Anorexic how?

Can anyone explain to me how some shippers called Rose Byrne anorexic (the comment was about this exact picture):

Yet Miranda is never called it but is the picture of ideal weight and perfect health:

Im puzzled.

Also, Miranda is one of the most famous “thinspo’s” there are, dont recall Rose being one.

~ by nefratiti on March 4, 2012.

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  1. Rose looks perfectly healthy to me, a bit on the skinny side but not anorexic at all. If she is than MK is too and so are most of the models we see…Sounds like a double standard to me, like calling a cheap dress classy if she wears it while calling tacky the very same one or a similar dress if another actress/model wears it.

  2. Ha! She don’t look like that anymore after Flynn.

    As for Rose: I watched the Oscars and I thought she definitely looked very thin (she’s lost a lot of weight since Troy) but so is everyone in Hollywood. She’s not at the point that I would worry. I think it’s more obvious on her because she’s not coated in spray tan. If they bronzed her up and plastered a vacant smile on her people would be talking about how much she’s “glowing” just like MK.

    • Looking at this picture from the same night of Rose, she doesnt look very thin to me, just slim and theres a huge difference:

      • I think it’s her strong jaw and the boney shoulders that make her look a bit more extreme than MK. Don’t get me wrong I adore Rose, but I have found she looked a bit “tight” lately for lack of a better word. She’s still beautiful and I don’t believe she’s sick or anything but I miss her with a just a tiny bit more softness to her. Regardless she’s a very talented actress which is more than we can say for others in her field.

      • Personally, I dont think Rose looks any kind of extreme over MK. Rose is slender on top but looks kind of pear shaped, with MK you can see her jutting collar bones that look sharp. Either way Rose isnt anorexic, MK is a famous thinspo, do the math 🙂

  3. this is photoshop:
    Miranda was bigger, then she slimmed down and her fame and money went up. Not a good moral, but is like that for every celeb.

    • Thanks for that. I had no idea it was Photoshopped but to be honest, there isnt a huge amount of difference between the pictures and she still looks way too thin in the non Photoshopped picture anyway. I have always seen MKs hip bones, sternum, ribs, spine, shoulder blades etc jutting out and that is never normal.
      sharp ribs omg those ribs could cut glass.

      • This is it, it doesn’t matter whether it is a manipp or not, bottom line is she is NOT skinnier than Miranda, therefore how can she be anorexic in a certain shipper’s eyes??? It is complete bullshit! Look at her hear AFTER Flynn:

        She looks skinnier than Rose to me!

    • Thank you, Vero. I did question if it was a manip because I don’t remember ever seeing any pics of hers with her waist that small.

  4. That photo of Miranda is disturbing.

    • She is disturbing in herself, but it the pic is not photoshot it is really a bag of bones and surgery flesh. Nobody can have that shape of ribs!!! the torax box is surrealistic

  5. Rose is slender, but she looks healthy, and not anorexic at all. MK’s picture – – seriously disturbing, brrrrr…. Scary! Besides, Rose is shorter. And glittery black fabric might play tricks about one’s appearance. Other pictures of her do not make her look so harsh as she might appear there. MK on the other hand has that airhead look in every single picture I’ve ever had the dis-pleasure of seeing. ‘Nough said.

  6. If it was so damned easy to go from being heavy with child to a size xs in two months, every woman in the world would be able to do it. Miranda did it by starving herself but, like everyother model or actress out there, she is going to deny that and say she is nothing but super healthy but the truth is that they look they way they look by starving themselves and Miranda is no exception and it takes and idiot, like the complete and total idiot who made that tweet about the picture of Rose, to believe that a panty model’s body is achieved by only healthy means. Some people are just too dumb to live.

  7. And, btw, I think Rose looks beautiful in that dress.

  8. It is possible to look too thin to the point it’s disturbing.

  9. Is MK’s pic a manip? Because I don’t recall seeing her being curvy like that, EVER. Even before the kid. She’s pranced in practically nothing her whole life so I’m pretty sure she’s never been that curvy. There’s also no way that could be after the kid because everyone and their grannies know that she likes to flaunt those “so full of earth-mother milk for her darling child” boobs, and them boobs are pretty much non-existent in that pic. I couldn’t be bothered to go look for her old VS pics so if anyone can do a comparison for or against that argument?

  10. I think Rose is slightly on the slim side but she isnt head on like Miranda is so Rose is going to look a bit thinner than what she is because she is to the side. Miranda on the other hand looks disgustingly thin and is standing head on so what you see is what you get. Id rather look like Rose than Miranda and Im not just saying that because im so jealous of Miranda that I secretly want to look like her – far from it.

  11. Well let us not forget, Orlando said he was proud of her for losing the baby weight and getting in shape, how can you proud of that unless you are a shallow piece of crap who likes a woman to look like a skeleton? I think the fact that Miranda and his ex Kate Bosworth have been skeletal say it all, Orlando is the decisive factor, makes you wonder if he makes a woman feel bad about their weight if they are not skinny enough, looking at his super skinny mother Sonia I wonder if she has had problems like that too and that is why Orlando thinks uber skinny is normal and sexy?

    • tbh I dont think he makes these women feel like this, you can tell Miranda is pro thin by the way she has ignored anorexia comments on her facebook and not addressed the thinspo issue. kate is still up and down with her weight to this day so she obv has issues that has gone on post Bloom. bruce willis will tell you the same

      • TBH I think he is “attracted” by women who are insecure, a lot of guys are and someotmes they can play on those insecurities, in Kate’s and Miranda’s case, their weight, both obviously have an eating disorder, I find it far too much of a coincidence that two partners of his have this same issue and are very similar personality types (not very clever, seven years younger than him, both changed their religion for him- and look up to him as “wise”) no way is all that a coincidence, I think Orlando can’t cope with a wise, intelligent, sassy, comfortable in her own skin woman and chooses these little girl type women because he feels like he can cope with them and feel their “better”, which is what I think he gets a kick from, lets face it what wise, intelligent etc woman would like and even look up to Orlando? He is an immature, shallow douchebag, he wouldnt be the first man to choose the giggly little bimbo, stick thin arm candy to feel better about himself.

      • Helen, Orlando had Kate=bones. Miranda=bones. A male should not say “happy she lost fat!”, it is wrong! A male telling world, bad message to young females!

  12. Who ever said this abotu Rosie is obviously jealous of her… see what I did there?

    • Yes, that HAS TO be it, otherwise why would you call a woman anorexic when they are nowhere near? That is also going by shipper logic, of which there is none! Rose is a very pretty woman, I have heard she is also petiite (around 5 foot 5 in real life) therefore that also makes a difference. Miranda is meant to be what? A size zero-double zero? She is also meant to be 5 foot 9 inches, that is waaaay to underweight for a woman that size!!

  13. Also to keep this post “legal”, I have to say Rose looks fine to me, She looks like a slim woman who is slightly pear shaped, in no way is she is as skinny as Miranda.

    • I totally agree with what you wrote up above about Orlando and his ex gfs and their inscurities.

      • Thank you. I think he was that tired of being bossed about by his mom and ruled by her that he went the opposite way when choosing a partner, a nice submissive bimbo, but with Miranda he was tricked, but realized when it was too late!

  14. You know the ONLY point is Miranda is skinnier that Rose, that is way obvious, so if to them Rose is/looks anorexic, then what is Miranda? And what is Orlando for being proud of her getting back to being uber skinny and only getting with skeletal chicks? Answers to these questions please shipperz!

  15. Rose, beautiful female! Her body rounded!! Miranda sharp, too skull and bone. Unfake males choose rounded!

  16. Also at Victors Fashion sow, Orlando cheered and screamed for her, he said that it is hard work for these girls to look good, he classes skeletal as good, again he say skin and bone good!

  17. I think the moral of the story is; whenever you fawn over a superskinny celebrity, never ever call an equally superskinny or lesser skinny celebrity anorexic. Its like a guy who is married to a redhead calling other redheads ginger mingers. If you catch my drift.

  18. Just read this in an article entitled “Warning: Don’t Believe These Celebrity Beauty Lies.”

    Myth: “I was in a bikini six weeks after having my baby

    When asked what a “normal” amount of time to get back to your pre-baby figure would be, Erika Schwartz, MD, an expert in hormone therapy, starts with the ideal scenario: “Without complications during birth, if a woman follows a healthy diet, increases sleep to 8 hours a night, and gets exercise three to five times a week while breast feeding for an average of three months,” she says, “it takes about eight months to a year.”

    So let’s hear Miranda tell us again that she was back to a runway sample size zero in two months after giving birth by doing nothing but breastfeeding and yoga.

    • Don’t forget the noni juice. It fixes everything and it can run your car greenly, fix the economy (like anyone REALLY has money problems, whatev, buy Kora!) and make ugly people less ugly because it’s all about letting your little light shine, sunflowers! Laaaaaa!

    • You know that people will excuse it as every woman is different or that it is her job to get the weight off quickly.

      • You know that people will excuse it as every woman is different or that it is her job to get the weight off quickly.

        Well both those statements are true, but it also doesn’t mean she did it in a healthy way. Of course she’s not going to admit that she did anything unhealthy though.

    • Sorry to rain on the hate parade, but I lost all my baby weight in less than a month. I was back to surfing by 8weeks post baby. I believe healthy eating was a huge factor as I’m a vegan, but also an active mom with a young son to chase around and to top it all off I probably got my thin Chinese father’s genes although my mother’s side are all overweight.

    • Breastfeeding, as well I forgot to mention – it really does help you lose the baby weight by burning 500 calories per day just making milk

      • In reply to both of your comments. I dont recall anyone saying it was impossible to lose your baby weight quickly, it is just not recommended. MK also probably wasnt chasing after her son because she has (and always has had) nannies. She was also not seen holding him for months after giving birth. Also when you breast feed you are meant to make up for the loss in calories by eating more. Losing weight that quickly usually indicates you are under eating or overworking your body. Losing weight gradually through healthy, low-fat eating and moderate exercise is important. Losing weight too quickly releases toxins (PCBs and pesticides) that are stored in your body fat into the bloodstream, which, in turn, increases the amount in the milk supply. It is a medical fact that losing weight quickly is not good or healthy and is certainly not recommended, especially while breast feeding. So no, you havent rained on any “hate parade” as you completely missed the point anyway.

  19. First : It’s a photoshopped photo. Second, Miranda is very thin by nature, I’m not skinny but my hip bones, and ribs in certains position, are visible. Plus, I have a friend really thin, she looks anorexic but she’s not ! We have all our own body type. I want to be a nutritionist so I will see a lot of eating desorder, which is a unhealthy relation to food, and Miranda is not like that. But yes, some informations on Kora blog are not all safe and without scientific proof, it’s a holistic approch of healing, but we can learn so much of some article based on scientifics fatcs. (btw sorry for english, it’s not my maternal language.)

    • Yes, we did find out it was photoshopped in the end. Miranda is not very thin by nature as when she was a young teen, she had a very normal body with meat on her bones and no evidence of any bones poking out and her thighs used to meet at the top at one point, if she was naturally skinny she would have been just as skinny then too and she wasnt. The fact that Miranda is anemic suggests to me that she does not eat correctly. The fact that she has to take a million and one supplements also suggests she doesnt eat correctly as why doesnt she get all the nutrients she needs through food? Her eating habits are very picky and faddy and she almost seems scared of anything remotely unhealthy even though we can all enjoy everything in moderation. I knew someone that used to make themselves sick, not to be anorexic/bulimic but just to maintain the weight they already had. Miranda has said she is finding it harder and harder to keep her body, who knows what she resorts to or will resort to to keep in shape.

      • Baby fat ? Plus, more you have muscles, more you burn calories to keep them, if she has gained muscle, it would be an explication…I don’t know.
        That’s right on this point, I’m not in her kitchen. Maybe she’s anemic because she was 5 weeks (if i well remember) premature ? (I don’t know if it can be an explication…). And she don’t eat a lot of red meat, that would be a reason to take supplements (for iron). I think too that she takes maybe a little too much of supplements, but she seems to have keep the pleasure when she eat (that is english ? =D). But in the over hand almost evryone has lack of magnesium, essential fatty acid, iron, etc…(even in eaten very healthy). If she studied nutrition, she just may try to give to her body what he needs…
        But it’s her life, if she doing wrong it’s her responsability. I just take the “positive” in reflecting on what I read, on Kora’s blog as your blog, there are really good things in her book. But I can understand, some fans can be completely obsessive and not use their brain, putting them at risk…Miranda can’t all controlled on her blog or fan’s interpretations…, and we can’t too. Someday you see people so dumb that it’s unbelievable. You look at the sky, say “thank you i’m not like that” and keep going.

      • I dont think you have “baby fat” at around 13 years of age if you are “naturally” skinny, nor did she have muscle. Naturally skinny people are naturally skinny throughout their lives, besides when she was 13 she wasnt fat or chubby, she was probably a perfect weight/size for her age. Also, being 5 weeks premature does not mean you are anemic in adulthood. 5 weeks premature isnt a great deal early and would not cause any complication in adulthood. She is anemic because she does the faddy Blood Group diet but that diet hasnt been scientifically proven to work and has been called “rubbish” by many scientists, dietitians and nutritionists alike. If she ate for her body her body would not scream out in need of supplements. She eats to keep her weight low. She did a post on her KORA blog about what she eats in a day, someone and myself added up the calories of the entire diet she gave and it came to around 1200 calories. 1200 cals for someone her height, her approx weight, her life style, her workouts is considered a starvation amount of calories as your body needs 1200 just to breath. We could stay in bed all day yet we would still need 1200 calories just for our body to function and, as we know, Miranda doesnt stay in bed all day. Her recommended daily calorie intake (including working out 3 days a week) is advised at around 1700 calories to maintain her weight and 1324 calories to achieve fat loss. If she works out 5 times a week, her 1200 calorie intake would fall into the extreme fat loss category.

  20. I thought of “baby fat”, because Rosie H-W said she lost her when she was 18, but I don’t know more about that.
    It’s possible that she eat only 1200 cals per days, but she said, and I agree, that you shouldn’t count calories, focus on the nutriments, so she doesn’t count.
    But if she were so under-alimented, she couldn’t have this glowing skin, she couldn’t have Flynn (and he wouldn’t be so big !), she would have huge lack of energy. Plus, there’re so much differents types of anemia, and without knowing miranda’s type of anemia I can’t take that as a “clues”/”evidence”. Plus if her body is not able to take all the iron from food it could be genetic, not her responsability. So she takes supplements). With 1200 cals she were skinnier and skinnier. In my opinion her diet is balanced and healthy. But she maybe lost weight for modelling, but in a “almost healthy” way. And when she was young she ate a lot of ice cream, chocolate ans fried chicken; she stopped eat them. And (again, sorry) in a old Dolly interview she talked about what she ate at time, and she ate a lot, 5 meals/day. And finally : when you grow up you gain heigth and loose fat.
    When you are passionate about health and food (as me, and as Miranda if I well understood) you make search, and you discover how you hurt yourself and your body everyday for some industrials drugs (ex:white sugar), you want your body to become stronger and you want to teach everyone about nutrition (it must be borring for other peoples =) ). I don’t think Miranda would hurts herself. But yes, I think she had not enough “meat” to make her sexy, before Flynn. Eat 1200 cals only is dangerous but I think the relation cals/weight is much more complicated, that would explicates she doesn’t eat a lot but it doesn’t affect her body in a bad way. Moreover she takes all this superfood because she obessed whit health store, I know what it is #guilty 😉
    Anyway, I’m not nutritionist (not yet =D), I couldn’t all explicate.

    • I’ve just find thid on Kora’s blog :
      “I have always suffered from low iron (Anemia). As such I supplement my diet with Floradex plus I also eat foods that contain the highest iron levels.
      Personally I eat a lot of sea vegetables, pumpkin seeds, nuts and iron rich vegetables”

      • “I have always suffered from low iron (Anemia).”

        So do most young women. Because they aren’t eating enough so they stay thin. Anemia is damned near an epidemic on college campuses because young women are drinking and not eating and smoking to stay thin. I suffered from it in college…when I had myself down to 1000 calories a day and was working out like a fiend, running 8 miles a day six days a week. Miranda takes a fistful of supplements everyday to make up for the fact that she isn’t eating. You can regurgitate her rambling about a healthy diet all you like but the truth is, she follows any fad diet that comes down the pike. She was on about the blood type diet for years then stopped and now she’s gluten free. I’m sure she did the no carb thing until it went out of style. She’s a model, no model has a healthy diet. They say they do because they don’t want to set a bad example, they don’t want young girls mimicking their true eating habits and getting sick. the problem is then girls read that all they have to do is drink Noni juice and eat steamed fish and gluten free muffins and do a little yoga everyday and they will have a body like Miranda’s and when they don’t they wonder what is wrong with them and feel just as bad about themselves. I think that if you want to find yourself a role model for a healthy lifestyle you shouldn’t look to a model at all, especially not one who spends her life in her underwear.

      • Had another thought: I’ve heard a lot lately about people that get so obsessed with being “healthy” and not over eating that they actually end up malnurished and underweight. I think MK’s the poster child. Sometimes I think she honestly believes her own voodoo and thinks she’s just being super duper healthy by cutting calories, doing tons of exercise and doing juice fasts because everyone “says” it’s the right thing and she so desperately wants to keep the body that makes her the cash.

      • As usual Eruberueth you hit the nail on the head. Looking at Miranda as a whole, the anemia is more evidence of her starving herself, Also why is the fact that this active woman is only having a calorie intake (of the diet she herself as given) of 1,200 calories being ignored?? As kerrazy said that is what you need to survive (ie if you stayed in bed all day and didn’t move, 1,200 is what keeps your body working) therefore she is having way under what she needs! She is admitting she is on a constant diet!! I challenge any of you here to go online and calculate your basal rate and how many calories you need to just stay alive( and if you stayed in bed all day) obviously it will be around 1,200 or more calories a day, and we all know Miranda doesnt stay in bed all day, therefore she is admitting she is taking in too little calories for her body needs-therefore she is on a constant diet!-how is this healthy?? Also on a side note, Miranda SMOKED/S, this cancels out a LOT of iron from our blood and guess what?> Makes us more prone to anemia. I really think that she has anemia for bad reasons, as it all points to it.

    • While I appreciate you are taking Miranda at her every word, you have to admit she has lied about a lot about her healthy life style so how do we know what she is telling the truth about and what she isnt. She claimed she didnt smoke yet we have found proof she did. Saying you shouldnt count calories, just eat healthy can be very dangerous. I could eat healthy by living off salad all day. Id be severely under nourished and lacking in vital vitamins… like Miranda. Her skin also doesnt look radiant to me. Without make up her skin just glows from the grease and Ive also known many anorexic women that have given birth as well as obese people. It is possible. My Grandmother was born at 13lbs yet her mother (in 1921 while pregnant) wasnt healthy, she was very skinny. It has been known that your child while pregnant can just sap all the goodness from your body to take as its own, that is why your child can be large despite not being a huge eater yourself. Gestational diabetes can be a reason also why you would have a large baby. Going past your due date can lead to a bigger baby and male babies are known to be larger than females. 9 out of 10 models do drugs or smoke to keep their weight down and why do you think Miranda is obsessed with Apple Cider Vinegar? ACV is known to suppress the appetite. Its great you take what Miranda says as fact and think she is a good role model (if you do) but we dont and have found her lies out on too many occasions to actually believe what she says. Look at her Instagram, showing off Dior/Chanel make up when she claimed she ONLY uses organic. How she parades and shows off her many designer goods yet tells everyone else that they should buy organic clothing etc Sorry, but Miranda is a known liar and hypocrite, I dont believe a word that comes out of her mouth or the type that comes from her fingers, words are easy to say but actions speak louder. Miranda talks the talk but does not walk the walk. Sorry if I seem a little ranting, Im not ranting AT you, just ABOUT her.

      • The thing is there is no point in quoting her words at us as any kind of proof, no offense but Miranda Kerr lies about the most silly and simplest things, what she eats is one of those things she could be lying about, she is trying to sell a squeaky clean, i am perfect image, so what is she going to say? “I eat junk food all the time, smoke like a chimney, oh, and I do a bit of coke”? She is underweight and that is a fact, I dont care about the whys and wherefores, but that photo of her with the corset on from the back is DISGUSTING, that is not a healthy womans body, you can tell because her weight fluctuates a tiny bit, sometimes she is more skeletal than others. Yes all models are probably underweight and unhealthily so, but this blog is about Miranda, and if people believe she is super healthy just because she says so and posts pics of a few healthy meals doesn’t mean she still isnt starving herself to some degree.

  21. I can’t remember if it was this specific post or another but it was brought up that MK’s saying she’s having a harder time keeping her body and probably become more desperate and willing to do even more unhealthy things. I have noticed that her workouts have increased. She mentioned in her rebok interview that she’s been working out “a lot” and now she’s talking about yoga, pilattes (sp?) and resistance training when it used to just be yoga was her cure all with some resistance training.

    On another note that’s not related to anorexia but linked to the rebook thing in that interview they asked her what were the five things she needed to feel most fulfilled and while Flynn made the list Orlando did not. She’d rather be doing yoga, eating and being in nature. I just found that a bit odd.

    • in that interview they asked her what were the five things she needed to feel most fulfilled and while Flynn made the list Orlando did not. She’d rather be doing yoga, eating and being in nature. I just found that a bit odd.

      You and me both!

  22. her anemia may be genetic like mine.
    i am no way near underweight and i eat normally but my haemoglobin is on the lower side. my mother and sister have the same problem.
    we also are thalassemia gene carriers so may be that is the why.

  23. I dont really care about Miranda, but I do find it disgusting how she is bragging about loosing weight after giving birth (sooo incredibly fast) or staying so thin just by “living healthy”. The reason why i think its disgusting is that few years ago i weighted 48 kg, but during that time I ate only 2 apples/day or 2 oranges/day along with walking all day-since my job required to run up and down 10 hours without any rest. That is the reason why i ate so little-i didnt have time to eat and later i could not eat since my stomach got so small. It ended with me getting really sick and having a surgery. My point is-i wasnt thin as the models even when i was basically starving. One can NOT be that thin by eating healthy or any of that crap, you be that thin when you eat NOTHING. Even at my thinnest days i was still fatter then Miranda. Now that I DO eat healthy and do a healthy amount of workout i weight 13 kg more!
    And about the loosing weight after giving birth-so much about having the oh so innocent personality. When a child is born, shouldn’t the mother spend time taking care of her baby, bonding with the baby and not focusing on loosing weight by being at the gym all the time? A mothers priority is the well being of the newborn baby, not the size of her ass-at least the first months of the childs life, for God’s sake. Some example she sets for other empty headed mothers-to-be out there.

    • And about the loosing weight after giving birth-so much about having the oh so innocent personality. When a child is born, shouldn’t the mother spend time taking care of her baby, bonding with the baby and not focusing on loosing weight by being at the gym all the time? A mothers priority is the well being of the newborn baby, not the size of her ass-at least the first months of the childs life, for God’s sake. Some example she sets for other empty headed mothers-to-be out there.

      Quote every word!!

  24. She’s maybe like that, I can’t proof that she says right, and I can’t proof she says wrong. But a thing I know for sure is that she has inspired me. To dream bigger, no regrets, I eat healthier thanks to her ( and my skin looks so much better with more water, almonds and nuts). I still believe she’s healthy (a person can be thiner than her in eating a lot, I had see that). And yes she had smoke when she was younger, like a lot of people. She maybe lies but I like the fact she’s not perfect, I’m not expecting from her to be perfect because nobody is. I just want to thank her. And to thank you for your time, have differents points of view is impotant =) .

    • Well, we have proven her to lie so much we cant take her words seriously anymore. If she has inspired you then thats great. No, no one is perfect but she wants people to think she is and to lie all the time isnt a nice or good trait to have. I agree yes, all opinions are important.

    • Sorry, but can she only inspire fools? I think so. She is a liar, proven here and places, why can liars inspire you to be healthy? Can you not make the decision yourself to think, I want to live long and healthy? I don’t understand she is an underweight model who stands in her panties for money.

    • You know if we cant be healthy for ourselves, if we need someone else to tell us the obvious then we should be ashamed of ourselves. We all know we should be healthy yet it takes the advice of someone else before we actually do anything about it? Sorry but that is strange. I dont do a lot of exercise, I know I should because its healthy yet I admire Pen Cruz but I wouldnt get on a treadmill just because she advised it, I already know and make my own choices in life because I am my own person with my own brain. Dont mean to be rude but I just dont get it. I know people that have no legs and can climb mountains can inspire or people that have had heart attacks and ran marathons can inspire but a model….. that takes her clothes off for money? Sorry, do.not.get!

      • She brought me to more informations, you can’t learn everything by yourself, listen other with a open mind can teach you so much ! If you can’t get it, it’s great ! It won’t change my life, nor my mind about Miranda. Have you read her book ? That is inspirational ! One of favorite quote is : When you see yourself as unique individual and understand that you are truly irreplaceable and that everyone is different and special just the way they are, you get the opportunity to really accept who you are and fully embrace yourself.” That is something that I didn’t think before, but it’s so true =) That’s my opinion. I chose to take care of my health because she motived me and she’s not the one to do that ( a great girl ! )
        I have a brain, and this brain I will use it to try to make a positive difference, I think it’s possible, but I have so much to do yet (I know I can’t save the world but…).
        If you can take care of yourself by your own without follow celebrity’s tips (not all of course ! There are not all so good) good on you ! It’s great, really ! You’re stronger than me on this point. That’s all and I accept it.

    • Here is some free inspirational advice:

      Donate to at least 3 charities a month. To give to needy people is always a wonderful thing.
      Do voluntary work a few times a week. To help those in need is always a wonderful thing.
      Turn off all your electricity for 24 hours. That way you can help the environment and save money.

      There you go, free inspirational stuff you can do that could change your and others lives. All obvious and true but me thinks you wont do any of it. Anyone can inspire anyone, you dont need to be Miranda Kerr.

      You get my point.

  25. This photo here:
    is the most disgusting picture i have seen of her, you can see her whole ribcage, how can anyone say she is healthy when she has looked like this? It reminds me of the photographs of Kate Bosworth when you can see her sternum:
    With two girlfriends like this I have to ask, is this what Orlando likes? Bones sticking out? It is too much of a coincidence to have two partners like that.

    • I want to add, that while I can understand a man being with a woman like this whom he loves because it is not just the body you are with, I do not understand how he could be with a woman for sex like he was with Miranda, that is the most worrying thing, also the fact that Kate was slim but normal when she got with orlando, it makes me think he likes his women to be underweight, and before I get blasted for that, there really are some men who like bones sticking out on women as awful as that sounds. I remember when he was with Kate and I suspected that he liked that look, I even said to myself “Well we shall see what the next one is like”, and lo and behold, we had/have another woman with bones sticking out.

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