UPDATE: The Cancer Has Spread

Thanks to Jake for the heads up.

The outrageous “cure for cancer” BS has been published by The Daily Telegraph and Herald Sun. The story contains a statement from Carlii:

“The blog written by Liana Werner-Gray entitled Is There Already A Cure For Cancer is a reflection of Liana’s personal beliefs and ideas only,” she said.

“The blog is monitored for obscene language and defamatory material, however the bloggers are free to express their ideas and personal research.”

Now I have a few problems with this statement

1. Miranda herself has said many times she personally hand picked the contributors, contributors she knew, respected and agreed with. Read her words here. You read that? AMAZING posts by AMAZING contributors!

2. Nowhere in the statement does it say Miranda does not agree with Liana’s statement. Nor is there any apology for any distress or upset caused.

3. Therese (yes, THERESE KERR, MIRANDA’S MOTHER) is backing up the theory by saying she cured her own tumours too.

4. Liana has done blog entries previous that gave advice to cure that pesky cancer. That post and this post remain and are allowed. If Miranda did not agree or want such posts on her blog, she would have warned Liana to stop posting them.

5. If one of the bloggers started saying how all blacks and gays should be slaughtered… would that stay on the blog because all bloggers are free to express their opinions? I hardly think so.

It also seems that the “ALIVE” organization Liana is a co-founder of is also supported by Therese:

Their vision is to see people be fully ALIVE! ALIVE New York 2012 will be the inaugural event held at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square including a convention with Guest Speakers Dr Coldwell, Kevin Trudeau, Therese Kerr and other powerful leaders!

Are they in collusion together somehow?

This is just damage control that hasn’t really controlled any damage but I’m sure it will be enough for shippers even though Therese’s involvement and backing, Miranda’s lack of distancing away from the issue and lack of apology and Liana’s constant posting of cancer cures speaks volumes.

For those who think Miranda has nothing to do with this, cast your minds back to a comment posted on Mean Girls LJ. One person made a comment about Flynn yet the blog owner got the blame by shippers for allowing such comments. I don’t see how this is any different.

ETA: The shameful blog entry has been deleted but I screen capped it and here are the caps for those who may not have seen the entry that was there for a whole month: CAP1, CAP2, CAP3, CAP4, CAP5. Also, here is a cap very kindly sent by Vero where Miranda says she approves ALL blog post. Last but not least, the “cure cancer with apricot seeds” blog post has also been deleted. Alas, I did not screen cap it but you can still see the wacko theory in the URL here.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on April 8, 2012.

33 Responses to “UPDATE: The Cancer Has Spread”

  1. Brilliant. So glad this horrible affair has spread. Funny though, that blog post went kind of unnoticed for a month then you and Delphi bring attention to it and its in the news. Coincidence? 😉

    Love how there isnt anything from MK that says in no way does she agree with the statements by Liana, which you would ordinarily and an apology should ALWAYS be issued too. tut tut!

    • Im not going to lie, I did contact the DT and HS about this on Thursday, I also contacted the NY and LA Times too but maybe they havent run with the story yet or dont want to. I know others may have contacted the media about it too, not just me.

      • thanks so much for your all efforts and for trying and unmask such terrible statements that can have a terrible effect on people suffering from cancer. That’s something not to joke about. One running a blog with “so many shippers” must be specially carefull about who is writing there and what and which the effect are.
        I miss an apologize on MK’s part. Freedom of speech has a limit and that’s other’s health. Freedom of speech in an open blog is something to be very careful about. Not everything must be allowed and the damages can’t be controlled.
        Don’t know if this blog can be read by fans or Kora team. to apologize is another way of being elegant, sensitive and sensible to others and far from humillating the one apologizing makes her/them more human and better.

  2. Yep, shitty statement, but that us what Carliiiii is known for! It would have been much better if the statement said something along the lines of,

    “Miranda does not advocate Ms. Werner-Grey’s lifestyle choices or thoughts and ideas of curing oneself of Cancer, she apologies to anyone this has offended and will immediately delete the entry and not allow Ms.Werner-Grey to post again in the future”…

    THAT is how it should have been done, while it says these are Werner-Grey’s ideas alone, it still doesn’t say that MIRANDA DOES NOT AGREE WITH THEM, and let’s face it, this is Miranda’s blog, she said she handpicked these contributors, her mother is in collusion with this woman, Miranda has called her contributors, of which Werner-grey is one, “amazing contributors who make amazing posts, that are renowned” all positive things, so this doesn’t: “distance her from it” AT.ALL-FAR FROM IT!, TRY AGAIN MIRANDA!!

    • TBH Carliiiis word means nothing. How many times has Carliii lied? “they are not a couple” yet they were, even by Mirandas maths, they were cheating. “miranda is not pregnant” yet she was. MK has one of the worst publicist Ive ever known so what she says is kinda worthless.

  3. For those who think Miranda has nothing to do with this, cast your minds back to a comment posted on Mean Girls LJ. One person made a comment about Flynn yet the blog owner got the blame by shippers for allowing such comments. I don’t see how this is any different.

    Thanks!! This was the first though that crossed my mind!! But I guess not worshipping a celebs couple is far worse that speculating and writing bullshit about cancer….!!*sarcasm*
    I don’t have anything to add to your entry, you said it all, I just want to point out, in case it was missing that Alive Organization is involved in the Us Launch of Kora Organics, that will take place in june in NY,.

    • Lord… I don’t even know what to say. I suppose it’s a comfort to know that all this deep offense to cancer patients and their loved ones was all in the pursuit of selling KORA to the masses. That’s, like, totally important and it lets your little light shine and will make a sunflower into a rose.

      This chick is seriously off. I think it’s quite funny that she fancies herself a genius. A genius in designer heels of course.

  4. Hey KL, well done on contacting the papers! I’ve been on Easter break but now I’m back I still plan on contacting some other media outlets.

    I wonder if you might have taken a screen cap of the original post on the Kora blog? Of course now there’s been negative attention, the post has been deleted.

    • Oh my god, no way! It’s good that posion isn’t still out there, but now they’ll probably try and pretend it never existed.

    • Thanks very much and yes I did screen cap the entire blog entry as I did wonder if the post may get deleted if the shit hit the fan. I will post the screen caps as an edit to this blog entry ASAP and anyone can use it if they need to. Good luck with contacting other media outlets!

      • You and Vero are marvellous! Thank you. If anything happens in the media here in Australia I’ll let you know. Hopefully it will be big enough to have it’s own headlines and appear in people’s google alerts 🙂

        I’ve been rather non-caring about our friend Miranda for some time now, but enough is enough. It’s time.

  5. “Kora is a passion, and I enjoy being a businesswoman,” she says. “Nothing happens in that company unless it’s passed by me. Every week, we upload a health and wellness blog, and every week the team and I get together and I approve it […]

    from Sunday magazine – July 10, 2011 (you can read it here: http://www.dailytelegraph.com.au/lifestyle/sunday-magazine/mama-miranda-kerr/story-e6frf039-1226089878494
    or here: http://imageupper.com/gi/?galID=S0200010101P13339592941463581&n=1&m=1)

    It is a very neglected blog. There are harmless things even good ideas (that Miranda does not usually follow), mixed with others absurd and dangerous. And naive and impressionable people may not distinguish them. I hope these people develop a critical mind and don’t accept any thing just because a cute guru recommend them.

    • Thank you so much for the info and I have included the cap of the quote in the original blog entry.

      • Thanks to you and Vero for the caps of the blog!! Great job!! I had no doubt, even before you added the caps, but you made the right thing adding them, you know, just in case another genius tried to jump here and claim it was all a big misunderstanding!:D

    • wooow, thank you. so little MK told another lie or she agreed with the cancer healed by your own mind.

  6. Deleting it is too little, too late now, it seems to me that she looked for peoples reactions to carlii’s statement, saw we weren’t impressed then deleted it, but doesn’t she realise that its been on that blog A MONTH, the statement still isn’t good enough whether she deleted it or not, she is still in collusion with this fruitcake by using this womans ALIVE shit convention to launch Kora in the USA-so her hands are still filthy in all this, and THANK YOU to Vero for proving that she said she DID approve the posts made by the contributors, so whats your excuse now Miranda?? You will always be a dumb, conscience-less bimbo and you will never be able to hide your shit from us, we are way too intelligent for you.

  7. Dis-gust-ing! No way is that statement enough, it is lame and lacking in responsibility but then, Miranda always fails in this department. She can never hold her hand up and admit fault or even say the basic that she does not agree/condone Lianas words. Like you have shown she probably does as she supposedly okays every single post, I dont believe this but as she says she does the blame falls on her shoulders. I hope Liana pulls out of the KORA launch now her posts have been deleted but money money money is what these retards are all about.

  8. I am gob smacked over this & I agree that that statement is crap, I will spread the word over my Twitter again, it needs to be seen by all!

    • YEY! Best thing to do!! It is just a shame that most people don’t take any notice of Miranda “who is she?” Kerr outside of the fandumb.

  9. HEY! Just found this on Twitter posted an hour ago by that Werner-greys ALIVE shit- the link they give is to one of the “outraged at miranda” stories- terrible!!!

    stuid bitch

    I seriously can’t get over the defiance with this stupid woman, how is going on like this helping anything? They are just laughing stocks!

  10. Screw statements from Carliiiii about the blog entry, TK needs to make a statement about that claim that she had cancer and cured it with the power of positive thinking. she needs to lie and say it’s true or admit that she lied to Werner-Grey and all of the other Kerr acolytes who eat up every word that she and her daughter say.

    • I agree, as much as what Carliiiii is saying, the elephant in the room isn’t being discussed by anyone with eyes: Therese, and that needs to be addressed, Therese saying this bullshit is only proof alone that Miranda approved of this post in my opinion, that is why I don’t get why it is trying to be put across by Carlii as if anyone can post on her blog, this has her own bloody mother mentioned in it advocating this mad womans claims!!! I am baffled why anyone in the general public isn’t reading that part about “Miranda’s mother cured herself of cancer” and not doing a double take going “WTF???!!” That part ties it to Miranda alone whether she likes it or not!

  11. http://www.ntnews.com.au/article/2012/04/10/298241_ntnews.html
    yes, now miranda says the actress is never employed by her…she has been deleted by her kora blog, what a friend lol lol lol, and u wonder why kerr never has any friends. she thinks a papped session with lily allen is proof…come on!

    • Huh. At very least MK and Liana are friends as MK is using Liana’s ALIVE org to launch her KORA in USA so MK has to take responsibility to some degree. Many thanks for sharing.

  12. I just found this one on a very popular Australian blog. I hope this does some damage to Kora’s image!


  13. P.S. I’m so sorry; I had screen caps of the crazy apricot seeds cure post but they were on a hard drive which crashed a few days ago. Bummer.

    • I’m not sure if you guys remember but I nominated Kora Organics for a Skeptic’s Bent Spoon Award last year. It didn’t win, unfortunately, and they’ve since taken the nomination down so here is the nomination I wrote and it includes the URL for the apricot seeds nonsense (Kora has since taken it down).

      “I wish to nominate the KORA Organics by Miranda Kerr blog for the Bent Spoon award, for their bringing together of all sorts of woo into one place. From articles on blood type diets to frankenfoods to crystal therapy and reiki, this blog has everything pseudoscience has to offer!

      In one article, a regular blogger named Liana Werner-Gray, who has no medical training or background whatsoever, states that “Eating 7 to 10 raw apricot seeds per day will make it impossible to develop cancer in one’s life time”. I responded to this claim as a guest on the site and cited a few journal articles, which I found quite easily, showing that eating raw apricot seeds is actually a hazard due to potential for cyanide poisoning. The reply from her includes ludicrous statements such as “Just because there is scientific evidence does not mean it is accurate.” and “You seem to forget Guest that journals such as pubmed and many others are run by drug companies, hence you will not find articles confirming these results about apricot seeds.”[1]. Never mind that PubMed is a database run by the United States National Library of Medicine and not a journal run by drug companies.

      In another article, Liana states that a benefit of eating raw food is that “You can go out and enjoy the sun without sunscreen or getting burned!”[2]. She even refers to alleged evidence in support of her claims as “scientific evidence”, but of course fails to provide a single reference to a peer-reviewed journal paper, like so many of the articles on the KORA Organics blog. Another raw food advocate, Scott Mathias, quotes a guru of his and concurs that “When you eat cooked (enzyme-less) foods, you put a heavy burden on your body, which then has to produce the enzymes missing in the food.” [3]. I am a little concerned that a ‘Certified Integrative Nutritionist’ apparently knows nothing of basic biochemistry or the central dogma of molecular biology.

      One article states that we have seven main centres of energy called ‘chakras’ and that “Each of the main chakras is a different colour and each of these colours has the same frequency as the seven colours in the rainbow.” [4]. Need I say more?

      Shame on KORA Organics for using Miranda Kerr’s fame to lure impressionable people to their blog, which is filled with utter and sometimes dangerous misinformation.”

      [1] http://www.koraorganics.com/blog/live-in-my-skin/all-things-organic/organic-certification/preventing-and-curing-cancer-with-apricot-seeds/

      [2] http://www.koraorganics.com/blog/live-in-my-skin/all-things-organic/organic-certification/why-eat-more-raw/

      [3] http://www.koraorganics.com/blog/live-in-my-skin/nutrition/the-case-for-raw-plant-based-foods/

      [4] http://www.koraorganics.com/blog/live-in-my-skin/all-things-organic/organic-certification/chakra-balancing-2/

      • Yes, I remember and that is such an amazing post. Its a shame the nom got taken down but you state so many good (if telling people to eat raw food so your skin wont burn in the sun is good) points.

  14. I have missed so much! This is just unbelievable. How can people believe this? I cannot repeat what all has been so well said. Just shock! 😮

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