What Would Miranda Say?

Health freak Miranda says her hubby Orlando Bloom is healthier than she is. Erm… really?

Paparazzi pictures from the 18th show Orlando hanging out with friends and smoking a cigarette. Yes, a cancer stick!

Trips to the gym and eating organic do not cancel out the effects of smoking. Smoke on his clothes and breath are not good should he go near little Flynn after or shortly after a cigarette and if he is smoking in those pap pics, how many other times does he smoke near or with Flynn? Remember, he was asking total strangers for a cigarette in New Zealand a few months ago.

Maybe Liana Werner-Grey has given Orlando some advice? Smoke! You wont get cancer, cancer is a state of mind. Even if you do get cancer you can cure it so go on, fill your boots and fill your lungs.

Maybe Orlando is in that “self destruct mode” he has spoken about before as to why he smokes or maybe he is just enjoying himself as he has been out every night while his wife has been away.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on June 22, 2012.

26 Responses to “What Would Miranda Say?”

  1. Oh I’m sure that was an organic cigarette! *sarcasm*
    Lmao! It’s hilarious, while Miranda and her mother keep giving healthy recipes and posting pics of gluten free muffins and chia seeds and all the organic stuff could possibly exist, her husband keeps smoking. That’s the healthiest thing in the world!

  2. Smoking and being healthy do not go together but then again I think MK prob smokes, she seems to like varied appetite suppressants and smoking is one. He has always smoked and seems very addicted to it.You dont ask strangers in the street for a smoke unless you are deeply addicted. We know MK lies about health and wants him to come across as healthy also. Not sure if he has said he is super healthy. Eating organic isnt claiming to be super healthy, its just organic.

    • Just read this comment and have to give my personal experience on this, when I was dating my now husband he was a heavy smoker, 40 a day he had. He was so bad that one evening out in a bar he ran out of his cigarettes, he went up to a smoker and actually bought a cigarette off him rather than wait half an hour until we went past the shop that sold them. So yes I think that says a lot.

  3. I really think all of these claims that she makes of Orlando being super duper healthy is just something for her to say to keep up the appearance, just like when she says he uses her face masks and shit. I know he’s said it in the past, too, that he uses Kora, but again, I really do think it’s something to say to appear unified. I don’t believe he has ever stopeed or even attempted to stop smoking. Then again, I don’t think she has either. I have no doubt she smoked through her pregnancy and while she was breast feeding and she still smokes because, as it was mentioned above, smoking supresses the appitite and almost all models smoke, even the ones who deny it.

    • that’s good! that last straw would be Mk smoked! Of course you must be very careful when babies are around. You shouldn’t smoke by their side. But as Kerrazy has said really sharply, as cancer is a state of mind and you only die when you don’t want to go on living, no problem. Cancer is not near them. In any case, as her mom could cure herself from some tumours, just with her mental power, she will be able to do it again for her daughter and his son-in-law.

      • It is scientific fact that if you smoke then go to your child not long afterwards you still breathe the poisonous fumes from the cigarettes onto your child, therefore Flynn will be poisoned from this from orlando.

    • In my thought she is s typical model, underweight, smoker, bimbo, slut, lies to give a false image. She is all those things, people who don’t see it at this stage are liars themselves.

  4. Miranda goes on about white sugar being the worst thing you can put into your body, she needs to add smoking to that list! I find it hilarious that she has been crowing on about Orlando being more healthy than she is, yet he smokes so openly like this, almost like a “fuck you” to her because these photos like the rest are probably set up’s, it makes his daily gym set up’s look even more laughable, he is so healthy going to the gym everyday, just ignore the cancer causing stick on his mouth that he is smoking with relish!

  5. An addict is an addict. If you cant give up smoking or drinking for your partner, child or your own health then you are selfish. Like you said, its on your clothes when you smoke so you cant even say as long as he does it away it is fine, no, sorry. Im not bothered if he smokes or not but cut it with the healthy crap

    • I agree with this, my husband gave up smoking not long after we met as I could not stand the smell or taste of him, it was hard for him but he did it, I was so proud s he smoked for 23 years!

  6. Orlando has probably never stopped smoking, same with miranda, if people believe that they are both so healthy then more fool you, they seem to be unhealthy. I will await the day a photograph comes out with Miranda smoking, then what? Maybe she will be nervous?

  7. I am really sad that he is smoking, what about Flynn?

  8. I wonder why we’re even surprised anymore whenever she spews about something ‘healthy’. She tries so hard to come across as some godly Earth-Mother, it’s gotten more to the “she’s-a-joke” level. Orlando will never stop smoking. I vaguely remember an interview during the LoTR days where he said that he tried to stop smoking because playing Legolas gave him the incentive to live healthy. I dunno how long he lasted, maybe a week or two, then it was back to smoking again…work pressures and stress, ya know.

    • I am not surprised, but sadly the people who still believe her bullcrap say we are the crazy ones! They are as much joke as she is at this point.

  9. Well they already got that photo up on kerrplop of him handing her a cigarette in the same set where we got a photo of breast feeding. It was a family vacation photo and I never noticed that before until Kerrplop pointed it out, but it’s a ciggie alright, delicious organic ciggie. Maybe she just smokes chia seeds now?

    • Oh yes. Hadnt noticed that. Not sure if she is giving him a cig or taking one but it looks like she is taking one. Poor Flynn, smoked booby milk!

      • I pity Flynn, that poor baby asked for none of it.

      • I’m guessing he was giving it to her because I don’t recall there being much room to store things on her outfit.

        And “smoked booby milk” lmfao! I know it’s not funny that he’s getting nicotine but the phrasing cracked me up. Being a smoker I feel hypocritical pointing fingers at them but then again I’m not a parent and I don’t pretend to be a beacon of good health either.

    • Worse still then that they both still smoke, and when breastfeeding? Disgusting! I wish everyone could see her for what she is, none of it is nice!

  10. MK

    Mk in the her “Barbie Girl” clique days at high school.

    • Amusing thing also, is he looks like Miranda.

    • OMFG! I’m so happy you posted this because the entire time I was watching that show I thought of her and imagined that’s what she was probably like in private and at school lol!

  11. Silly, foolish sweethearts. O is smoking some organic rice paper that is wrapped around candy floss and fairy dust. He would never smoke tobacco or inhale nicotine. The “smoke” you see bellowing out of the cigarette are in fact spirits dancing around him. Love Miranda xxx

  12. Orlando hon is actually chewing on a stick of chalk because he is lacking in calcium. The “smoke” you see gushing from the cigarette is in fact chalk dust. Let your dark light shine. Love Therese xxx

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