Liana Werner-Grey

I know this is old news by now but I managed to find LWG’s posts on KORA blog (via Google cache) and thought it would be interesting to have all her dangerous shit in one place, just for future reference. Remember shippers and MK minions, Miranda May Kerr – your idol, approved LWGs dangerous posts, Therese backed up LWGs claims and Miranda is using LWGs “ALIVE” to promote her KORA. Miranda is not immune and is involved in this horrible mess whether you like it (or admit it) or not. With that in mind lets get cracking (get capping before the cached posts vanish).

Cure and prevent cancer by eating raw apricot seeds. One of the problems? Just the small fact that raw apricot seeds (like apple pips) contain cyanide and cyanide is effing poison and if eaten, even in small quantities over a long period of time can kill! Ignorance kills you stupid cow!

Eat raw food and your skin wont burn in the sun without sunscreen. Eating raw food does not turn your skin into fire resistant material nor does it give you the power of being able to walk on the sun or run into burning buildings stark naked to save your family.

There is already a cure for cancer. The most famous post yet. Not only can you decide whether you live or die if you have cancer, you can also survive, even if you are hours from death just by eating raw food. Amazing!

Liana is still defiant. Liana was asked about the cure for cancer post and is still defiant even though her own mother has cancer (and hasnt decided on her treatment yet). With a daughter like Liana giving her advise, I fear for the poor woman!


~ by nefratiti on April 10, 2012.

10 Responses to “Liana Werner-Grey”

  1. Nice one! I cant quite believe she still has no shame. All the stuff she states in those entries she states as fact. Im sure eating apricot seeds does make it impossible for you to get cancer because you have just poisoned yourself to death. Retard. God help her mother too!

  2. Hopefully she wouldn’t try any of this on her mother in a futile attempt to prove anything. That would be reckless and stupid. Her mother is better off with someone with more sense.

  3. This woman seems really confused and inconsistent. What does she mean when she uses quotation marks while referring to scientific evidence in the raw foods article? Usually I would gather from this that she’s being skeptical of scientific evidence because she’s quite openly stated before that she thinks science and medicine are all run by ‘big pharma’ and therefore no scientific evidence is relevant because it was gathered in a biased way to make money. But why then would she state that ““Scientific evidence” shows that raw vegan diets decrease toxic products in the colon.”? Is scientific evidence somehow only unbiased and relevant when it’s supporting her personal beliefs and any other evidence that doesn’t support her beliefs was all brought about by ‘big pharma’? And if this is her way of thinking, why does she imply in the one statement that evidence exists to support her claims but she refers to the evidence in quotation marks which implies she is being sarcastic about the validity of scientific evidence? Bizarre! Just to clarify, she provides none of this alleged evidence as reference for anyone who wants investigate the claims themselves.

  4. Thanks for this! The Kora Team can delete every post, but what has been posted on the net, stays there. They made a poor figure and their explanations can convince only people without a brain.


    Kora wants us to go to the doctors, apparently. Or they do when it covers their asses.

    This Werner-Grey woman is a complete nutjob and anyone who is that stupid as to believe anything she says deserves any ill side effects they may end up with. Same with Miranda fans and the coconut oil and Noni juice.


    yes anti vaccination, she needs a real doctor to write for her…but my guess is they would laugh at the blog
    the idea of vaccination is NOT to promote general health, but so in the case of exposure to certain diseases, children do not have to die.
    that blog kills people

  7. Humanity has been trying and fighting down disease since they realized people die when they contract disease and that idea about anti vaccination is just against all the efforts made up to now. Think twice, please, before you post in your blog something related to health that can do really harm to many people following that korablog. (In case somebody from Kora team is interested in reading our opinions). One thing is to say how healthy yoga is and eating healthy and yada yadad and another one, and very different and dangerous, is to promote anti-vaccination. People DIE without vaccination. You shouldn’t play at this risky and dangerous game. People can deprive their kid from the right vaccination simply for comments and post like those. BE CAREFUL WITH OTHER’S HEALTH. YOU WON’T BE THERE WHEN THEIR KID FALL ILL. WHAT WOULD YOU SAY IF SOME KID can’t get over a common disease or suffer from consequences for their life??? Don’t go so far. People is stupid enough to let themselves be carried away by the idea of a celeb.
    it is just dangerous, stupid and you should keep for yourself those ideas about mental power can heal cancer or work as if it was vaccination.

  8. I just found that Ms. Werner-Grey was removed from the Kora’s contributors list. .

  9. I cannot believe this woman, I am speechless that people make such dangerous claims. And as usual she is in connection with Miranda Kerr!

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