Miranda Drops Herself In It?

Clever old Miranda has possibly just admitted (by accident) she is the person that planted the fake tweet about her being 2 months pregnant. Read on for proof:

Here is the original tweet Miranda is talking about:

Here is Miranda’s tweet:

Can you spot the difference?

Fake Tweet has “embed this tweet”. Real tweet has “… more” and “details”.

Even viewing the real tweet this way still has differences to fake tweet:

This tweet has the “follow” option and the pull down to the left of it. “Embed this tweet” is there but “…more” is still there, still totally different.

You can create fake tweets at sites such as THIS.

Because Miranda is saying her Twitter account WAS hacked, she is admitting SHE is the one that created the fake tweet and spread it round. If she is claiming her account was hacked then she would also be claiming she saw THAT pregnancy tweet (to know it was hacked) and had to delete it but… no such tweet existed as we can see, real tweet and fake tweet are different. Miranda could have said that she had no idea where that tweet came from but instead she is stating as fact she was hacked. That tweet can be created via other sites or made with Photoshop but MK doesn’t entertain any of these possibilities, just hacking.

ETA: Where are the 623 retweets that were made from that fake tweet? I can’t find anywhere that says a retweet disappears if the original tweet is deleted. Would appreciate if someone can confirm this as 623 retweets is a lot considering no one else is talking about it (apart from Belazon who saw the fake tweet on Tumblr).

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 25, 2012.

24 Responses to “Miranda Drops Herself In It?”

  1. Lmao! This pregnancy rumor was absolutely hilarious!!! Now I wait for her or someone else on her behalf to claim that some hater hacked her twitter account…!! Too bad that hacking a website or any other kind of account is NOT easy, and it’s not something anyone could be able to do…it seems this is becoming an excuse for everyoe who regrets something he/she has written and posted…because what you write on the net stays!

    • and on a side note, is it me or she sounds pissed while denying the pregnancy thing? Not like the ‘hacker’ had posted something really bad like “I cheat on my husband” or “I don’t eat organic”:……ahahahah!

    • lol so we are to believe that people like Obama dont get hacked, just a panty model? And how could we dumb and thick haters do such a thing? C’mon, as if a hater would hack into her account and do a tweet about her being pregnant of all things. Sorry does not compute!

  2. lolwut!! This is hilarious. I dont believe for one second Miranda thinks she was hacked, there is more than one way to skin a cat (i.e make a fake tweet) than hacking. Twitter is pretty hard to hack from what Ive heard and I dont think hackers will waste time on someone like Miranda, there are far more important people to hack than her AND to leave such a lame tweet too lol Shes so up herself. I can clearly see the differences in the tweets and wonder why the original tweet is so small? Is it to hide something? Has something been photoshopped/altered?

    Oh and its not just 600 retweets, you are forgetting that almost 1k people supposedly “favorite” that tweet and still no one is talking about it.

    • Yes its way smaller than the rest, why, I dont know. lol yes I completely missed the 1k favorites of the tweet. One thousand people see Miranda Kerr admit she is pregnant and not one person talks about it anywhere (apart from Belazon where Miranda obviously reads as thats the only place talking about it).

  3. WOW, Team Kerr must think that we all are dumber than Miranduh, if that’s even possible. Those few clever people which are able to hack a twitter account are surely not wasting their efforts on a cheap & slutty panty model’s account. The same goes to the twitter account of stalker minion #1, btw.
    What I find remarkable is the connection with the pregnancy 2.0 rumours which she planted in Aussie Famous magazine a while ago. I wonder what goal the DingHo is hoping to achieve, besides creating excitement among her minions and the obvious Me! Me! Me! as usual.
    BTW, if she really was pregnant, everybody would say it’s not Orlando’s, with all the cheating rumours lately. So she’s shooting herself in the foot with these actions anyway. What a dumb b!tch.

    • Exactly, if I could hack anywhere it certainly wouldnt be into her account. I think Miranda knows shes running low on tabloid worthy news so tries a pregnancy rumor part 2 only to find no one really gives a shit anymore. MK shagging Bieber will get her more news than ANYTHING so I suggest she had better go for that angle instead lol

  4. recap:
    Prego rumors start in Famous mag. So much detail is given that no friend would give to tabloids (or at least without being asked to).
    Randa doesnt even acknowledge the rumor but then again, neither does the rest of the world.
    Prego tweet appears on Tumblr and doesnt spread lol
    Randa yells HACKED without considering other avenues. The age of the internet brings endless possibilities.
    Tweet appears to be a fake so how was she hacked?!?!

    Wierdness written all over it and hugely suggests she is behind both prego stunts. Sad and desperate spring to mind.

    • lol thanks for breaking it down and yes, it does suggest she is behind it all and I always find it odd when people dont confirm or deny such rumors.

      I also believe Miranda knows about the fake tweet sites out there. She knows about this blog so she would know about the “Live in my Skin” blog also and fake tweet sites have been used there, maybe that gave her the idea lol

      • do you think she knows about this site? well, to say the truth, IΒ΄ve gone through couple articles and since I read how Flynn is under-dresses, or how to say, not having enough on himself, now he wears much more πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ is that only my impression? πŸ˜€

      • “do you think she knows about this site? ”

        This entire post may answer your question.

  5. Attention-seeking twat.

  6. “MK shagging Bieber will get her more news than ANYTHING so I suggest she had better go for that angle instead”

    She better doesn’t and maybe knows it (or at least Anniiie knows), because going for that angle will gain her a cease and desist order within the blink of an eye by Team Bieber. Boy has to loose most of his reputation with such stuff, and his team is playing in a whole different league than hers.

  7. hmmm, honestly, I like jokes like this (now I am a bit comfused about myself, it that a joke πŸ˜€ ?)

  8. i dont care if its a fake tweet or a real one but miranda kerr is behind this joke of a story regardless, like it or not.

    • also, if i was going to hack a celebrities twitter account, i would post something more juicy than that and i would also change the password so the celebrity couldnt log back in. kerr hasnt thought about this at all, her fans will swallow it, just like they swallow her shit but they are as thick as the shit they swallow whole it would seem.

  9. Ugh I’m so sick of this attention-seeking b*tch. I used to like Miranda a lot, but now I’ve realised that she’s full of sh*t. I feel sorry for Flynn for having to put up with such a pretentious mother for the rest of his life. She truly doesn’t care about him. And as for Orlando. Well he’s totally p*ssy-whipped. Do not feel sorry for him in the slightest, except for the fact he NEVER gets to see Flynn. How bad is that?! Btw, where did her nickname DingHo come from?! It’s hilarious! Love the blog, please keep exposing her lies!

  10. @ EM DingHo is a combination of dingo and ho (as in whore). The dingo part of the name comes from “a dingo took my baby”, the words cried by Lindy Chamberlain when a dingo took her 9 week old baby from the family tent in Uluru in the Northern Territory in Australia. And those words were used again for comedic value on a fabulous blog I used to frequent (called Kate Blogsworth) where Orlando was the “baby” and MK became the dingo. So when Orlando first started dating MK a whole group of his female fans (including me) started using “a dingo took my baby” to describe MK moving in on “our man” therefore MKs nickname became dingHO. Sorry for the long story πŸ™‚

  11. Well damn, I didn’t even know there was a second pregnancy rumor. Twitter confuses me to no end so I’ll take your word on it that this is all possible. Maybe she got jealous of the attention the other models got for being knocked up twice. Didn’t one of the other VS angels just recently pop out another sprog?

  12. http://www.nydailynews.com/entertainment/gossip/confidential/dicaprio-kerr-stir-flirt-alert-article-1.1212739

    cheating on orlando? flirting with dicaprio

    • Now expect some Bloom Family pap pics in 3, 2, 1,….probably from London…probably featuring Sonia and maybe Samantha!

  13. http://www.theaustralian.com.au/news/why-im-tired-of-miranda/story-e6frg6n6-1226532859285

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