UPDATE: Mirandas Certificates

Just thought Id do a quick update on Mirandas smugness at thinking/claiming she is certified (credit goes to the brilliant KayC33 from Delphi, sorry for stealing all your info guys, hope you dont mind):

Well, that was fun! Just checked the NYSED.gov website and Health Coach is not a certificate that they issue as far as I can tell (did several searches too). It is just a certificate from the school that says she has taken classes with them.

The American Association of Drugless Practitioners is an association where anybody who has taken classes at member schools can get a meaningless certificate. Their site doesn’t allow “reproduction”of it’s content so here’s a link or two if you are interested: http://www.aadp.net/default.asp 
You have to use their links to get to the “Schools Listing” but my personal favorite was Nightlight Astrology!

It also includes the American Alternative Medicine Association: http://www.joinaama.com/

I did find a website for one of the other schools, Northern Star Academy of Holistic Studies and it has no restrictions on “reproduction” :


Commission on Accreditation
This is to certify that Northern Star Academy of Holistic Studies has met all professional and educational requirements of the
Board on Accreditation and Certification as is recognized as a Higher Educational Institute.
“Your school’s curriculum fully meets our accreditation board’s educational requirements, and will give your students
a thorough knowledge of courses set-forth by the Academy. Graduates of your school will be eligible to apply to be Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioners through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners.”  AADP.


Donald A. Rosenthal, M.D., N.D.
Executive Director

 They did, however, have enough intelligence to…

NOTE: The AADP is a private accrediting commission and is not recognized by the US Dept of Education.


lol did you guys read that?The AADP is a private accrediting commission and is not recognized by the US Dept of Education.“. In a nut shell, her certificate is meaningless and only means she past a course, it does not qualify her to practice it in the outside world and claim she is certified! The course she sat was questions with multiple choice answers so she could have got them correct by chance and discussing it on a forum. So sorry shippers, I have not twisted anything here, your darling Miranda has willing or unwittingly claimed a big pile of BS yet again. Take all this up with the site Miranda linked to, not me. I dont need to twist or lie about anything to prove a point, shame the same cant be said for Ms Kerr!

~ by nefratiti on October 3, 2012.

15 Responses to “UPDATE: Mirandas Certificates”

  1. lol she should have just photoshopped one and she shouldnt be so smug as she owns a certificate that would be worth more if she wiped are ass on it. Nice work kayc.

  2. Wow…just when you think it couldn’t get worse…it does!! I hope this will push people to stop believing in the advice she gives, since she has no medical/scientific training. She’d better stick to modeling and let people who actually studied do the doctors and give health advice.

  3. The worst thing is not that she is doing stuff (like giving advice) as a “Health Coach”, a status she obviously isn’t qualified for.
    The worst thing is that she is doing false allegations and covers them up with a “certificate” that’s absolutely meaningless and not even worth the paper it’s written on.

    Oh and btw, she was claiming that she is a “certified Health Coach” long before this “certificate” was issued – which was August 2011. So before that date she was plainly lying about her status. And because she was repeatedly called out in the past about this, she is now trying to cover up and justify her allegations with hindsight by a shady piece of paper with her name printed on.

  4. Totally unrelated but did you know Miranda is a former gymnast who specilaised in uneven bars!? Well she is – apparently!! LOL

  5. stop insisting on unimportant details, it sounds even more stupid than what miranda or whoever famous says, when you really think about it 😀 why yo´re so suprised she isn´t a permanent truth speaker??? everybody lies to you every day, or rather, who nowadays tells truth? we all wanna form other opinion about us, be honest to yourself….

    my goodness, you are haters, if you think you´re better than anyone, get your ass off the chair and do something about the world. this celebrities are fake, don´t you understand? it is sociologically “fake” elite and only dummies take this seriously, really. the real elite controlling our lives is even upper above those stars.

    I love miranda, I take the good of her as a human, btw one of things she says to be positive and nice to others and yourself. believe or not, that´s true. look at you all! damn I cant believe im a doctor to help sooo selfish and cruel people like most of you, that damn vanity, oh yes….

    • So, you know Miranda is a fake and liar but you love her anyway? Since when was being fake a good attribute? If all it takes is for someone to say “be positive and nice to everyone” to be considered wonderful. Ok then:

      Be positive and be nice to everyone!!

      There, you should now love me yes? Going by your theory?

      When I last checked, conning people out of money, lying, cheating, faking, giving people dangerous advise and making fraudulent claims were all bad things and yet, all this is my fault because I happen to give a fuck?

      I also dont lie thank you – at all, im not a hypocrite and I dont pretend to be someone or thing Im not and if you really are a doctor, with that attitude Id hate for you to be my GP. Quite sad you have that attitude and its all down to a skanky panty model. Sounds like you care just as much as me, only yours is with “love” which is quite sad, for a doctor, arent you supposed to have more brains and common sense? You sound like a retard.

      • Haha, people, stop behave so childishly.. only thing you do is being stupidly offensive ! So, to answer :

        I don ´t know for 100% shes a liar, eventhough some issues are questionable and for Jesus, nobody´s so perfect as she wants to seem, and yes, nice job finding all bullshits about her life..

        Yes, I love you 😀 if you wanna hear truth (just joke), but seriously, I have nothing against you, I just don´t get what searching for this stuff brings you, because it seems you´re jealous, and I hate such people, not saying you are…

        And especially, I don´t have anything againts YOU – people should know the truth, if theyre not able to find it themselves or use a common sense, BUT I dont personally see “good” those comments, totally showing how people like being bad.

        I would almost take your last sentences as insult (sorry if that´s my English, Im a foreigner…), but how can I? I am pediatric, how would it look like treating children like you behave in here? Saying to them: dont trust anybody, worlds sucks and everybody´s bitch…? That would be a generation!

        Sorry , but you look like retard when you even don´t get a sentense: be positive and nice to everyone…which says: be honest, treat people nicely a don´t let them get you down!

        I seriously dont give fuck, as you wrote. I like how Miranda looks (boob job or not), she speaks (love her accent) and thats all. If anybody here is so naive to believe the information from her…I can only pitty you, how I said, inteligent and important people are far far away from these stars…

        BTW I didn´t say you lie, or that I hate you and I would like to thank you for posting my comment, that´s fair!

    • You claim to be a doctor, Michaela. Well to be honest I think you should be outraged by the many dangerous pieces of advise that Miranda, with her unrecognised ‘qualification’, and the KORA blog are giving to people; pieces of advise that deliberately undermine evidence-based medicine.

      • And if you’re a doctor, or else in the medical field are you should know that remote diagnostics are untrustworthy!

      • If she was a doctor she should be angrey at Miranda’s mom claiming cancer can be healed just with positive thinking…

      • Well, to be honest, I haven´t gone through all of her advice (apparently I spend it doing something more worth it…but would like to know some really interesting!), and some stuff she mentioned isn´t even accesible in Europe. But to her nutrition certificate, my mum has something similar (though from a certificate center), and I ignore it- she has a reaaal base, totally not corresponding for the fact she influences people´s health (thank God shes clever enough to let me advise her a bit and she herself does something to be great at it).
        I believe this kind of certificate is the same all over the wold- some kinda of half a year of what course…after all, how can anybody percieve this as education? No, It´s a free time activity..

        If you want a serious advice, specialist is a sollution, oh my, not a model! You heard about her doctor team ? From where she gets all her knowledge, hmmmm….Otherwise, not speaking to anyone straightly, you should use common sense, or only educated people should or what? It´s not nice she lies and might negatively influences someone´s life, but there are worse things..

        As cancer for example. Hmm, they haven´t told us about positive thinking as a treatment. But I have my personal experience from my family that it is possible, really.

        Though, oncologist are forbidden to show any emotions or something for the patient to be either possitive or negative, however, believe is a good a strong thing.

        I don´t agree some Kora gives “certified” advice. Thats very sad. I can get it with some diets, maybe that possitive thinking, but it should not get further. But it´s the same as cheap food in maket- if nobody buys it, they stop selling it. This is like a cheap food- Miranda is ideal. But people following her should do more- care who they listen to a what do they follow from it. It is not fault of Kora people are blind, its their advantage.

        Ufff, I didn´t expect so many replies 😀 hope I didn´t insult anybody, all I want to say that you probably don´t need to take this so seriously, try to change yourself cause you won´t do anything with Miranda…or this society is already too fucked up?

      • I do agree with a lot of what you say, if people do take advice from a model they deserve everything they get but Miranda has given out advice and told people what to eat/drink but the things she has recommended has actually killed people and she gives no warnings. This bothers me. Miranda constantly tells people to drink Noni juice but Noni juice has been scientifically proven to damage the liver in some cases and those with compromised liver function should not drink it but Miranda doesnt mention anything like this and as her mother used to work for TNI (the brand of Noni she constantly advertises) this is probably why. There are worse things than lying but we havent claimed shes murdered someone but lying is wrong, especially when its fraudulently. You may think we take this seriously, but seriously, we dont, its a pass time. We can agree to disagree on this one as we half agree with each other.

  6. Hello here, I just watched a wonderful Kora youtube video- come to live in skin of MK…she says that she could not find as super cream as Kora, including vitamin A, C, E…vit A??? Jesus, it is proved strong teratogen, which does very seriously negatively influences fetus during pregnancy, pregant women are forbidden to use it even through creams….This isn´t fun anymore…

  7. Ugh. This article claims she is a “certified nutritionist”, and she has posted it on her Facebook accounts so she’s obviously happy to perpetuate that lie.


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