Miranda’s Hacking Update

Miranda posted this on her twitter:

So Miranda must be using the Australian cyber crime unit because as she says she is “with” the cyber crime unit-yet looking at their website

Computer intrusion

Computer intrusion is any unauthorised access of a computer or network of computers.

This might take the form of hacking of free email services. If your free email account has been hacked and an unauthorised person is using it then, firstly, contact the provider of the email service and seek assistance to fully resolve the problem.

If you know who the perpetrator is, the person resides in Australia, and you consider the matter serious enough to warrant reporting to police, you can report it to the State or Territory police where you live.

In most cases, Australian law enforcement will not have the jurisdiction to take action. Only when the perpetrator resides in Australia or the computer server of the company that provides the free email service is located in Australia are Australian law enforcement officials able to act.

Read the proof here: http://www.afp.gov.au/policing/cybercrime/hightech-crime.aspx

Yet look at what she says there WHOEVER.. so she doesn’t know who the hacker is or where they live!  And even so does she really expect us to believe that they would act because someone apparently hacked her account to say she was pregnant! LOL OK!

Even if she was in the USA, they would not act on such pathetic, simple hacking such as that, all they would recommend is changing their password etc  Seems more BS for publicity-yet again!

~ by nefratiti on February 12, 2013.

5 Responses to “Miranda’s Hacking Update”

  1. Hahahaha! What a silly woman.

  2. Lol! I think Miss Kerr watched too many episodes of CSI and got confused…!!!

  3. Oh, Miss Kerr threatened; I’m shaking already! 😉
    I have not hacked her account, but even IF I the AUSTRALIAN Justice could not sue me in GERMANY. :p

  4. Who does this stupid slut think she is – the Queen of England?
    Maybe this is her silly way to try and frighten haterz blogs. You know, those people who write down such nasty things about her, like she’s pregnant again 😉

  5. I wish she would learn (if she will insist on lying) to lie then leave it there. The more you embroil your lies, the higher your chance of being caught out.

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