Holding Hands.

What does holding hands prove? Obviously not that a couple is happy and in love. The above photo was taken two weeks before Katie filed for divorce. Same with this “solid” couple:

One week after this picture, they split.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on July 1, 2012.

14 Responses to “Holding Hands.”

  1. Ahah! Piercing entry! Surprised the TomKat pic was only taken 2 weeks ago, I missed that but I did remember the shot of Jen and Brad…rumors of him cheating with Angie had already started and such a coincidence Jen has a the same agent as someone else…
    Hollywood is all about image!!

  2. i think u are being very very desperate for posting this…
    sometimes i get annoyed by miranda, but everything can not be so ugly and wrong with her…if i would you i would ask myself what in my life is so sad and boring, i have to post things like this

    • This post isnt exactly about Miranda but is aimed at a certain group of people that think holding hands equals true love and a life long relationship. This post is showing that is not always the case. Oh, and this post literally took 1 minute to post, if doing a post that takes 1 minute makes my life sad and boring then yeah, guilty, but I suspect a certain group of people also have sad and boring lives (going by your logic) because they post more than I do, like, every minute of the day but thanks for your contribution. Let your little light shine hon. Love Kerrazy xxx

    • Wow! Who made you moderator? What is your problem? A post is made showing that celebrity couples can split when you least expect it, what is wrong with that? I think you are talking to the wrong people, the ones who are so desperate to believe that Orlando & Miranda are the romance of the century, the ones who truly DO live their lives through them and who post about their EVERY MOVE, THAT is desperate, especially when they tweet about things that have already passed days previously just to have a chance to tweet their names and get their creepy LJ advertised. But then I suspect that you actually are a shipper or Miranda fan and this post has hit a nerve and that is why you are on the defensive and attack, same old story. One day Orlando & Miranda will split up, get over it. All we will see are a certain desperate group of people wonder what the hell they will do with their lives. Thanks for trying though.

  3. I was surprised and not surprised by the Tom/Kat break up. I mean it’s about time, but I’m still surprised that it happened even though I always thought it was more for show than love. The timing was too perfect. His image was tanking faster than the economy and then suddenly he’s a happily married man etc, etc.

    I really don’t think Kerrbloom are gonna last, but I could be wrong.

  4. I also thought the same thing, as I have just seen the picture from Katie and Tom at Bild.de. The signature (by the editors): Whether Katie is thinking “If you knew?”

  5. I was surprised by the TomKat split in the way of I wasn’t expecting it so soon, but in no way do I believe it was a real relationship, I do believe the stories that she signed a contract and it has now expired, they always looked as awkward as hell in their photos, and pap set ups with him grabbing her wrist and her looking so sad, it is just a crying shame that they brought a child into this charade, that was stupid for Katie to agree to, I know a lot of people are singing her praises, but we must remember that she brought a child into this knowing that Tom was heavily into Scientology and that Suri would be brought up involved in it too. I will never understand why celebrities do these stupid set ups or deny they are splitting then a few weeks later they do split, why pretend everything is all OK and then do that? Weird as hell, but then that is a life of a celebrity, there is no normal, no down to earth, it is all a crazy bubble where all that matters is image, fame and money. I would hate that kind of life, there is not enough money in the world for me to ever live that kind of life.

  6. I could’ve sworn I read/heard somewhere TomKat had a contract/agreement for this marriage to be for 5 years. I never expected it to last, since it didn’t seem real in the first place. And somehow all the news about Katie fighting for sole custody and blah blah blah, all seem like their publicists’ attempts to keep them in the public eye. So much for them asking for “privacy in this time” when their publicists/lawyers are flapping their lips…

  7. I had a random thought today. I was watching an entertainment news show and they were talking about all the divorces and mentioning kids and for some reason the thought that crossed my mind was that MK & OB will probably split sometime around when they finally have to settle down and send Flynn to school. Right now they hardly see each other & can jetset all over with fun holidays & “work.”

    Once he goes to school they need to commit to a location and one of them will be stuck there resenting the other. Wait until it’s birthday parties with “normal” people & driving him to activities. I just don’t see her really settling into a domestic life. I think she enjoys the glamour of her model life just a bit too much despite what she says. Like I said, random thought.

    • Good point. I have a mixed opinion what they will do with Flynn, school wise. If they send him to a normal school, does that mean that either/both of them can still fly round the world and not see their son from one week to the next as they both may work? Or will they still drag him round but with some kind of tutor in tow? I dont think either way is healthy for Flynn but I seriously doubt either of them will give up their careers or work less to be with Flynn as they could do that now but they would rather drag him all over the globe than taking on less work and less travel.

      • I guess a tutor is probably more likely. I just don’t see Miranda as a soccor mom going to parent teacher meetings when she could be doing yoga and strutting down the runway in Chanel or just bra and panties. she says she wants a house by the sea with a vegetable patch outback but I think she wants the attention more. I don’t know about OB. I don’t know what to think about him anymore.

  8. Have you seen the latest photos of Orlando and Miranda in New York? They were about attending some theatre show. Orlando pulled Miranda after him. He was just catching her arm while she smiled at the paps. He looked nerved! It looked like she enjoyed it.
    To me this woman enjoys the idea of making other people jealous. She is a modern princess bragging about her prince. I thought they were happy but then there are no wedding rings any more, do they even live together in LA? Why was his beloved family not at the wedding? Has anyone seen photos of Miranda and his sister?
    Seems like she just cheated on him, became pregnant on purpose to get him on the hook. Orlando grew up without a father. He was told Harry Bloom was his father, who died when he was a baby. As a teenager then he was told that his godfather is actually Orlandos biological Dad and it mixed him up. So this is his weak point and Miranda must have known that. In the beginning of their relationship she already announced the pregnancy. With 30 she wanted a house and three kids, and not working any more. So I wonder when she will carry the 2nd baby? She has it all planned. And she must have known that she got Orlando hooked with a baby. A trophy to her. Seems after all there might be – love or not love – she won the game!
    And poor Orlando missed the chance for a pure, honest relationship with a sweet natural honest woman! Well, he is creater of his own luck! And it says “like attracts alike” law of attraction.

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