Car Accident: Real Or Fake?

Miranda supposedly had a car accident on 11th March, SMH broke the story 2 days after it allegedly happened. I say allegedly because there is a lot of speculation whether the accident actually happened.

The Supposed Story:

Miranda was in the car with an assistant when another car rammed into them on a busy LA freeway. The driver of the other car has been arrested and is likely to face reckless driving charges. Miranda was rushed to hospital and undergoing MRI scans to determine if any permanent damage was sustained.

That doesn’t sound very suspicious does it? Read on.

The Oddities:

1) First off, the neck injury/brace. Anyone with any kind of neck and/or back injury should not and could not carry anything like a reasonably heavy handbag yet Miranda is and manages fine. Neck injuries can also make it difficult to live out your day to day routine, yet, Miranda manages fine as she is out and about with pals on the 12th (the day after the accident) even though Miranda’s spokesperson, Annie Kelly, claims she is in a lot of pain. The day after the crash, Miranda is also seen wearing sneakers that contain a hidden 3 inch wedge (here they are). For someone that has a neck injury and is in a lot of pain, heels/wedges are the last thing you could and should wear. Here you can also read how wearing neck braces/collars aren’t recommended for whiplash (may be recommended if you are having trouble sleeping due to the pain, but as Miranda seems completely fine walking around in her heels and carrying her bags, I doubt it). Only one MRI scan would be needed yet Miranda’s spokesperson claims she had more than one.

2) TMZ. They reported on the “accident” but said they were “unable to confirm those reports” even though TMZ can get to a car incident like lightening (hell, they even broke the news Michael Jackson was dead before it was even confirmed). Here they are with an old has-been actor that got into trouble with the police for blocking a highway. TMZ had ALL the news on that story, even a nice picture of this guy posing with the cops like a wedding photo yet they had nothing on Miranda’s story, couldn’t even get to the scene after it had happened… very strange for a pap agency that hear things in an instant and have insiders in police forces and hospitals (hence how they knew about MJ before the rest of the world). TMZ were there like a shot when Orlando crashed his car and caught it all on film (Orlando walking away from his very injured friend – nice) and another time when Orlando had a car accident, same when Lindsey Lohan is doing who knows what! As of writing this, TMZ still haven’t confirmed anything to do with Miranda’s accident.

3) The vanishing neck brace. Three days after the crash, Miranda took off her neck brace to shoot a KORA advert with her bum chum Chris Colls. Miranda did go to the doctor that day (still carrying her heavy bag) but was seen leaving the doctors with her neck brace still on. One would assume that if she was fit enough to remove it, the doctor would have removed it and examined her neck and if she was fine to keep it off to take it off in the surgery, but no, the neck brace is still round her scrawny neck. How is she able to work with such a bad neck? It’s KORA – the company she owns, I’m sure a commercial can wait!

4) Witnesses. None. Miranda’s car was rammed on A BUSY FREEWAY yet not one person has mentioned this anywhere (for example “I passed a car accident on the busy freeway today and I just heard Miranda Kerr had been involved in one – might have been hers 😮“).

DISCLAIMER: I do not want any harm to come to Miranda, nor do I want her dead, ill, injured, mutilated, decapitated or paralyzed (like some claim I do).

~ by Kerrazy Lies on March 18, 2013.

18 Responses to “Car Accident: Real Or Fake?”

  1. The neck brace ‘detail’ is what amazes me the most! It appears and disappears! I don’t know what to say about this, I mean…surely she wouldn’t lie about an accident, would she? she’s not the type who lies…It’d be as if she lied about her Kora lime saying it is organic when it isn’t…ops, wait…!LOL
    Seriously, you did the wisest thing adding the disclaimer…you know, for people with brain issues who usually try to twist things and misunderstand things on purpose to mess around!

  2. She may have have had a car accident or didn’t have one. We only have the word of her PR spokeswoman on this. And even if she had a fender bender, she obviously is exaggerating her ‘injuries’ to serve her purposes – be in the media, oh the drama!! No witnesses, no police, hospital or other reports, and even TMZ can’t find anything out about it/or doesn’t want to … this is more than fishy.
    It was claimed on several places that her husband Orlando Bloom is taking care and looking after her while in fact he was away abroad that day and for some period. Ooops! Damage control! Orlando is miracously back five days after the accident and it was assured he’s snapped by the paps in LA. Just to fix her story of the caring husband who’s by her side, in hindsight.

    • ooops, forgot to add –
      I fully regard the disclaimer as effective for my post up there^ as well. 😀

  3. I’m sure it’s nothing some yoga, KORA and noni juice can’t cure. Again, I don’t wish her harm but this reeks of drama queen. I do honestly hope she is okay.

  4. Hi, first time poster here. I’ve decided to post here so people can’t judge me for being anonymous (surprisingly though not a single fan has posted here yet!). You’ve said it all really and the fact that it has been quiet at Team Kerrs it seems that they too realize that nobody really believes this story and it only makes things worse. Maybe now they’ve learned that if you play this game at least let TMZ in on it, it’ll make it more believable… Also there are pictures of them arriving at the doctors and she’s no longer wearing a brace, that was quick!

  5. If it’s a setup it’s weird because I believe Miranda prefers the image of being invincible thanks to all her noni, coconut oil, yoga etc. Why would she want people to know she’s just as susceptible to injury as everyone else(i.e. the ugly flower people)? Maybe she really was in an accident but because the paps don’t actually follow her, like she tries to make out with all her pap calls, there was nobody there to take pics of it.

    • With all due respect, I do take this as her being “invincible”. I mean she had the crash, in a neck brace yet was going about her business the next day, working after 3 days when us ordinary people would be floored for weeks. Its attention, sympathy and drama and like has been pointed out TMZ would have known about it because TMZ know everything that goes on in the celeb world, I dont think its got anything to do with calling paps.

      • Yeah I see what you’re saying. That’s an interesting thought. Like, ‘look at how amazing I am! I was in a car accident and I’m still able to look hot in a photo shoot the next day’. I guess I don’t know enough about TMZ but if they really are at all of these kinds of scenes immediately and they know nothing about this, then I would agree that the accident didn’t happen. How desperate would a person have to be to do this though? It’s so contrived. Like, she sends her assistant out to buy a neck brace and everything? Bizarre. The poor girl must be so desperate for attention.

  6. I dont believe this accident happened at all. Even if it did it was so minor and she is making more of it than it was. If there was an accident at all, TMZ if no one else would be all over it, like they were OB’s as you said. Its really not a case of she didnt call the paps so theres no pics because like is in the post, TMZ raced to the scene of an old Cosby actor quick enough and TMZ hear everything but not this? Not rocket science. Nice post, very informative and loads of stuff Id not thought about or knew about.

  7. anyone that thinks kerr really has had a crash or really is injured needs to get their empty heads examined. she really irritates me so much and is so sick to lie about this.

  8. no one gets arrested unless they killed someone, and no police won’t care that it’s kerr. So…on a different note, did David Jones fire her because they refuse to pay her what she’s demanding? Cause you really think she’ll drop off Jones? and represent planes lmao

    • Because DJ and Quantas collaborate on this, I think her days as a face of Quantas are counted as well. 🙂

      • DJ and Quantas collaborated? I didn’t know that! Seeing as she’s already dropped for Earth Hour, and she’s getting a backlash in Aus the possibility of her being dropped by Quantas is pretty likely.

  9. Yeah she’s too expensive for David Jones, plus I think she’s getting old. On that note, I wonder if Miranda will be promoting Earth Hour this year. It’s on tomorrow (Saturday in Australia) and she hasn’t done any promoting at all. This makes me believe the only reason she’s ever done it is because it was a contractual obligation with David Jones. Apparently David Jones employees have to support a charity as a part of their contract. Not so Earth Mother after all.

    • Jessica Alba is this years Earth Hour ambassador 😀

      • Just because she’s not the global ambassador doesn’t mean she can’t promote it on twitter etc. Isn’t she meant to have a personal interest in that stuff? It just makes it seem she only ‘cared’ about it last year because she was getting publicity out of it (and because she was allegedly contracted to- a David Jones employee leaked that but I forget where I saw it)

  10. They dumped her, because she was a diva.

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