“In like Flynn”

So poor innocent Flynn is now being used as a sandwich board for Miranda and Orlando by wearing a “KerrBloom” tee. Not only that but one of the tee’s in Flynns honour has the phrase “in like Flynn” emblazoned on it. For those of you that think that is cute, please reacquaint yourself with the phrase:

“The incident [rape] served to increase his reputation as a ladies’ man, which led to the popular phrase “in like Flynn.”(source)

Is it really appropriate for Flynn to by associated with a sexual, indecent phrase? He is a baby ffs, this is disgusting. Of course Flynn isnt even named after Errol Flynn so why use a phrase associated with him and not something to do with the Flynn Bloom. Whether this comes from DJ’s, Mambo’s or MK/OB – it is sick! That tee shirt is on a par with this! (from here).

~ by nefratiti on August 6, 2011.

15 Responses to ““In like Flynn””

  1. Just when you think it can’t ger worse, it actually does.
    I don’t like this t.shirt thing for one reason: it just focuses even more the attention on a baby who should be treated as a baby, cause if his parents are ‘famous’ (let’s take this broadly), he didn’t choose to be famous and he should be protected from this obsessive attention of the paps. We saw him a thousand times, he’s a cute baby, he’s adorable, but still a baby and should live like a normal one.

    • Exactly. Considering both M and O should want to protect poor little Flynn, how can they let this go on. He is becoming a bit too known and he is a bloody baby, not a celebrity but it seem little things like that dont matter to Flynns parents.

      • He’ll probably become Suri’s male version, if it goes on like this.
        But I’m sure that these t-shirts will be put out on the market, there will be lots of orders, it’s a commercial thing. Commercial is the whole point of this couple it seems.

  2. I don’t think these two know anything about protecting the baby and keeping him private. I am surprised that she hasn’t started him modeling yet. He could be modeling for David Jones baby.

  3. I always assumed this child was conceived (or the pregnancy not terminated) for no other reason than to create an image. He’s not just a baby; he’s part of a business plan. That sounds harsh, but I can’t see anything about their behavior that suggests otherwise. Did Bloom show him off in some “candid” shots when he was only a few weeks old? Showing the child off to the press serves two purposes: (1) creating the image of a happy little family (yeah, right) and (2) creating the idea that Bloom is definitely, unquestionably the father (again: yeah, right).

    I doubt they ever had the intention of keeping him private. Why bother? There’s too much at stake.

  4. “Backstage, Kerr had her own marquee erected so she could be preened away from the prying eyes of her fellow models, some of whom were put out when security guards commenced on-the-spot bag checks, with Tiah Eckhardt tweeting about the gaffa tape which had damaged her Yves Saint Laurent handbag.
    No bag searches were being carried out inside Kerr’s tent, which was resplendent with her own ”green room” to receive her guests, which had been decked out in fresh flowers, comfy sofas and a well-stocked bar.
    Only a handful of people were allowed in, including make-up artist Napoleon Perdis and hairdresser Renya Xydis. Inside, Kerr was busy pumping breast milk for her adorable seven-month-old son Flynn before hitting the catwalk. Yesterday, Flynn hit the PR circuit with Kerr, the model brandishing the baby like a designer handbag, much to the paparazzi’s delight, especially when they spotted his T-shirt emblazoned Kerr Bloom (was there any doubt?).”

    she is soooooo down to earth right guys?!

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/lifestyle/private-sydney/kerr-shows-her-snappy-side-20110805-1ifc0.html#ixzz1ULDQhB88

  5. I think the KerrBloom onesie is cute and that they put it on him is a bit of dry humor on their part. Did they make the “In like Flynn” romper or did someone else do that? If they didn’t make it they can’t control what other people are going to do. You think Brad, Angie & Jen were thrilled with the team Aniston/Team Jolie shirts? Maybe, maybe not, but they couldn’t stop it. I’d never even heard of that phrase until you posted it here. Pretty nasty expression.

    And as much as everyone says they’re exploiting him they haven’t gone as far as other celebs to put him in commercials i.e. J-Lo and I think Stephanie did one too but I could be mistaken. They haven’t even done official photo shoots with him where they’d be paid for his image. They’re proud parents that tweet pics and they are famous so the paps shoot them. Every celeb gets papped with their kids. I think it’s nice she brings him so many places and doesn’t leave him home in the care of strangers while she travels. She’s very lucky her employers allow it, many mothers aren’t so lucky.

    • I know plenty of celebs (famous and not so famous) who actually MAKE the paps pixel out their childrens faces in pictures to respect their privacy and just cos every other celebutard does something, doesnt mean they should do it too, I mean, they are meant to be private, down to earth people protecting their child yes? Obviously not! Flynn is only young, Im sure they will get him doing something in the not too distant future – either acting, modelling or advertising her beloved KORA. I actually think its not very nice for the kid to drag him around the world at such a young age, flights are stressful places, never mind flights that last 12+ hours. Taking your child with you doesnt make you a caring parent, it all depends why you take the kid with you in the first place!

      • It does bother me that she says she puts KORA products on Flynn as he’s just a baby. Babies have perfect skin from the get go they don’t need products.

        As for the reason behind why she brings him everywhere to be fair none of us will ever know the real reason. All we can do on this site is speculate so I think it’s not worth the time to get so “outraged” over this. There are much worse things being done to children in the world than being foreced to wear a kerrbloom onsie. Be outraged over that.

        Called stupid for liking a onesie? Okay… not really a way to persuade others to your side, but that’s fine. Enjoy your outrage. I remember those days.

      • Yes that bothers me too as some of her products do (or did, not check recently) contain some quite harsh chemicals but like you say, babies do not need products on their skin, apart from some sun protection but we see Flynn being walked around in the bright sunshine with no hat.

        Yes we speculate on this site, that is very clear but as neither of us know the real reason she carts Flynn on every flight she goes on, then your theory is just as invalid or valid (delete as appropriate) as the rest of the worlds. This is Kerrazy Lies, not a blog about “worse things that happen to children”. If that is the topic of discussion you are after then you are in the wrong place. Yes worse things do happen to children, and it is sad, but again, this blog isnt about that.

        Dont see anyone calling anyone stupid for liking a onesie. I only saw someone call MK fans stupid, is that what you are referring to? If so, is that an admittance of being an MK fan? If you think a baby wearing an item of clothing that has a reference to sexual assault on the front is fine, then I guess I have no words!

      • I don’t recall anyone insulting anyone else here, on this blog. But when a person doesn’t want to get the point or pretend not to hear, there is not much you can do!:P
        It’s true that only narrow minded people never change their minds, but wow, some people really change their minds from day to night, don’t they?
        No one here ever tried to brainwash people, you girls simply state facts and quote comments from MK herself, so it’s quite simple for readers to see that and make their own opinions. f they don’t like this place or they simply want to pretend these screencaps and quotes are a ‘fake’ then that’s their problem. They’d should probably search for different blogs/websites. Thank God the web is huge!

      • I think the kerr bloom with an explosion gift behind it is cute. If it said In Like Flynn on it than fine. Didn’t see that part of the outfit. No, I don’t think sexual assault is funny. And it’s been stated repeatedly that if you think anything about Miranda isn’t the anti-christ than you’re dumber than shit. No, not a direct quote.

        I realize this blog is about her and not child abuse, but sometimes I think the uproar that occurs here is over the top for things that really aren’t that horrible when you take the big picture into the account. Lying about your product being ceritified when it’s not: yes, heap big problem. Dressing your baby in a onesie with your celeb couple nickname: not a big deal.

        And for the record I don’t hate her, but I don’t blindly follow either. That’s what I liked about this site was that you could state the bits that annoy you, but now it’s getting to the point where if you don’t completely hate her guts you’re considered stupid. Whatever happened to friendly debate?

      • If you read the actual post I did then you will see its actually more about the “in like Flynn” onesie than the KerrBloom one. Im sure I can speak for most here who think the people who ignore all the lies, contradictions, illegal activity and general fakery MK comes out with AND still follow her like she is the second coming are as thick as shit.

        I think you get confused with discussion and debate with uproar.

        I also think if you dont blindly follow her you get called a hater and are stupid. Friendly debates are more than welcome but sticking up for her can be considered a little inappropriate considering the subject of conversation was the onsie “in like Flynn”. So please stop bringing up the onsie with the couples name on it as it is irrelevant!

  6. What blows my mind is the fact that her fans think this is cute. What is cute about using a baby that can’t speak for itself to sell that crappy department store. If she was any sort of a private person, the way she claims to be, she would ahve politely told them that no, she won’t put the shirt on him because her child is just a child and not the store’s spokesmodel. Of course, that’s all that store has done since that whole hour long crapfest program about her…used that baby to promote David Jones. I hope they are putting money into a trust fund for that kid for his services and not paying Miranda to put that awful shirt on him. Her fans need to be outraged by this, they really do, and the fact that they aren’t just shows me that there is no limit to the depth of their stupidity.

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