Miranda Will Try To Cover Up Her Lies, But Not Her Son?

I have lost count how many times I have seen Flynn inappropriately dressed for the weather. It isn’t just once or twice, it is getting so often that even the truest fans of O&M are beginning to comment on it. Flynn has three people that could dress him (Miranda, Orlando and the nanny), so why does no one think about how much a baby feels the cold or how sensitive it’s skin is to the sun?

If you are unsure of what the weather is like, just look at how Orlando and Miranda are dressed, that should give you a clue. They can wrap themselves up warm, but not their own child. For instance, NY (where the Bloom/Kerrs have been the last week or so) is so cold, there are speculation of it snowing. Below are just a few pictures of an under dressed Flynn.

27th Oct 2011. New Yorkers said it is freezing cold. Orlando has 2 jumpers on. Flynn has bare legs, no hat and thin socks.

25th Oct 2011. NY cold. OB is wearing a leather jacket. Flynn is wearing a thin baby grow.

25th Oct 2011. NY cold. MK is still covered and people around her are dressed for winter. The wind looks pretty strong, look at the lady behind MK – her hair is blowing all over the place. Flynn is in yet another baby grow (surprise surprise).

20th Oct 2011. NY. OB has layers on. Flynn is wearing thin clothes, no socks or shoes, no hat.

28th Sept 2011. Paris in fall is chilly/cold. Flynn has bare feet and legs again, no hat and looks distressed.

19th Sept 2011. Paris. OB in jumper. Flynn… you guessed it… bare  feet, legs and arms.

August? 2011. NZ. Splash News pics so I am unable to find/post them. OB and MK are wrapped up as it was NZ’s winter. They are carrying Flynn (not the ones of him in a pushchair). I think he was inappropriately dressed to some degree.

There are also numerous pictures of Flynn wearing no hat to protect his head from the sun during the summer.

Remember, a baby always feels the cold more than an adult, so if an adult is dressed for the cold, the baby will feel it 10 times more. Same goes for the sun, a baby’s skin is more delicate. A smiling baby doesn’t always mean a happy, healthy baby, just like a crying and distressed baby wouldn’t automatically indicate an abused, sad baby but anyone with a brain cell would know that. I also have to ask myself, why is Flynn hardly ever in a push chair/stroller? Being in one would protect him from so many elements – sun, wind, cold, rain etc yet he is mostly carried or in a baby sling. This basic care is so easy that I am dumbfounded to why Miranda, Orlando and everyone else that does this completely fail. Even some people who look at kids as an accessory are able to dress their children more often than Flynn it seems, who looks like he spends most of his time in onesies.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on October 28, 2011.

33 Responses to “Miranda Will Try To Cover Up Her Lies, But Not Her Son?”

  1. I don’t live i the Us but as you wisely pointed out:
    “If you are unsure of what the weather is like, just look at how Orlando and Miranda are dressed, that should give you a clue. They can wrap themselves up warm, but not their own child.” and this is the first thing I noticed too. They’re always dressed up i warm clothes but the baby isn’t.
    I find it weird that the son of a supermodel can’t seem to have a huge wardrobe, I would have bet DJ had covered her up wit baby clothes, organic ones of course but apparently they didn’t or she can’t find anything suitable enough for her child…:P
    I hope Lagerfeld or Saab or Galliano start making a baby clothing lines soon or Flynn will live in his Pjs til he’s 10….

  2. I agree it makes to sense with these two idiots. They both look like they are very cold but let’s leave the baby in thin clothes and no hat and shoes. This shit makes no sense at all.

  3. Maby the take poor Flynn quickly outside, so the paps can take ther pictures and the little boy can go back in the warm!

  4. I have seen his legs all mottled before in pap pics meaning his legs will be like ICE. It is second nature to wrap up any baby and toddler up warm, it should be instinctive, the fact that out of THREE adults looking after this baby not ONE can make sure of that is incredibly worrying. I see a few people online saying that they have no concern as to whether he is cold or not, those people are SCUM, they SHOULD care, it is a poor innocent baby!!! All SOME care about are photos so they can make icons, how dare these people, they make me sick!

  5. To be honest, I cant say I took much notice of what Flynn wore but now you come to mention it, he is usually in thin clothing and/or onesies. I did a Google search and I mostly seen pictures of Flynn in onesies. Whether this is fact or not – I dont know but I think at Flynns age now, he should be wearing clothes, warmer clothes at that. When my baby sister was his age, my mother was putting her in jumpers, coats, trousers, socks and shoes and hats, Flynn seems to have none of that right now. I know someone in New York and they told me the weather is very cold right now, the temp being around and under 10C, is that the temp for a 10 month old to be in the street with thin clothes on? I think not. I cant understand the neglect in the dressing department (thats DRESSING department) because like you said it is incredibly easy and common sense. Babies lose heat from their head so his head should certainly be covered up also. But as we know, Miranda isnt an expert in covering anything up.

  6. This has always been a bug bear of mine, and for some reason it seems to be getting worse. If they can neglect something so simple as dressing Flynn appropriately, then what else can they neglect? But then what to expect from two parents who pimp out their own son for their own “caring, squeaky clean, loving parents” image, there is no doubt that these two do pap set up’s, this has been proven. Only the other day Orlando had “candid” set up with non pap agency Getty (and like Wireimage you have to pre book them- and they are NOT paps) just to show off his new motorbike. These two are desperados The three musketeers has bombed and Orlando was counting on that movie to raise his profile again, sure he has The Hobbit out but he is not the star so his profile won’t be raised much for that, and Miranda, sure she has been given the fantasy bra, but the inside word on that is she was given it because they are not renewing her contract, so all they both have is this poor little baby to get them in magazines and on online blogs, I pity that poor baby so much. The only good thing is maybe he will get brought up by the nanny, but then why isn’t she dressing him better either?

  7. It’s going to snow in NYC this weekend. Just saying. It’s funny to me that people who call it “baby bashing” when you don’t think a child is cute don’t see the abuse involved with underdressing the very same child and exposing him to very cold temps. Seriously, it’s around 45 in NYC right now (7 C).

  8. I dont agree with all the Miranda and Orlando bashing but have to say I am sick and tired of seeing Flynn in his PJs. My mom is in NY and yes it fucking cold there. New pics of Miranda and Flynn are on Jared today and Flynn looks like hes in his PJS again. I can get how some people dont want to see the obvious neglect here, its fucking cruel man you cant have a child dressed like that as that kid is innocent and cant fend for itself. Wake the fuck up your morons, dress your fucking baby and dress it well. You gonna let Flynn crawl in the snow naked? Seriously those who cant see the shit in all this are obviously just deluding themselves, stop being so selfish and blind and care about this kid instead of just frigging off over the new pics. You make excuses for these people, you are no better.

  9. I agree with this, I usually love Orlando and Miranda but I can’t agree with this, it really pisses me off when people don’t wrap up their babies as there is no reason not to if you care for them. In the last few photos I have seen, Flynn isn’t his usual happy self.

  10. Heh, for all we know, the-best-mother-in-the-world-M will go post in her FB that underdressing your baby is good for the baby because it’ll help it’s body be strong and withstand the cold. The ONLY reason they’re even putting him in onesies is for propriety. Why, all they have to feed him is noni juice, coconut oil and amazing breast milk and he’ll grow up to be Thor. Either that, or they won’t be able to do their usual pap-whoring if the kid’s all covered up, so it’s ok for him to suffer a little, all for the sake of making sure the parents remain in the public eye. So much for O being an amazing father.
    Incidentally, the first thing that popped in my mind when I saw the pics was, O looks like shit, all bloated and tired. CGI’s got a lot of work to do on Legolas.

  11. poor flynn! he has no one to care for him. they use him like a toy and give him back to the nanny when they no longer need him, make him go out in cold and make him fly on horrible germ filled planes just so they can continue to be selfish. flynn will grow to be a not very nice adult!

  12. I have to say that over this past year I am not liking this one bit, Miranda seems to have shown her true colors, she seems really obsessive about having that baby with her while poor Orlando never seems to get a look in, I feel she calls all the shots and I believe that she is the one calling the paps for these pictures, it is always her with Flynn 99% of the time, she is the one using that child, Orlando can only see her when she says so like she said in an interview a while ago, I feel sorry for Orlando, his heart must break having to only see Flynn when she says so and then having to deal with the paps that she called! Orlando was doing the gentlemanly thing by marrying her when she got pregnant, I believe he is also now seeing her true colors, all along Miranda has fooled us all, only now I am fitting the pieces together as to that kind of woman she seems to be, my loyalty is with Orlando and I am not happy he is with a woman who is like this, I thought she is lovely because Orlando chose her to be with, I think he has been duped, I cannot wear rose tinted spectacles a minute longer! I don’t think she cares about Orlando, I think she cares about fame and fortune and she is using Flynn as a pawn to get at, use and hurt Orlando.

    • I couldn’t agree more. Also, the latest pap pics are ridiculous. The catpions say the baby was ‘covered’ up..Lol! Good one! They left a blanker hanging from the stroller to try and cover his face, as no one ever saw him, but it’s clear to see tha baby is only wearing trousers and a jumper, with socks on but no shoes while once again the parents are all wrapped up. And when the blanker moves up, surprise surprise, he has no hat on either.

      • I try to look on the good side about all this, maybe he is not outside long, but then that would prove that they were set ups also. I just can’t believe all this, that Orlando would get involved in all this with a woman like that. Please forgive me as I know that all the evidence is here and other places, but surely Orlando isn’t a bad person?? I am finding all this leaving a bitter taste.

  13. The fact *some* shippers don’t mind about this is just amazing but not surprising, all they care about is about making icons, they disgust me that is all they care about, if Flynn was naked sat on an ice chair they would still love it and then maybe gush about his “bulge” like they do his fathers!! The shippers, or one who shall remain nameless like to pretend to care about Flynn, but I have seen more haters care about him and his welfare than the shippers.

  14. Though you don’t have pics, I can certainly confirm how frickin cold it was in NZ during August. That was the time when we had snowstorms across the ENTIRE country, from the south right up to Auckland (which is unheard of, I might add). Wellington is also known as the “windy city” and those winds can be bitingly cold.

  15. I see there are MORE pap pics from yesterday, seriously these assholes are not stalked, they CALL them!!!! how can anyone still be THAT deluded? Orlando proved it only the other day pre-booking Gettty!! As usual they have covered Flynn’s stroller in response to all that is being said here and all over the internet but that have STILL not wrapped him up properly to be in thet icy cold weather, and that thin little piece of cloth won’t be keeping him very warm from those winds, and poor Flynn doesn’t even like it there!

    How come NOBODY is finding it odd that they are “meeting up with orlando”? Orlando is not working so why isn’t he with Miranda and Flynn? It makes no sense whatsoever, and seeing though Orlando has his helmet its is obvious he won’t be hanging around or taking Flynn with him, again why doesn’t anyone find this odd for a couple who are apparently living together??

    Also LOVE how they are smiling at the paps all big huge grins, they aren’t pissed off at the paps, they called them and are smiling at their friends, people who see other wise are BLIND and DELUDED!!! But then it must be hard to admit you have been wrong all along about this bitch and her ball-less twit, better to pretend things are just how you say they are! HA!

    • Yes I saw the new pics too and saw how there was a cloth over Flynns face which I was outraged with. I also noticed how he wasnt wrapped up very well, no hat or gloves or shoes etc, the pushchair he was in was really horrible, couldnt Flynns rich bitch parents afford a more suitable one with those plastic covers over the front/ or the ones where the child is being pushed facing the other way to protect him from the wind?

      I also agree that I dont believe for once second that the paps stalk these two ALL DAY. Three sets of pap pics in ONE day?? Sorry, no way in hell!!! Anyone that thinks they would be stalked all frigging day need their heads testing lol Sad thing is, Im sure theres plenty that think it.

      • Sorry for the OT but here’s an extract from Doutzen Kroes interview for Madame Le Figaro:
        “Favorite topics:
        She now loves talking about her baby, Phyllon. She does not bring him anymore to photoshoots and regret of having doing so when he was younger as he should not live the craziness of the constant travelling. So her and her husband manages so one of them is always there.”

        She’s a successful model, she lives in NY and she manages not to be ‘caught’ each time she takes a step out of her house door…just saying.:D

      • Hey, dont apologize, this is so on topic!

        This is so true. I happen to think Doutzen is more famous than MK but even if you want to say they are on a par, Doutzen doesnt get papped three times a day or at least have pap pics most days of the week. I didnt agree with Doutzen taking her baby on shoots either but kudos to her for realizing it isnt the way to go for a child. They manage to work it out so one of them is there for their child, M&O never have that excuse or have that excuse much of the time.

        Also, if MK flipping off the paps “proved” she didnt call them, do the pics where she/they are smiling/chatting/posing for the paps proof they do? Whether you want to agree or disagree on that point, the fact is that smiling/chatting/posing for the paps is a surefire encouragement!!

      • Also, if MK flipping off the paps “proved” she didnt call them, do the pics where she/they are smiling/chatting/posing for the paps proof they do? Whether you want to agree or disagree on that point, the fact is that smiling/chatting/posing for the paps is a surefire encouragement!!

        Well said! Also, if the paps are so intrusive, why the couple’s true fans keep posting their pics? It’s be more useful and consistent to boycott the paps not reposting each single pic.:P

      • That is something Ive always wondered also. The paps get called stalkers and vultures so why on earth do people think its acceptable to post up pictures taken by such evil people? The answer is simple – pictures. These pictures are a glimpse into their “private” life and to be frank, without pap pics no one would see or hear from either of them as much. Im sure they know deep down that the paparazzi arent that bad because otherwise super-stalked celebs like O&M wouldnt smile at the paps as much as they do.

      • There is no way that they stalk them, why would they stalk a C/D-list couple yet they don’t stalk some A-listers yet know where they live?? You have to b dumb to think these two non-entities are stalked. Why would any pap agency waste their time stalking two bores who walk up and down the street with their baby- that is all these two ever do, so why would paps stalk these two? I mean NO publication is buying all these photos because all the pics are too samey-therefore they are set ups!

      • Exactly. Mr Paparzzi himself (Darryn Lyon) commented how boring these two were yet took pap pics of them. What does that say to you? Why would a pap take photo’s of boring celebs? Money! Thats the only things that makes any sense.

      • I just think about how actual stars like Natalie Portman, Nicole Kidman, Gwyneth Paltrow, Naomi Watts, Kate Winslett, Cate Blanchett etc. can all keep their babies and families away from the paps. If they aren’t stalked, why would a talentless twat like Miranda be stalked? It’s pretty obvious that Miranda is using Flynn for self-promotion. I mean, she didn’t have to release any photos of Flynn as a newborn but she did and it resulted in her own publicity. Natalie Portman hasn’t released any photos like that even though there would be great interest in them. But then again, Natalie Portman has dignity. I think it’s really sad that Miranda doesn’t want to protect her little one from that industry and that she would rather be out self-promoting for her own gains instead of staying at home with her son and raising him properly. Does she seriously not have enough money as it is? If I was that rich I’d do what’s best for my baby and be a stay at home mum.

  16. Also this is an open question to the shippers- why, if Orlando and Miranda care so much about Flynn and his and their privacy, why haven’t they took out an injunction to pixel out Flynn’s face in Pap pics like celebs who truly do feel that way? It is a simple thing to do and protects their child. I think it is obvious why they haven’t.

  17. Doesn’t also anyone find it odd that the Nanny is always around more often than not? Why would you need a Nanny around when you have your own child?? I get that they use a Nanny for certain times, but why have her around when you are not leaving the child with the Nanny? What that says to me is that as soon as these Pap pics have been posed for they hand Flynn back to the Nanny and get on with their own lives, it makes no sense otherwise that the nanny is around all the time when she is not needed.

    • I dont find it odd because I knew the set up from the start. Nanny most of the time, O&M set up paps pics with Flynn in tow with Nanny in background more often than not so they can hand Flynn over to the Nanny when the pap set up is done. I dont for one minute believe they both have struck up such a friendship with the Nanny that they hang out with her and have her join them on trips away lol

  18. So Orlando didn’t go to Miranda’s party, why not? Why do they live such separate lives? This is so funny! This is on popsugar;

    “One person who did not join in on the fun was Miranda’s husband, Orlando Bloom, who joined Mark Ronson at a different event in the Dream Downtown Hotel’s Electric Room.”

    So shippers-WHY wasn’t he with his beloved on an important night that she was hosting? Why wouldn’t they want a night out TOGETHER? Sorry but this just proves YET AGAIN that their relationship is less that one of a happy, close marriage. What a joke. They are living separate lives and don’t give a damn about each other.

  19. Id like to comment on something that was brought up a few days ago off this blog.

    Someone said Flynn will be fine and warm because he is being held close to Orlando’s body. This is rubbish because as both Orlando and Flynn have clothes on and sometimes more than one layer, the body heat wont radiate through very well as well as being outside, heat will be cooled down by the cold air and of course, no one knows how hot/warm Orlando is, he could feel freezing for anyone knows. It also doesnt matter if Flynns front is warm because people lose heat from their heads and the rest of his tiny body will be cold. I think people need to stop thinking of lame excuses as to why you should underdress a baby. There is no substitute for warm clothing in fall/winter, not even Orlando Bloom’s hot body.

    Shippers disgust me, they seem to have no care or concern for Flynn, as long as they get their daily pap pics they are happy. We “bad fans” at least care if Flynn is wrapped up warm enough in freezing cold NY. How evil of us. Shippers are selfish and uncaring and just make excuses. Spin spin spin shippers, youre running out of excuses!

    • Totally forgot to say. There were pap pictures of Miranda and Flynn yesterday, they both leave a building with Flynn wearing a hat. A picture or so later, the hat is off. If Miranda took the hat off then why ffs? If Flynn took his hat off then Miranda should be making him wear it. Parenting fail regardless. Also noticed Flynn is still not wearing shoes. Do these people have a phobia of shoes? I know if my feet feel cold the rest of me feels cold and they look like pretty thin socks to me. It also angers me Miranda wears such high heels when carrying Flynn. I know its been spoke about before but its so easy to lose your footing, especially when you cant see where you are walking because she is always carrying Flynn. I think that is so irresponsible and dangerous. It happened to Britney Spears, it could happen to Miranda Kerr too, only with her twig body she wont be able to sustain the fall.

    • You perfectly summed it up! As much as the paps are voltures and evil and stalk them, their pics are more than welcome of course!LOL
      Hope the NYC mayor does something to forbid the paps to keep following them!

  20. The party and the having to meet up for meals and the fact that he has to ring the buzzer to get into the building and the meeting at the gym to exchange the baby when they are back in LA and the fact that he was constantly papped leaving a building with a parking garage and she was always coming and going from “a friend’s” house…and let me add the observation that their dogs are being housed on opposite coasts (she took her ratdog to NYC just before this grand world tour started and Sidi has been in LA. I don’t know why BOTH dogs can’t be housed in LA…or both in NYC. Why have two dogs on two coasts?)…and I think we can all…well, those of us with our eyes open and our heads NOT up Miranda’s ass…we call all see that they are living seperate lives and are keeping up appearances for the sake of PR. And they are looking more and more silly while doing it.

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