Poor Flynn. Literally.

While Miranda and Orlando spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on themselves, it seems poor Flynn is left with the dregs.

Miranda: Wears Isabel Marant shoes that cost at around $725. Hover over the picture of MK’s feet. Even though Miranda preaches about how we all should wear organic clothes (she could have bought organic sneakers here for example), it seems she doesn’t practice what she preaches (well, we knew that). MK seems to only wear designer and she has admitted how she loves designer shoes. Not cheap.

Orlando: Bought himself a Ducati Monster Motorbike worth $12,000. Here he is riding it. Here is the price tag. We all know Orlando has a fixation with collecting bikes and Rolex watches, not a cheap hobby.

Flynn: Usually in the same clothes or inappropriately dressed for the time of year. His stroller is worth $20. Those controversial love-them-or-loathe-them booties were worth $12.

One could argue that its fun to be able to dress your child in the lovely variety of clothing that is available out there. It doesn’t have to be expensive but wearing the same clothes a lot and lacking in a certain area of clothing isn’t good. My nephew was dressed in lots of different clothes and wrapped up very well in colder weather and it wasn’t cheap but children aren’t cheap and millionaires such as Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr should be able to afford and take pleasure in being able to afford the best for their child. No coat, not hat, no scarf, no gloves, no shoes, same old onesie, a thin, flimsy scarf draped over the thin, flimsy stroller to somehow protect Flynn from… I have no idea what from to be honest … spoil your child, he will only have one babyhood!

Thanks to Eruberueth for some of the info.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 15, 2011.

39 Responses to “Poor Flynn. Literally.”

  1. Eheh! Nice entry!;)
    Of couse it’s not smart to spend much money on baby clothes as they grow fast and usually don’t wear the same clothes more than 2/3 times, so I can understand that they want to save money for other stuff, (even though they are surely wealthy enough and she should easily get free designers baby clothes as much as she gets stuff for herself) BUT this doesn’t mean you have to apply the same ‘rule’ to other things such as the stroller, which is surely useful and lasts long, not to mention that it has to be comfy and safe for the kid. So I am impressed they only bothered spend 20dollars on a stroller that looks like the doll’s one! Caring choice…not.

  2. Miranda has also cared more about herself than she did anyone else. I guess she is doing that to her own child now and not gIvIng him everything he needs.

  3. When my brother and his partner had their children, they got the best of everything for their children including clothes. Like you say, they dont have to be expensive but again they dont dress Flynn in the correct way but themselves they can dress no problem. Neat trainers, cool bikes, expensive clothes yet Flynn doesnt even get a pushchair that looks comfortable, it looks cheap and tacky and I know it is meant to be a travel pushchair but Miranda has her NY apartment down the road and probably doesnt get in or out of a car much with it. Children need more support, comfort and protection with pushchairs and her using her scarf as a cover disgusts me. Too late to hide him from the paps, if its for weather purposes then get a pushchair with a plastic screen or with the seating facing inwards. I can imagine when the wind blows and the scarf is blowing in Flynns face it might be very distressing for him. Sometimes in wind a child can hyperventilate and having a scarf in his face may prevent him from breathing correctly. I know some may think Im being OTT but trust me – Im not. Nice to see Miranda in a childs clothes store but too little too late, he still wears the same pair of red socks and blue striped baby grow lol I think anyone with money should buy their baby lots of toys, good clothes and the best accessories. The fact that kids can grow out of their clothes really quickly yet I have seen Flynn in the same clothes a lot doesnt sound good. They dress him like a poor persons child. Not saying they should dress him in Gucci but he always seems half dressed. Sometimes he will wear a jumper but no trousers, just a baby grow, or sometimes he will wear a coat and trousers but no shoes or hat etc etc Sometimes it can look likes he has been dragged out fo bed so they can take him out to be photographed…. oops sorry… be stalked. Lets be honest, if you were stalked like that and didnt like it, you would go out of your mind and snap!

    • Forgot to say and I know this has nothing to do with this entry but when Flynn was wearing his teething necklace made of Amber I read that they can be dangerous because they can break in the babys mouth and you have to heat amber to over 200degC in order to be able to get any volatiles out of it so when people claim it has healing properties they are talking out their asses, there is also the choking hazard.

  4. I have known women, single mothers on a limited income, who dressed their kids in the cutest things and had only the best strollers and whatnot for them because, as you said, they are only babies for a short time and they felt their babies deserved the best. I know that Miranda made a comment on her Facebook or Twitter or something that it’s hard to find cute baby clothes. Um…what? Perhaps she could could say that it’s hard to find cute clothes for boys but that’s not true, either. All I had to do was visit the web sites for Gymboree and Baby Gap and I found TONS of cute clothes for boys. Is she above mall stores? She works for a mall store AND a cheap-ass department store so she had better not be thinking she’s above shopping at Baby Gap. Is she implying that she can’t find organic baby clothing that’s cute? Um…look at your feet, Ms. Kerr, and then shove your organic rhetoric up your ass. Just in general she needs to shove her organic rhetoric up her ass but that is another rant for another post and another day. My point is, even poor people (as compared to millionaires like Miranda and her spineless emasculated lap dog…erm…husband) have the means to splash out and get their kids, at the very least, one of those nice Graco strollers. if these two can justify closets filled with designer clothes and countless expensive motorcycles, they can buy better things for their baby…especially if they insist on getting his picture taken every day to the point where he plays peek-a-boo with his playmates the paparazzi.

    • I wasnt going to comment but I saw your post and had to agree. I dont agree with people dressing their kids in designer gear because it is a complete waste of money as they out grow them so quickly but yes, you can dress them in lovely clothes, even organic clothes are lovely (Google it), so it really isnt about money, its about showing care for your child by dressing them correctly and in nice things. If Miranda especially wasnt into posh clothes Id agree but because she is so flash with the cash Im rather upset she doesnt take more care in the way she dresses her child. Yes I would be outraged if they dressed him in designer but like I said, nice clothes dont have to cost the earth. Hell, even a decent stroller which he does seem to get his use out of would have been better than nothing. The handles seem even too low for her so it must be uncomfy pushing it from her pov. Maybe they dress him in and use the free stuff they get? Im very upset by their actions or lack of them.

    • The only response I have to your comment: Um, can I marry you? 😀

  5. I have to admit, the lack of shoes and weather appropriate clothing on Flynn is DRIVING ME NUTS! Pointing out the cost of MK’s shoes as compared to Flynn’s cheap stroller is also making me lose a lot of respect for her. Also, the post you made about “Miranda the Coconut” really hit home as I had saved that blog post and have my own proof that it did indeed say 4 TBSP at first. Why she made a public statement saying a magazine misquoted her blog is baffling. Anyway, it was nice to vent. It will take a lot to make me dislike OB though! I think I’ll blame her for now. 😉
    Anyway, she’s really starting to loss her “shine” in my eyes. I

  6. I can’t agree more with post. He is like the poor little cinderella while the two ugly sisters go to the ball lol

    I find it hilarious that he says he is being more safe these days then buys ANOTHER motorbike, and wears SNEAKERS while riding it and thin trousers, yeaaah so safe!!!

    Anyway back to the topic in hand, I have seen babies dressed better from hand-me-downs!! Isn’t Sonia or John and Therese buying any clothes for Flynn like they do ordinarily as Grandparents???

    All they care about is that baby making their images and getting them more attention, they don’t care about him, if they did they would revolve their lives round him instead of the other way around, what decent new mother takes MORE work on after a baby is born instead of less like she claimed she was going to? BAD BAD PARENTS!!

    • I agree on the image part, but I suppose it comes down to the type of image they’re trying to convey. If the image was one of “best dressed baby,” they would focus on that. But the image appears to be one of “cute baby with model mom” — and the “model mom” is the primary focus. (Bear in mind how much the focus has been on mom’s post-baby body; in order to keep everyone focused on her appearance, she needs the baby as a constant photographic reminder. But it’s still all about her and how she looks.) And as it looks more and more like they just run him up and down the street for the daily photography session, I don’t know that they’re putting much effort into dressing him up. Since the focus is intended to be on her, he just needs to look presentable. I also doubt very seriously he’s outside for more than a few minutes.

      My biggest complaint about their behavior is difficult to quantify effectively. There’s something very, very off about their interaction with that baby. It’s like they’re holding him but not bonding with him. He seems to have an easy-going personality, so he’s content to sit in someone’s arms. But I don’t see “devoted mom and dad” with these two (all of Bloom’s kiss-the-kid’s-head pictures notwithstanding). He’s been referred to as a prop, but honestly it’s not a bad description. Kerr just carts him around, hoping perhaps that the sight of a mom holding her baby will be enough to create the image? But the baby doesn’t appear to have any connection to either of them. You can tell the difference between a baby clinging to its mom or dad and a baby just clinging to the person who happens to be holding him. I get the latter with this kid. He’s content to be passed from person to person, but there’s no emotional bond — from what I can see — in how he responds to either Bloom or Kerr.

      This is just me, of course. I commented some time back that this kid’s largely a business plan, and I think it’s still true. If it’s not, I think Bloom and Kerr have done a poor job of indicating otherwise. With the exception of the way that Cruise kid has been trotted out for publicity shots, I’m not sure I’ve never seen such an in-your-face attempt to use a child for manufacturing an image.

      Long post. Sorry about that. I suppose the short version is “I agree with you completely, Nefratiti.”

      • I’m glad you did a long post because you mentioned a lot that I failed to mention. I cannot agree more that they don’t seem to have bonded with that baby, it is something that is screamingly obvious to me. I would bet everything I had that they only see that baby for pap set ups and then hand him back to the nanny-who, incidentally is the ONLY person I have saw Flynn reach for and look incredibly happy to see, I don’t think Miranda has a maternal bone in her body and when she got pregnant saw a whole new door open for her in the “yummy mummy” crapola, my only shock is considering Orlando has always said he wanted kids and I am having trouble with the fact that he could do this to his own child as I feel he is totally not bonded or wanting to bond with that baby, but maybe he has some kind of resentment towards the baby and it not being planned? I don’t know but it does surprise me, I know a lot of people say he loves and cares for that baby but I don’t see it in any shape or form, like her, its all pap set ups and image opportunities. I feel so sorry for Flynn because he looks sad now he is more aware of things and people around him, it is a shame that they have only had him to be a prop in their pathetic games.

  7. Personally I think this proves, to me, that the kid is not Orlando’s. All I ever heard is that wanted kids badly and I don’t believe that he would be so careless and not give quality things to his kid.

    • Well, I certainly agree with you on the kid not being Bloom’s, but I’ve mentioned it before (so I doubt it will come as a surprise to anyone here). The first time I saw a picture of the baby’s face I thought he was the image of Kerr’s business partner.

      But as always, that’s my opinion, and I respect that there are other opinions.

      • Actually, I am beginning to think it isn’t his too, it is the only thing that makes sense with why he is like he is with the baby, Orlando has a very common eye colour and hooded lids that are also very common in babies, so that is a very generic look and doesn’t mean that he is Orlando’s going by that, so now I am beginning to think that maybe it isn’t his after all..

      • I think the kid is really the business partner’s. He probably helped Miranda to secure Orlando for their skin care line to get profit. Of course it isn’t doing much work even with a baby.

      • I think he looks like George Moskos a lot also at times, for those that don’t know this is George Moskos:

        george moskos

      • I know a few people say that Flynn looks like a mini Orlando, well I did a 3 second google search for “cute brown eyed baby” and got a baby/toddler that looks more like Orlando than Flynn does and its not his kid, yet it has the hooded eyes, brown eyes and orlandos smile and mouth amazing huh?


        Also I know a lot of people would say “BUT HE IS ON THE BIRTH CERTIFICATE SO MUST BE HIS REAL DAD”. Well.. so was Harry Bloom..

      • The fact that he’s Kerr’s business partner also tells me everything I need to know.

        For the record, I’m not trying to spread scurrilous lies about Kerr and Bloom. I just don’t like how this situation is playing out. It’s one thing if Kerr just happened to get pregnant, and she and Bloom accepted it and made the best of the change in their life. But I strongly suspect that this child was conceived to keep an image going on Kerr’s part, and that’s beyond disgusting to me.

      • That george guy has brown eyes. Just saying…

    • To add to my original comment, it is possible Orlando doesn’t want to get attach to the kid, if not his, and so he doesn’t make effort when it comes to Flynn. I would think that he would follow through with all that ‘being careful’ stuff and not prove otherwise.

  8. I’m not very good at doing a cut/paste of pics so if any wiz here can do it, I’d really like to see a shot of Orlando’s, business-partner’s and baby-Flynn’s pics side by side. I think it’s easier to make a comparison on “who does he look more like?”

    In that pic of Flynn in the main post, he’s actually starting to look more like her.

  9. Just found out that Orlando is STILL smoking as he asked a complete stranger in the street in NZ for a cigarette!! So lets take a look at the evidence we have.. Orlando is STILL smoking, STILL drinking (he was pissed drunk in the VSFS after party pic with that fan) and he is STILL riding motorbikes without any protection except a helmet.. now Orlando said in the “Mens Health” interview that his life had changed since Flynn and that he had stopped taking risks because he wanted to see him grow up, obviously he was lying big time! He obviously bullshitted to make people believe the “devoted father” image, but as usual with Orlando his actions speak a lot louder than his words!!
    I honestly think that this adds more to weight to Flynn not being his/not being a loving/caring father to Flynn.

    • Here is the link to the “cigarette” Orlando:


    • Its some proof for me that the kid is not him. Oh and I always took the smoking, riding motorcycle with min. safety as being ways to show that he is NOT happy at all. I think he wants to escape.

      • Totally agree with you about that Mystic, I don’t think he is happy either, far from it I think he suffers from depression.

    • Are you stupid? He was probably asking for a cigarette for someone else. Someone probably approached him for a cigarette and as he doesnt smoke, he decided to help this person and asked people for a cigarette as he is so helpful and kind. You people are evil to think him asking for a cigarette means he smokes.

      • LOL.

      • Lol! And don’t forget to blame VS and its models stating that Orlando “would never go to such a cheap,disgusting event as he respects women and isn’t like that” and then praise him for attending it and his wife for parading around in her undies as if she had found the cure for cancer!

  10. dont lke orlando any more and havent for a while came back out of curiosity. Dont liek the way either of them treat this child, its very cold and they dont protect him at all from the fame and paps hiding his face 5% of the time does not count cos as we all kno you can pixel out babies faces in pictures they chose not to do it. i think they both smoke and both drink. mitanda has admitted to just drinking juices before shows – eg not eating – she does not lead a healthy life style its al image her face is either bloated due to drugs drink or making herself sick. she dindt have a moonface as a youngster and i thought she was pretty normal sized and shaped as a young teen. anyway rant over for now but get what you mean about flyyn always being in the same clothes or having cheap cold clothes for winter.

  11. http://bagcraze.blogspot.com/2010/11/celine-handbags.html

    Modest Miranda

    • Lambskin? Seriously? She swears her Kora stuff isn’t texted on animals and then buys handbags made of lambskin…consistent much.

      • Thanks “S” for the link.

        I know leather or most leather is a bi-product of the meat trade and such but I could never wear leather or condone it because to purchase or wear leather you are keeping the leather trade going. The fur/skin looks better on the animal!

  12. Crocodile? Are u serious… i liked her very much, i thought she is sincere, but now i see she is pretending to be better person than she really is.


  13. You know, I was walking around town today and there was one thing I noticed. Not one parent that was with their child (regardless of age) was carrying it. They were all either in pushchairs or walking. I always find it very abnormal for Miranda (and other celebs that do it) to walk around holding Flynn like that when he is getting big and will be heavy. On average, a healthy 11 month old would weigh between 17-22lbs so I dont get the logic of carrying Flynn like that when it will be uncomfy for her as well for him as he could be warmer/dryer/safer in a stroller. Proof she doesnt carry him for long but long enough for the paps to take pictures? She could protect Flynn from the paps (not just the weather) in a stroller, and I dont mean that god awful cheap one she has been using. Normal parents I seen out and about today had really nice ones. Im sure they werent as rich as MK/OB and maybe went to town in some kind of transport (car/bus) so theres reallty no excuse.

    Flynn has been looking very miserable of late… I wonder why!

  14. does anyone find it strange that every time they do a post on justjared about miranda walking they say “going to a pal’s house.” yet we haven’t seen anyone outside her family in her presence for yrs now. also the recent halloween party, those were her pals? the random new york and jersey shore peeps?

  15. I just wanna add that every celebrity baby has pictures with parents at the playgrounds, at the zoo, even grocery shopping, or playing with other BABIES!! flynn’s only pics are in the airports, getting transferred off of planes. it’s really sad, this kid has no resemblance of a decent babyhood. he’s never holding a toy, the only people he gets to play with are the paps. it’s just really odd, the more pics they get, the more child neglect it shows.

  16. This is off topic but I just couldn’t let this go…


    Did one of us fat, jealous haters write this article? C’mon…come clean. I know it had to be one of us because it sates, plainly and for all the world to see, what we have been saying for YEARS. I have to wonder if the Worshipper In Chief has seen this because if she has she hasn’t commented on it and I find that infinitely HILARIOUS!

    My favorite part…okay, I have quite a few favorite parts but…my favoritest part is when he says that “much of the industry has come to quietly despise her.” Not dislike, nope…DESPISE. That is a powerful word. I love this part because I have seen, and I know that everyone else here has seen it, too, shippers shouting from the rooftops that people in the industry simply love, love, love Miranda. Obviously, this is not the case.

    Another part that I simply adore is the one in which the author has the balls, and it’s about time someone finally has the balls to say this out loud, that Miranda is damaging to women and girls. I have been screaming this very point since I found out that she was displaying unmitigated gall by publishing a book targeted toward young girls. The author states that what is harmful about Miranda is that she equates sensuality with sex, that “the source of girl-power, of pride in one’s womanhood, must always be grounded not in who you are, but how you look.” I would like to add the fact that she objectifies herself by posing nude at the drop of a hat and in doing so suggests that this is a way for women to empower themselves, when this is the very opposite of empowerment, it is subjugation of women and their power for the pleasure of men. I would also like to add that she has held herself up as a measuring stick by which all new mothers should hold themselves. She starved herself and abused her body in godonlyknows how many ways to squeeze her slinky self back into a runway sample size 0 only two months after she gave birth, then had the gall to claim that she was “curvier.” Women who are truly “curvy” should be allowed to line up and each give her, in turn, a good, hard slap. She is not a role model. In fact, anyone holding Miranda up to be a role model needs to be slapped around the head and neck hard and repeatedly.

    I also love that he ended the article by calling her a hypocrite. Of course, we already knew she was a hypocrite…

    • I’ve always been a fan of Miranda but after reading this article I find myself foolish enough to believe this pretentious woman. That’s quite sad but true. Anyway thank you for bringing up this article. =)

  17. http://www.koraorganics.com/blog/live-in-my-skin/all-things-organic/organic-certification/its-time/

    because MIRANDA needs to tell the world her brother is gay?! wtf! really, that’s gotta be the worst thing ever, have your older sister tell the entire world you’re gay so she can write “I support gay people.”

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