Mirandas Certificates

Id like to do this post in reply to a comment from asti.

It seems Miranda has shown us all her amazing certificates that make her a certifed health practitioner. It seems there is more to it than we think. Thanks to the lovely Callie at Delphi for the following information.

Id like anyone that thinks Miranda is now 100% certified in what she claims to read everything that is written and linked here. I will simply quote Callie who says it all:

Dingho has tweeted out a pic of her “certificate” on 1 year anniversary of “graduating” as a “certified health coach” from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition-


Does she carry this around with her and have it with her in South Africa, where she claims to be with “hubby” while he’s filming love scenes with a hotter, younger woman?

As you might imagine, the Institute for Integrative Nutrition is as riddled with BS as the Academy of Natural Living in Cairns, which she claims is the “university” at which she “studied” nutrition.  Once again, she took an online course from non-accredited health center that teaches debunked pseudo-information.  On Googling the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, the 2nd entry, right below the entry for the Institute’s official site, is one titled “A Skeptical Look at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition” (which should tell you something about how bogus this “institute” and their teachings are).  Check out the full set of findings but here’s the summary of the BS (bolding mine)-

The Bottom Line

IIN is flooding the marketplace with graduates who market themselves as “board-certified health counselors.” Their training is certainly not based on scientific nutrition as emphasized in the degree programs accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Dietetics Education. That generally takes 4-7 years and includes basic sciences, dietetics, and closely supervised work with many clients. IIN provides almost none of this. It teaches—in effect—to use your own experience to inspire others.
I personally would not trust someone who lacks scientific training to tailor diets based on dietary needs or who relies on IIN’s teachings to counsel patients. Nor do I believe that “counseling” a few clients is enough to enable students to provide quality advice or to know their limitations. Rosenthal’s approach might inspire some people to improve their diet by moving closer to the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. However, they may also absorb misconceptions about diet, health, and disease that will ultimately harm them.  http://www.credentialwatch.org/reports/iin.shtml

And as this site points out (which also has a copy of the syllabus + some very interesting comments)-

the curriculum does not appear to have a rigorous scientific (biochemical, physiological, etc.) component to accompany all the lectures about marketing, self-care/love, and exploring different dietary theories like raw food diets, macrobiotics, Sally Fallon’s nourishing traditions diet, body ecology diet, etc.


So, in a nut shell, to be a REAL certified health coach, you would have to study between 4-7 years, Miranda’s only took 1 year. Miranda is not entirely what she claims.

In reply to asti about the KORA certification. Miranda did not get KORA certified organic because she was committed, its because they were caught out. Miranda and Therese were claiming KORA to be certified WAAAY before they even applied for organic certification and only applied for the certification because EcoCert warned KORA to either apply for certification or remove EcoCert from their claims or action would be taken. Does that say dedication to you? No, it says to me that they tried to get away without ever having to get certified for as long as possible before getting caught and once caught, their hand was forced into getting certified. If you think differently then you are a fool!

ETA: Callie also said:

Dingho also “wrote” about her “certificate” on the Whora blog- http://www.bellazon.com/main/topic/1910-miranda-kerr/page__st__16380#entry2997383  She was “impressed” that she was able to connect with people online. LMAO. No lectures from anyone with an actual degree in nutrition, no actual lectures in anatomy, physiology, biochemistry (you know, the actual subjects that would help those “health coaches” understand what an actual calorie is), no group work sessions, just listening to some podcasts, taking a 3 question multiple choice test and doing some online chats with the other dupes who paid $4500 for a worthless piece of paper with no academic accreditation… I was going to type in a long hahaha here to laugh at her stupidity at thinking she did real work to obtain a real degree, but then I thought of the morons who read her BS and actually think this is something to be impressed by, and then I wanted to bang my head against the wall.


ETA 2: Oh and according to Kerrplop: “the institute who has given her this certificate is not accredited by the U.S. Office of Education anymore. Because “of concerns about the quality of the courses the Institute offers”.

~ by nefratiti on October 1, 2012.

12 Responses to “Mirandas Certificates”

  1. Thanks for the infos! Btw, nice to see that MK has the time to check this blog while she lives the life!:p

    • lol i know but Im surprised it took her so long to post this proof of hers.

      BTW, edited the original post to add more info from Callie

      • Well done!;)
        I also appreciated the fact you repeate, once again, the organic certification thing, because it for many of us is “old stuff” m it clearly isn’t for other people, who are still confused.
        Also, I will only add in reply to Asti’s comment, that, while I respect her opinion, I think it’s hypocritical also to praise organic suff and then promoting a product like Clear shampoo, that contains loads of chemicals.

  2. So this is the same shady bogus all again, like with the organic certification for Kora.
    Everyone can give a course on nutrition and hand out certifications to his listeners afterwards.

    There’s another certificate here: http://imgbox.com/abcSY2z8 – MK, a holistic health practitioner … H.C.
    “H.C.” as in honoris causa, a honorary title, for which you don’t take courses, go through examinations or have to prove any skills.

    On a side note, it’s very telling that both certificates are from August and October 2011 – didn’t she say before these dates that she’s a certified nutritionist? If so, this is another case of trying to get away with unproven claims like with the Kora certification.

    And how funny she takes both certificates (or pictures of them) with her to South Africa, just in case she’s forced to prove her claims.
    It just shows yet again how much she (or her team) is reading this and other sites. Yeah, living the life!


  3. Why does this not surprise me?

    Even if MK did sit courses for a whole year, why do I keep coming back to fact that she is meant to be a busy model, mother, wife and business woman. When you think, Flynn was born when she claims she was sitting for this course. Can a new mom that still has a busy career etc find time to do all this?

    Someone could easily take out this course in her name, read up on it and then do it all in her name. Thats why a correspondence course isnt any good because anyone can be doing the work for you and as has been stated it takes 4+ years to get a REAL qualification.

    Thanks again for exposing her BS.

  4. Why does she do this to herself? She try to show proof of her words and you excellent ladies of Delphi, kerr-plop, and here always show the REAL truth that makes her looks a fool! She is silly to try otherwise against INTELLIGENCE!!

  5. “other dupes who paid $4500 for a worthless piece of paper with no academic accreditation…”

    Well, think of the dedication that took from her. That money easily could have been another fabulous pair of designer shoes, which she has stated time and again are a weakness for her. So she totally put forth effort on this. Almost makes you misty eyed when you think of the minutes she must have dedicated to this. She doesn’t even have time to look in the mirror anymore she’s so busy watching the nanny raise her son, the cook fix meals for her family and of course promote KORA by taking instagram shots. Oh, and she’s got that dude hanging around claiming to be her husband too and she works out. Dear god. I only hope to be half as perfect.

  6. So it seems Mayfrayn says we haters have twisted all this to fit our agenda. What? So we twisted the words of other sites that have nothing to do with us?? Riiight. Good logic you got their Mayfrayn hon. BTW, I think you should get on Mirandas “Breathatarian” diet, your saggy tits and chicken neck have seen better days!

  7. I am most surprised that in all this talk of the organic shiz we get from Kerr that one issue hasn’t been raised in all this, animal welfare. People presume that when meat/dairy produce is organic it also means that the animals have been well cared for, WRONG. Do you know that if a dairy cow gets mastitis that because it is organic the cow will be left in agony to suffer, as of course no medication can be given, sometimes farmers have been known to cut off the infected teat, yes with no pain relief, nothing, did you know that unless you buy FREE RANGE organic that the chicken can still have suffered in its lifetime? The bottom line is that animals are suffering MORE because of organic because they cannot be given any drugs for any problems, that to me puts me off Organic straight away because I care for animals and believe that they should be given pain relief and meds just like us if they need it, this is the part that people like Kerr don’t mention and it is a misconception that organic means well cared for happy animals-it couldn’t be more wrong unless otherwise stated on the labels! Me? i tend to go for free range meat that has the animal welfare guarantee on it, this guarantees that the animal was looked after to high standards (provided for in this country by the RSPCA) in it’s lifetime, and most the time that ISN’T Organic meat!
    Kerr claims to love animals as does her husband, obviously not if they stand by something that has animals suffering in it’s lifetime. I believe that an animal should have the best life imaginable for giving its life to us, if that means giving meds to an animal, then I am all for that, here in Great Britain the amount of drugs in an animal is so tiny it doesn’t make a difference to our health at all, same goes for the pesticides used on fruit and veg here, there has been a huge surge in people catching ecoli from organic fruit and veg.

  8. There’s an interesting comment about MK’s certificates which was mingled up in another entry, here:

    • Thanks for pointing this out! I actually had missed it and it’s really interesting! But of course we are the ones inventing stuff…*rollseyes*

    • That’s a really good post. It bugs me that she’s a fraud and is so shameless about it. Doing a crappy online course does not make her a nutritionist. My first degree was Medical Science and I needed really good high school grades to gain entry i.e I couldn’t just pay the university to let me in. I completed biochemistry and nutrition courses but to even do those I had to complete organic chemistry and molecular biology courses as prerequisites. I was taught these topics by people with a PhD in their field and who were also doing research and being published in journals all the time. I had many contact hours and loads of 3-4 hour laboratory sessions. It took me 3 years to gain that qualification and I’m still not going to call myself a nutritionist. I know the chemistry and molecular biology of some nutrients and I am competent at researching scientific evidence in peer-reviewed journals but I’m still not a nutritionist (does Miranda even know what a science journal is?). She is just such a fraud and it’s actually really dangerous, the way she goes on about these ‘super foods’ without warning anybody of the potential negative side-effects, while at the same time exaggerating their positive effects.

      I wonder, what’s the motivation for her doing this? Is she really so insecure that she’s so desperate for people to think of her as smart instead of just a model? Someone needs to inform her that she is actually just a model. She will have no value once her looks have deteriorated.

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