Miranda Offends the World #324

It seems Miranda has caused yet another outrage with her “drugged up baby” comment (thanks Eva for THIS link). For those who missed or haven’t seen her comment here it is in its glory from Augusts issue of Harpers Bazaar:

Giving birth to Flynn: “I had made a decision that I wanted to do it [naturally]. I had been watching all these baby-bonding videos, and [without epidural] when the baby comes out it goes straight onto the breast” she explains. “Then they showed ones right after the epidural, and that didn’t happen. The baby was a little bit drugged up, and I was like ‘Well, I don’t want that.’ I wanted to give him the best possible start in life I could.”

This has all been spoke about but I like to jump on the bandwagon.

First off, your baby does not get “drugged up” from you having an epidural, the chances of the epidural even reaching your baby are tiny. Didnt they explain this in any antenatal class? Secondly, why does she always have to come out with these stupid comments that give judgmental back handed insults to the majority of mothers? Thirdly, why does she even have to speak about it at all? Flynn is 18 months now, will she still be talking about this when he is 21? Miranda is so hell bent on being the perfect woman and mother that she doesnt realise how she alienates people by wanting to be better than the rest of the world. Sorry sweetheart, you are the lowest of the low and always will be but remember, let your little light shine!


~ by nefratiti on July 9, 2012.

22 Responses to “Miranda Offends the World #324”

  1. I know I’ll surely repeat myself but…why doesn’t she just stick to what she can do best, whatever it may be? She’s a model, if she only sticked to posing and keeping her mouth closed instead of acting like she knew it all, it’d be a bit improvement. There are people who studied their entire life, called ‘doctors’ who sureely know these subjects better than a model.

    • Very true. She needs to stick with being a model, getting her clothes off and doing yoga poses in photo shoots. Thats all shes good at and she proves it by talking shit.

  2. Just when you think she cannot disgust anymore, here she comes and insults in a big way! She is so stupid, I cannot find the words! She should keep her mouth shut forever, she thinks she knows everything yet knows nothing, why doesn’t she learn that she always does this? I wonder what she will say to get out of this? She has lost a lot of fans over this I see! GOOD!

    • She always proves that she doesnt do any research with what she says. Dunno what videos she watched, maybe crack whores giving birth, I dunno.

  3. Well said, Dea! 🙂

    “Schuster bleib bei Deinen Leisten” (“Cobbler stick to your last”) we say here in Germany – it fits well with Miranda: stick with what you can – clothes and lingerie show off and let write the counselors them who understand the issues.

    And parenting is best you even left to those who understand it (eg. Orlando). :-p

  4. Didnt they explain this in any antenatal class?

    She will probably not have attend antenatal classes and have all the knowledge from TV-Series, DVD and the stories told by her mother and grandmother. 😉

    • lol yes. Her Nan knows it all it seems and her mother cured her own cancer. Bunch of nutters, they need to stop breeding.

      • Of course they know better than nurses and doctors or anyone else, they simply know it all!
        seriously, I hope she will change the record and stop talking about her labour…it’s been almost 2 years now and she’s still going on with that story, the 80/20 diet, yoga, pilates and organic life style…boring!!!

  5. Guys, let’s give the bimbo, uh I mean, earth mother, a break. Afterall, she has to try anything and everything to stay relevant, no? ANY attention is good attention, even if she has to spout nonsense to get it, you know. She does have a PhD in neuroscience and astro-physics, classes of which she took prancing around in her underwear, and sometimes naked. I’m sure her phans would take her words to heart and when they get preggers, they’d insist to go the route the bimbo, uh, earth mother has stated, fuck the medical problems they may encounter that may require them to get the epidural. Afterall, her friend and mother had cured cancer, what’s a little pain or medical problem that one may encounter during childbirth?

  6. What about the super evil chemical cocktail they used to induce her in the first place. She goes on and on about “natural” but she needed a drug from the get go. And I fail to see how she’s a super mom when she admits to working only a couple days a week and has a fucking nanny.

    Also my sister had a for real natural, pain free child birth and her baby did not go straight from womb to boob. I suppose it’s totally my sister’s fault though she doesn’t drink noni or buy kora. Has done some yoga though.

  7. epidural is inserted into the spinal fluid to numb up the area. Your blood does not absorb the spinal fluid, far from even filtering it into the placenta to reach the baby. but she watched some hippie video they from people who dont believe in science and then she calls it “research” oh ms kerr, you can’t hide the fact that you barely passed HS.

  8. I sincerely wish she would just stick to modelling. I’m so uninterested in her vapid and banal commentaries on this and that.

  9. I make the sound of a dying whale everyime she does something ………..stupid? Ignorant? I can’t think of a good word— dying-whale-sound-worthy.

  10. I agree with what everyone has said. I was going to say she should think before she speaks but I really dont think that would make any difference. She is pretty dumb and stupid and proves it time and time again. Saying what people want you to say “let your light shine, we are all flowers/beautiful/unique/amazing” etc does not make you clever and wise, neither does spouting a load of inaccurate garbage like this. I hope 2 things happen – 1: she actually stops trying to be the better person because it backfires on her, and 2: people actually see what a nutjob she is once and for all. I do know #2 is happening as Ive witnessed her fans with brains sitting up and admitting how much of an idiot she is. I wonder when the “Earth Mother” will actually come crashing down to earth as her want to be so healthy, organic and wonderful to OTT proportions will be her downfall.

    • She makes a ton of money, what else does she need? Your opinion? Yell as much as you want to, I don’t give a fuck about your words. You always accuse her fans. Look at you! You analyze her life so detailed that it makes me laugh! Like seriously, don’t you have something else to do? Why would you care about Miranda Kerr? Get a life! Oh and BTW, I am NOT a Miranda fan. I’m just incredibly amused by your ‘revolutionary initiative’ to demonstrate that Kerr is stupid… Maybe she is, who cares? YOU care. You’re so incredibly obsessed about this.. How many blogs/communities etc did you create in order to spread your ideas?
      Oh and BTW, don’t make the effort to write a 1000000000000 words essay in which you tell me how stupid I am because I am a Miranda fan, etc because seriously I don’t give a fuck about you and your Kerr-is-a-worldwide-threat ideas.. I won’t bother to read it! Wake up from your agonizing obsession and let your little light shine, sweetheart! xxx

      • Hmmm, so you analyzing my analysis makes you less sad how? You coming here and ranting even though you “dont care” makes you less sad how? You go on other “hate sites” and talk like this? Doubt it. Your words have made me want to close this blog, no, seriously. You have opened my eyes to how sad I am because I repost words, actions etc that take me all of two minutes and that makes me sadder than the saddest person in the world of sad. I mean I dont troll on blogs that I supposedly have absolutely no interest in and leave troll worthy comments, I mean that is sad but I guess Im even sadder than that!! /sarcasm

        C’mon sugar! You found this blog how? You know about other comms how (that arent ran by me)? Credit me with some intelligence, please. For someone that “doesnt give a fuck” you certainly seem very pissed off. I “dont give a fuck” if you read this reply or not to be honest because the old “youre so sad” comments get so amusing. I do a whole lot less than the fans/shippers but because they kiss her ass, I guess that makes them less sad? PMSL hypocritically hysterical!!

        Sorry, I know you didnt want the 1000000000000 word essay but tough, you got 1000000000001 words to match yours!

      • If you think Miranda isnt bothered by this blog then you are really thick. If you were a fan of hers you would know what this blog has achieved, if you arent a fan then shame on you for not finding out and making inaccurate presumptions. Fan or not, you sound very bitter and angry by this blog in some way. If you arent a fan I cant think why this blog would nark you so much to be honest. Some people find blogs like this sad, just like some find devoted fan ones sad. But you sound saddest of all for bitchin on a blog you say you have no interest in. I am not interested in or have no opinion on Jennifer Aniston, shall I go and bitch and moan on her for and against sites? No, because Im just not interested, even if I came across one by accident. Scream “no fan” all you like, you come across as one like it or not. Boo Hoo!

  11. I am glad this blog exists. I want to say something: there was a time when I worked on some charity projects and I wrote letters to Orlandos private home address, which I got from a friend in LA. By that time he and Miranda started dating. I wrote a lot about my own person and my ambitions concerning the project and the world.. I never got any form of reply, which was not surprising to me, but later I found out that Miranda was “quoting” some parts of MY letters. She saw things just the way I had written in these letters. Coincidence? Or was she reading his mail? We can’t know and I don’t want to claim she did, but reading MY words in HER interviews was very scary.

    I haven’t followed Blooms/Kerrs relationship after that but I am a studied psychologist now and in child therapy. In this connection I got back in the topic concerning their child. (celebrity kids) Non of us can say if they are good or bad parents but we can judge from what is visible on the outside. Just the fact that they travel that much with a toddler is alarming! It is not good for the baby! It seems they just want their lives go on like it was, but having a baby means changing priorities. Those 2 obviously have not.

    • It seems they just want their lives go on like it was, but having a baby means changing priorities. Those 2 obviously have not.


    • Nearly the same here, Evelyn. This is the reason why I do not dare (for months now) to send a letter away on him – because I’m afraid that SHE read it. Of course, not to his private address 😉 , but the autograph address – which would not prevent, of course, that’s she read (almost) private letters.

      Which Interviews was, Evelyn?

      And what you say about traveling with Babies or Toddlers, I thought to myself even for longer. 😉

      • I remember some interviews in the very beginning they were dating. She was very unknown to the world but then as super-hunk-Orlandos outed new girlfriend she was in talkshows and had magazine interviews. I can’t tell you exactly which show or which mag, but I read it and I heard her say it on TV as well.
        I did not follow the stories about those two until a few months ago. And I had no idea about things. I thought they were the most perfect couple in Hollywood. Well, obviously I was wrong!

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