Actions Speak Louder!

If you are one of those people (like me) that believes in the power of body language, then this post will interest you. If you ever find yourself saying “look at the way he looks at her, he definitely loves her” or “look at the way they are touching, so in love” etc then you are a conscious or subconscious body language watcher.

Apparently, eyes are the window to your soul and I and other body language experts believe that the direction you look in when talking can be a big give away to whether you are lying or not. I’d like to focus on just one eye movement (remember their right is your left):

Up and to the Left
Indicates: Visually Constructed Images (Vc)
If you asked someone to “Imagine a purple buffalo”, this would be the direction their eyes moved in while thinking about the question as they “Visually Constructed” a purple buffalo in their mind. [source]

So, to the left (their right) is all imaginary (i.e made up, lies, fake).

With that in mind, let me show you this video of Miranda talking about her KORA and organic lifestyle.

See what I’m talking about here:

   < is just like >  I actually lost count how many times she looked up and to the left (her right). This is all without the very stiff and unnatural hand movements she does in the video, but that is another matter.

Take it for what it is or with a grain of salt, it’s up to you but if you have ever referred to any kind of body language as proof of your point then you can’t really argue with this.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on January 25, 2012.

46 Responses to “Actions Speak Louder!”

  1. Very interesting…:D

  2. VERY interesting.

  3. SHe is a liar! She is always looking like that, and so is Orlando in some interviews. Some people like to think that Body lang isn’t taken seriously, but considering the police are trained in body language I think that tells you all you need to know. Everything about Miranda Kerr is all manufactured, a careful crafted image that started with Therese pimping out her young daughter as a child and making an image for her that she has taken through life and built upon over the years. How anyone believes Kerr just baffles me, like any other celebtard she is all smoke and mirrors.

  4. She is such a liar.

  5. So according to you guys Orlando is telling the truth on this interview, seeing as he don’t look up to the right in it?

    • Trying to take the attention away from Miranda I see.

    • lol Just watched the vid with the sound off (have to because of the place Im in) and I saw quite a few body language oddities as well as him looking up to his right. Will have to watch it later with sound on then do a low down on it. Thanks for the link 🙂

      • and maybe this person doesnt get that there are other body language signs, not just looking up and right.

    • Right, I didnt really want to go into such detail with this as it is taking away the actual point I was trying to make in the post above and the post is nothing to do with Orlando whether he lies or tells the truth but here we go.

      0.34, he pulls his legs close to his body which indicates he is trying to conceal something.
      1.10, his legs seem to be very fidgety, a sign of being uncomfortable.
      1.25, he looks up and to his right (lying) which is a split second before he makes the “my lioness”.
      3.48, the tone of his voice changes dramatically to a tone which doesnt coincide with a tone he uses regularly/at all which indicates he is uncomfortable and his voice is trying to cover up his true feelings as it is put on and fake.

      Also, he looks to his right a hell of a lot as he is looking at the audience so this is an unsure indication of anything as looking to the right in general when talking is a sign of lying. He also doesnt give a huge amount of eye contact to Ellen, he shuffles in his seat a lot and looks around a great deal too which are all signs. His laugh when Ellen asked who Flynn looks like is also very interesting, I mean, whats so funny? Laughing at inappropriate times can be a sign of guilt, panic or nerves but it was a simple question – what is to be nervous about? But whether he is lying or not is irrelevant because the post was about Miranda, even if you want to say he is telling the truth, ok, so Orlando tells the truth and Miranda lies… any better? I replied with what I did because you seemed like you were trying to make a point, what that point was, I dont know.

      • Also forgot to mention, too much detail is also a sign of lying because when someone has made the decision to lie they will work out many details of their story. Many times there will be incredible detail with their story and like OB said himself “TMI” regarding the peeing in a bottle story.

        All these explanations arent from me but are from experts so dont shoot me, Im just the messenger.

      • Orlando has always been a fidgety kind of person in interviews but NOTHING like how he has been in the last few years, now he comes across as drunk or high, with the OTT wide eyes and the face gurning has reached crazy levels, just like someone who is drunk or high and trying to pretend they are sober so they over compensate. All I know is he is acting very strange in filmed interviews these days and even more so when Flynn or Miranda is mentioned, yet why if he is happy, telling the truth and in love? It should all flow naturally nervous or not.

      • RE the peeing story, I don’t know who the hell made that story up but I don’t believe it is true, only for the simple reason that in your birthing suite there is a toilet en suite in that room, so why wouldn’t he nip to the toilet? I don’t know what it is about Orlando and pee but thats twice he has had a pee story to tell on chat shows that are to do with the woman he is with (first pee story about Kate) Maybe he has a pee fetish?

      • I just wanted to reply on the peeing issue. First off, pee fetishes or “water sports” which include Golden Showers are much more common than people think. I still don’t understand it, but it’s definitely way more common than most people care to talk about (more so in men than women). Miranda mentioned in that disasterous 178 Minute interview bs that their family joke is that he’s a capricorn so he likes all that gross stuff or whatever, could be a hint.

        The other thing I don’t get about the peeing in the bottle thing, other than the en suite toilet making it pointless as other’s mentioned is that it was all over the LOTR dvd’s and interviews with the casts that OB has a shy bladder and if you talk to him he can’t pee. Now I understand desperation will make you pee anywhere I’ve a shy bladder too, but even given a penis I imagine someone with a shy bladder would find it exceedingly difficult to pee into a bottle in a crowded room (didn’t one of the stories have her parents there too?) in front of strangers delivering your first born with your wife screaming her way through natural birth that’s even more painful because she’s been induced/enduced/spelling isn’t my thing.

        As for the Kate peeing story I always took that as a passive aggressive jab at her. He spent almost four years refusing to even acknowledge her and then she got superman and must have thrown a fit because he finally started to show some PDA and talk about her and THAT’S the story he choses to share? I’d be pissed (no pun intended) if the first public story my BF shares is about me pissing on his foot on a beach. They didn’t last much longer after that. Of cours ALL of this post (aside from the water sports info) is just personal opinion and speculation. If I knew either of them I wouldn’t bother blogging about them lol!

      • Thanks for your post, I really enjoyed it. I totally didnt know about the shy bladder thing, that completely doesnt make any sense why or how he could pee in a bottle in front of people and strangers.

      • @Lydia

        Good point, I remember that story about him not being able to pee if people were talking to him and looking at him, LOTR guys, especially Dom, repeated it several times.:P

      • brillliant, simply brilllian. He must lie not to show she is such a liar and try to justify why he is with her. Everybody would understand if he said the true: I have no way out, I do it for my son.

    • I also want to leave this out there for people who believe all Orlando does and says: the kind of guy who doesn’t mind/gets a kick out of men looking at his wifes body is a guy who doesn’t deeply love his wife but is with her for the wrong reasons, shallow reasons the “LOOK WHAT I’M FUCKING GUYS-JEALOUS HUH??!!” A man who truly loved his wife would hate her sharing her body with the world the way she does and not be “proud” of her. Trust.

      • Well this is hardly scientific info but capricorn males like to be the guy with the trophy on his arm which she defintely plays into. I think she likes the idea of being his arm candy and he certainly doesn’t seem to mind. He wants to be with the chick all the other men want and I’m sure she gets a kick out of having a heart throb husband. It fits into her image of perfection.

        I’m very interested in seeing how long it all lasts.

      • Im back and forth with star signs as they can be spot but can sometimes be way out. Id say Im about 99% like my sign yet my sister is about 40% like hers. It can differ so much but it does seem that he does chose the trophies, whether that is for personal or public reasons I guess its debatable.

      • Reply star signs: I was heavily into it as a teen now it’s mostly fun. I found the more you dig into it the more it’s not just about the sun sign but the whole chart and all the planets influence and what part of the cycle you were born in etc, which is why sometimes you can have some traits but not others and all that jazz. It’s a lot of fun and can be helpful but obviously not a science. Still I sometimes find it helpful in determining character/motive.

      • Absolutely

  6. Well, what to say about this. From the first moment I watched that video I knew it was all an act, all fake. I couldnt put my finger on it but its just the way she talks and acts, its obviously fake. I always go by body language, its tells one so much and yes the constant CONSTANT looking up is a dead give away. Remember the article on MK where the interviewer said she changes when she talks about Kora – she does but I think she always has an act on as in videos she comes across as so unnatural in the way she moves, looks and talks. Also, I know this is slightly OT but in other videos when she is showing her Kora range, she puts the stuff on her skin all wrong. You DO NOT pat such things onto your face, they need to be rubbed in. Fake Miranda is sickly sweet, pretends to know so much but really knows so little. I think the real Miranda would be such a shock for us all.

  7. I’m glad that you made this entry because I have been wanting to say something about this for YEARS. I have watch her eyes and wondered how no one else can see that her facial expressions just SCREAM that she’s lying. You can see where her eyes wander when she’s speaking and see the gears turning, see that she is fabricating every word that comes out of her mouth.

    • Ive always noticed it too but only yesterday stumbled across a site that gave detailed analysis and saw it matched Miranda lol

      • That was a good find. I also agree with you about Orlando and his body language. He’s always been a figitter (omg I have no idea if that is even a word or if I speled it correctly lol) but lately he has been downright spastic in his interviews and I have ALWAYS equated the size of his lies by how much he shifts in his chair. Side note, I alway took the shy bladder thing as something Dom and the rest of the hobbits made up. They made up a lot of stuff during those dvd extras becaue they are a bunch of smartass pranksters.

  8. I do go by body language because it i your sub-conscious giving you away without you realising. Miranda is a born liar she gives herself away each time she speaks by how she comes across and she is acting constantly, it must be very tiring being her and being “on” 24/7, considering she has done it all her life she is a BAD liar!

  9. Wow, if the body language shit is true than KORA tests on animals because she did a big old up and over with her eyes during that statement. I guess it’s okay as long as it’s all in the pursuit of noni and organics.

    Also if she’s not that big into cardio and running (as she’s recently stated) why did she put it in her damn video about her super healthy life?

    • OMG really?? I am completely against animal testing and the like. Maybe she tests on Frankie as we dont see her these days, maybe she has been given away to a lab to test on mommies KORA lol

      • Oh dear, Sidi’s been MIA a lot lately too! I guess it’s true, once they have kids the dogs get demoted back to just animals. HA!

        I have to agree with Em. This blog has definitely changed my opinion of her. Her looks and connection to OB are about the only things I enjoy about her now… and her clothes. All superficial things, seems appropriate.

      • I dont mind that anyone finds things to like about her. I actually like people to come here that like her yet can own up that her shit smells just like anyone elses and she isnt perfect. Its those that turn a blind eye to all the evidence from her own mouth that proves what a liar and fake she is and put all the blame on us for writing lies that I cant stand.

  10. Ive been lurking around for a while now and I love this blog so much I’ve been checking here everyday for a new post. And you post this gem and it’s so true. The amount of times Miranda looks up to her right in interviews is just ridiculous. It’s so distracting and so obvious she’s lying through her teeth. I used to really like Miranda and I’m so thankful I stumbled across this blog because its truly opened my eyes in discovering she’s a total phony. Can’t wait for your next post!

  11. Poor Miranda for being bashed all the time just because she married to that old fat douchebag. She deserves better than a man who is only using her to get fame and money saving his obviously DEAD career.

    • You know, you hit the nail right on the head there. We hate Miranda for being with a fat, old, douchebag that is using her for fame lol Such a catch isnt he – NOT. Of course, this blog couldnt be here because she is just a fake, lying cunt, course not. I mean really, if she was all sweetness and light there would be nothing to post about.

  12. I agree with you. There were too much pauses and the enthusiasm isn’t there. When someone is promoting THEIR products and know all the ins and outs of it (as she claimed), you can clearly see it on their face and their body language when they talk about it. She have none. She tries too hard.

  13. You guys love me! I mean i love it when you post things like this because you are proving a point yet the evidence comes from other places so people cant blame you and say you made it up. nice one.

  14. They are both liars!! Just by looking and listening to them talk about all things including Flynn, each other, organic living, it is all just baloney! Who believes anything a celebrity says? They are just the same as politicians, like the old joke goes, how can you tell a politician/celeb is lying? Their lips move. Same here, there is enough all over to PROVE they are both liars, they deserve one another for that fact alone!

    • Who believes anything a celebrity says? They are just the same as politicians, like the old joke goes, how can you tell a politician/celeb is lying?

      Well said! I totaly agree! Sadly, there are people who believe both celebrities and politicians and take their words as the Holy Bible!LOL

  15. You silly people. I was looking up and to the right as I was watching two flies mate. Have you ever seen two flies mate? So cute, they are blessed creatures. Its hard to take you eyes off them. So next time you see me looking up and to the right, its just me being a little nosy, watching nature take its course.

  16. That picture of she looks like this:

    She has eyes up forever, to right, utter untrue!! So simple to see this!

  17. That picture of she looks like this:

    She has eyes up forever, to right, utter untrue!! So simple and see through to see this!

  18. Wow i can not believe i have come across such small minded people. You are all involving yourselves and judging on someone else’s life which you have no part of and does not affect you directly in the slightest. Not only is the body language thing not entirely true for everyone as each individual has a different way to remember things, and if she is trying to remember a script it is a sign that she looks up that way to remember, i know i do. I have studied brain function and psychology and also isn’t it obvious that because of the camera it could be flipped like a mirror image?
    Honestly i hope you all meet whatever bad karma comes your way because i don’t find it right for you to be spending your time being a ‘keyboard warrior’ behind a screen criticising and honestly just being rude, ignorant and utter bitches to someone who is beautiful and successful. You’re either all jealous or have nothing better to do with your lives.

    • Wow, really? You obviously haven’t been round the internet much if we are the first batch of people you have come across like this. Thats celebrity darling. They put themselves out there for the whole world to judge, comment on and to fawn over and rip apart in equal measures. Why the hell would Miranda be trying to remember a script? Are you admitting that her words are not her own or not genuine? KORA is hers, she should know all the answers and ins and outs of it off by heart. If most police forces are studying body language, I think its safe to say that it tells a lot about a person and as for the mirror image? WTF? If you actually read the post you would see its all based on facing someone (her right, our left etc). Thought you studied such things. I really hope you go over to places like ONTD (Oh No They Didnt LJ) as they say worse on every celeb going and say this kind of stuff over there! Or is it just because this is about your fellow Aussie Miranda? And of course, the fact that she has lied, cheated, conned and made fools of her fans on many, MANY occasions isn’t cause for any kind of karma? You know, there are plenty of beautiful and successful women out there that I actually like, more beautiful and successful than Miranda, they just dont lie all the time, so jealousy has nothing to do with it, as Im sure you are aware or would be aware if you read the blog properly but I guess if you did you would have to admit what a cunt Miranda was, and we cant have that now can we!

      • You know, there are plenty of beautiful and successful women out there that I actually like, more beautiful and successful than Miranda, they just dont lie all the time, so jealousy has nothing to do with it, as Im sure you are aware or would be aware if you read the blog properly but I guess if you did you would have to admit what a cunt Miranda was, and we cant have that now can we!

        Amen to that!!

  19. Hi,

    I thought you might find this interesting. I study psychology, with focus on Media & Communication, and we were told about this new study this morning (my professor was totally excited).

    It’s about body language you posted about a while ago, about the eye movements. NLP is scientifically very controversial, and no research has really proven its validity, on the contrary, recent studies like this one have found no scientific effect at all.

    In daily life people often “play” the role of pschologists and explain behaviour of people with “common sense” like the sentences you posted at the beginning (“look at the way he looks at her, he definitely loves her” or “look at the way they are touching, so in love”). That’s what psychologists call “kitchen psychology” 🙂 Everyone does that and it’s totally normal as we need to feel secure in our social surroundings by having the impression we can explain the behaviour of the others and even predict it.
    Body language can tell you a lot, but it’s not as easy as NLP and the like make it out to be. Only about 1% of the world population can detect lies “naturally”, without being trained, the rest of us needs to be trained extensively to understand the subleties and complexity of it all. You can have a look at the works of Paul Ekman, who is very respected for his research in the field of nonverbal communication to get an impression, how complicated the reality is.

    I have to agree that something about Mirandas body language is very off, and I do think many people notice this instinctively. What I’m saying is that one needs to be careful to judge, as research on the subject of body language is very controversial, and there are a lot of details that one needs to be aware of before being able to draw conclusions.

    I’m really interested in the area which is why I study it. This might be a chance to prove that you are actually different from Miranda & her fans and can honor scientific research 😉


    PS I meant to send this to you by E-Mail but then realised I couldn’t find an address 🙂

    • Thanks for your post. I do get what you are saying and a one-off strange body language or sign can be put down to something else but when it is repeated in similar situations, one can only assume it is for a reason. The same thing happening a lot or all the time cant be coincidence for it not to mean anything, that person is doing it for a reason. I know lots of psychologists that use NLP very successfully to detect lies and I have even tried it out myself on unsuspecting friends and family members to know there is some truth to it. Look at magician and “mind reader” Derren Brown, he has based his entire career on NLP and body language, he knows by where peoples eyes move to that they are lying or not or even what letter or number they are thinking of etc he is known to “mind read” even though he just uses good old NLP and body language, he even gave examples in one of his books, the same as I gave above.

      In the interview above that I linked to where MK is talking about KORA, this is where she should be comfortable, she [apparently] knows what shes is talking about because she created it and knows everything to do with KORA and skin. She is not on an episode of Jerry Springer where she is having a lie detector test as sometimes those that know they are being watched and analyzed overcompensate in their actions and answers. There is no reason on earth for Miranda to give out any kind of “odd” signal. I could talk to you right now about stuff I know about and am passionate about and not come across in the same way she does.

      There are always people that agree or disagree with certain things, be it NLP, body language or even cancer treatments. Some times things work but there will always people that say it doesnt and that their way is better. I guess its a “check mate” kind of issue as we have different beliefs but I respect your opinion and thanks for stating it.

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