A Family Affair

The “Miranda cheating” rumors STILL haven’t been denied by Miranda or Orlando many weeks after they first began, but it seems Miranda has gained herself two new “stans”.

Sonia Copeland-Bloom (Orlando’s mommy) and her sister, Penelope Casadesus (Orlando’s aunt AND god mother) have both gone public with their adoration for the cheating slut panty model and their knowledge of their relationship.

Sonia spoke to The Daily Mail (Miranda’s favorite British tabloid), saying “I don’t know where this has come from but, my gosh, they are very happy.” Seriously? You really don’t know where the rumors come from? Try your slut of a daughter-in-law, how she is all over other men and when such rumors start she does nothing, NOTHING to quash them even though she can quash those “i’m not pregnant – I’ve been hacked” rumors!

Then we have Penelope, gushing how sweet Miranda is on a Cele|bitchy. Cele|bitchy of all places (yes that is her because here she is ranting to someone on a fake obituary site)!!! The sisters seem to have some kind of mantra: “Where do these mean rumors come from for Pete’s sake?!” again, all down to the “sweet” Miranda!

First off, has anyone noticed how they are addressing the split rumors yet not the cheating rumors? How they both jump to Miranda’s defense as, lets be honest, the split rumors come from the rumors of HER cheating! Why do the both of them feel the need to speak out publicly when this (should) be a very private time? Orlando and Miranda are both capable of speaking for themselves. How do both of them know she hasn’t cheated? I mean, even Orlando cant know that for sure so how can they? Penelope didn’t even know if he was alive or dead not long ago (she thought the fake obituary may have been true) so obviously aren’t that close as they dont keep in contact enough for her to know if he alive or not. How does Penelope know Miranda is a good wife? or that they have no intention of splitting? Mind reader much? Why have either of them NEVER commented on any other rumor about both of them before? Love how Penelope is on a celebrity gossip site, publicly telling people to “MYOB” while giving details of the happy couples marriage status – lol

This is over kill! Too many people protesting a la “I’m Spartacus” – putting people off the scent? trying desperately to hide something? There’s a saying: “the lady doth protest too much” and that fits perfectly here. I also laugh at Penelope calling Miranda “sweet”! Sweet is so flat, so bland, sweet is something you call a little girl, not the wife to your nephew/god son when she is totes the perfect wife and mother! I also don’t think his mother or aunt would say “actually, I think she’s a ho and I can’t stand her”.

Oh and Penelope, they do have a nanny when they AREN’T working. Shows how much you actually know about their lives. Everyone can see the nanny in the background of paparazzi pictures at airports or shopping sprees.

None of this helps Orlando because he can speak for himself. It makes his family look bat-shit crazy and this resonates on him as I’ve seen people laugh at him because his old mommy has written a letter to the teacher, explaining why he cant do Phys Ed and now his aunt is ranting at all the bullies at school. Tip: let him or his PUBLICIST speak for him regardless if you want to kiss Miranda’s well seen ass or not, after all, there are a lot more serious discussions to have in today’s world, isn’t that right Penelope?

~ by Kerrazy Lies on December 19, 2012.

23 Responses to “A Family Affair”

  1. Wow! This is hilarious, seriously! I mean, I don’t think I ever read any other celebrities’ relatives jump in and take stage to defend a son or brother or godson etc etc…Not even when bigger celebrities than Bloom and Kerr were involved, because, let’s be serious, we’re not talking about an A list couple! Most people still tweet stuff like ‘what happened to Orlando Bloom?’, so…go figure!
    If those bad cheating rumors are indeed only rumors, I don’t get why they felt the need to jump in…Orlando has reps, and he’s a griwn up man or at least should be, why didn’t he make a statement himself or through his rep? Has Sonia become his rep or maybe his aunt? Actually Penelope’s comment sound like a real Miranda advertisement! But she should have also included some Kora pimping…pity, maybe next time!! They didn’t even take this crusare years ago after the car accident!!
    I think this situation they’re in it’s a big circus and it’s getting really pathetic!! As for the cheating rumors, well they’ re never made up for nothing, when rumors like these spread there is truth to it. You have to be a fool to believe someone would invent these kind of rumors! The first and recent example that comes to my minf is Heidi Klum. After her split from Seal. many websites reported the rumors of her having an affari with her bodyguards, these rumors were of course denied but, guess what?? They were true. One thing is to hint or suggest Kerr mught have marriage trouble because she isn’t wearing her rings, they did it and it was clearly a big mess out of nothing, but to openly say she was flirty and all over Leonardo Di Caprio is way different, that’s not a hint, they made names and mentiones places and events they were both seen at. If this rumor is false and it offended and hurt the couple and their family, they shouldn’t have let mommy and auntie rant with the press, they should simply have denounced the webiste or magazine that gave the split/cheating news!

  2. Miranda could ahve denied but hasnt
    Orlando could have denied it but hasnt
    Leo could have denied it but hasnt (yet he has denied dating Margot)
    what does that say to you? only the people not involved in it all say everything is fine,not the actual people involved.

    • So Di Caprio’s rep rushed to deny the rumors about him and Margot and not the ones about him having an affair with a woman who’s married and with a child??? Weird.

      • Absolutely. Plus, Orlando is an adult. He doesn’t need to be rescued by Sonia or Penelope. That’s hilarious and very sad. He is a man. everybody in his family knew how much they loved each other as they were not invited to the wedding. Everybody knew it was a marriage forced by the pregnancy. Otherwise she would have been only one more. But she became his wife, but not in real life. Wives and husband don’t behave like this. Plus what is going on in “their” marriage is only “their business” and never better said. Family should keep themselve apart. They only make a great shit out of this matter and play the fool of Orlando.

  3. Why do his mum and aunt think it is necessary to speak on his behalf? – he’s not a 5-year old, he’s a grown up man, for crying out loud! Orlando can speak for himself and he has able reps if he doesn’t want to do that himself in the media.
    Don’t they see they are making it worse with their ranting? It’s so amateurish and unprofessional. It is indeed a family affair in the strict sense that it’s a couple’s affair. It’s MK’s and Orlando’s stuff to sort things out and not a matter of another family member’s yapping about it on the internet. The more those elderly ladies rant on the internet the more it is clear to EVERYONE that their relationship is on the rocks. Worse than that, I think with all the complaining I believe they have already split up, maybe even some time ago, judging by the time the first MK cheating rumours came up. And this is all to cover this up, maybe cover up some more secrets I don’t dare to think of.
    They haven’t realized the old saying “where’s smoke, there’s fire” – what they do is fueling the discussion up, pouring gas into an already bright fire.

    I do feel sorry for Orlando, he doesn’t deserve this.

  4. I always knew it. Before Orlando, she was not very famous. And she looooooves to be in the lights! We all know that. So Orlando was perfect, he was the hottest in Hollywood. Good for her own carreer. Not to forget, she became pregnant before they got married! She just used Orlando, let him father a child, made him marry her (or not?) so she has him on the hook now, and with Flynn she’s got him! Orlando should have chosen a good down-to-earth girl! It was obvious it would end like this. I hope he learns from this experience. Poor baby Flynn!

  5. To be quite honest, no one can know the true condition of a marriage apart from the 2 people in the marriage so the fact these two family members speak out on their behalf means absolutely nothing and its a pretty ridiculous thing to do. I presume this aunt is Sebastian’s mother (because of the name), if thats the case it does not surprise me if she likes Miranda because her own son is a famewhore, attention seeker, name dropper. Anyone that sells their wedding pictures to the media is pretty trashy and begs for $10k when they dont even need the money is pretty greedy. My aunt, who I am close to, didnt know how happy or unhappy I was during my last relationship, nor did she know what a good or bad fiance my partner was, she didnt live with us so theres no way she could have known, just like dear old Penelope and Sonia dont know. Im sure Sonia may have more insight but she still wont know every detail and like has been said, only Miranda and the men she may or may not have cheated with know the real truth and as far as Im aware, Leo stamped on the rumors he spent a night with Margot yet cant do the same for Miranda. Sometimes what you dont say speaks more volumes than what you do!

  6. LMAO this is ridiculous!! Who else will talk?? Colin? Sonia’s neighbour? The midwife who delivered Orlando? What a bunch of soggy cock! As if we are supposed to believe his mother and Penelope when they dont sleep in their beds with Miranda when she is away from Orlando, they arent with them when they are together 24/7, so they know what Orlando and Miranda tell them and want them to know, I feel sorry for Orlando having these people as his family, I truly don’t think they care for him, only the money he brings into the family, poor guy!

    Oh and just to reiterate, this IS the real Penelope Casadesus (Sonia’s elder sister and Orlando’s Aunt and Godmother). here is her FB (and before I get blasted for that-it is public)


    Love her name dropping poor Tony Scott, I think its safe to say that she is just an attention seeker and loves celebrity, she probably worked with Tony decades ago.

  7. i still don’t think anything was there between leo and mk. she is too old for him. however i believe she was flirting with him. she seems to flirt with anything with a heart beat. the original versions donot refer to sheaating rumour. i read a comment by someone claiming to be in next table. says she was sitting talking and “grinding” against leo.but she was soon pushed aside in favour cameroon diaz when she arrived.

    • Then id be very grateful if you can explain why Leo has denied the rumors of him and Margot yet not him and Miranda? Can you also explain why such a sweet and loving wife/mother as Miranda hasnt denied it either? Thanks 🙂

      • leo probably didn’t bother to comment on somebody so insignificant.
        also i think there was something in rumourfix about leo’s rep denying this.

        mk’s time for denying the split hasn’t gone yet. she is supposed to be in aus soon, isn’t she ? there will be interviews then. i want to see how she handles the situation then.

      • Insignificant? Miranda is a married woman with a child – married to one of Leos “friends”. That doesnt look good for Leo, not denying he has fucked a married woman yet can quickly deny a rumor with Margot. I also looked on Rumorfix and its a source close to the couple that deny it, not Leos rep. I think cheating rumors should be addressed ASAP by Miranda, not when she goes to Oz, you usually deny things like this straight away, not let it all run.

  8. all this aside, I’m really starting to think that she is crazy and losing grips with reality. All the websites have so many negative comments about her being narcissistic and she keeps doing weird weird things like posting racy pics of herself. Like it’s so detached from proper social behavior for a mother and wife it’s just weird. She’s the definition of narcissism. It’s not coming across as sexy, it’s the ultimate desperate housewife of 2013. I think she’s really sexually frustrated.

  9. Ok, they were NOT in England for Christmas, but with friends in LA.
    And if you have a look at the photos: Orlando is completely into Flyn. His son is the most important in his life, no doubt. So I don’t think he will leave Miranda for the next years, that ment, he would not see his little baby son. And she is smiling triumphantly. She has won her game, if we like that or not. She is a very narcisstic person, based on a personality disorder. We all know that, too. She won the moment, she got pregnant and I am afraid, it won’t be the last baby. Orlando wanted a model as wife. (He tried to date others before her). So, his actions have consequences. He must live with that. Is he happy? Only With his son! Not with her, you just need to look at them. He might make himself believe he is…
    The more we complain about Miranda, the more attention and energy she gets , if you consider the Law of Attraction. I think we should let Orlando learn from his mistakes. One day he will leave her, but it is him who must learn his lessons for life. He chose that path, he can’t go back.
    And Miranda will learn her lesson, too. One day.

  10. Here’s evidence she is sleeping with Leonardo! Girl A is Miranda, B is Erin Heatherton, C is Margot Robbie.

  11. oops didn’t add the link: http://blindgossip.com/?p=49371

    • Wait, the dingho was dating Leo?? Well, there goes the last of my respect for him…not that there was too much of it to begin with. You know, I kinda doubt mk was exclusively with ob when she was dating him.

  12. http://forums.thefashionspot.com/f52/miranda-kerr-194007-37.html
    doesn’t the first set of photos seem staged? all these people at the airport just happened to have pictures of her framed in the same exact way and they all have the same blue sharpie pens…

  13. And here we have the happy family photos. Orlando and Miranda were in Mexico for a weekend and there were paparazzi when departing from the airport, at the beach and when they were coming back. ???? Were they travelling with them? To me it seems like as if they were payed to be there.
    Staged??? I guess so. It is a bit too odd to be all “natural”.

  14. There is a video clip on youtube, no words… Just look at Orlandos face! Priceless!!! :))))

    The footage of the oscar party green/red carpets proved that she indeed has a mental problem. She could not get enough of the flashlights…and when Sebastian was talking to her she obviously did not care what he was saying. Wow, I have never seen a single person that is so horny for cameras. I wonder how she must be in person/private liefe then….

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