Miranda Has Always Claimed To Be Healthy

It has come to my attention that some think we are crazy for thinking that Miranda may still smoke, and how dare we think that, because yes, there is a photo from Summer 2008 of Orlando and Miranda smoking in the doorway of their apartment in Gran Canaria, so the logic according to these people is that was the last time she probably smoked, or around that time because AFTER that she got into the healthy lifestyle.. WRONG.

Miranda has always claimed to be healthy and here is just one interview I found from 2007 (A year before the smoking photo) where she mentions that lifestyle, and considering there are other articles and interviews from even further back I would say that Miranda has always claimed to be healthy, yet there is also a photo of her smoking with Elyse Taylor from 2004-ish (not sure of the year but I would say it is probably that long ago), so god forbid that we don’t take her at her word when she contradicts herself, and usual with her she talks the talk but doesn’t walk the walk. Plenty of smokers continue to smoke after they have given birth, it isn’t entirely unheard of, on the contrary- and as she was saying she lived healthily way back when she was smoking, who’s to say she isn’t still smoking? Don’t forget this is the person who studied Nutrition and Health psychology when she was in her teens.

Also it is a scientific fact that when you have smoked the poisons stay on your breath and on your clothes for a while afterwards and if you hug or be close to someone, be it adult or child, they can breathe it in from you, as we know Orlando is still smoking, that is possible, nobody is claiming he smokes in front of Flynn, but even if they were that isn’t uncommon either, I know plenty that do it but they think keeping the smoke and cigarette away from the child is enough, it isn’t.

~ by nefratiti on June 24, 2012.

24 Responses to “Miranda Has Always Claimed To Be Healthy”

  1. Thanks nef. I dont get what is so hard to get. MK has claimed to be healthy from the age of teens to now yet she has been seen smoking a few times in between as well as being drunk. Not the actions of a clean cut health freak. Like you also say, being around your child while you smoke or even after you have smoked is quite common. Do a Google search and find how cigarette smoke stays on your breath and clothes and how damaging it is for people and children. No one is saying he blows smoke in Flynn’s face or even offers him a drag but speculation and wondering if he smokes near him or before he holds him is a valid question. Anyone who thinks we are nuts for even wondering it are mad because a lot of people are ignorant to the fact that smoke lingers, we arent saying he does whatever he MAY do on purpose. A lot of people smoke in the doorway of their house (half in, half out) thinking its safe as the child in the same room wont breath in the smoke but 85% of cigarette smoke is invisible (known as invisible secondhand smoke) and gets blown back in the room or stays in the room, therefor the child breaths it in and the parent is non the wiser because the smoke is invisible.

    Here is the advert if people want to watch what we are talking about:

    • That advert is very scary, you really do not know what your children are breathing in, I am so glad my husband gave up when he did and our children have never had to go through this. I hope Orlando is keeping far away from Flynn when he is smoking.

  2. Wonder is these fans know about what happen to Alive NY and Kora launch….

    • What happen?

      • Liane Werner Grey claimed a freud by the founders of Alive so their website it off now and I think the event scheduled for june 30th is off to. And btw, even before this ‘scandal’, Kora wasn’t listed in the schedule of the events, there was a list of speaker and Miranda nor her mother were listed. If you actually try and search for Alive webiste on google, it’s gone.

      • So it is true that Kora was taken off the list before this was canceled? I wonder if Miranda and Liane broke up being friends!

  3. Who is saying such things? If its shippers of course they are going to make excuses for her so her lies can be worked round her words to make them truth. Everyone who has known MK for the past few years, even just pre-prego will know she has claimed to be healthy from a young age. Her mother worked for TNI (Noni Juice maker) so maybe she got the health kick from then but yes, always claimed it.
    You cant claim to be her fans yet know nothing about her – then know everything about her even her thoughts when it suits and fits your agenda.
    You can tell by the way she holds a cigarette that she is a smoker. A non smoker can never hold the cigarette convincingly unless they have had practice, I know this because my friends are always trying out smoking when they’ve had a drink even thought they dont smoke and the way they hold it is obvious they dont smoke. Miranda in the pic where shes with that other model with ciggy n her hand, with Orlando smoking in the hallway and in the 3D photoshoot she did when she was prego and holding a lit cigarette – you can just tell.

    She smokes – get over it. Why is it a surprise she lies? She has an image to uphold ffs!

  4. Oh, nice new look btw. Looks really good. Love the pictures at the top too lol

  5. Sorry girls if I take advantage of this entry, I apologize in advance, I just wanted to say that if someone here was interested in joining Mean Girls, contact me via Lj. 🙂

  6. She says she is healthy and I am sure she eats the fish and salad meals she takes the photos of, and I am sure that is probably all the food she eats! People who cannot see that she smoked back in the day yet still maintained she wasn’t a regular model who smoked and was all about health, yes! She was lying then, so not now? Really? Ha! I would not like to bet on that! I think he must stink of cigarettes and she must smell of salmon.

    • Yes, Kora was taken off the list before teh freud scandal and before the even was canceled. I can give you the link of the speakers list if you like but it doesn’t woek anymore, since alive website has gone…:/

      • Thank you. That is funny then, that Kora would not have gotten any publicity in America at all. It is funny that the website has gone, terrible if fraud was going on.

  7. @Helena Not sure when/where and if Kora will be launched in the Us, probably it will happen sooner or later but not with Alive.

  8. http://www.justjared.com/photo-gallery/2679263/miranda-kerr-flynn-tantrum-03/
    just thought this pic was finally a revelation to what flynn means to her. she never EVER tries to cover up the stroller. well she’s finally doing what she should, why now? cause flynn is crying, and is not photogenic when he does. if he wasn’t crying, do you think she would cover the stroller?!

    • Poor Flynn, how can any mother not care her child is so upset like that? If she cared she would have saw to him.

    • I’m wondering if that single shoulder strap thing is the norm in a baby-stroller, or if it’s broken on Flynn’s stroller? If that’s the norm, I’d think a kid could easily wriggle his way out of that when you’re not looking, no?

  9. I think soneone mentioned in a previous article about some pics on a place called kerrplop? Does anyone have a link to those pics?

  10. @dea83 Thank you for answering me

  11. Yes, that is called “Third Hand Smoke” & it is becoming more known as a problem. See this link “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Third-hand_smoke” for more info.

    And no wonder that baby was crying, w/that weird sun shield thing pulled down he probably thought the world had gone away!

    Love the new layout, btw!!

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