Orlandos No-Show At MKs Party

So, Miranda tried to better Heidi Klum by hosting a Halloween party of her own with many Z List celebs. However, it seems Heidi managed to get the likes of Fergie (Black Eyed Peas), Doutzen Kroes, Michelle Trachtenberg, Natasha Beddingfield, Seal (you know – her husband), Kyle Maclachlan – just to name a few. Who did Miranda bag? Erm… I think the most well known celebrity at her bash were Jersey Shore people. Heidi had a red carpet and made her party look a real event while Miranda had pap pics in the street which made it look like some kids going trick or treating.

Fail of epic proportions.

Another fail is that Heidi had her supportive husband there while Miranda did not. Orlando went to another party completely and didn’t even pop his head round the door of Miranda’s just to show his face. What could be the reason he did not attend?

Looking after Flynn? No. Nanny is there and although it was said he was looking after Flynn originally, that soon changed.

Too tired? No. Again, he attended another party and was papped entering his apartment in the early hours of the morning.

Didn’t want to steal MK’s thunder? No. They have attended many events together, Orlando’s premieres, Miranda’s events – are we to believe they attended them to steal each others thunder? He is her husband, it was a “celeb” party, Heidi had Seal at hers and he did not steal her thunder, so… no, doesn’t make sense. After all, if you do not attend your wifes party in fear of stealing her thunder then I expect never to see them at each others events in the future!

Miranda’s party had shit guests and was bound to fail? Possibly. Some people leave a sinking ship.

Either way, I guess no one will know the real reason he wasn’t there but to be honest, it doesn’t look good or nice he opted for another party other than his wifes, there is nothing wrong with attending a party together, no point in spinning any reason why he wasn’t there because to be honest no reason is good enough. Love, support, help, share – are they not some foundations of a good marriage?

Also, the less said about him being papped returning home ON HIS BIKE after a party, the better. After all, the paps even commented how bad he looked the morning after and he certainly looked like he had some bad hang over. Drinking and driving is never a good thing but I’m sure some will condone it.

Feel free to discuss and speculate.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on November 2, 2011.

10 Responses to “Orlandos No-Show At MKs Party”

  1. After all, if you do not attend your wifes party in fear of stealing her thunder then I expect never to see them at each others events in the future!

    Exactly what I was going to say! If the reason he didnt’ show up was that then he shouldn’t have attended her Balenciaga runways in the last 2 years nor her Dior one last september. And he shouldn’t attend the VSFS either, as he never have and MK always said she doesn’t mix work and personal like when asked about his absence from her VS shows. But I guess this is another example of ‘what fits best it the right explanation’ such as for the deal with Flynn’s outfits.:P
    As Wilde wisely wrote: “There is only one thing in the world worse than being talked about, and that is not being talked about”. So either the baby is properly dresed or not, either he goes to actually support his wife or not, the important thing is to see pics for fans, isn’t it?LOL

    • Sorry, forgot to add one more thing: if you don’t want to steal your partner’s light then you usually avoid public events together, not parties like this that are made for fun and not worked related. Some celebs never attend each other’s première or official events,look at rachel weisz and daniel craig or gwyneth paltrow and chris martin but these two proved they have no problems to appear together at official events, when they like or need it, so……

  2. To be brutally honest, I didnt agree with Miranda hosting this party at all. Doing it on Heidis night made her look jealous, bitter and childish but it had backfired on her because it was a real poor attempt on her part. She tried to overshadow H’s party because she is immature and knew even the “battle of the parties” would draw soem attention. Mirandas costume was poor, her guests were poor, the event itself was poor and Im not surprised O didnt turn up and went to another party. I do think him not being at her party was an indication of something but I dont think it was any of the reasons you listed. Some of her so called friends went to other parties, some went to hers and Heidis but there was no real loyalty there from anyone. I think she should have stayed at home and dropped the attention hungry famewhoring for one night because now she has egg on her face and she should learn from it and not make everything about her all the time.

  3. There was no excuse he couldn’t or wouldn’t go to her party. Why wouldn’t he want to party with his wife? It makes no sense, the fact that she was hosting it and he didn’t attend is even worse. They really do live separate lives the way they see/have Flynn and now him not attending a party that was obviously important to Miranda. He could go out “with the boys” any night, why choose his wife’s big party night? Why couldn’t he support her? I am very surprised she didn’t make him go to the party, but he must have put his foot down and just ignored her nagging him,let’s face it, she certainly wears the trousers in that “relationship”. The thing of “stealing her thunder” is hilarious! AS IF!!! She goes to his big nights, like SFD premiere and she steals his thunder making sure she has a dress on that has her tits out! That is all that was in the media the next day about it, not about Orlando, then we have her walking the catwalk at Dior and he is stealing her thunder by taking pics of her on the catwalk, making sure everyone is looking at him instead (even though he looked like a complete arsehole doing that!) , so NO stealing her thunder isn’t the reason he didn’t go- try harder at an excuse to try and explain why he wasn’t there, like Kerrazy says, it is what it is! He just didn’t go obviously because HE DIDN’T WANT TO AND WANTED TO GO TO ANOTHER PARTY WHERE SHE WASN’T! OTHERWISE HE WOULD HAVE WENT TO HER PARTY YEAH? That is how it is I’m afraid.. and NO it isn’t normal really is it? But then these two are far from normal, how ANYONE believes these two love one another and are a regular, supporting each other married couple, I just don’t know!

  4. I absolutely love that he didn’t go because it only proves what a lot of us are saying about the fact they really don’t give a shit for each other, seriously, what couple would act the way they do?? Seems one day the shippers are gunna have to face facts that to Orlando they were just “Hanging out” when she accidentally (maybe on purpose) got pregnant, he didn’t want to mar his image and decided to give the “good daddy/happy family” image a go seeing as thought he had nothing else to see and no work on. I highly doubt that they are married and I think they are just pretending they are to fit with their images, there is no way Miranda would not have released a wedding picture by now if they had married, she can pimp out her “sacred” baby so much I’m sure a wedding picture would be nothing to show to people for more attention, I will only believe they were married if when they “divorce” there are real divorce papers shown to the public. They are all just a big, fat lie. They are together for nothing but publicity, the way they seem to “take turns” with Flynn (even though they are in the same place most the time) is very telling, like they are getting Flynn used to that kind of living for when they finally split.

  5. I think this proves that they do not support each other. To me this is proving more and more that they live seperate lives and only are together at public events that benefit both of them.

  6. It is unusual that Orlando didn’t attend his own wife’s party but the thing that bothers me is Miranda’s costume. Does anybody else ever wonder if she is insecure deep down? I mean, we’ve all seen her in next to nothing a thousand times, so why would she see Halloween as an opportunity to dress in a skimpy outfit? That is, unlike Heidi who dresses in amazingly creative costumes that don’t necessarily make her look sexy (shock horror!). Why does Miranda need to show off her body all the time? In fact, if she were just a regular citizen attending a Halloween party, I suspect she would be one of the slutty girls who uses it as an excuse to show off a hot body by wearing lingerie with some form of animal ears, rather than one of the cool, relaxed girls who dress up as scorched zombies and the like. I’ve said it before but a little modesty would make MK much more attractive in my eyes.

  7. Huh! She probably didn’t get invited to Heidi’s party and went all, “I’ll show you!”, so decided to throw one by herself. Poor thing. I’d say it was an epic fail when even your own loving husband who-can’t-stand-to-be-away-from-you-and-baby, doesn’t attend.

    You know, I’m very very sure that their people(I’m leaning more on her people) following this blog very avariciously because every time an issue gets brought up here(ala Fling not covered up when in public) they rectify it in the next pap shots. Mention how they’re always carrying the kid everywhere and exposing his face to the world, and the next time, he’s in a stroller with a cloth over his face. Now I’ll bet that because of this why-didn’t-he-attend-her-halloween-party hoopla, they’re gonna “get papped” out having a very very romantic dinner/outing where they can’t stop looking lovingly into each other’s eyes and having their hands aaawwwwllll over each other.

  8. a little modesty would make MK much more attractive in my eyes.

    my issues with her would be nearly nonexistent if she wasn’t a VS model.
    i sincerely hope it is her last season.

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