100k Hits And Counting!

Congratulations to us!! We have passed 100k hits. The blog people thought no one would care about has done fucking awesome! In just over a year we have uncovered some amazing stuff regarding Miranda and Orlando. I never thought this blog would do as well as it has, thanks to everyone for contributing and making it all possible… even the nosy shippers for the hits!

As long as Miranda (and sometimes Orlando) carry on with their crazy shit, Kerrazy Lies is going nowhere!

~ by Kerrazy Lies on December 10, 2011.

10 Responses to “100k Hits And Counting!”

  1. Hehe congrats….

  2. GRATZ!!

  3. Congrats! Keep on the great and truthful job!

  4. I just want to say the same as Kerrazy- thanks everyone for all your contributions, it is always much appreciated.

    On another note regarding the hits we get, Kerrazy and I coming onto the blog don’t count on those figures as we are part of the blog, so us logging on each time don’t count as it knows our IP’s.

  5. Congrats to you!!!


    Thank you, both of you for doing this Blog, it has been AMAZING to say the least! You have uncovered so much and shown that like any other celebrity Miranda Kerr is nothing but a product and her image isn’t the real her. Your efforts have been so welcome and appreciated by all. Here is to the next 100,000 hits! 😀

  7. Congrats! Keep up the good work! 🙂

  8. This may be a bit late, but congratulation and thank you for all your hard work! I enjoy this blog very much

  9. I’d like to bring this public Facebook to your attention..


    As you can see, the organic loving, health freak, Miranda wannabe and reformed character Matthew Kerr is pissed out of his tiny mind. While this is indeed normal for a young person, Matthew claims to live an organic lifestyle, just like his sister… drinking alcohol until you piss your pants is not an organic lifestyle and I’m pretty sure Matty smokes too. As you can see there are many drug references on this persons Facebook. I’m not saying those that know drug takers take drugs themselves but Matty has always come across that way to me from when his own Facebook was public.

    • That is obviously not the real Matt Kerr in those pictures because he is a fine, upstanding young man who lives an organic lifestyle and works oh, so very hard at Kora Organics to answer all of your pressing skin care questions and would never do anything to shed a bad light on himself, his sister or his family.

      And if you believe that…

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