“Jay Lyon” Comments!

Had to share this with you all as it is too good not to.

Last week there were three comments left in the moderating section (click here to see full size version)

As you can see it is full of insults for Orlando, Jay being gushed over and this person being a Schizo can’t decide whether to compliment or insult Miranda. Imagine my surprise when checking  the IP it showed New York as the location, imagine my surprise also when checking the jay.lyon11@gmail.com on FB search to see if this email was registered on there, and it was. The  the email is registered to the account of non other than Jay Lyon himself (go on try it yourselves before Mr.Lyon sees this and changes his email addy for that account) it is his real account as it has his father,  Matty Kerr and Carliiiiii on his friends.  The other email that he has used: richard@themensdivision does also exist and is an Australian mens modelling agency, why he has used that – I don’t know, I can only presume that he knows this person.

I find it really funny that “Jay” thinks he is beautiful (if indeed this is Jay) and that Orlando is this big bad wolf, Jay is obviously still friends with Miranda to call her a good mum and have Matty on his friends and of course Carliiiii still works for Miranda, so why then is he  saying such horrible things about Orlando? Why does he also say that she left Jay for Orlando and it was to do with money – that sounds awfully bitter.

Anyway this is the account you will come across if you put the email in the Facebook search bar at the top:

https://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=1611733078&sk=wall : if you look, you will see Jay was on FB leaving messages to underage looking porn stars (little caprice) the same day and time he left those three messages he left here all starting with the same lower case letters.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on September 30, 2011.

5 Responses to ““Jay Lyon” Comments!”

  1. Oh man! Can’t believe it!! So another genius thought to pass here, leave messages and then not be found out?? They probably don’t aknowledge the existance of IP adresses! And such a kind and nice move of him to jump here to defend MK! Such a sweet guy he must be!
    Great find Kerrazy, as usual!!

  2. I tried putting the email in FB and got Jay Lyon too. Weird as it does make OB out to be an idiot yet Jay super dooper hot etc Does sound like someone on Jays side so that rules out MK, OB, Matty, Therese etc

  3. Forgot to say, this person obviously knows Jay in some way to know his email address as I tried to find it through a search and found nothing!

  4. i cannot see Matty knowing jays password. and anyway he lives in Sydney.
    so this person is probably jay himself. and somebody is awfully bitter. even after four years.and that is not normal.

    also i always believed that Miranda left jay for Orlando. i never had a doubt about that.

    remember those early JJ posts about how Miranda slept with jays friends etc. etc.
    maybe those were jay bad mouthing his ex gf. what are the chances that he hasn’t
    done this repeatedly ?

    if i was Miranda i would have fired Carlii long ago.
    i also think she should take a sharp look at her brother.
    jealousy is a common issue with under achievers of a family.even by Kerr standards Matty is the black sheep.

    also i can see why Matty would go better with jay than Orlando.Matty will never match up to him.
    i am sure Orlando is kind and polite to him but friendship is between equals.

    and one thing i am sure about Orlando is that he really loves his son.i would never question that about him.

  5. I think it is Jay too.

    The fact he likes an under-age porn actress, and was with Miranda when she looked very childlike- it all gives me paedo vibes tbh.

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