Clarification From Getty Images

On Friday, I decided to send Getty Images an email regarding their use of paparazzi pictures and celebrity stalking. Today they replied with a very clear clarification.

Firstly, here is the email I sent them, just so you can see what I asked.

And here is their reply.

So I think we can safely say that Getty do not shoot paparazzi style photographs. If pictures of Orlando and Miranda appear on Getty in a private style setting, you can be sure it is pre-booked. Have they ever appeared on Getty in a private setting which look like they were followed by paparazzi? Yes.

For those of you that do not believe the email I received from them is real, please feel free to email them yourselves. I really don’t know what some people are going to say about this, if they even choose to acknowledge it that is. It’s amazing what evidence can be over looked and ignored as it doesn’t fit certain agendas.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 7, 2011.

16 Responses to “Clarification From Getty Images”

  1. Thanks for clarifying this point! and thanks for always adding to what you write the caps of mails and stuff, just to show that these are not ‘fantasy’ entries but stated facts. Ss for this:
    “It’s amazing what evidence can be over looked and ignored as it doesn’t fit certain agendas.”
    …it’s so very true!! I couldn’t agree more! πŸ˜€

  2. Fantastic!!! Well we have been saying this all along, great to have that statement from Getty to actually prove what we have been saying πŸ˜€

  3. To be honest, I dont really care if pictures are set up or not but Ive never understood why it matters if they are set ups. Its a necessary evil when you are a celebrity and most if not all do it to some degree or at some stage of their life. To think both Orlando and Miranda are above it is stupid because taking a few pre booked pictures is not a crime so why some people treat it like it is is beyond me. Thanks for doing the leg work again to prove your claims but I really think this one will be spun because this craps on everything the shippers have said. They really need to grow up and hold their hands up once in a while, admit they can be wrong about certain things but I think if they admit they can be wrong about one thing, what else can they be wrong about. Nice work!

    • Forgot to add. If the shippers can go so ape shit over something so stupid as a few pictures being set up then my sweet ass they are mad. But yeah, we knew that!

  4. It is good to have the written proof showing they do not stalk celeb’s. Thanks for doing the research to find out the truth.

  5. I didn’t realize there was any question of Getty being pre-booked. But good to have the confirmation all the same. I also agree with Isolde that it’s really no big deal for celebs to pre-book their own “candids” (to have a little more control over their appearance). I think Bloom and Kerr take this to a whole new level of stupidity, however. Stupid is as stupid does, I suppose.

  6. I always think it’s hilarious that there are people who can be slapped in the face with facts and still refuse to believe them. Orlando and Miranda pre-booking “sightings” and going so far as to fake a fake out with a “decoy baby” just doesn’t allign with their fantasies about who these peole are. The shippers have come to identify with these people to such an extent that they are orlando, or specifically Miranda. The shippers know they are not the kind of people who would be willing to live a lie so Miranda is not willing to live a lie. I wish I could find the article I read years back written by a paparazzi photographer that detailed a “shoot” with Brad and Jen when they were still married. It was prearranged and part of the plan was that Brad and Jen were going to cover their faces and look all upset so it appeared that the couple was “caught” out and were distressed by the paps. This happens all the time. Miranda’s sole goal in life was to become famous and part of that, how you achieve that and maintain that, is by playing these sorts of games. Just because a fan can sit at her computer and think that she would never live a fake life or pretend to be in a relationship/marriage with someone she does not love, does not mean that her favorite celeb wouldn’t do it all for a bigger slice of the fame pie. These celebs do not live the smae kind of lives that we do and they do not play by the same rules. they live fake lives, they have fake relationships and they say things in interviews that are not true in order to craft an image, an image that most fans swallow without question. It has happened since the creation of Hollywood and will go on happening long after O and M have been forgotten. In this age of internet blogs and paparazzi sites, we are over exposed to some celebs. The web is saturated with photographs of these people. they ahve to step up the game and live these fake to a point that their predecessors never did. Their fans really do think they KNOW these people so they have to give the fans what they want all the time. They hire people to sit outside and record their every public move and when they are in front of the lenses they act a certain way. Once inside that apartment building…they could be miserable and screaming at each other or staying in two different apartments or…whatever…and that reality is just as likely as the one in which they are skipping through the tuplips together and in love, love, love. But because of sites like Facebook and Twitter where fans get to feel like they are interacting with the “real” Miranda (or whatever celeb you’re into) that feeling that we know who they are all the time is just intensified. Of course Miranda is going to be all sweetness and light when she responds to people on her blog or her Twitter or her Facebook…that is all part of the image she is crafting. There is a very good chance, a very real and honest chance, that she is laughing at the fans she is calling sweetie and saying nice things to, going to their profiles and making fun of their pictures. C’mon…we all do it, why wouldn’t she? Because she’s perfect? Nope, she’s not. She’s a human, just like us lousy haters, and if we have looked at people profile pics and judged them hashly, so has Miranda, no matter what kind of drivel she may spill all over her comments.

  7. At last! Now what can they say?? They can even email Getty themselves to clarify, but it’s there in black and white and Getty has always been the same, not a pap agency etc Everything they do is pre booked, the fact the shippers denied that to this day only shows how ridiculous they are, but maybe they know their “dream couple” is just that, a dream, in reality Orlando and Miranda are doing daily pap set up’s with their innocent baby boy just to get some attention and to give the people who take notice (not many) that they are a happy little family just like they say they are. I hope this shows some shippers with brains that their perfect couple doesn’t exist and it is all just a contrived image, they are doing this to hang onto to some kind of celebrity because they both know their time is running out, and YES they are pimping ot their own flesh and blood, this is who they are, don’t get me wrong a hell of a lot of celebrities do this, but I find them exactly the same, it is their business to pimp out themselves, but a poor, innocent child- that is just unforgivable to me.

  8. Great for your research. I wish you had asked for Orlando and MIranda specifically πŸ™‚
    Great for your comments. The nail it down. And I think all these sets up are just made to prove they are a common happy family. You are completely right, Erube. I would like to know if they live in separate appartments. REally,
    Kerrazy… could you trace that track??? ahahhahahah

    • It wouldn’t have mattered who it was asked about it is ALL CELEBRITIES that have to pre-book Getty πŸ™‚

    • Thanks Mobt. I couldn’t ask specifically about Orlando and Miranda because Getty, like other businesses will have client confidentiality, so they wouldn’t tell me or name names, but I guess whoever appears in the photos are the ones who have pre-booked them, or their publicist has.

  9. As far as I know Getty is taking pics from other agencies and does not have their own paps like x17 or Wenn or Splash. Paps often work on their own and didn’t need an order from an agency.
    But the streets around T&Ts place is defo not a pap hang out or a celeb hot spot.
    Please, no other real celeb in NYC is paped that often as these two desperate idiots.

  10. I think it was stated a long time ago, when that having-dinner-with-her-dad-and-family pics by Getty emerged, that Getty only does pre-bookings so this clarification just cements that fact for me. But as always, Kerrazy, great investigative work πŸ˜€

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