Miranda’s Hacking Update Part 2 +3!

Haters and shippers alike, please read THIS article. It is irrefutable proof that Miranda lied about her hacking and/or lied about contacting the “cyber crime unit”.

Let me pick out the juice quotes for those that can’t be bothered to click on the link.

Miranda said on her Twitter:

Just with the cyber crime unit. Whoever hacked my account, expect a knock on the door very soon.

Miranda’s publicist said:

We can’t say much more than that other than we are definitely in close contact with senior members of the fraud and cyber crime squad but it does not involve any of her social networking accounts.

(quote from link) Yet Police said they had not been informed of any incident involving the supermodel. A federal police spokeswoman said their cyber crime unit did not investigate cases of hacking against individuals.

This is so similar to her wedding dress incident. Case closed, we knew she was lying and now the fat, jealous police confirm it… or are we to blame for this in some way like we usually are *rolls eyes*.


So now she has called the police about this apparent threats and hacking, will be interesting to see the result of this and find out who this person is, makes me wonder if I should have took it further when she had her team impersonate a lawyer to try and put the frighteners on us:


~ by Kerrazy Lies on February 14, 2013.

10 Responses to “Miranda’s Hacking Update Part 2 +3!”

  1. Why does she do this, it is soo disappointing for me, such a beautiful girl…

    Since I started to follow this site, I do see very weird things in her speeches, today, I saw her Scalp press conf today (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XXfNRxr6how), why does she say this shampoo is indulgence? Cos it´s all artificial chemistry? Cmon, Randa, can´t stand your voice anymore…

  2. This is so similar to her wedding dress incident.

    I agree, just another attempt to get publicity…..!

  3. The article says that someone “made serious threats against her and her family” – on her personal email account.
    Meaning, she got emails with a threatening content … or maybe just spam of the unpleasant kind.
    What does this have to do with hacking is beyond me. Maybe she doesn’t understand the difference, and that you don’t need to “hack” an account in order to send a simple but nasty email.

  4. I wish Orlando would wake up and divorce her already! “So I will be a mum for 10 days straight soon.” wtf? You can be a mum/mom every day even if you are not able to be with your child! And I have to ask why is the family always referred to as the Kerr Clan and not the Bloom clan or family? Most households are referred to by the husband’s name, not only that Orlando is more famous than she is. I find her stunts to be childish and attention-whore-esq

    • Yeah, that “10-days-straight” comment got me going a little “Huh?” too. And I’m sure it’s the kerr-clan as opposed to the bloom-clan is because we all know where whorlando is quite ball-less now…

  5. I wonder if the person writing the article got as confused writing it as we are reading it. Someone hacked INTO her account and made serious threat AGAINST her and her family, USING HER ACCOUNT? What, like send herself threatening messages? Or maybe claimed herself a fraud and a narcissistic earth-mother wanna-be and said people should not pay attention to her cos she’s as fake as a 3-dollar bill? Yeah, I can see myself hacking into a person’s twitter JUST to claim I was pregnant and NOT use the account for more nefarious reasons…. Yup, that’s so totally logical.

    • Yes I have become very confused with all the hacking/threat nonsense! Twitter, emails, phone… hacking, threats, leaving incorrect comments. I also dont get why she of all people would be targeted for such lame things. If I was going to hack anyone (which I wouldnt) I wouldnt choose her and if I was going to hack into her Twitter (which I wouldnt) I certainly wouldnt say something so silly like “im pregnant”.

  6. I think noone hacked anything. I really think it was all HERSELF, saying all those stupid things. Now she wants it to look seriously, as if she was a victim or something…
    She really seems to have a mental problem, SERIOUSLY. I would think of a very low inner self-image, as she seems to need the outside attention so badly…
    Personality Disorder!
    In case she is really doing this all herself…she needs help, poor girl!

  7. Narcissistic Personality Disorder.

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