Trouble In Paradise?

It seems there has been a few rumors that all is not well in the Kerr-Bloom real life Harlequin romance novel.

Famous Magazine have “broken” the news. While some may think Famous aren’t reliable, please take note that Famous are the people that got the pregnancy and engagement news correct before anyone else.

While Orlando is still in the UK and spent his 2nd wedding anniversary in a pub, Miranda is so far unseen and her whereabouts are unknown. All we know is she is posting pictures on Instagram about how she cant live without KORA. When she was in Paris she posted pictures and hints.

Miranda’s new BUSINESS affairs publicist (you know, the woman that used to be a publicist at DJ’s and condoned sexual harrassment) denies the rumors but remember – Carlii denied Orlando and Miranda were ever a couple, that they were engaged and that Miranda was pregnant… all 3 came true. If Carlii can lie or not be told the truth, then why should this new publicist be any better?

Right now, this is all speculation and I will believe a split when I see one.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on July 23, 2012.

33 Responses to “Trouble In Paradise?”

  1. Hardly any celeb couple of their supposed status lasts, infact I cant think of any. It wouldnt surprise me if they split even now they have Flynn. Besides, separated couples can still make good parents. Shame they are both shit parents to begin with.

  2. Carlii denied Orlando and Miranda were ever a couple, that they were engaged and that Miranda was pregnant… all 3 came true.

    Ahahah! Those glory days! I think I’ll miss Carlii!!

    Right now, this is all speculation and I will believe a split when I see one.

    Same here! it could be very well be just a way to pimp even more Miranda’s upcoming return to Sydney for her Jones’ duties, so I won’t hold my breath for sure. Not to mention that Orlando, the rings lover, the same guy who’s always worn many rings, hasn’t worn the wedding one for a long time now so it’s funny they realized it only now!
    But still odd she’d choose think kind of rumor to keep attention alive. Or maybe people are just so jealous, even in the media and the press and eny this couple so much that not only they get stalked by the paps but also attacked by these not reliable sources! Tough life they have!
    Now I’m even more impatient to see new ‘candids’ of the couple.

  3. So I take it Orlando’s rep wasnt asked or didnt deny? The fact that ONLY her rep denies it (or was asked at all) tells me its all from her as Im sure his rep would be asked, after all, he is the hollywood star, the more famous out the two and all it takes is a phone call or email. I think she has started this rumor for attention to see if she can garner the same attention Tom and Katie have, I do think she is that deluded to think she could. He has hardly wore his ring since getting hitched so why its as if he has just started I dont know. Her waggling her ringless finger recently tells me she wanted people to notice, just like when she waved her cell phone around with a pic of him and her as her wallpaper. Attention whore needs attention!

    Unsure if this is true. Rumors like this circulate all the time over celebs but like you say “Famous” have got it right twice before but if they print what they are paid to it can go either way.

    OT – so shocked MK has resorted to getting such a ruthless and lowly publicist. Really disgusted that woman allowed sexual harrassment to continue at DJs but I guess MK needs someone who will sink as low as she does. The way MK has supposedly “cut all ties” with Carlii doesnt sound very good, sounds very… frosty!

    • I agree and subscribe everything you said!
      Now waiting for Robin or whoever does his Pr right now in 3, 2, 1….:p

  4. well i don’t think that they are splitting. last pic i saw of her she was wearing her ring.

    i thing this is her new publicist honing her skills.perhaps they are trying to drown all those ” DJ to dump Kerr ” rumours.

    another possibility that occured to me is that perhaps the fired Carlii is playing traunt. a revenge of sorts. becoz she has a ”clean cut image”. that is what feeds her career. at this point when DJ is looking for a younger replacement all this negative rumours is not going to help him.
    specially after going through this particular post i am very suspicious of the Lyon clan

    they are not graceful losers

    • Sorry but carlii Lyon cannot be blamed for this seeing as though she has probably given up the PR business, the woman is heavily pregnant with her second child, she seems much too busy with her successful husband and their child and now soon to be second child. Jay Lyon could have said the worst things about Miranda in the past five years to garner publicity for himself, and he hasn’t -in fact him and Miranda are still friends, what he commented on this blog isnt even that bad in fact he is very complimentary about her, he only mentioned she likes her money (which we can tell) and that she shouldn’t have left him for Orlando, big deal that is nothing at all. This isn’t down to Carlii, this has Miranda written all over it.

  5. Have they spent any of their wedding anniversaries together? I mean, they’ve only had two and weren’t they apart last year as well? Not a good sign missing two for two. I would have just thought the couple that was so romantically in love that they had to elope the bahamas because it was just so romantic would do SOMETHING on their anniversary.

    • We don’t know if they spent last year together or not, but definitely not this year as Orlando was in a pub in Henley in England.

  6. So, Miranda has spoken out saying it is not true, yes, like the times she said she was not dating Orlando, like the time she said she was too young to get married and have babies… Miranda denying it makes me laugh nothing that bitch says is true!

  7. I dont care if she has denied it. Lots of celebs deny a split by words, by walking a red carpet together or pap pics of them snogging on a beach somewhere and they are over a week or month later. It may not be now but it will come, you mark my words.

  8. I’m sure now…or soon, we’ll be slapped with loads of PDA from these two as a denial of the rumor. If the rumor is true, I guess she would’ve had no use for him anymore since he’s played his part in bringing her to the attention of the world. Kinda reminds me of a spider…

  9. Quote Miranda…about the opening of VS in London
    “She said: ”I’d love to be in London for the opening – we passed through on the way to France for the wedding of Orlando’s cousin last week, so I hope to make it back.
    ”But these days it’s complicated to work the schedules; mine, Orlando’s and the baby’s – and then of course all the other Angels. The only time the girls are all definitely together is the Victoria’s Secret show which is booked so far in advance, but it’s hard to say which of us will definitely be in London for the launch just yet.”
    Miranda loves working for Victoria’s Secret and says her fellow Angels are like a ”family” to her.
    She added to ”We are actually treated like angels – we get to work in the most beautiful places in the world, wearing the sexiest underwear in the world – and the whole team becomes like a family.”

    The baby has a schedule already???????? WHAT????????
    Ok…but Orlando WAS in London (or still is ?)
    True or not, but my stomach tells me that something is wrong with their relationship, whatever that might be!
    If I was mean I’d say: she has what she wanted: Orlando Blooms baby. How many women in the world admire her for that??!! And in case of a split it will be her who will keep the baby. That is a lot of pressure for Orlando. So it is possible that they get along for Flynn. Orlando seems to be crazy about his son and Miranda knows that. She holds the cards! That is why I tell my male friends always: be careful with pretty girls who are up for money and fame. Once they have the baby, they hold the power.
    Seems Orlando is one of those “poor/stupid men” who fell for that. If it helps: he is not the only one out there.

    • Ok…but Orlando WAS in London (or still is ?)

      There were sightings of him at LAX yesterday….if she has been in the UK with him after she left NY she spent very little time there and too bad she couldn’t make it for that store opening…she could have been the one and only angel attending! Maybe she’ll attend the next one, if DJ doesn’t require her presence in OZ for some duties before the fashion show….

  10. Remember how many times and for how long (2 years?) we’d been reading the “we’re engaged/we’re not engaged” rumor, and various denials of it?
    This was like a game for her.
    I fear the same game has started now all over again, just with a different topic.

    With the engagement she finally got what she wanted in the end (as with almost everything else). I’d bet everything this will be the same procedure. It could take some time, but she will make it 😀

  11. Well we all know she follows trends. Seems to be the trend to break up at the moment. First TomKat and now Robert and Kirsten (ok so they aren’t confirmed broken up yet but he’s a bigger pussy than I thought if he takes her back). Maybe she just wants to be on trend.

  12. apparently there are rumours that Miranda and Candice Swanepoel do not get along. You can sometimes see the tension between them in photographs and videos whenever they do appearances and interviews together. I think it’s rather curious, since Candice has always appeared to be a genuinely good hearted person while Miranda’s “sickly sweet” schtick has always rung fake. I’d love to see Kerrazylies do an investigation on the situation!

  13. Check out this page, the tumblr site is about fashion industry confessions, this one about Miranda is hilarious!!

  14. In the recent weeks there are more and more negative reports about Miranda and on the long run it must be negative for her carrer as well. She won’t be “pretty” forever, sooner or later less contracts for her…so I guess she will get pregnant again soon. Orlando will be in The Hobbit (means his star will shine a bit brighter then) and getting his 2nd child would get them both in the extra spotlight again. So if news hit us about a pregnancy in the coming weeks….it was not surprising.

    • Only then it would be clear that Orlando cannot be the father because as we all know they were hardly together in recent weeks. And he stands there like an idiot; she as an adulteress.

      But as Flynn increasingly resembles another man…

      • Well, they are together now. After being in London Orlando flew to Australia to meet up with his family. Ever since they are together around….so a 2nd baby soon? Those news in the media with The Hobbit release gave them headlines for sure! I think Orlando is just as calculating in those things as Miranda – as long as it concerns his own (not so smashing) carreer. Celebrity babies are good food for the media.

  15. She is claiming that she is a certified health practitioner, certified after her son’s birth, can someone verify this?


    the certified coach thingy

    • Ahaha! Yes, I just watched a video of her mother pimping Kora during some workshop around australia and she repeated her Miranda is a certified health coach registered in the US at least 2-3 times! Along with the importance of buying CERTIFIED ORGANIC and not only ‘organic’ stuff! she’s right, I mean, you have to be careful with what you buy. Many people claim theur products are certified organic even when they still aren’t….*rollseyes*

      • I was just watching that too, wtf? Took all my restraint to not comment on the video pointing out that you do need to be careful of products that claim to be certified organic and aren’t for example…KORA! What nerve this family has.

        Also her comment on stretch marks being faded by KORA made me laugh. I’m no expert but from my experience most stretch marks fade with time anyway (but sadly don’t disappear) so it had nothing to do with kora it was more to do with the six month time period and the woman losing some of her baby weight.

        I love it, they caution people to watch out for bullshit while they’re spitting out bullshit.

    • IF Miranda Kerr would be a certified health practitonier, she could show a certificate.
      She did not until today. What makes me think that it is NOT. 😉
      I know myself well with computers and have no certificate, and therefore I do not claim that I’m an expert. 😉


    VS published a set of candids, no offence, but all the other models looks so much more down to earth than kerr. plus they like each other…don’t think they like kerr

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