Double BS Whammy

BS 1:

Miranda is now the face of Unilever’s Clear Scalp and Beauty Therapy range. While her fans shout “woot, another non high fashion campaign”, they really shouldn’t. Not because this isn’t high fashion but because it goes against EVERYTHING Miranda claims she believes in. In THIS article, you can see all the baaad ingredients the Unilever Clear Scalp and Beauty Therapy products contain. There are many, but let me point out one in particular – formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is poison, you find it in cigarettes for crying out loud, but instead of someone “not in the know” like me, let Therese Kerr lecture you on how bad formaldehyde is, click here to hear her own words. Remember, according to both Therese and Miranda “whatever you put on your skin, soaks in”. This is in fact a load of fat, juicy bollocks but if it were true then using Unilever’s products would probably kill you and Earth mother Miranda is backing it. Remember this post Miranda herself did on the KORA blog? Well a lot of the chemicals MK is warning us about are is Unilever’s products. Hypocrite. Greedy. Ignorant. Take your pick, she will fall into at least one of those categories.

BS 2:

Here, I will simply quote the brilliant Callie from Delphi. I cant say anything better than what she has:

“I can’t believe I just watched that video sober.  You have my deepest admiration for containing the strength to sit through all 14 minutes.  I could barely make it through 3 minutes before needing to end my misery. Thank goodness there were no sharp objects nearby.  I can see now that Dingho inherited her whiny voice from Mummy Dearest.

1- note that once again, she claims she had “tumors in her spleen”. She does not say that they were malignant or that she had cancer.  The “tumors” were most likely benign or they would have been part of a larger malignancy requiring oncological intervention, and if she had needed to go through radiation and/or chemotherapy I am quite positive she would have mentioned it and, of course, Dingho would have used  it for attention.  But she did not.

2.  She claims that 70-80% of what you put onto your body will go into your blood stream (00:51)  FALSE!!!  LIE!!!  COMPLETELY UNTRUE!!!  Unless what you put onto your skin is a hydrophobic chemical, like a steroid or a drug that is used as a prescription and is meant to be used transdermally, standard topical agents are only absorbed into the epidermis.  If this were true then most of us would have died from chlorine poisoning from swimming in chlorine-treated swimming pools.  And putting something into a child’s bathwater is NOT going into their little bodies.  And if you’re going to make those claims, then don’t let your child swim in a pool or the ocean on a hot day because what’s in those bodies of water is waaaaaayyyyyyy worse than some non-organic bubble bath.

3.  Our bodies are not like buckets of water (1:25).  We have filtration, purification, digestion and excretion systems so that we do not “overflow” with the addition of one more drop of water.  Yes, there are many things that we can do to our bodies that are unhealthy but that’s about excess of addictive behavior, not normal intake.

4.  The liver does not break down fat (1:35).  The liver produces bile which aids in the break down of fat but it is actually broken down in the duodenum (small intestine).  The liver controls fatty acid and lipoprotein transport but it does not break down fat as she inaccurately claims.

5.  “it’s really important that you learn and your educate yourself” (1:43)    you first Mummy Kerrazy.

6.  She’s complaining about formaldehyde being in products (2:03).  Her daughter sells bras soaked in formaldehyde-
Hypocrisy, thy name is Kerrazy.

7. “(Dingho) studied nutrition and psychology”(2:33)  She studied psychology now too?  When did that happen?  And again, she did not “study” nutrition.  She took a correspondence course from a holistic center with no academic accreditation.

8.  “she’s also a registered natural therapist in the United States”.  NO SHE IS NOT!!!!  Again, according to the National Society of Health Coaches only licensed healthcare professionals “may attain the distinction of NSHC’s Certified Health Coach”.  Anyone who is not a licensed doctor, nurse, therapist, etc may obtain a “certificate of completion”, so someone under the name “Miranda Kerr” may have completed the online course but she is NOT a “certified health coach” according to professionals.

9.  again with bathing, pores open, chemicals going into skin.  Chemicals are going ONTO the skin, not into.  And now she’s going to talk about eczema…I just can’t go on…”

We have had similar discussions about this time and time before and no doubt will in the future, because Miranda will always put money and work before her morals and beliefs or just not educate herself enough so she doesn’t sound like a total asshole!

~ by Kerrazy Lies on September 2, 2012.

22 Responses to “Double BS Whammy”

  1. I am speechless….seriously. Everytime I think she can’t go lower, guess what? She does.
    I don’t know this hair care line brand honestly, never saw it in stores in Italy, but I was surprised to read the news since I thought Miranda was willing to add a hair line to her Kora….and the description of this line that you added doesn’t make me want to try these products at all.
    As for Therese’s video, I’ve never heard so many wrong infos all together…Doctors are the people to go to when there’s an health issue, not models or their mothers. And I really wish they’d stop mentioning cancer to pimp Kora, it’s disgusting. If healing from cancer was easy as they try to imply, we would have a cure at this stage.

  2. And that’s only the conclusion of watching 3 minutes of Therese’s video clip, out of 14 minutes all together – I can’t fathom how many more false statements Callie could’ve written down if she’d had the guts to stand through the whole clip.

    Miranda has yet to show a diploma, an academic certificate or a license to prove what she and her mother are claiming.
    Until then everything that is said has to be reckoned false, unproven, deceptive – and most of all DANGEROUS.

    I doubt MK is able to produce such a diploma – otherwise she wouldn’t babble about cancer being cured by positive thinking or a skin care product applied onto your skin making it into your blood system, to name but a few hypocrisies. Common sense can tell you that. If you lack such common sense which is obvious in this case, well, there’s always Google or Wikipedia.

  3. Does it actually surprise us anymore how this woman can spout crap as and when it benefits her? Until some major newspaper or someone on a news article calls her out on all her bullcrap, she’ll just keep yapping and yapping to her gullible, absolute suckers of fans, to make her big bucks.

  4. Great post! I knew when it came down to ti she didnt really care about all the crap she spouts. It takes 2 minutes to do your research on a product and she cold have turned it down based on her beliefs of “whatever you put on your skin soaks into your blood stream”. I am totally against testing on animals and would turn down work if that product tested on animals.I stand by what I believe in, shame she cant.

    • she cold have turned it down based on her beliefs of “whatever you put on your skin soaks into your blood stream”

      I think her one and only belief is ‘making more money as possible with no efforts’….

      • lol I think you are very right there! Shall we take bets that she will be naked, semi naked or sexual in these ads at some point?

  5. Can I please also point out another recent confirmation of the hypocrisy that is Miranda Kerr. She is the new ambassador for QANTAS airline. Air travel is a carbon intensive activity and she not only does a lot of it personally, she is now endorsing it…at the same time as being an Earth Hour ambassador… What an absolute moron. She has no integrity, no strength of conviction and obviously will do anything for money.

  6. You know, I bet the at-least-5 syllables drug names at the back of the packaging must have scared her off, that’s why she was unaware of all the ingredients. Does she even know how to pronounce formaldehyde?

  7. DISGUSTED! This proves to everyone that everything she says about organic lifestyle and EVERYTHING she says she Is about is a LIE! It is very easy when approached by this company she should have asked what is the ingredients? When she realized she should have said “no this goes against all I believe in”, I would have truly admired her for that, but obviously it is all a lie and she does not not stand by a word she says, she is even spitting on KORA, after all how can anyone take Kora seriously now? People need to see her now for what she is, THIS is the real Miranda Kerr, a lying fraud who will pretend she is holier than thou health wise, when in reality she is someone who only believes in two things- FAME AND MONEY!

  8. I dont know how she can say what she does. How she can preach about organic this, that and the other when she is endorsing a hair treatment that is bad for the hair. What she called poisons on her Kora blog are in the Unilever’s crap. You heard it folks, Miranda Kerr doesnt give a shit about what you do to your body as long as she gets paid to advertise it. You couldnt make this shit up to be honest and people think we are being mean about her when she brings all this on herself.

    Think about this, even IF Miranda does believe in all she says, she will say anything when she is paid to (Unilever’s nourishes the hair, is infused with vitamins and nutrients even though we know she has slated its ingredients as poison) so how can we take what she says seriously or even trust her? She will throw down her morals at the drop of a hat if she gets paid for it.

    Such a nice girl!

    • She will throw down her morals at the drop of a hat if she gets paid for it

      This!! And she still claims this Unilver line is organic!! What she wouldn’t do for money! Worshipping a person like her actually says more about her fans than about her.


    after reading this:
    1.kerr reads this website, it’s her ummm not so educated defense for the last 2 articles that popped up – bloom trouble and the shampoo thingy
    2.the writer doesn’t like her, behind every flattery is a smirky comment that’s kinda hilarious

  10. lets dissect the interview:
    “we know about the homes in london and NY” (yada yada, yes they’ve made it clear the world is their oyster)
    “never found a organic shampoo that does that” (so you’ve really tried all 300 types of organic shampoos, just admit it, they offered u a contract, and u can promote whatever u’d like)
    “size of an olive” (this is ridiculous, if anything, you might not try to show off ur wealth in an interview, no one asked you to prove your love here, but oh yeah, you felt like proving it cause its…strong)
    “people make things up cause they have nothing better to do” (oh hon, nor have you, it’s okay, you have time to spend an entire interview defending urself cause u know the world is beginning to rip apart ur BS, and what have u done lately, that’s better? charities, buying purses, hair, blowing kisses at nobody and everybody, promoting shampoos…oh so noble, at least those who pt out ur BS have done some charity)
    “taste like sports socks” (something kinky in ur past is lurking)
    “weird sense of humor…” (the interviewer is more confused than amused…monty python, that doesn’t make u funny)
    “she’s funnier than you think” (interviewers translation, she thinks she’s funnier than we can all agree on)
    “everyones…arms…legs” (yep, no kidding, u forgot the handicapped, ummm, the deformed, the people with leprosy, everyone in the industry has got arms and legs…interviewer trying to suppress a laugh)
    “she’s as natural as the food she eats” (okay, interviewer, this is pure sarcasm, i can’t…i just can’t stop lmao…the food that taste like sports socks!!)
    “things you don’t know” (okay, she really is as shallow as she comes off, glad childbirth and dead bf wasn’t brought up again)

  11. Gosh….what is Orlando Bloom saying about this? Isn’t his own family into nature stuff? Or is he just stupidly buying all what she says?
    I am a natural therapist with a certificate!!! I can tell you what she says is all untrue. Where does she get this infos from? Unless in Australia they learn such things??? I doubt that they could be so far behind the moon…

    And NO WAY she has studied psychology. If she took only one lesson, she would not drag her own son in planes around the world every week….!!!!!!
    Ragarding the baby she makes a lot of mistakes “psychologically”.
    She should know that there are people out there who truly have those profession she claims to have…And she is so much making a jerk out of herself.

    She reminds me a lot of the evil witch from Disneys The Little Mermaid. That witch turned into a beautiful princess and she cursed the prince and everyone around with her sweet looks. Inside she was pure horror… Miranda: your role!!!

  12. I think endorsing that non-organic brand for hair, will hurt the brand and Miranda.
    She may make money now, but she’ll lose credibility (= money tomorrow)
    Miranda and the other Kerr are good at brainwashing their victims (for me their fans are just victims), but I think some of them will notice the deception.
    And nobody buys from a cheater.

    Miranda, what happened to the Kerr’s “Bible”, the book The Chemical Maze?

    Have you read this?:
    favourite lipstick Chanel Rouge Coco Shine? Favourite foundation Chanel Lumiére? Organic is no longer so important?

  13. We have done many “this proves beyond shadow of a doubt she isn’t what she claims” kind of posts on this blog, and this is one of them, yet certain people will still refuse to see it and admit it. I don’t know whether it is because they feel like idiots because she has fooled them, or they really are so stupid and deluded. Either way the facts speak for themselves, nothing on this post is made up or exaggerated, it is all there, if they still support a fraud and fake like her knowing all these facts then they are frauds and fakes too.

    I also wanted to add that if KORA is doing so well and she has her own chemists etc then why isn’t she making her own organic range of haircare like she stated before? It says a lot to me.

  14. So i’m recently talking to a friend who’s an obgyn about babies, and she mentioned that any baby born greater than 9lbs, the mother had gestational diabetes until proven otherwise…it’s cause normal body chemistry can’t produce a baby that big unless the blood sugar was out of wack. (or family line of giant babies…rare). she also mentioned that routine screening can miss it. in fact, they keep super close watch on big babies for fear they have worse lung outcome, or hypoglycemia after. It’s not something that’s celebrated in the field. the mother doesn’t have to be fat, and after the birth, they don’t keep their diabetes.
    So….i think miranda forgot to mention this…all her maca powder made her diabetic (j/k), her baby being a 10lber wasn’t all due to the awesomeness of organic maternal diet.
    In reality, some moms just get diabetes during pregnancy (not their fault), rather than making people aware of this issue, she makes it like no one can eat as well and can’t produce a big enough baby as hers. No, miranda! they don’t have 10lb babies not cause of noni, or maca, it’s cause they didn’t have diabetes during pregnancy. (minus the baby from family lines of giant babies)

  15. Hi there, I read an article about miranda kerr from vogue uk, she is really self absorbed in the “IM not pretty everyone looks like me and we can all be models” postivity bullshit just like her book. she LIES again and says “”When I was young I wanted to be a gymnast, I used to compete at it, but then I grew too tall.” thats a load of shit. Im 5’9 ( the same height) and I got shot down at many casting for modelling for being “too short” and at the same time my flexability is VERY high purley from practise. Sophie Hindermann is a german gymnast coming in at 5’7. AND hayley cameron from california is 6’2!!! If miranda kerr was really “too tall” its only because she DIDNT actually competitvley compete otherwise her growth would have been stunted. On top of that, her famous “grab the leg and hold it up near you head and grab it with your other arm” trick she does? Its the same trick every time we see her…I can do that…anyone can do that with a little stretching. Lets see HOW flexible she really is? I wonder what else she can do. I have seen her do the side splits in a Victorias Secret swim (2010 i think) commercial but not the box splits. She is constantly slipping up. You should do an article on that…

    • I remember the gymnast stuff and laughed. Even if its true and she wanted to pursue a career in it, I think it was just too much hard work for very little money. I am also sick of seeing her do that foot over her head pose. She is a one trick pony in many ways.

    • I used to get LOLs whenever articles about her come out in Daily Mail(which was about where she “wow’d” people in a dress, or “made guys’ jaws drop” in a bikini, “stunned” in a pair of heels, “shined” carrying a fav branded bag. Her publicist must’ve lost loads of sleep wondering which part of her attire should “stun/wow/shine/sparkle/etc” in the next article in DM. Everyone I’ve ever heard of wears clothes, heels, shoes and carry bags so I find it really hilarious when they actually have “news” articles of what she’s wearing everytime she goes out. Heck, a “reporter” can get really rich getting paid to write about her since she seems so desperate to keep herself out there in the news all the time.

      So, let’s see: so far she’s a nutritionist, studied psychology, gymnast, yoga master, ultra-charity supporter, the only woman who’s given birth to a 10lb’er(naturally), and an organic green-earth’er. Did I miss anything else?

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