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That comment earlier (see the Kerrazy-Lies Tumblr) about how much money Miranda makes in a year got me thinking, if Miranda has all this money and has the money to waste on designer handbags and clothes etc, and has apparently a big heart and is compassionate, and lectures people on what they should do, think, feel, buy etc and apparently supports and admires some charities, then why doesn’t she help the needy by putting her hand in her pocket?? While thinking about that I came across these posts on the KORA blog:

I had to shake my head in utter disgust, this wonderful, selfless, caring girl Sarah Sawtell is helping the charity Kids Helpline (yes that same one that Miranda was apart of for all of two minutes few years back and hasn’t done anything since for the charity except “admire and support what they do”) by running a 10km race, her aim was to make $10,000AUS for the charity in sponsorship money.The KORA team are asking all the Miranda fans to donate, yet aren’t donating themselves? WHY NOT? They are the ones with the money as the Miranda fans love to point out to us time and time again.

Sarah obviously got in touch with Kora back when she did her last charity run in June, now if Miranda was such a caring individual, why didnt SHE donate money to that and this cause? But no, you know what she/team KORA did instead? they gave Sarah some KORA tee shirts with Miranda’s face emblazoned on the front with the words KORA on, now call me cynical but I can’t help but think they sent her those tees to wear on her run to advertise KORA, a free advert if you will, after all Miranda Kerr apparently earns more in a year than I could in ten years, she is meant to be so caring and apparently supports this Kids helpline charity therefore WHY couldn’t she donate something that really WOULD make a difference with cold hard cash? Sarah didn’t make her goal of making the $10,000AUS, but she did make  $610.00AUS, an excellent amount which will help and make a difference, but no where near the goal.

See people like Sarah I can really admire, she gets off her behind and tries to make a difference raising money and helping a charity that needs the money, women like Miranda yet again talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk and I’m not going to lie, it pisses me off, if Miranda Kerr makes more than I do, then how come I donate to charity on a regular basis? I have got off my behind and helped where needed for the needy. This was a perfect opportunity for Miranda to actually help something she apparently believes in, she could have helped that girl make the $10,000AUS and to Miranda that would be loose change, but no, she would rather buy more designer stuff. Even Orlando has donated online recently for a against sex trafficking charity!

Sierra Nielsen ‏@SierraNielsen

BIG thank u to my friend ORLANDO BLOOM for your donation & support! @18for18 @SomalyMam Lets keep it goin guys! …

See Orlando’s donation of $150 here (scroll down):

See, it can be done if Orlando can do it (and yes it really is Orlando, this is his filmmaker friends fundraising) but then Orlando actually does walk the walk sometimes, but then what can one expect when Miranda recently only posed for a photo with her fans ONLY if you spent your hard earned cash on KORA?
Please note than the bag in the above photo is a Louis Vuitton and costs $4,000.

~ by nefratiti on September 9, 2012.

17 Responses to “Moneybags Miranda”

  1. Well, I could think that she probably donated money but without advertising it but…it’s so not like her! If she had, be sure she would have pimped it with an entry on her Kora Blog! When she does some charity stuff she always make sure that people know (for example…Even admitting that 50% of her clothes/bgas/shoes mught be given her for free, since she is a model, there’s still another 50% she most likely pays for and what she sports is expensive, from her jewerly to her shoes. Didn’t she once preached also about organic clothing, especially for babies? Well, I don’t know about Flynn’s clothes but Miranda’s ones surely aren’t organic but expensive designers’ creations.

    • I couldn’t agree more. If she really, truly cared she would use Kora to give something back and help people who need it, like a percentage goes to charity for example, but she won’t because it would cost her and she would not have that. Look what she did for earth hour, it was shitty to be honest, having a yoga class of 200 or so people, some probably flying in to Sydney, more carbon footprint and it was for earth hour, how ironic is that? Other celebrities actually did something that would benefit the earth like Isabel Lucas planting all those trees, that is what earth hour was about, not her doing yoga positions for 200 people in a hall! It is all to make her look good and that’s it, she does the least possible. As I said Orlando does give money to charity and has done recently he has given to the against sexual trafficking AND he has given a donation to Canterbury university’s new music building. Miranda and her family can’t have donated to this girl because you can see who has donated on her fund raising site, and there is no mention of Kora or Miranda and i am SURE they would have stated they had given a donation, and why not? It would have been a nice gesture. I find it funny that she only did that one stint for the kids helpline then nothing else she isn’t even a patron of the charity, and why not? She is still on the site and it says she “actively supports” but where? when? Saying “please donate” is piss poor considering she could donate or use Kora to help this charity.
      EDIT:I notice that bag is a cheap one for Miranda £550 brand new, so not in the thousands like she keeps for herself, sure great that she donated that but why not put her hand in her pocket and give cash?

      • Since you mentioned Kora, during Fashion Night Out in Sydney, Miranda and the Kora Team hosted a pop up store and guess what? In order to take a pic with Miranda people had to buy Kora products!

  2. So true! Miranda always flaunts her wealth… and so do her fans. Her bags, shoes, clothes, accessories etc cost a fortune and she lets us know about it. I dont mind people with money, thats not my beef, its those with money that tell others to give to the needy yet do nothing themselves as this post shows. Its like a fat person telling you to lose weight while they shovel cake in their mouth – oh the irony of it all!

    Good job nef, you hit many nails on the head.

  3. How kinky is that?!
    Instead of donating to the girl’s cause MK is giving her tees with “Kora” and her face embezzled on them – SHE got a free advertizing space out of the whole cause, SHE is earning money with it instead of giving. That’s perverted.

  4. This! Ive always noticed how Miranda seems to do very little when it comes to charity and Earth Hour was one of them. I know other celebs did very mundane things as well but Miranda doesnt stop yapping on about how to save the planet and how to live. Her yoga class was a dire choice for EH when she could and should have done something more challenging. Yoga is something she does all the time, where is the “help the earth” with yoga? She should have got out of her comfort zone to show how serious she was about her cause. Same with this fund raising thing. While I think $10k is ambitious, even half that as a donation from MK or Team KORA would have been nice. As much as I dont like celebs giving money to look good – its money all the same and does help charities, Im really rather disgusted they didnt even give $5 yet look at Miranda with her many expensive handbags, I dont think she would have missed a few hundred dollars even, after all, according to her minions, she makes millions. I also donate to charities I believe in even though Im not rich, what does she do? Say a few words, give a few orders (TELLS people to donate), posts a few links. Wow. Big deal! Put your money where your mouth is and donate to the cause you are telling other to donate to.

    On a side note, Id like to say something about her only posing for a picture if people buy KORA at the event- that is pretty low, even for her. I mean, that indicats KORA isnt doing very well or she is just plain old greedy but even if KORA is failing, dont make your fans spend money just for a fucking photo, that is terrible!!

    • I think that Kora must be doing poorly, which is why she was unable to produce her own hair products like she said she wanted to.

      • It MUST be doing VERY poorly if MK is only posing for fans under the condition they buy some of her over-priced stuff first. Or she’s just immensely greedy 😉

        That’s another of her traits – she’s only giving if and after people did something for her. And it seems she gives only as little as possible. A smile into a fan’s camera for buying a pricey product, some tees for free advertizing and PR.

  5. Woahh.. There. A lots of hater here!! U guys clearly have too much time in ur hand! I suggest u to find some other job cuz it sure isn’t keeping you busy at all. I think, people should be able to live their life how they want it to be. However they wanna spend their money and how they live their life is none of ur business isn’t ? U should take a hard look at the mirror once a while and re u that perfect to be criticize others? Lots of imperfections out there, none of us is perfect. Stop hating! Peace out.

    • “U guys clearly have too much time in ur hand! I suggest u to find some other job cuz it sure isn’t keeping you busy at all”

      Huge contradiction there, which is it?

      “I think, people should be able to live their life how they want it to be”

      Very true, so tell Miranda to stop telling people how to live and what to do.

      “However they wanna spend their money and how they live their life is none of ur business isn’t ?”

      True so tell Miranda to stop telling people where and how to spend their money but unfortunately, celebrities are the public’s business!

      “U should take a hard look at the mirror once a while and re u that perfect to be criticize others?”

      I dont claim to be perfect unlike Miranda.

      “Lots of imperfections out there, none of us is perfect.”

      True, just like Miranda, a scheming, lying, fraudulent, lecturing, hypocritical, fake, con merchant!

  6. Can anyone explain to me; since when was calling out someones lies and bullshit worse than actually telling lies and bullshit?

    That’s like (ok not on a par but you get my drift) a policeman getting the stick for catching a criminal.

    Why is it the person in the wrong, the person doing wrong, is allowed to do and say what they like yet the people gathering evidence to show the person is wrong gets all the blame and is told to STFU?


    • I’d also like to know why spending 5 minutes to make a comment or post an entry means not having a life while updating ‘sanctuaries websites/blogs’ about Miranda and/or Orlando 24/7 is ok….*rollseyes*

  7. irregardless of what the fans think, these days miranda is getting a lot of negative feedback, you look at any website, there’s more people that are sick and fed up with her and all her lecturing that anything else. i remember when before she had the baby that there were way more positive comments, now that lots of people have listened to what she has to say, theres just majority consensus that she’s over-rated and completely out of her league.
    anyone else think her mom is kinda twisted. it’s like she’s trying to live out her modeling dreams through miranda. Like she has a second kid too? like it’s so sad being her other kid, it’s like she’s in love with miranda…and not in a healthy good way

  8. Whats all this I hear about the shippers hitting an all time low? Mocking, gloating and liking haters family illnesses and deaths. According to them, calling a panty model a few names = bad karma = illnesses and deaths. So, going by their logic, Therese must have done something awful because her mother died so young and when Nan Kerr dies, that will be down to Miranda and Thereses scheming ways. Only haters and those that create bad karma for themselves have people around them get sick or die. Remember that when someone you know has something happen to them – you have done something evol in your life, like discuss all the lies and shit this celebrity does and says.

    Wow shippers and MK minions, you have surpassed any hater in your sick and twisted views. Now what karma will you get for these nasty thoughts and opinions of yours? I dread to think…

    • Oh and not forgetting when Orlando’s gran died 2 years ago. What did he do to deserve that? Call Miranda a cow?

  9. I take it the Kerrs and shippers are immortal? arent illness and death a fact of life? doesnt it happen to everyone? gloating and poking fun at ppl at such a time will also bring its dose of baaaad karma, trust! yes the shippers and mk supporters show their true color – black. how is surrounding yourself with so much darkness at hate going to bring on such bad things in your life? get a grip shippers, you talk like we are rapists, murderers, pedophiles etc we call a panty hoe a few names and call her our of her shit – big deal. you need to get things into perspective dears,circle of life and all! hope you never get sick or have ppl get sick and/or die in your family cos it will all be your fault right? RIGHT? watch out nana kerr, your daughter in law and grand daughter are about to kill you with their badness but that isnt our way of thinking, just the shippers and mk fans.

  10. So for all who would love to know, miranda releases her license (she follows this blog! LOVE it!! maybe she’ll donate one day to charities and do some work).

    I HAD to look at what this training program is with my awesome amazing doctor friend. All in all, this is a joke, it’s not real training, it’s literally a business.

    1.for admission, call a rep.
    yeah….people need to take GRE, SATs, test to prove basic science competence for most programs.
    no rejections ever! basically the program is a business.

    2.40 units, that’s equivalent to like 8 college courses. So a typical college kid racks up 50-60 units a year attending real class. No class attendence required, it’s online. licensing exam – there’s no formal standard exam to test the competence

    4.teachers – there are none, its slides, literally just computerized slides, forget about anyone great in the medical field teaching you anything

    5.what can you do:
    overall, they can give you advice on what to eat.
    No miranda and Therese, you may not tell people their diagnosis with calcium, iron, you can tell them veggies are good for you, and no you don’t know blood PH, that’s not what the program tells u!! coach – dieting advice only, you may count calories.
    you are NOT a health practitioner miranda! only MDs, PAs, nurses who went through actual class, licensing, college can do that.

    How do I sum up the program for you?
    under 5000 for a paper that says you can help others count calories. What a fraud! she really has no idea what formal health education is.

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