Dropped Like A Hot Organic Potato

It’s official – DJ’s have sacked Miranda. This article reveals how Miranda was such a diva, expected money for nothing and how, even though she still had 9 months left on her contract, DJ’s have cut all ties with her and have already employed Jessica Gomes in her place. Out with the old and in with the new… and younger it would seem.

The article goes into detail about how pretentious Miranda is:

Installed in her own luxurious private marquee regularly filled with fresh flowers and champagne on ice, she would be fussed over away from prying eyes by her own team of make-up artists, stylists and hairdressers.

This must be the same reference as this article where she barked commands, earned the nickname ”Flash Nazi”, demanded luxury and privacy and “brandishing the baby (Flynn) like a designer handbag“.

Back to the here and now, Kerr may claim this was a mutual decision but it’s pretty obvious it wasn’t. After all, the original article and this one says the decision took Miranda and her team by surprise. What does she expect? Acting the diva, wanting more money to do less work, wanting DJ’s to come to her for shoots when she jets around the world anyway –  as well as other demands. DJ’s said it wasn’t about the money but the fact that Miranda didn’t actually want to work for it. The funny thing is, DJ’s have obviously been wanting to get rid of Miranda for a while as they did research a while ago and “the results were not good for Kerr” as the research showed that people couldn’t relate to her. Will this also mean her time with Qantas will come to an end too? After all, Miranda was only part of Qantas because they partnered with DJ to enable Australian shoppers to earn Qantas Frequent Flyer points as an additional rewards option on the David Jones American Express Card.

No doubt her “stans” will still claim she is so down to earth after this. Really? The definition of “down the earth” is – realistic, sensible, not pretentious or affected, straightforward, not overly ornate, simple in style. Sorry but that does not describe Miranda in any shape of form. I could give a list as long as my arm why it’s not… can the “stans” do the same? Doubt it.

Miranda has well and truly been kicked the the Kerrb lol but like she says herself “everything happens for a reason… that’s karma darling”.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on March 22, 2013.

15 Responses to “Dropped Like A Hot Organic Potato”

  1. Haha, Flash Nazi! Love it, she knows her face would look like crap otherwise. Wonder if she’s still going to show at the Qantas event? By that time so much dirt would be uncovered about her that she might be embarrassed to show herself. I doubt it she’s too much of a fameho. Anyway I find it incredibly funny and it’s very telling that Daily Mail (and theFashionSpot) still hasn’t put anything on their website about it. Wonder what’s next for the Flash Nazi?

  2. So I guess those rumors about her acting like a diva were not just rumors after all…:P
    What amazes me the most is the way it all happened. It doesn’t really seem it was a mutual decision, since several articles point out that her team was suprised…plus, she still had 9 months before the contract naturally expired…I think this is not a mutual decision at all, it’s her being fired!

    • Just noticed the nickname she got…Flash Nazi…wow! Living with her must be a slice of heaven! Good luck Orlando, you sure need it! No wonder he loves going skiing with his friends as soon as he can!!

  3. WOW, she was fired cold turkey and without further notice! Chapeau, DJ! This is what happens to a diva who demands double the money and half of the work.
    The difference between her and the former face of DJ could not be bigger. Megan Gale had a big celebration event and party with all best wishes from the company when she stopped working for them. Not to say that she concluded her contract and wasn’t kicked out 9 months before it ended.
    I doubt her Quantas job will last. Both companies are close partners, and she only got the job because of her contract with DJ.
    I also wonder what happens to her Kora slime which is parked in DJ stores and collecting dust in the shelves from the very beginning, I hear. I guess this will be thrown out as well, just like Kora’s Earth Mother.
    What’s next? – VS? – hopefully. It’s about time.

  4. It’s long overdue that Mz. Kerr is finally about to get what she deserves. I’m one who is sick of hearing about her pathetic antics and all the lies that come with them. Here’s hoping that Orlando’s people will wake up and free him from this joke of a Hollyweird storyline that has been his public existence for the past few years. Anyone with a brain knows that Orlando’s so-called relationship with Miranda was all a Hollywood business arrangement to try to further her career. Why the powers that be in Hollyweird would throw Orlando ubder the bus for this nobody has always eluded me. That being said, Mz. Kerr is about to get a taste of what goes around comes around and that is purr..fect music to this kitty’s ears.

  5. There’s no way this was mutual. Why end things nine months in advance after failing to negotiate? And it wasn’t about money? She wasn’t doing the work for them and they barely used her anyway. Kerr’s just not worth it. End of. Naomi Campbell’s a pill, diva, and nightmare. But people work with her because she’s got the goods. Would sending photographers to LA be that big an inconvenience? And since when is she “based” out of LA anyhow? (My favorite) Who are these relatable models Jones is claiming customers will prefer in comparison to Miranda? Kerr not being “relatable” is of her own doing and starts with her never wearing the clothes she endorses and on top of that she’s made herself this permanently over-dressed and made-up pap target to show off her wealth and convince us of her celebrity status. But tabloid fame isn’t the end all, be all. DJ called her bluff and dropped her. They also appear to have leaked quite a bit of information, so it’s hard to spin this, but I know shippers will try. It’ll be something like, “Kerr’s being a good wife and mother”, “DJ’s not a big deal”. Well, it was a big deal and paid well when Miranda did it and she has time for gigs like laundry detergent and Mango. I didn’t know that she was being paid a million by Jones. But it confirms what I’ve long suspected, that she makes much less than the other Angels, has few paying jobs outside VS and doesn’t earn much from Kora either. I hate the mother excuse too. It’s a passive aggressive knock on other models from stans who clearly don’t know anything about modeling and the fashion industry. How is it that Gisele, Doutzen, Lima and Ambrosio all have families, bigger careers and bigger salaries and yet they still seem to manage more time with their significant others and kids than Miranda does? I feel safe in saying that because we see Ambrosio and Kerr in the tabs almost every other day. I even see Lara Stone with her husband more than I see Kerr with Orlando or Flynn lately, for that matter. Btw, Gomes is gorgeous and good on DJ for going with some diversity.

    • Couldn’t agree more with what you wrote! I just wanted to add Lais Ribeiro, Arizona Muse and Jourdan Dunn to the list of successful models who are also mothers! But since they’re papped way less than Miss Kerr most peope probably don’t even know they’re moms!

      • Great point. Not sure about Lais, but I know that Arizona and Jourdan are single mothers too. Single moms, much younger than Kerr and actually have to earn a living. They don’t have Kerr’s luxuries and manage more impressive careers. Like Lara Stone is the face of all things Calvin Klein, does endless editorial work and for years I’ve seen her with David Williams more than I see Kerr with Bloom. And we see Miranda ALL THE TIME. If Kerr got a job every other time she was seen going to a “meeting”, she’d be bigger than Gisele and Kate Moss combined (and you better believe if Moss wanted DJ to go to the Cotswolds they’d be there in a second). Acting like this was mutual is bologna. But if Kerr’s stans want it that way, ok. She wasn’t fired; the woman who was back in a bikini two months after her son was born and took him to Paris, walked away from a longtime employer and a million dollar contract. So the next time she’s shooting in LA, jetting off to Spain, Australia, or Japan for handbags, ice tea and detergent, we can point out that it’s all her choice and ask ourselves why her gigs are so shitty. I mean we know she can’t do better, but if her time is oh so precious why bother at all?

  6. Wow, great post. I actually had no idea she had been dumped until I saw your site but hell, so much juice! The details DJ gave blatantly indicate Kerr is a pretentious, stuck up, up her own ass, vapid, self obsessed and entitled little bitch. I dont think the lack of work MK has done for DJ has anything to do with DJ, I think its to do with her not wanting to do it. I mean is 2 shoots really so hard to do? She pulls out the “mother” roll when it suits her. She is fine to take a 2 month old baby to Paris to walk in the fashion week but now, all of a sudden she cant take her 2 year old son to her home country? She flies all over the world now to Japan, Mexico etc she flew all over while pregnant, while Flynn was a baby and toddler so this shit of her wanting DJ’s to fly over to LA and cutting back shoots is a disgrace. DJ sold her KORA, DJ are connected to Qantas – she is set to lose a lot. I have no sympathy, what goes around and all that.

  7. I knew she would get fucked by either DJs or VS sooner or later, it turned out to be lesser of the two evils but I think she will be sacked by both really soon anyway. Its been obvious from day 1 what kind of a person she is, only the dumb cant see it and make excuses for her. Clue – if you need to make excuses for her then you have your answer! The shippers say we twist things, spin things or wont accept things and look at them, putting all the blame on bad evil DJs cos they have the audasity to want Kerr to actually work for her money. Ive said it before but no down to earth person flaunts their wealth by showing pics of their designer jewlry, handbags etc its rude, disrespectful, pretentious and something only a materialistic show off would do. Bet Mayfrayn never saw this one coming despite being in touch with Therese, Matty, Colin, Penelope and no doubt that little ball of light Frankie! “they know nothing” a la Manuel from Fawlty Towers, well, neither do you sweetie, things can come and fuck you from behind when you least expect it.

  8. I hope this will set an avalanche into going, from DJ to Quantas to VS to whatever cheap gigs she has in the near future …
    You rip what you sow – Karma, Babee!

  9. Hopefully VS is next to dump her. Her career is pretty much over, which was indicated to me a couple weeks ago by the fact she was doing Japanese laundry powder ads (wtf) while all the real models were at Paris Fashion Week.

    She’s been a terrible QANTAS ambassador. I think it partially stems from the blatant hypocrisy of promoting them and Earth Hour simultaneously last year.
    I can’t find the footage but there’s a really popular TV show in Australia called The Gruen Transfer, which is all about analysing advertising, and there was an episode where they pointed out the hypocrisy of Miranda being an ambassador for QANTAS and Earth Hour at the same time. In addition to that they showed footage of a reporter asking her why she’s a QANTAS ambassador and she went on in her banal-as-usual way saying ‘oh I just love being a part of the QANTAS family’. The reporter asked her another question and she’s all ‘well I use QANTAS a lot and I just love being a part of the family.’ Needless to say the hosts of the show and the audience laughed at her and the host stated she should stick to looking pretty and not talk. Australian women don’t want to relate to that, they want to be appreciated for their personality and intelligence and not looks, which is the exact opposite of Miranda.

    I also think it was a disgrace that her entire Earth Hour yoga challenge was basically a ploy to get free advertising for KORA (the venue was decked out with KORA stuff, NOT Earth Hour stuff). And as I said in another thread, she hasn’t so much as tweeted about Earth Hour this year, which is tonight, proving that she really doesn’t give a shit at all. I suppose that’s another story but Australians do not like liars. When she was in Australia promoting that shampoo as well, many people picked up on the fact that product contradicts her organic mantra. Australians do not like people who bullshit so I think that’s part of the reason why she’s lost popularity, in addition to the fact she’s completely boring when she opens her mouth.

  10. By the way, Jessica Gomes is already more relatable than Miranda Kerr because she’s not a stick insect. She’s similar to Megan Gale in that way. I think David Jones made a good decision.

    • gomes is so much more relatable! she got real curves and even some cellulites in candids! plus her face is so gorgeous! and I think miranda lost popularity cause she is obsessed with herself…just look at the pap pics!

  11. All I have to say is it’s about freakin’ time!

    And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer girl 😉

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