So, Orlando had been in New Zealand for around 3 weeks before Miranda went to see him. 3 whole weeks he managed to not get caught by the paps even though there were regular sightings of him in eateries and out and about biking (plenty of hints for the paps). Almost as soon as Miranda lands in NZ, the paps get a tip-off” where The Hobbit cast are filming.

Now, The Hobbit filming has relatively gone unnoticed so I find it more than a coincidence that:

1. We get paparazzi pictures of the cast arriving in Nelson and Miranda is with them.

2. Miranda and Orlando seem to be the only two aware of the paparazzi.

3. If the paparazzi is there to capture The Hobbit filming (as stated), why is there a picture of MK as she is not a member of the cast or crew.

4. Orlando has not been stalked once while he was there alone.

The common denominator in it all? Miranda.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on December 10, 2011.

25 Responses to “Coincidence?”

  1. Ahah! Spot on!
    I don’t believe in coincidences. He (and the cast) has been there for pretty much a while now and no pics of him, just a couple from fans posted on their twitters, nothing form paps, so one can totally wonder…especially since these locations are surely not usual paps spots.

  2. I think there were pap pictures the last time she was there yes? but none of him on his own? That speaks volumes and history has repeated itself. I think if the shippers hate him being stalked by the paps (even though they dont because they desperatly need the pictures in their lives and they wouldnt post them if they were remotely against them) they would be able to see the pattern you have pointed out. Its blatent to be brutally honest. I think the constant pap pics while she was in NY were a give away that she is obsessed with being in the media to soem degree and sometimes she can get the attention of off Orlando and Flynn, sometimes she doesnt need to be in the pictures she still gets a mention!

  3. There is no question left that they are doing pap set up’s, the only thing is I thought this time round in NZ they would have been less obvious and not bothered, but of course two attention seekers can’t seem to do it. I will give Orlando props though for being there three weeks and not calling the paps once even though his whereabouts were broadcast to all and sundry which would have kind of given him a an excuse (well not really, but you get me!) Now it is just the same old story, here comes Randa and here comes the paps, a guy who is feelance but also works for Rex Features (which another coincidence they were using for some pre-booked pap pics in NY before he left for NZ) catching them arriving in a tiny town called Nelson and making sure Miranda is seen.

  4. So this is a bit off topic for this post but the blog is about her lying so I’ll mention it here. I just recently found a candid shot of her and Orlando both enjoying at least one beer each. She’s always saying she doesn’t drink, body is a temple, etc and yet this shot is fairly recent. So yeah…more bullshit. Granted one beer is not getting wasted but it’s still drinking. Just say you don’t drink often or very much, not that you don’t drink at all.

    • I dont know if MK has said she never drinks, I cant remember but yes, Ive seen her at events with drinks, she got pissed at her 21st birthday party and started dancing on tables. I really dont think that that was noni juice she was drinking! Ive also seen more than one picture of her with a cigarette in her hand. Is there such thing as organic and healthy cigarettes? lol

      • Cigarettes are organic but never, never healthy! πŸ˜‰

      • Oh yes the actual tobacco leaves are but in the average cigarette, there are over 4 thousand chemicals, 60 of them are cancer causing. Its really frightening what is in a cigarette: Hydrogen Cyanide – a highly poisonous gas used in execution chambers, Carbon monoxide – a poisonous gas found in car exhaust fumes, Formaldehyde – used as disinfectant and embalming fluid, Benzene – a toxic petrol additive and industrial solvent, Methanol – a poisonous alcohol used in anti-freeze, DD – a banned pesticide … just to name a few! How anyone can smoke I dont know!

      • This is the reason why I do not smoke (and because I have Asthma). πŸ˜‰

      • Oh I’ve never seen her smoking. I’ve seen professional photos where she’s holding one but not candids. I thought she said in an interview that she didn’t drink, but going back and rewatching I was wrong. Oh well, too many details to keep track. I’m woman enough to admit it. πŸ˜‰

      • Theres a few pics of her smoking in private:


    • I believe she once said she only drinks organic wine at some point and gave the name of the brand.

  5. I don’t believe in coincidences. If it walks like a dingo and smells like a dingo, it is a dingo. The cast would have gone unphotographed if she hand’t been in the mix…and on the phone.

  6. i am pretty sure she did drink and smoke before her pregnancy. after that i have never seen her smoke and drink

  7. I think I would never get the reason why you hate Miranda so much. Do you even know her in person? Bloom not papped for nearly three weeks in NZ simply proves that no one cares for his fugly old face and poor talent. People only care about his adorable baby and lovely wife. Imo Miranda Kerr is too good for him. He deserves all the hatred, not her. Why her?

    • Hypocritical much? She deserves no hate yet he does? Even though she has lied BIG time, broken the law a good few times etc (read through the blog, then you will see why we dislike her, if you cant be assed then shut up). You are entitled to think she is wonderful and he isnt but then again, you cant exactly moan at us if you think that way can you!

    • No, we don’t know her and guess what? Those who adore and worship her don’t know her as well! Isn’t ia amazing? And please, don’t use the word ‘hate’, it’s a bit too much. She’s a public person, a celebrity, so it’s part of her job to have people who like her and people who simply don’t. And if you look back at the entris on this blog you’ll get why we don’t.

    • I think I would never get the reason why you hate Orlando so much. Do you even know him in person? Bloom not papped for nearly three weeks in NZ simply proves that Miranda is ringing the paps because they dont get stalked and nobody cares for her fugly old face and poor talent. People dont care about his adorable baby and ugly wife. Imo Orlando Bloom is too good for her. She deserves all the hatred, not him. Why him?

      SEE WHAT I DID THERE?? Hypocrite!

    • I’d say she lives in a pond UNDER a rock situated below all that silt.

      It’s amazing, isn’t it? “You can’t hate on her because you’ve never met her but I’m allowed to hate on him even though I’ve never met him either.”

  8. Ok, so I was on justjared today and I gotta say she needs to stop calling the paps, they don’t stalk airport service unless they’ve been notified of prior events (why? cause it’s crowded and really easy to miss people and get pushed out by security). anyone find it weird no other celebrity more famous (princess william) and important get airport papped on a regular basis, they come back after whatever, and get papped, the first 5min they are in public air in america. come on!! not enough people care about them, her camp needs to stop calling if they don’t want anymore of those 178min articles.

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