modeling career. kerr has nothing else going on. 3 months a year too much? mango takes 2 days to shoot, quantas is about to drop her bootie, she’s been kicked off of Australia pretty much, Lipton tea takes 3 days to shoot…so just for her fans, she has 365 days a year, and only 2 weeks are booked right now with VS gone and DJ gone. She’s down 1.5mil in the past 4 weeks, so net earning 1.5mil, and that is not even a top 20 model salary. Kora must suck if her totaled earning of modeling and lotions are 1.5mil.

  8. oh and minus taxes shes getting 750k a year maybe, its time to rethink recycling the purses and shoes

  9. What’s the deal with Daily Mail? Does MK’s team pay them a salary? They always run non-stories with a cute picture of Flynn and haven’t even mentioned the fact she’s been dumped by David Jones.

  10. The Daily Mail in my opinion are all Miranda zombies. Or as I like to call them… Mirombies. Hee-Hee.

  11. My friend saw her at Cochella and said she looked like a stick. everyone’s like she’s for reals anorexic looking, and she was really cheesy. her current endorsements can be counted on one hand….I’d believe DJ was her choice if they still wanted her to finish her contract and appear in future catalogues, but she is CUT off. VS she is no longer an angel…no book deals, kids helpline which she does nothing except take pics for, Mango (2 days every few months).

  12. By far the worst article on Kora, they should be sued! Wow the level of stupidity, only high school miranda can get such a moron to write for her blog!
    It talks about how mental illness is not real.

    • They are nutters. There isn’t a single reference for those outrageous claims. Mental illnesses like depression are caused by chemical imbalances and they aren’t just something you can think yourself out of. They may as well also tell diabetics to think their body into balancing their sugar levels properly. I believe this article just adds to the stigma of mental illness; instead of treating it like a disease he is treating it like some sort of self-indulgent mood that you can make better with a happy thought. What a nutcase.

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