The Memory Lane Miranda Would Rather Forget

As we all know Miranda likes to come across as a sickly sweet, prim and proper “lady” who felt uncomfortable getting her tits out for Terry Richardson yet bends over so Russell James can snap her corn hole and label it “art” but I’d like to remind people just what Randy Randa was like before she was a known “Angel”.

Back in 2003, Miranda was filmed (by Dean Tirkot) walking down the street (at *night*) in nothing but a tee, panties and red high heels while pouting and posing. All things a modest, innocent 20 year old does. These pictures are from the same photographer, probably from the same time (here, here and here). Sleazy non?

Again in 2003, same photographer, looking almost prepubescent yet sexual.

Back in 2004, Miranda did a very sleazy calendar for Death Machine, which features very hard up and desperate models posing naked/half naked on various vehicles. Here she is posing infront of her month, here is Miranda as August [source].

Also in 2004, Miranda was naked yet again. Here, here and here.

On a side note, remember this and these pics? There were more pictures from this shoot Miranda was supposedly trying to get stopped from being published? Miranda was 18 when she posed for those pictures, one reportedly being a full frontal naked pose. Why did she try and stop pictures of herself that she has done many times since?

Miranda has said she would rather forget the Dolly Magazine days, bet she would rather these weren’t floating around on the net too.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on October 5, 2011.

21 Responses to “The Memory Lane Miranda Would Rather Forget”

  1. What a classy portfolio….Be sure some poeple will call this art.

  2. There is nothing artful about these pics it is pornography. There is nothing she will not show.

  3. Someone so conceited can never be down to earth. That “rare” video, while it is disgusting and kind of creepy, is no different to how she acts in other videos. She is always “on”, she is very conscious of herself and never comes across as natural because she always seems to be posing or having to look a certain way for the camera. I think the video above is very seedy. Round at, what looks like a photographers house during the evening/night, in his bedroom, on the floor, half naked then at least topless… I say no more. If I was her mother I would feel so guilty. It looks like either Therese pushed MK into modelling so young and MK has turned into a slut or MK wanted to be a model so bad that Therese let her even though she shouldnt have warned her against it or stopped her until she was old enough to live her life her way. MK always has been a cheap skank, why else would she feel the need to reinvent herself like she has. She wants to be this wise, otherworldly, sweet, innocent yet strong woman yet all she does is pose nude, try to hook up her 9 month old son with a McCartney, gets all the stuff she is supposed to know about wrong, supposedly shouts at Autistic children, is so far up her own ass that she has to delete certain comments from her KORA page, sells sex sex sex. All she has ever done is sell herself and sex and now she sexualizes Flynn. Breast feeding him in a sexual way and saying how he “flirts” and pairing him off with a little girl. I have one word for you Miranda – DISGUSTING!

    Sorry for the rant but how anyone can not see through her fakeness is beyond me!

    • Very well said.

    • supposedly shouts at Autistic children

      What? I missed that story, can you expound a little on that or point me to a link? If that’s true that’s pretty low.

      • The comment was on The Daily Mail here. But to save you trying to find it, here is the comment in full but you can still go and look for it if you dont believe it’s there:

        “I saw Miranda at JFK airport and my sister who has autism was screaming because of someone bumping into her. Miranda came over to my mother and I really mad and told us to make her shut up, she was by no means the only person to approach us but she was really rude. It was obvious that there is something wrong with my sister, Miranda clearly has no idea how difficult caring for a disabled child is and the challenges that they and their families face. She should count herself lucky to have a healthy child because she’s not cut out to raise a less than perfect one. I think she should spend less time shopping in heels and leather skirts, and maybe volunteer with disability charities without photographers. Although she’d probably find some other way to get good press out of it. The way she treated my sister was bullying, and she should release a statement to disabled people across the world apologizing for her discrimination of them. Then maybe she should get a heart.”

        Obviously I dont know or cant prove this lady is telling the truth, that is why I said “supposedly” in my original post.

      • Thanks for the link. I believe you if you say that the comment/link is there. I’ve never seen you post anything fabricated and if it’s not a proven fact you say so. I just don’t keep up with every bit of gossip about her and hadn’t heard that story. I mostly catch blips from entertainment news which of course gives you five seconds of sugar and then it’s over. Thanks again.

      • No problem. The link was shared on another forum so assumed most people would have heard about it 🙂

  4. Don’t forget, as her fans like to point out over and over and over, she only poses naked or near naked for high fashion magazines, thusly NONE of it can be called anything less than what it is…ART. This pic…

    …was CLEARLY intended to grace the pages of Vogue or Elle, or something else that is oh so very high fashion so we must not slander her holy name and say she did anything at all pornographic. I’m sure if you ask Mayfreak she will tell you all about it.

    Excuse me whilst I go vomit…

  5. There are those who will insist very staunchly that Miranda NEVER poses for anything less than high fashion and that if she is naked or near naked it is for the sake of high fashion and in no way shape or form anything less than art. I am guessing that the photos taken of her all sprawlled out on the floor of some dude’s bedroom looking either pre or post fucked were most certainly intended for the glossy, high fashion pages of Vogue or Elle or the like and in no way no how intended to be in any way porn. Ask Mayfreak and I am sure that she will tell you that parading down the middle of the street in a residential area in broad daylight in her panties was some form of high fashion performance art and was not in any way intended by the photog to be something he showed his buddies when he bragged about banging a model. Ask any of the shippers and they will tell you that Miranda Kerr is as pure as the driven snow and certainly didn’t even lose her virginity until she concieved Flynn with the man she just knew she would marry and love for the rest of her life and she never once slept with any of the men who took rolls and rolls of photos of her buck freaking naked.

    Honestly…why do those idiot shippers living in idiot shipper land still defend this slut…erm…skank…erm…woman?

  6. All that up there is EXACTLY how she got where she is today, she was willing to do anything to get work, imo she was brought up by Therese that looks are all that matters, as she was very quirky looking she had do something that would make her stand out that bit more-she would go naked at the drop of a hat and probably sleep with photographers for work and exposure, I think she continued that and I reckon she still does today,all that up there is also the reason she got with Orlando- THAT is probably what Orlando liked/likes about her- her body and her eagerness to do things in bed that he probably never got out of anyone else, I know Kerrazy has said this before but I have to agree on the way Miranda is like a prostitute with her client/pimp when she is with Orlando, there is no affection or intimacy there, she freezes and has even pulled away when he has tried to hug her close and kiss her, to her its a means to getting what she wants out of life, she just opens her legs and probably switches off thinking for all she has/will get out of it.

  7. wasn’t dean tirkot her boyfriend.
    …classy men she dated

  8. i know it’s been told that her shoe size is 6 or 7, but man, this chick has the biggest feet

  9. While I do think some of her nude shots are artistic I never understood the thought process behind the russell james ass shots. Yes she has a very lovely bum, but i fail to see the art in a close up shot of her ass. That’s all I’m going to say.

  10. Yeah, one very classy woman indeed. Not.
    I, for one, cannot but agree with all the comments I’ve read here.

    And now she’s trying to become the “hottest VS model”. For the love of everything that is good and holy… o_O Why??? With what credentials?

  11. Oh my goodness, has anyone seen the photos of Miranda for Rag and Bone? There’s one where she’s holding her shirt up EXACTLY like the photo on this post where she’s holding her shirt up in front of her month. Seems like she hasn’t changed a bit; still completely contrived and thinks she’s the hottest thing ever. I don’t know about you but I find modesty much more attractive in a person. She doesn’t have a shred of dignity.


    kerr flips paps off

  13. Hey Lia, I was just about to post that. How “down to earth” of her.

  14. She is dressed innothing but a towel sprawled ona bed in harpers bizzarre how is that high fashion, selling a towel?? I think she told her fans in kora to check it out what for? Is she some sort of sicko trying to seduce Tweens?why does she pose like that in womens mags i dont want to see her arse she should stick to mens mags.the article was funny described her as yoga organic preacher this is true anyone would think she invented the ideas it also said that she mentioned how blessed she was a lot haha she says that so much!!

  15. just wanted to say, thanks for starting this website. This woman is full of so many lies it’s amazing. I hope one day people will see the real her.

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