Miranda Bashing – By The Media!

I am sure that we are all aware of the Three articles that have come out in the last week that have bashed Miranda in the media, I am posting it all here too,  just for posterity- here are the three articles that say Miranda isn’t all she proclaims to be, considering we have known this for years now it isn’t a surprise to us.. but will surprise those who seem to have her on a pedestal.

First Article: http://nymag.com/news/intelligencer/encounter/miranda-kerr-2011-12/

Second Article: http://www.thevine.com.au/blog/alyxgorman/miranda-kerr-is-lying-to-us20111201.aspx

I am sure that “some” will say that these people are wrong, yet what agenda do these people have? Unlike “some”, they have met Miranda and/or are in the fashion industry and know what is said about her, what do others have? Talking to her (or maybe not) on FaceBook where OF COURSE she is going to be on her best behaviour, who wouldn’t be when talking to their fans? People who stand outside as she enters a building- again, she is “on”, on T.V she is “on”, when meeting her fans she is “on”, so the fans of her can’t know the real her.

Like the first article, it says she is a “production”,  like the second article says, if you have met her in small doses, you would probably think she is fine, know her more than that and you “Despise” her.

So she is with Orlando, so therefore she HAS to be nice..erm WHY?? Orlando may be a nasty, fake piece of work himself, or maybe she has had him fooled like she has all those shippers, I mean men do get with the wrong women all the time. The joke about people who believe that Miranda Kerr is perfect, sweetness and light just because she proclaims she is and apparently acts it, ANYONE can do that, in fact MOST celebrities have an image that isn’t the real them. Miranda has just been very clever hiding who the real her is as she has been brought up how to say all the right things and act the cutesy yet sexual “I eat natural organic”, since she became a model, she has probably lived a lie since she was about 13 years old, it comes naturally after a bit. I reckon Miranda has a hand in this bit of a downfall, I reckon it is to do with the DAILY pap pics and oversaturation of her and her inane crap, there is NO WAY that she-or they as a couple are STALKED by the paps THAT IS A FACT, therefore WHO is calling these paps? How come Orlando could be in New Zealand for weeks before she arrives a few months back and not get papped- yet soon as she arrives- the paps turn up! And I bet the same will happen again this time, so what is the common denominator in all this? That’s right MIRANDA! The general public here in the UK are SICK of her as she daily appears in the Daily Mail- it has become obvious even to her fans over there that she has the Daily Mail on the payroll and they have become sick to death of seeing her, they have worked out that she calls the paps and these once fans have  seen her for who she is. Shame some won’t admit they have been wrong about Miranda just because they will feel stupid and because they have invested too much of their lives into Miranda Kerr, so what if she is a fake, a liar and not as nice as she pretends to be?- why should it matter at the end of the day? She wouldn’t be the first woman to get with a seemingly nice man, marry him and have his baby and he doesn’t/can’t see it/isn’t bothered about what she is. It only matters because you are sore at being wrong and wasting all the time you have!

My final word on this is quite simple, we have caught her out on so many lies here on the blog- the important ones like the Kora certification, and the silly ones, like Therese pretending to post as Miranda on FB- things like that are just screaming clues that she has never been all she has said she is or claimed to be. And at the end of the day if you were all you said you were etc then you wouldn’t have people being able to PROVE that you are the opposite.

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  1. Lmao!!
    Thanks for putting them all together! I really can’a dd anything else, as you perfectly summed it up!;) But I’m sure that, such as happened with that ‘teaspoon’ caps, some wise minds will say it was all a big misunderstanding and she is the sweetest creature on the planet! Let them say, ut’s so entertaining to see people climbing on mirrors!:P

  2. Good post nef. I have been dying to have my say on this for days now, here we go.

    First off, like you say, these people have met MK so will have a better idea of what she is like. Some people may like the ditzy act she puts on (like the article says “their voice rise several octaves their head tilt manically from side-to-side in a grotesque imitation of hair flipping, and the words “I just like, really, you know, like doing yoga? In nature?”). I think MK may be ok in small doses if you dont mind airheads.

    Secondly, like you also pointed out, I have a feeling most of the time she has appeared on FB it hasnt been her. How many times have we caught Therese pretending to be MK yet signing off as herself? Whats to stop it being her 90% of the time?

    Look at all the lies we have caught MK on, how is that a nice person? She is always breaking the law too. Fraud (lying about organic certification, deception (getting/letting her mother pretend to be her to her fans), endangering lives (uneducated health advice and failure to constantly warn about essential oil and pregnancy), impersonation (getting/letting a member of KORA staff to pose as a lawyer to close our obviously nerve hitting blog), breaking the privacy law (getting/letting her KORA staff member to publically reveal private information of one of us). The list goes on!

    No way in hell are these actions of remotely nice person. I do agree that good guys get with bad women all the time, it doesnt make OB any less of a nice person, the same cant be said for MK. These articles, from completely independent people, are proof that MKs shit does stink, that she isnt all sweetness and light, that she is a complete walking fake! These people have no agenda, they are professionals yes the word DESPISE is used which is a hell of a word! If we haters were stalking everyone on the net who said she was a sweet person, we would be called pathetic, stalkers etc why should the shippers be treat any different? Telling someone their account of someone is bullshit is incredibly rude, childish and unless you can prove the story is bullshit then keep your thoughts to yourself. Time to stop burying your heads in the sand, your queen is about to fall from grace! Can all these separate people be wrong?

  3. I would have never summoned it better! Well done! And now people should really think about what they believed so much: is she really that perfect, nice, reserved and polite girl they think she is or she is not?

  4. People are seeing what we are seeing, its as simple as that. I LOLed when I read how people impersonate her, it sounds so spot on. Miranda is a fake, Miranda is a liar, she is always “on”. Ive seen her in early VS videos on Youtube and even recent ones and she is always “on”. Posing, making sure people see the right angle, pouting, twirling etc that is not someone who is real, her whole personality and image is a facade. You have to ask yourself what kind of person is underneath to have to hide it like that. Miranda has never been good at hiding her lies, thats why she has been caught out so many times and like has been said here so many times but is so true – you can only fool the foolish.

    Shippers dont want to see the real her or that she may not be all they thought she was because it would make them look and feel stupid, it would make us right and their constant efforts of sticking up for her a complete waste of time. If you are sincere in your words and thought then you wouldnt have to plagiarize half of what you say (ala Treasure Yourself).

    Also, I would like to say that being involved with charites doesnt automatically make you a wonderful person. Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton have both done chairty work – both are… questionable people so please dont bring up charity as proof of a good person. Public charity support is also a publicity ploy, its the given millions from ones own pocket in private that shows true support.

    I know this has nothing to do with this post but Id liek to comment on Miranda’s “outing” (even though it was blatently obvious to anyone with half a brain) of her brother Matthew. While no one should ever hide being gay, I really dont see what business it is of anyone, especially when Matthew isnt a celebrity, much to his dismay Im sure. It was just another excuse for Miranda to come across a certain way to the public because she should be protecting her family and their own personal business from the world whether he gave the go ahead or not. It is his business, it should be him that made the post, not that I think he should tell the world if he is gay, straight or somewhere in between. Be proud by all means but I never get the need to bare ones soul to the world over everything.

    • Well said! I couldn’t agree more!! Unfortunately it seems there are lots of folls around!

    • Wait, what? She outed her brother? He’s gay? When did this happen? I’m so out of the loop with this chick. I thought I was on top, but no. If she outted him without permission that’s damn dirty. People have killed themselves over being outted too soon. But I agree with what you said about be proud, but it’s really no one’s business but the person you’re dating. Straight people don’t have to come out and proclaim it all the damn time, why should everyone else?

      As for all this backlash, while it’s surprising to see it in major media (I think I’ve seen one other interview that wasn’t completely eating out of her ass) I’m not surprised to find out that a model is vapid and fake. What bugs me most is that it probably means OB is just as fake. Then again, maybe he’s just thinking with his dick. Wouldn’t be the first man alive and MK is gorgeous and very flexible thanks to her numerous years of yoga!!!! What I found telling was that his family is almost never around anymore. It’s always the Kerrs, or maybe the Blooms just aren’t doing specials.

      But seriously, she outted her brother?! I know that’s not the point of this entire post, but that one hit me like a punch to the face lol!

      • Here is the link to her post about her brother:


        I totally agree with you, whether the post was done with his permission or not, it is no ones business and like you also say, straight people dont have to “out” themselves, why should anyone else. People want equality for gay people yet take it away by treating them different to straight people. If the subject is close to her heart then she should mention it without mentioning her brother because it makes it look like she is talking about it just because of him but it would have looked better and been better in general if Matty had posted it, he is part of the KORA team and has done blog posts before (I think), so why not.

      • I totally agree about the gay thing, it was totally unnecessary.

        It bugs me the most about OB too, but I think he is just a shallow man like a lot of guys are, I think he was attracted to the fact she was a model (I reckon thats been a huge ambition for him to want to fuck a model on the regular-he only had a taste of that with his one nighter with maddy ford), she was an easy lay, would do anything he wanted to in bed, no matter how degrading or obscene, and like you say could do a myriad of sexual positions and probably is very skilled at giving blow jobs she probably also laughed at all his jokes, stroked his ego and made him feel so wise. He probably also liked the fact he was the famous one. However since all the shit hit the fan with “accidental” pregnancy god knows why he still hangs around her, maybe it is just so he can see his son- that I think she uses to get at him, I think she is totally in charge of Flynn and he has to do as she says to see him.

      • This outing of her brother is just another thing she uses to bring attention to her. We’ve seen it so many times – from generally using Orlando to get ‘famous’, to talking about breast feeding constantly, to showing off her baby-hip-accessory to the paps, to OB peeing in a bottle during her labour, etc., to name just a few incidents – she is using and exploiting everything and everyone around her. Must be second nature to her by now.
        In that light the recent outing is just one of the minor stories she’s using for her own good, to make her (or her family) look interesting.
        That said, I agree with you all, this is a very personal thing and should be left to her brother to mention it to the world or not.

      • I’m assuming that her post mentioning her brother has more to do with damage control than anything else. She’s basically been shredded in the press lately, so she needed a diversion. What better than a public statement about gay rights, adding her brother into the mix. With her complete lack of tact and discretion, it apparently didn’t occur to her that outing her brother was a bad idea and, ultimately, a poor publicity move. It would be one thing if she noted clearly that he had requested it (maybe she did? I didn’t see it), or if he himself did the post. But for her to do this just smacks of self-promotion all over again. For what it’s worth, I suspect she did this with his approval, but it still reeks of a desperate attempt to position herself in a positive way and distract from the recent negativity.

    • I would like to comment on the charity bit you mentioned. If being involved with charities automatically makes you a good person then Im a good person because I am involved and donate to charities regularly so the fact that the shippers think I am evil and baaaaad is untrue. Charity = good yes? Me good person!!! So take back all the bad things you have said about me lol

      • LMFAO! I just got an image of a cartoon character after the shot gun goes off in their faces. Backfire! Epic fail. I guess I’m a saint too, along with half of hollywood. Hell even Naomi Campbell’s done charity and that bitch throws phones. When’s her canonization? (probably spelled that wrong, but too lazy to look it up)

      • PMSL so true! Models are known for their tempers and mood swings because they are usually always hungry. That is why [most] models turn to smoking and drugs to curb hunger pangs. Now I’m going OT lol Yes Campbell is meant to be a nasty piece of work but how can she be if she does charity work *confused*. Maybe that phone was made out of cake!

      • Maybe it only works if you do the charity work whilst drinking Noni juice? It’s very good for the skin and the skin is the largest organ you have. *snorts* Oh lord, she’s precious lol!

  5. Oh gosh, now we’re going to get slapped with even more “pap-stalking” pics of her ‘walking to see a pal’ with baby-hip-accessory.

  6. ‘Vacuos’ and ‘banal’ are just such fitting adjectives when it comes to Miranda. Love it.

  7. I preferred the Miranda from 2006, 2007 even 2008, when she wanted to be famous (though not looked that way) but she thought she would not make it, and so what she said sounded so good and believable.
    But, Divaranda Kerr discovered what a famous boyfriend and paps can do for the career of any wannabe. She still looks cute (smiles, she’s kind,…). but I only see hypocrisy.

    More reading: don’t miss her nickname

    and more from the 178 min for the NY mag:

  8. Have to say I am loving this!! What a breath of fresh air to read someone be honest about her for once!! And no less than THREE articles! yipee lol

    I guess I can’t say a lot more than what has already been said on it all, but I really hope her house of cards are going to come tumbling down around her because she would deserve it. She is an idiot and should just go away, she has had more than her 15 minutes of “fame” so should just go and do what she always wanted to do- go and be a baby machine in the countryside wit her veggie patch and have her ball-less husband running around doing all the chores saying “yes dear” to all she says.

  9. Hi everyone,

    First off, I should say that I found this blog because I followed a link left in the comments section on the Sydney Morning Herald article by Alyx Gorman, Miranda Kerr is Lying To Us, not because I’m Australian, but because I’m a cricket fan and I reguarly check their site because their coverage is pretty good, and I saw the article flagged up at the bottom of the page. The link was to your post with the email to EcoCert about the KORA organic certification (or total lack of organic certification), and over the past few nights, I’ve slowly made my way through all the posts and comments on the site, and this is so awesome. My impression was that Miranda was a vacuous, money-grabbing, fame-seeking attention whore, but after reading all your stuff about her business and how she and her family conduct it, it seems like I forgot the, “manipulative, cold and pathologically lying” part. Thanks, guys, for doing this, because God knows someone had to!

    Up until maybe about a year ago, I had never heard of Miranda Kerr. I think I saw an article on MSN mentioning that she was dating Orlando Bloom at some point, but nothing more until it announced, out of apparently nowhere, that they were getting married. Now I must declare an interest because I have been slightly obsessed with Orlando Bloom since I was thirteen (I’m now 22, so getting on for nine years), and although I don’t follow fan sites or blogs to keep up with his personal life (I’m not *that* interested), I was kinda varguely aware of when he split up with Kate Bosworth and stuff, so when I saw that he and Miranda were getting married, I just thought, “Oh well, if he’s chosen her, I guess she must be pretty sensible and down-to-earth and a lovely girl, so good luck to them.” When I saw she was an underwear model for Victoria’s Secret, I was a bit like, “Hmmm, well, she must be nice and not too stupid if he’s marrying her, so I’ll reserve judgement because she’s probably quite nice.” When it came out that she was pregnant, I just assumed that they had been thinking of getting married for a while, and that had prompted them to get on and do it. So that was all fine.

    Until. The naked baby bump photos. Not very classy. But I just thought that even though no-one in the UK had heard of Miranda except as being married to Orlando, well, she was probably a much bigger deal in Australia and the US, hence the naked baby bump photos a la Demi Moore. But then came the “natural birth” story. Again. And again. And again. OH MY GOD she had a baby. Wow! No painkillers? Gee whiz, Miranda, there are millions of women around the world who give birth with no painkillers every day, not because they’re choosing not to have painkillers, but because they don’t have access to them in the first place. Also the small matter of the fact that women have been doing it pretty well since the dawn of time and never once asked for a medal. Of course it’s natural that having a baby for the first time is a hugely significant experience for most women and you want to talk about it because it’s such a big deal to you, but I found the way in which Miranda spoke about it (and still seems to be speaking about it) quite objectionable because she seemed to be making out like she was the first woman EVER to give birth and breastfeed. The “breastfeeding” picture (published in the London Evening Standard free paper) was probably better than a Hello! magazine spread, but when she started talking about how she wouldn’t let Orlando leave the room even to pee, she went down a few more notches in my estimation. Sure, having the father of your child with you while you give birth is great, but 27 hours is a long time. You should be able to trust the father of your child to leave the room for five minutes to pee and then come back to support you through. Even if you are in existential pain and not best placed to be rational about things.

    And where to start with Baby Flynn. First of all, as has been said many times, the name really doesn’t work. I don’t understand and probably will never understand why anyone would think naming another man’s child after your dead ex is okay. I’ve seen it said a few times that people think it’s sweet. No. Creepy. I also think the way in which she spoke about breastfeeding (“I’m still pumping, it’s milking time, I feel like a milkmaid,” etc.) could be quite vulgar at times. Actually, lots of things are quite vulgar about Miranda, not least the film clip of the interview she did on that Chelsea Lately show the other week promoting the Victoria’s Secrets runway show (which can be found here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2067910/Miranda-Kerr-questions-snapped-Victorias-Secret-looking-stunning-dress-split-thigh.html), where she was talking about her sex life on telly. Again, classy lady. Poor Flynn, at this rate he’s going to grow up, discover the internet and become a trappist monk or something. Though in that interview, one thing I found quite interesting (apart from that fact that she was *still* talking about how she’s still nursing. Hmmm) was about how she was talking about how she bought silk boxer shorts for Orlando “to get him in the mood”. First: too much information, nobody needs to know that; second, in at least one interview with MSN when he was promoting The Three Musketeers, Orlando said he wore silk boxers for the part “to get into character”. Now, several weeks later, there’s Miranda talking about buying silk boxer shorts for him to help him “get into character”, but with, “For, you know, um, us,” tacked on. Are these the same silk boxer shorts and a) he’s lying, and/or b) she’s hijacking his story? (P.S.: I discovered and became addicted to the Daily Mail TV & Showbiz site sometime over summer, mostly for the Miranda “stories” of her walking and carrying small child / small dog / coffee at the same time witb a gushing, fawning description of everything she’s wearing and how “stunning” and “gorgeous” she looks. It’s so obvious that she’s calling the paparazzi and telling them where she’s going to be and when, because how else would they know which flight she’s going to be on and be waiting for her at both ends? Nobody else gets that.)

    Anyway, back to Flynn. Judging by the photos from the Victoria’s Secret runway show with that ridiculous $2.5 million bra (capitalism, huh?), I would guess that Miranda is not still nursing because the boobs inside that bra look quite fake. In fact, they look very fake. And I have to wonder whether Victoria’s Secret would let her wear a bra worth that much if there was a chance of her leaking breast milk into it. How do you clean a bra like that? I don’t think you can put diamonds though the wash somehow. Though re Flynn and paternity, I think the jury’s still kind of out on that one. Sometimes he does look quite like Orlando; as people have said, there’s a similarity in the eyes and possibly the shape of the nose (their facial expressions can be quite similar, especially the “glum” expression, which seems to have been snapped quite frequently by the paparazzi recently), though it was interesting how, out of nowhere, the Daily Mail, aka Miranda’s publicity in the UK, ran an article which showed a picture of Flynn next to a picture of Orlando just to show how similar they look (here: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2067064/Victorias-Secret-model-Lily-Aldridge-goes-doe-eyed-Miranda-Kerrs-baby-Flynn.html). In those photos she’s really struggling to carry him, which isn’t much of a surprise when you see how twiggy her arms are, tbh (not that I can talk). I remember reading an article, pre-Three Musketeers promotion time, where Orlando was talking about how having Flynn “changed” him (I found the link in my favourites but for some reason it won’t open the page), and he was saying something about how it was great to see “all of my little imperfections turned into perfections” or words to that effect. Personally that makes me want to be ever so slightly sick, but, either he obviously thinks the kid looks like him, or he’s following the Miranda party line about Flynn. If Flynn isn’t his, but he thinks he is and Miranda is exploiting that to keep herself tied, at least financially, to a multimillionaire for at least eighteen years, and to keep her high profile, that would be disgraceful and potentially illegal (fraud, embezzlement, falsely claiming paternity benefit for a child from an individual known not to be the child’s father), but sadly not surprising, given all the things proven by you guys at this site. If Flynn isn’t Orlando’s and he suspects as much, what the hell is he still doing with Miranda and her family? If he was going to tell her to go find some other cash cow and take a hike, he would probably have to have good evidence for Flynn not being his, and I can’t see Miranda agreeing to a paternity test. But then again, would he? Does she have something on him that he really doesn’t want her to tell the world, and that’s why he’s staying in a situation which, by the looks of things, clearly isn’t making him happy? I can see how Miranda would be great material for “just hanging out”, but not so much for long-term commitment. But Flynn does complicate things, because, from what I’ve seen and read, I think Orlando does genuinely care about him, and he does seem to make more of an effort to hide him from the paparazzi than Miranda. Height of nerve, on that Chelsea Lately interview she was talking about hiding Flynn from the paparazzi and him pushing the blanket away and waving at the cameras – of course he’s going to do that, there have been cameras outside when he goes out for as long as he can remember, he’s not going to know any different, and Mummy making him hide won’t make any sense. There was a photo months ago in the Evening Standard of Orlando getting out of the car with Flynn in LA, spotting the paparazzo taking their picture, and giving the camera a look which clearly said, “F*cking paparazzi,” and wished the photographer a painful death. He looked seriously peeved to have someone taking a picture with him out with the baby. Anyway, we shall have to wait and see how the pictures look when the happy family reunites when he’s done with this bit of filming in New Zealand.

    I’m sorry this is so massively long, I had a lot to get off my chest! Anyway, Miranda’s setting herself up to fall big time here, the tide’s already turning, and it will be interesting to see how things go for her. I trust everything will be kept up to date on these pages 🙂

    • at this point i firmly believe that Flynn is his son. they are too much alike. i also believe that Orlando is genuinely fond of his wife.
      ….and these two facts make the entire situation very complex.

  10. Miranda has now gotten a friend to post a piece on her blog. In it her friend carries on about how real Miranda is, how her organic lifestyle isn’t just an act and how the Victoria’s Secret Show is all about real people (who is she kidding). Clearly she’s worried that her cover has been blown – this post only proves what a bullshit artist she is.

  11. i think i really like the name ”glamazon”.

  12. She’s a bimbette. I said it and not even feel bad for it.
    Funny thing I stumbled onto (even though it’s nothing to do with the topic) they’re making a movie about the Burglar Bunch. It was reported that the lead girl was addicted to celebrity fashion and not even interested in Bloom’s belongings but Kerr’s, but was there ever any news about her items being stolen? I only remember his things being stolen… Could read this the way that they didn’t live together…. 😉

  13. Regarding the latest article about Miranda being bashed by some catty women in the media, I can only say that is typical man speak. Only a typical man could take saying what a bitch another woman is as jealousy. Only a typical man wouldnt care about about the personality of a woman, only what she looks like. Has he met Miranda? It didnt read like it. His come backs were “shes only an underwear model” and “does anyone really care about her views on geopolitics or the environment?”. Little does he know that she is trying to be something other than “just an underwear model” (role model, life style and health consultant, “thinspiration”, author, wise old sage with her plagiarized words of wisdom etc) and she always gives her opinion on the environment too (turn off lightbulbs guys and I will fly all over the world poluting the environment). This guy (Jim Kane) is very uneducated regarding Miranda so his words are meaningless. I hope Miranda didnt pay him to puff her up because he did a pretty lame job of it. What he said Miranda doesnt, Miranda does.

    • Also has anyone seen Amy Odell? She is very pretty, why would she be jealous of Miranda? She could be a model herself.

      • That guy’s explanations are so silly that they turn out being hilarious!! Maybe he missed that both the main articles that basjed MK mentioned that the HF world despise her, so I assume the whole HF world must be green with envy too…yes, surely so!LOL

    • I think any man that likes her would say this, it isn’t a surprise, in fact I am sure Orlando would say the same thing if asked about her! He supports what she is and what she does, that is his “agreement” with everything this man says.
      I also agree about Ms.Odell, she is very pretty and has no reason to be jealous of Miranda, Ms.Odell has a great career, good looks, good figure, so why would she be jealous? Because she wants Orlando?? LMAO I seriously doubt that, it seems Ms.Odell has taste so why would want a scragg end like him??

    • I agree entirely with what you say about her trying to be more than the typical underwear model. The moment she puts herself out there as some sort of expert on things is the moment we, as the viewing public, have the right to comment on her statements. Kerr is doing more than just sharing her views: she’s telling people how to live their lives, in the form of saying, “This is what I do, and look how perfect my life is. If you do these things, you’ll have similar results.” She also turns her opinions about health, the environment, etc. into a moral stance (barring what appears to be any other obvious show of morality in her life). Once again, when she does this, we who are at the receiving end of her pontification have to right to opine and object.

  14. I wasn’t really sure where to post this, but it sort of goes with this since I, personally, don’t think it paints her in a good light. It just seemed to go along with the articles talking about her saying dumb things and showing off to no one in particular.

    Y’all have probably already seen it as everyone here seems way more up to date on her than I am, but I saw this and couldn’t help wonder as to why they even did it because it feels so subversive. Usually the victoria secret videos paint her in a better light.

    • Thanks for the video. I had to watch it with no sound but with no sound I can tell how arrogant and full of herself she is. She pouts and prances around like some air head. Again she is “on”, she seems like she can never let herself go and be normal. I dont know any normal person that prances around and pouts like she does (and Im talking about when she isnt strutting her stuff and being photographed) apart from bimbos and those that take the piss out of bimbos. She acts like a child, which is worrying because she is a 28 year old that is meant to be intelligent and not the stereotypical model but thats all I see – a stereotypical model.

      • Oh, you really shoul listen. She’s bragging about natural birth and that she taught Flynn high five and then at the end she asks “what are these made of?” for her bra and the guy goes “diamonds” in this really annoyed tone. All in all I really think it makes her look bad and I don’t consider myself a hater.

      • Her voice annoys me so I will take your word for it that she is an annoying idiot lol I dont think anything can make you look bad (if your not) because you have to be bad in the first place, some things just show you for what you are! They are her words and her actions after all.

      • In this video there is a moment, when the are adjusting the garnement of her bra, when a woman is saying something and MK interupt her with a strange “thanks” (minute 2:20) ..The more I watch it the more I feel she really isn’t that sweet person she shows with her nice face. :s

  15. Another interesting article:

  16. There are ppl that like and dislike everyone, its human nature, not one single person can be liked by everyone just like not one single person can be disliked by everyone. I do think Miranda is generally liked by the general public because most people take things at face value. She says she is healthy, people believe it without question. She says she is a nutritionist, people believe it. On the other hand, those who meet her may see through her act of “butter wouldnt melt” personality with renditions of “sweetheart” thrown in. Those that say sweetheart so much are contrived, fake and OTT people. I tried to talk like she and her mother does and it is very unnatural and forced to talk that way, I ended up sounding like a piss take parody. Like the article says, people take the piss out of her with head tilts and raised tones of voices. I think a lot of people in the fashion industry dont like her but there will be a few that fall for her act, just like there are people that fall for the patter of playboys, lotharios, womanizers, gold diggers etc and think they are being genuine because they say what they want to hear. I dont trust Miranda or her mother, everytime they open their mouths, more often than not all they do it try to sell KORA, blurt out affirmations or say things that sound so “wise”. They never seem to say anything normal or funny like we all do, especially on Twitter, its all “sweetheart”, “honey”, “let your light shine”. Sorry but no one speaks like that in the real world – no one!! Glad you started up this blog, been a lurker for ages. Keep up the good work!

  17. just saw this 😉

  18. Just saw this one. Even Australians are thoroughly sick of her attention seeking! http://celebrities.ninemsn.com.au/blog.aspx?blogentryid=1096904&showcomments=true

  19. And again. http://www.thepunch.com.au/articles/miranda-kerr-works-and-has-a-baby-whoop-de-doo/

  20. Yeah… I really think she wants more money or attention, she’s posing nude while she has a husband, take photos with other mans. It looks like she would do anything for some more attention. I remember one, I think it was taken 2008 or 2009, while she was hanging out with Orlando and she was topless photographed with photographer Terry Richardson, also topless of course. Sorry, but she shows her like a bitch.
    When you see her interviews you can see like she’s with a mask, like funny, kind little girl mask compared with showing a middle finger to paparazzi in the street – she looks another person, that person she is in real life. Better you show the true yourself: angry, tired and so on, but it would be really you, not such a plastic doll, who can just be smiling with that fake smile.

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