Certified Or Certifiable?

Miranda recently claimed about how she was now a “certified” and “qualified” nutritionist and health coach to lecture help/advise herself and others. She said she did a correspondence course at John Fielder’s Academy of Natural Living but the problem is, the Academy does not offer qualifications or certificates or any “certification” of any kind and no exam is sat. Dr John Fielder says himself in this interview (please read the “teaching” section) that his Academy is just for teaching and personal education although an intern may experience a more in-depth training. Education and training do not equal a qualification. We may go to school to learn but that does not make us qualified. We may go to college and university to learn but we are not qualified just by learning, we need to sit and pass exams.

To cut a long story short, Miranda is claiming she is a qualified nutritionist and got the qualification at the above Academy yet the Academy offers NO qualification, just education on the subject. Therefor, Miranda is not qualified or certified in the subject she claims to be. I mean, it’s like claiming your skin care range is certified organic without it actually passing any certified organic tests… oh wait, she did that one too!

Thanks to Kerrplop for some of the info.

ETA: Isolde has made a great point. Why would someone that lives in America use an Australian Academy? Did someone back home in Australia read the paperwork sent by Dr John Fielder on MK’s behalf? If MK had any intention of studying this herself, why wouldn’t she use an Academy closer to home? If MK had any intention of getting a bona fide qualification, why wouldn’t MK use a place that gave out bona fide qualifications? Think about it!

~ by Kerrazy Lies on June 4, 2012.

12 Responses to “Certified Or Certifiable?”

  1. What a fraud. Great to see a new post from you!

  2. it’s like claiming your skin care range is certified organic without it actually passing any certified organic tests… oh wait, she did that one too!

    Ahahahah!! I’d love to be surprised but I’m not…I’m more surprised to see some people keeps believing everything she says!:p
    Thanks for sharing! Of course, waiting for some genius to jump here and claim what you posted and screencapped is fake…Lmao

  3. Of course this is a lie, it came from her mouth lol Seriously she bangs on about healthy living, trying to convince everyone how someone that skinny is so healthy. Healthy living is one thing, obsessing over what you eat, supplements you take etc is something else entirely. For one thing I dont think she even has the time to learn and do a course, she is so super busy being a super model, super mom, super wife, super business woman etc I find it hard to find time for myself with my busy lifestyle never mind someone like her. How she gets away with being a Gweneth Paltrow I dont know because Paltrow gets slated for going on how MK does. Odd.

  4. I just which that karma will eventually get her for all the lying that she does.

  5. Alarm bells were ringing when this academy was mentioned. I mean why would someone that lives in the US use an AUS learning centre? Especially one that offers no qual at the end of it. She could have easilly have went to here: http://www.seeklearning.com.au/natural-therapy-course/advanced-diploma-of-nutritional-medicine.asp to get her qual but maybe thats the point, getting a qual is either too difficult or time consuming. Also, as this academy is in AUS, where did all the paper work get sent to? Therese? Did Therese do all the studying instead of MK? Wouldnt surprise me I mean thats the only thing that makes sense why MK would go to an AUS “school” rather than one in US.

  6. And yet another fraud by MK exposed.
    Isn’t there ANY bigger or smaller thing in her life about which she has NOT lied (sometimes repeatedly) to or cheated the public?
    This woman is a scammer.

    Great to see you back posting, Kerrazy!

  7. Can this woman ever tell the truth or do things properly? why not just study and get the degree you claim to want and have? why lie about every thing? like kora, why lie about it being certified, get it certified dumb idiot. she is such a fraud, such a fake, such a liar. those that like her must be like her to see the good in her and ignore all the shit she says and claims. how can you like a lair? answer: you are a simpleton or a liar too.

  8. Well I think she finished two separate courses. One ( when she was young ) in John Fielder’s Academy of Natural Living and second in USA. She talks about the second one here:

    ” In fact I have just completed another course in the States and am now a certified health practitioner. ”

    Source: http://www.mindbodygreen.com/0-3098/Q-A-with-Miranda-Kerr-Yoga-Organics-Wellness.html

    • Nope, she did not lie about her being a health coach because she really did get a certification from her second course she did in the USA. http://www.koraorganics.com/blog/wp-content/themes/kora/library/timthumb/timthumb.php?src=/blog/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/MK-award-11.jpg&w=610&zc=1&zcp=1

      I have seen many skin care brands who are still trying to meet official organic standards e.g: Grown Organics is in the process of being certified by EcoCert, hence could only claim themselves as using ‘certified organic ingredients’ which is not a lie. I think it goes the same for Kora Organics when it first launched too. I believe, it is a very vigorous process to get to that stage, getting an official certification is part of evolving and I do see how Kora Organics is really trying to make a difference into people’s lives, not only from their products but also from the blog they make. The fact that they did get officially certified at the end proves their commitment to being an organic line.They are definitely not the best in their category from my experience, but the brand can work really well for some people (skin is not one size fits all). Certified organic products ARE expensive, I have personally used other organic/raw skin care and I have noticed that the lower price ones have water/aqua as their first ingredient but not in Kora’s case hence why making it very concentrated and thus the price. Really, it’s the customers’ choice whether they choose to buy or not to buy.

      People may or may not like what Kora blog says, but at the end of the day, it’s you who gather all the knowledge you have gained and make a choice to do what is best for you. I really appreciate what Miranda is trying to do, that is to educate consumers with feeding yourselves with nutritious ingredients and healthy lifestyle, and also be wary with what you put inside and outside your bodies. There is a lot of contradictions that can happen between Miranda and her job being a model; she promotes organic and healthy lifestyle and yet she is still very exposed to harmful ingredients in skin cares and ect due to her job. But I think it’s kind of hypocritical to judge a person that way.

      • To each her/his own. It’s also hypocritical to praise organic stuff and then promoting and being the spokeperson of a product like Clear shamppo that contains loads of chemicals.

  9. how do you even marry someone who lies and lies about almost everything, what would her child think of her someday

  10. can i just say I went to beauty college and studied cosmetic chemistry
    and if you read the kora ingredient labels it has ingredients such as soap scum remover, a chemical they use to put in batteries.

    There should be an online dictionary where you can find all this ingredient info. I tried it once and I have been fighting acne ever since.



    THE END.

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