Christian Miranda!

I came across this comment from Miranda on that indian lady photo that she posted on her Instagram yesterday, people were asking what religion she was because the lady in the photo is a Hindu, this is what Miranda replied:

Since when was Miranda a Christian? For years, since being with Orlando she has been very vocal about the fact she was a Nichiren Buddhist and was an SGI member, Flynn was born to the chants of the SGI chant “nam-myoho-renge-kyo” and recently she hinted that Flynn was being brought up in SGI, so how come all of a sudden she is a Christian? Of course people choose whichever religion they like whenever they like, but considering Miranda has never stopped talking about her being an SGI Buddhist like Orlando all these years I found it surprising and with Miranda answering in the comments she must want this known specifically.

If you guys want to see this for yourselves:   (which is for those that want to browse Instagram but don’t have an account)< if u put mirandakerr (no spaces) in the search and click on the top person that appears on the left, click on the Indian woman picture, click on “view all” comments, scroll down you will find the comment  (as shown in screen cap above).

~ by Kerrazy Lies on April 7, 2013.

5 Responses to “Christian Miranda!”

  1. Ouhh! Maybe Miranda is an embarrassment to the weird cult SGI so maybe the kicked her out lol Seriously though I knew she was an SGIer so this change is strange. Please dont tell me her knew persona is the good ole Christian girl? Shes tried the down to earth Aussie tomboy girl, earth mother, cheating wife… has she now found the Lord? BS. I dont think Miranda follows any religion other than The Church of Miranda Kerr of Latter-day Hypocrites.

  2. Back to Christian religion? Odd. Since when she’s hooked up with Orlando she has claimed more than once that they both were Buddhist and SGI members and that religion was just one of the many things they had in common!!

  3. hmmm, does this show what an arbitrary value religion is to her?
    She used Nichiren Buddhism for promoting herself, her book, her Kora slime and, last but not least, to promote her relationship and how much she has in common with Orlando.
    I wonder what happened? Trouble in paradise (again)?

  4. Lipton dumped the flash n@zi too.
    Cute Japanese girl Kaela Kimura kicked off a campaign as an ambassador of Lipton Limone.

  5. I am a Christian and I am very offended that Miranda would claim to be one, giving the track record of who she is. I guess there are really no limits when it comes to this woman.

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