The Kerraziest Thing Yet

This is the most disgusting thing you can say. To anyone. Ever! “Hey, your father is dying of cancer, but he doesn’t have to die if he doesn’t want to“.

No one wants to die of cancer. NO ONE.

Don’t know what I’m on about? Well you obviously haven’t read this post on the ever enlightening KORA blog.

“Cancer is a dis-ease and is absolutely and completely curable – at any stage!” are the words that made my mouth gape with shock. Cancer can sometimes be cured, sure, sometimes, unfortunately, it can’t, hence the word TERMINAL.

People that take drugs have died of cancer. People that have used holistic methods have died of cancer. People that have visited Lourdes have died of cancer. People that have prayed and chanted have died of cancer. They didn’t want to die but they fucking well did. Cancer has nothing to do with “mind power” or “mind over matter”, this isn’t a headache we are talking about!

Imagine, your nearest and dearest has just died of cancer and you are told that they didn’t have to die if they didn’t want to. Would you be sad that this selfish person has just died and they really didn’t have to? Or would you be fucking furious that someone has just belittled a disease that takes the lives of million each year? If simply not wanting to die would make you beat cancer than no one would die of it surely?

Maybe this woman (Liana Werner-Gray) has appropriate qualifications in this field? No! She is a model and actress with no PhD or anything. In other words, she is not qualified to make such outlandish claims nor has she personally done any tests to determine if her claims are even true.

What has this to do with Miranda Kerr you ask? Well, the KORA blog is her baby, she hand picked all contributors and has said many times how much she holds the KORA blog up as an informative and helpful site and how her mother Therese backs up this rubbish then Miranda may have well have said the words herself as, to be honest, the whole post could have been taken down if Miranda didn’t agree with it but the post has been there almost one month!

Sorry shippers, this goes way beyond any kind of jealousy. I don’t get how Therese cured herself of tumors when she gave birth to one. If anyone can justify this, then I have no words!

Thanks to Delphi for the heads up.

ETA: Please read Claire’s comment as she gives further insight into Liana’s disgraceful advice about cancer.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on April 5, 2012.

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  1. I lost my father because of cancer 7 years ago and a cousin for the same cause, so that entry on that blog really disgusted me and gave me goose bumps, I couldn’t even keep reading, I had to stop after a few lines. I am speechless.
    Thanks for sharing the link so that it’s there for everyone to see. If the people on that blog and MK herself want to act like a guru and teach people how yo leave and eat, they can go ahead, everyone is free to follow their tips or not, but when you bring in the middle something as serious as cancer then either you are a doctor or you just need to shut up.

    • LIANA WERNER-GRAY response to this blog with WORLD RENOWNED CANCER CURING DOCTOR Dr Leonard Coldwell who has 92.3% success rate with all his patients!

      • Shame on you! Go playing with people’s health somewhere else.

      • lol yes. Go and post somewhere else… like, the KORA blog for example… oh, wait… :/

      • You truly should be ashamed of spouting your shit, how can you live with yourself knowing you may be responsible for people dying?? You disgust me, and this Doctor who has a 92.3%.. why isn’t it 100% if cancer is curable in any form and at any stage? I would wager that a lot of Doctors can cure some forms of cancer by 92.3%, that’s if it is caught early enough! Added to which just because he claims it is 92.3% success rate doesnt mean that is FACT either. Videos of evidence don’t prove a thing! To follow what Kerrazy has said in example, there are PLENTY of videos that show “evidence” of an apparent hologram plane hitting the twin towers even though anyone with a brain can see it is a real plane, yet it is stated as evidence and yet there is tons of 9/11 conspiracy theorists, again doesnt mean they are right, especially when every arguement and “evidence” they claim can be easily debunked. I will agree that I have read the odd story of people’s cancer apparently and seemingly being cured by things like drinking high quantities of vegatable and fruit juices, BUT this is also in combination with the regular cancer treatments so who knows what is doing what? There are people who seem to be miraculously cured from their cancers and some Doctors are surprised and dont know why, but these are few and far between and WHO KNOWS how that happens, but I doubt its just from what you say cures it, if there was a cure then the richest and most positive people would survive cancer, THEY DON’T! They still die. Fact is Cancer kills and if there was a cure that was 100% succesful for EVERY person at EVERY stage of cancer, we would know about it by now in a huge way, instead you give TOXIC advice, to eat seeds that can POISON you, therefore you are KILLING people, you are a horrible human being who needs psychiatric help, I DREAD to think what your Karma will be from this, and thepeople you love.. like your mother for example, how ironic that your mother now has cancer, I pray that she will NEVER listen to you and seek proper cancer treatment otherwise you will kill her, I wish her the very best and hope she recovers. You also want to hope that you never die from Cancer.

      • Excellent post nef. What I want to know, why is it just cancer that can be cured by this positive thinking and fresh air? What about AIDS? HIV? Huntington’s Disease? MS? Alzheimer’s? etc… Liana and these miracle doctors would be millionaires by now as people would go to them if they could cure cancer at any stage and like you said, why do these Dr’s have just a 93% cure rate when cancer is always curable at any stage? lol phail!

      • I forgot to say, Im all for people expressing their opinions and beliefs but actually telling people “this is what you should be doing” really gets by goat. People need to make these important life changing decisions themselves and having people TELLING you what to do is so wrong on so many levels. Robin Gibb for example, cured his cancer using chemotherapy, not just breathing in fresh air and is now in coma due to pneumonia. He doesnt want to die, he is a very positive person so going by Lianas logic, he shouldnt be ill at all. Curing your cancer by these simple methods if it was possible (according to Liana and her ilk) would save people and the medical world million and billions of dollars or could even make more money by charging people X amount of money for a 100% cure so why wouldnt it “catch on” if there was any truth to it?

        One thing that struck me about Liana’s blog post is that she never mentioned having the big C… same with Therese. Tumors arent always cancer. A tumor is a growth or swelling, not always sinister. So really, all Liana described was having growths or swellings in her lymph nodes (cough*glandularfever*cough). She never said she was diagnosed as having cancer so whats with all the “she cured herself of cancer” BS? lol

  2. THAT is absolutely disgusting. If there was an absolute cure for ANY sort of cancer then it would most certainly be on the market, and saving thousands, if not millions of lives. There is no such thing as MIND power when it comes this, it isn’t mind over matter.

    I have a friend who had stage 3 breast cancer and had a mastectomy. My friend was in remission and was doing good. Low and behold nearly a year ago, she started having severe pain in her back and rib cage. NO ONE SAW IT COMING. She was rushed to the ER very late December, where she was admitted into the hospital, a pet scan showed that not only had the cancer come back in a different form, but she had a tumor growing up her spine at a rapid rate. It CRUSHED two of her vertebrae. She had emergency surgery to remove it and the doctors said they removed every piece of it. She is/was positive with her recovery, even with encouragement from friends and family. What happened next shocked everyone. She was diagnosed with bone cancer.

    So no, mind “power” and spiritual belief (it actually sounds more like a placebo), cannot cure cancer. Nothing can truly cure cancer, you might be able to remove it or “terminate” it, but those cancer cells forever remain in your body. If something aggravates them, they can come back at a full force that might not be able to be stopped.

  3. Wow. I must say, I have vowed to keep my opinion to myself regarding Miranda and her blog bc it simply isnt worth my energy debating every word that comes out ofr her and her minions mouths…however, I take this personally. I might just have to have more of a say on the entry later, after i have stopped being so furious. I guess the kids I have watched rot away and die leaving behind destroyed families wanted to die. Amazing.

  4. Wow. I guess all the kids I have watched rot away and die of cancer over the years didn’t want to live normal happy lives. Because kids want to die. I mean who wouldnt. Of course. Amazing.

  5. Isnt this chick the one that told us all to brush our teeth with a lemon wedge? Now she is telling us to “think positive” and you can rid the world of cancer? She obviously has no concept of what cancer is or how it works etc Id like to discuss her experience if I may.

    She said she got a tumor in her lymphatic system blah blah but what it totally sounds like is that she actually had Glandular Fever and that made her glands swollen. Here is why:-

    “When I was 21 years old a tumour popped in my lymphatic system one day, which then led to glandular fever” [She had Glandular Fever that made her glands swell to the degree where they looked like tumors].
    “I spent 3 months healing and it was completely cured naturally!” [Glandular Fever can take 3 months to heal].
    “I remember one night I was laying in bed, and I thought to myself ‘well I am either going to die from this, or live from this, and obviously I am going to live since I know my time is not up, there is so much I am to do here!’ and in that instant I felt a complete shift in my consciousness and my healing began then.” [Hypochondria much? When we are ill and we give ourselves a talking to, we do feel better, like if we wallow in pity and feel sorry for ourselves, we feel worse].

    Also, another reason I think Miranda agrees with this is because this shit is very SGI. I have read the SGI forum you linked to and remember reading someones experience of an SGI member with cancer being told to “chant” to help their recovery. This SGI member died and when asked why they died when they chanted, a reply was “they did not chant hard enough”. Liana’s words remind me so much of this as it has stuck in my mind ever since I read it.

    I think Liana should be injected with cancer to see if her theory actually held water. Am I being cruel? Well no because all she has to do is wish it away and she will be fine!

  6. It is just disgusting and disturbing that anyone would believe this. I lost my brother last year to cancer and I guess all the chemo and radiation that the doctors did was in vain. I guess all he had to do is will himself to survive and he would of survived.

  7. i’m sorry, i almost peed myself when it said therese cured herself of tumors, it’s just too good! she cured herself of stage 4 cancer cause that’s what multiple tumors mean, lol, was she mistaking her moles and pimples for tumors? or was she describing her 2 fetuses?
    kerr is a premie, 30% have mental retardation, she fell into that grp today lolllllllololllll

  8. As someone who lost her mom to cancer (at 3 y.o no less) and then her paternal grandfather, this angers me. It is also scary cause there are people out there who believe it.

  9. Wait…okay, I’m not even kidding here, I really want to know…do the shippers actually believe that Miranda’s mom cured herself of cancer through the power of positive thinking? I mean…do they?

    “Did you know Therese Kerr who is Miranda’s mum healed herself of tumours?!”


    I mean…they can’t possibly think that she cured herself of cancer.

    Can they?


  10. This Liana woman is the same one who wrote a post telling people to eat raw apricot seeds to cure cancer. She provided no scientific references of course. I replied stating that raw apricot seeds actually cause cyanide poisoning and that there is published evidence for that, including case studies of cancer patients who poisoned themselves with seeds thanks to recommendations from people like her, and she told me that “scientific evidence doesn’t make it true”. *face palm*. She’s a moron, has never studied sciences such as biochemistry and physiology and has no qualifications. She has no right to make these claims without evidence and I can’t believe people like Miranda who claim to be all-caring are actually behaving like sociopaths by potentially endangering people’s lives with this bullshit.

    There is SOME evidence that diet, physical activity, psychology and meditation can influence recovery from SOME cancers to SOME degree but this does not mean modern Western medicine can be replaced by these things. If she relayed the information in this fashion it might be ok but she is effectively telling people to reject chemo and radiation therapy which is really irresponsible dangerous.

    Just one point I’d like to make; she writes that there is “already a cure for cancer” but anyone with basic scientific training will tell you that this is reflective of her clear lack of education on the subject. There is no such thing as ‘a cure for cancer’; that’s like saying there is ‘a cure for all infectious diseases’. Cancers are a variety of diseases and are caused by different genetic mutations, exhibit different genetic expressions and differ significantly in there proteomes. This is reflected by the simple fact that some breast cancers respond to the drug herceptin while others don’t, due to whether or not the receptor for that drug is present on the cell wall of the cancer. There are some forms of cancer that can be cured with modern surgery and medicine already so why is she making it out as if every cancer case is terminal when it’s not? For example, early stage bowel and skin cancers can be completely cured with a simple surgery. You wouldn’t leave a melanoma on your skin and try to positively think it away; that’s just idiotic. Liana clearly knows nothing about cancer but claims to and is putting impressionable people at risk. This article disgusts me.

    Shame on you Liana and Miranda.

    (I’m a medical scientist with an actual degree)

  11. As a medical student myself, I would say that the whole article is just like an absolute fairy tale. If cancers could be cured simply by thinking positive, then seriously what am I studying for? (It sounds like we don’t need oncologists since everyone can cure cancer by him/herself.) This is truly disrespectful to those who suffered from cancer and also very misleading. I’m sure positive thinking will help you live (or feel) better when you’re in pain, but it certainly can’t heal tumors. I’m disappointed about Miranda and her Kora Organics team as I’ve always admired them for promoting healthy lifestyles.

  12. cancer is often cause by genetic mutation and if you ‘will’ it, it will magically rearrange itself nicely and get rid of the mutation. Liana should publish this in a medical journal, I mean, we’ve been wasting so much money on drugs and therapies already!

  13. Well, that is the most disgusting thins of all, and if there is still a moron believing in her, this person should be really ashamed of it… and we’re talking about someone who is actual in the medical field.
    I think everyone of us has lost someone dear who died of cancer, as anyone in this world, because cancer CANNOT be cured, better, only few people have been cured and even doctors don0t understand why they succeded while other people didn’t. So now, shippers, explain me this, and explain why a ‘perfect’ woman like MK (as you think she is pure and perfect in every way) could possibly accept this statement on her blog, a blog who is supposed to be giving tips on you life and being an help for others… this is the best way to be a role model and give example, isn’t it?

  14. As a nurse who has worked with oncology patients, I find this article really hard to take and the author needs to pull her head from her a** and look at the big picture.

    Firstly, deepak chopra is a endocrinologist – not an oncologist. Secondly I doubt whether he really understands quantum physics – people who say they do generally don’t.

    People can be as positive as they like about their illness, try all the different medications, natural therapies, meditation and still die of their disease. Does this mean that they didn’t believe in themselves enough to beat cancer? I think not. Sounds a lot like “the secret” – and we all know that is just shit smeared in pages

  15. “Hi Jay! He doesn’t have to die if he doesn’t want to! Have him listen to ANITA MOORJANI on youtube… she shares her experience of when she had cancer, she had a near death experience, she ‘died’ and left her body, and chose to come back and she healed herself of 24 tumours!!! with nothing other than changing her thoughts and consciousness…”

    A reply she made. So basically this model with no medical/scientific background is implying that you can not only cure cancer yourself, but you can also CHOOSE if you want to come back to life? She’s living in quite the delusional world.

  16. Just a minute. That paragraph about ” She said she got a tumor in her lymphatic system blah blah but what it totally sounds like is that she actually had Glandular Fever and that made her glands swollen. Here is why:-

    “When I was 21 years old a tumour popped in my lymphatic system one day, which then led to glandular fever” [She had Glandular Fever that made her glands swell to the degree where they looked like tumors].
    “I spent 3 months healing and it was completely cured naturally!” [Glandular Fever can take 3 months to heal].
    “I remember one night I was laying in bed, and I thought to myself ‘well I am either going to die from this, or live from this, and obviously I am going to live since I know my time is not up, there is so much I am to do here!’ and in that instant I felt a complete shift in my consciousness and my healing began then.” [Hypochondria much? When we are ill and we give ourselves a talking to, we do feel better, like if we wallow in pity and feel sorry for ourselves, we feel worse

    Miranda Kerr dares to say that she suffer from lymphatic tumour and that she healed herself because she thought it was not for her the time to pass away???
    I really ask you for this because I can’t believe she is so
    unscrupulous, so demented unscrupulous woman? have you thought about the impact that this shit can have on sick people???? is she an idiot? nobody can put an stop to this woman? is she crazy? she can persuade people who suffer cancer that they can cure themselves simply by their power of will and wish to go on living????!!!!
    that simply shoudl be forbidden. I can’t say what I really think of this and her. I am horrified at this statements that can really put at danger so many people’s health who would be willing to do everything to heal from cancer. Horrified, shocked, scandized at this. One thing is to sell your soul for money and fame and do what we know she has done to get to that imaginary “top” and other thing is to talk about this subject. Horrified

  17. This has given me the biggest case of shock I have had from her yet! I won’t repeat what has been said, and everyone, you echo my sentiments EXACTLY. But I will say this PROVES what Miranda and Therese Kerr are, they would go so low as to back up claims of this mad woman so they can make some money out of it, they would shit on people who have died from cancer, their families, people who are battling with cancer now just so they can make some money on the back of this idiotic woman. How can people say Miranda Kerr is a sweet, innocent, caring, down to earth woman when she does this? She is more evil than I ever thought possible, and even if she takes this off her blog (which will only prove she reads Delphi and here AND it is too little too late seeing as though this crazy woman has made similar posts on that blog and this post has been on there for nearly a month) she has still given that woman a public platform, on HER blog a place that has HER name on it, she agrees with this woman for the simple reason she allows this Bullshit on her blog and her mother Therese is backing up the woman and making her own “I cured my tumours” crap statement, it’s not even about the controversial thing that some people think there is a cure for cancer already out there being kept from us to make more money out of people, that is peoples opinion (even if IMO it is highly unlikely) it is the simple reasons of this woman claiming you “don’t have to die from cancer if you dont want to, as you can cure yourself” -that is the issue

    How anyone can support Miranda Kerr after this I don’t know and it says a lot about the people that will still support her after this. Is Orlando really worth leaving ALL of your morals and intelligence at the door? Is he really worth supporting this wicked woman and all she and her family and friends stand for? If the answer is yes then you are as bad as them and you have seriously lost all your sanity.

    • THIS! You can be sure that, if anyone here or in other blogs/communities had dared write something ‘bad’ against Orlando or Miranda or dared saying Flynn is not the most beautiful celebs’ baby, some fans would have turned green and jumped in to mock anyone they could, calling out the blog’s owner as responsible for what they wrote, but of course since in this case MK is involved and that Liana was ‘only’ talking of cancer, which is not a big deal, they’ll pretend not to know and not to have read….*sarcasm*

    • Cancer can be cured naturally, look at the results 🙂 here is LIANA WERNER-GRAY response to this blog with WORLD RENOWNED CANCER CURING DOCTOR Dr Leonard Coldwell who has 92.3% success rate with all his patients!

  18. Sorry but it has taken me a while to be able to comment on this as I have been so furious. My younger sister died of leukemia when she was 6. She didnt want to die. She was in tears most days due to the absolute terror of dying. We all tried to get her to think positive as to make the time she had left less traumatizing. I pray to god Liana doesnt know anyone that will fall victim to the big c, not for her sake but for the sake of the individual that has cancer as imagine how you would feel if you were extremely ill and/or dying and this evil woman was telling you that if you die its because you dont want to live. Ive never felt such hatred towards anyone before like I am feeling towards Liana and yes I hate her more than Miranda but then again Miranda has been alllowing her posts on the blog for how long? and Liana has been spouting shit about cancer and ailments for how long? Miranda must be fine with this kind of thing. What next? Cure AIDS by detoxing? Rot in hell team KORA, rot in hell! How many of MK’s dumb fans will now turn down medical help should they ever get cancer because of this bullshit?

  19. Okay, so scientific evidence “doesn’t make something true” (how does one write those words without falling down in some capacity?) then how about knowing someone that stayed positive right to the very end of their battle with cancer and still died? Does that serve as proof you’re a dumb twat? This person certainly didn’t want to die. Does noni juice cure AIDS or is it just yoga + kora?

    Seriously, I’ve not been this disgusted with them since she outted her brother just to get the heat off her coconut oil blunder. Even though this isn’t her directly stating this, as others have said, she hand picked these people and she keep telling her fans she swears by their advice. You are what you hang with in the end. I’m also sick and tired of celebrities that are hardly able to read giving out health advice.

    • Natural is a way o cure cancer! LIANA WERNER-GRAY response to this blog with WORLD RENOWNED CANCER CURING DOCTOR Dr Leonard Coldwell who has 92.3% success rate with all his patients!

      • Yeah, watched your damn video and it still doesn’t explain why my friend who was one of the most positive people I ever met, SMILING on his way to kemo, died. Do you hear me? DIED OF FUCKING CANCER. He didn’t have swollen glands like you, ya ignorant dumb cunt. He had the real thing. I’m sickened that you sit there so casually and act as if people are out of line because they don’t believe in your fairy dust and good vibes. You can make as many of these as you want, you look ignorant as hell. I don’t acre to hear medical advice from a nobody actress.

    • The funniest part of the video is that the same woman who stated that scientific evidence doesn’t make something true the states that her claims of curing cancer with her mind have been proved by science. So…which is it? If you want us to think that science is out to get us and that we shouldn’t trust science, why then are you expecting us to believe you when you say that your way has been proved by the same evil you want us to ignore? I can see why Miranda likes this woman, she’s a big ball of bullshit and contradiction just like Miranda.

      • She also makes Miranda look smart by comparison. Suddenly the claims that noni juice and yoga fixing everything sounds almost genius compared to someone telling you to just lye there on your bed and “decide” to be cancer free. I think her, Miranda and the “I’m too Pretty” blog writting lady should all go get enemas together, infused with rose crystals of course.

  20. I usually only lurk and read this wonderful blog, but this has made me come out of the woodwork, scarlet faced angry doesn’t cover it. I am trying to spread this around on twitter so it can be seen, it needs to be seen by the masses, it needs to show the world what MK is and the damage she is doing to people. I agree that her supporters are crazy if they still support her after this.

    • Hi PIP,

      I totally agree, I used to just wander around the site and read various things, but after this post, I felt compelled to say something. What everyone has posted echoes my sentiments exactly. I wish more people could hear about this story too. All people see is a pretty face with a beautiful baby, so of course she must be the most virtuous pure innocent person, so caring and nuturing. (sarcasm) I wanted to believe someone this beautiful was really nice, I wanted to look up to her, but since the beginning she just rubbed me the wrong way. I guess initially I was jealous, I wanted to look like her, but enough is enough. She’s just trying to promote this entire lifestyle (of which her company kora plays an integral part) and make money off of her fans. “use kora and you’ll look like me” “think positively and you’ll be healthy like me” I can’t believe her. I hope there is more publicity about this kora incident, people should know the truth.

      • Hey, you shouldnt want to look like her. Truely, you dont need to look like her, Im sure you are a beautiful person. I sound just like Miranda then but I do mean what I say. You should never be jealous of someone so fake, Im sure you have inner and outer beauty which MK does not possess. Im glad you have seen through her, you are very smart too 😉

    • How can it be damage when people are being healed and given hope? LIANA WERNER-GRAY response to this blog with WORLD RENOWNED CANCER CURING DOCTOR Dr Leonard Coldwell who has 92.3% success rate with all his patients!

  21. I guess it’s true when people say it’s not how much you know, it’s how well you bullshit it. I’ve really tried very very hard not to wish ill on people but I think maybe I can make an exception for this woman. Maybe she should put her money(in this case, her life) where her mouth is, and take mirandolt with her…and show us the power of her miraculous power of thought and wish-to-live. I hope someone who had someone die from refusing medical help for their cancer because they believed in this person’s shit, sue the hell out of this woman for spouting her nonsense and mirandolt for condoning it on her blog.

  22. I just have no words.


    i love how they’re like it’s her personal opinion, okay, personal opinion is I think x,y,z. She’s preaching, people should SUE.
    btw, therese never had cancer! unless they can provide clinical paperwork calling it cancer, they’re b.s’ and calling swollen lymph nodes cancer. i have no words, no words for the level of fairytale, myth, amazonian folklore, the blog operates on. just shows you one thing: miranda, we know u think beautiful, but your poop still smells like S**** and your words still sounds like the girl who never got a college diploma. face doesn’t make up for intelligence, emotional sensitivity, or kindness.

    • Many people are curing themselves naturally…LIANA WERNER-GRAY response to this blog with WORLD RENOWNED CANCER CURING DOCTOR Dr Leonard Coldwell who has 92.3% success rate with all his patients!

      • Thank you very much for spamming my blog with a load of crap but you had the chance to really have your say and you wasted it with posting 20+ comments of nothing much at all. There is “evidence” the Loch Ness monster exists, doesnt make it true. There is “evidence” that Elvis still walks this earth, doesnt make it true. There is “evidence” that Chemtrails is going on, doesnt make it true. Like Liana Vermin-Grey said herself, “scientific evidence doesnt make it true (or fact, cant remember)” she totally shit on any evidence she may or may not have had, scientific or otherwise. If scientific evidence doesnt stand up in her eyes then she has no hope of any other evidence standing up. Or is it a case of scientific evidence isnt proof when it doesnt match her opinion? Thanks for your “contribution”, it was really er…. well, it was interesting.

      • I have just looked up Dr Coldwell and read his “answer for cancer” bit on his site. I do agree with some of what he says. Cancer cant thrive in an alkaline environment for example. I drink Willard Water on a daily basis to try and keep my body alkaline for this reason. I also think a lot of what he says is trash. The sun is good for us, it gives us vit D but it has been proven to cause skin cancer. Dr C does have differing ways to Ms VG and his methods are better than hers. Dr C says he cured his mother of liver cancer. The liver renews itself so maybe a non threatening cancer could be “cured” his way but I do not believe that cancer can be cured by epsom salts and clay baths etc and certainly dont agree with the phrase “slaughter called surgery, burning called radiation, or poisoning called chemotherapy”. Genetic cancer I dont believe can be so easily cured as its in your genetic make up but thats my opinion. I know lots of people who have lived a life of pure health and have got cancer.

  24. One of Discussions 101 basics:
    Endless repeating of an unproven allegation as an answer to any comment doesn’t count as a contribution to a discussion, nor does it enhance the validity of said allegation – on the contrary.
    It only makes the poster look pathetic and desperate.

  25. I googled WORLD RENOWNED CANCER CURING DOCTOR Dr. Leonard Coldwell as surprisingly I’ve never heard of him. Found this ( among other websites. It’s in german but I do recall that some of the regular posters speak German? Maybe some other people can read it.
    Basically it’s about numerous inconsistencies concerning Leonard Coldwell.
    And, before “someone” says it: I know, great men have always been misunderstood and discredited … but I don’t recall really great men seriously threatening people who critically report on your theses.

    He apparently changed his name from Bernd Klein to Leonard Coldwell, which
    although legal I find very strange – why would someone who thinks of himself
    as a serious scientist change his name?
    The only reason I see is that his new name is better sounding/more international
    which leads to the conclusion that he intended to make money with his person/charisma/image (and not with his scientific evidence) from the beginning.
    Which leads me to the next point:
    Those workshops he helds in the US could not be advertised like they are there
    in Europe, as that would infringe on EU Competition Law, as he makes several
    claims that, even if true, cannot be proved. I’m under the impression he earns a lot of money with the hopes of terminally ill people, as he has his program/method patented.
    The medical (cancer) industry is all about money money money and not about helping people, but he’s the one who’s allowed to make money out of this?

    This is a direct quote from his website which reminds me of the one Liana made:
    “His first cure was that of his mother who had developed Hepatitis C, Liver
    Cirrhosis, and terminal Liver Cancer with a prognosis of just 6 months to
    live and no hope of improvement. Today, over 40 years later, Dr. C’s mother
    is still alive and a perfectly healthy 76!”
    Somewhere else it says it has been 42 years. Shes 76. That means she was 34 when she was healed. How old was her son back than ???? If those dates are correct, (and they’re taken from his own website) in order to have been at least 18
    when he healed his mother, she had to have him with 16. Of course that’s possible, but it would still mean that he implicitly claims to be a wunderkind who developed his own healing program & healed people without ever having medical training.
    Now if he were a reputable doctor like he claims, why does he makes such
    claims?? His medical education and records should stand for himself, he
    shouldn’t have to imply that he can perform wonders. Very trustworthy.

    “the world’s leading authority for Cancer cures based on independent studies performed and substantiated by the Dr. Hohn Institute for medical research, with an historical cancer cure rate of 92.3%”
    I’m curious if someone found this institute, as I couldn’t find it through Google.

    I could go on. But the point is this: The reason why I should believe Lianas claims is the scientific evidence provided by Leonard Coldwell? In that case, I choose not to.

    • Fucking good post with excellent points. How weird he changed his name and was only 18 when he cured his old ma. I also Googled “Dr. Hohn Institute” and there is NO such institute called this.

  26. Hang on a minute here, the SHIPPERS moaned at us *FIRST* for a “poor taste” comment on a BLOG and held the blog owner to ransom for said comment


    say WE are hypocrites for moaning about an ultra dangerous blog post and holding MK (the blog owner) to ransom for said post.

    The SHIPPERS also said WE should allow freedom of speech


    they are the ones who constantly try to censor US all around the internet, 24/7.

    The shippers seem to be putting moaning about a celeb on a par with cancer. I think they should put things into perspective instead of calling us hypocrites when all the evidence shows they are exactly what they are calling us. It really perplexes me why the shippers are so fucking bothered about what we say all the time. From my experience, people only seem to bite when you hit a nerve.

    Who are the ones that constantly go over to the “other sides” blogs, LJs, communities etc? THE SHIPPERS, but only to tell us how pathetic, jealous, sad, evil, wrong etc WE are…. and THEY tell US to give freedom of speech? PMSL! Hypocricy to a whole different level.

    • Claps Hands!!

    • Very true but what the shippers also do is if one “hater” says or does something, then all “haters” get the blame. One “inappropriate” post shapes an entire forum, yet when we apply THEIR logic, it is wrong (in their eyes). Why arent the shippers ever consistant? Why do they shit on their own argument by contradicting themselves? lol Sad.

      • AND say the haters have no life yet most of the shippers spend every waking moment online shipping these two and making fluffy icons when not making sausage icons.

      • sausage icons.

        What?? Wow…ROFLMAO!!

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