Who Is Evelyn?

According to Orlando, Flynn was named Flynn because the unborn baby in Miranda’s ever growing belly was to be named “Evelyn” if it had been a girl but as it was a boy, Flynn was apparently the closet name to Evelyn. Orlando said: “I was convinced we were going to have a girl because my grandmother actually passed when Flynn was conceived and she was really dear to my heart. ‘Evelyn was my grandmother, on my father’s side… I was thinking Evelyn. We’re going to have a girl, it’s going to be called Evelyn. And it was a boy. And so Flynn! Evelyn, Flynn. Flynn, Evelyn.” [source]

Ok. Grandmother on fathers side. Died when Flynn was conceived. Called Evelyn. Ok, got that?

But, here we have the obituary of that very same Grandmother on his fathers side that died around the time Flynn was conceived… but she was called Lillian, not Evelyn.

To recall, “Evelyn was my grandmother, on my father’s side… “. He does not say “Evelyn was one of my Grandmothers names” or “my Grandmothers middle name” etc

Also, can anyone recall an encounter and a picture of Orlando in Dorset at this same care home, around the same time, attending the funeral of his Grandmother (Evelyn/Lillian)? There were tweets of him in Dorset before and around the date his Grandmother died, I’m sure you all remember. This is definitely the same person.

ETA: Here is the Lillian in question. As you can see she has no in inital/middle name. Also, as you can see there are “other occupants”, lots of other occupants. Irene Beeley is one of these, I put her name in Google and found (this) she had died at the very same care home too, so this is definitely THE Lillian Stone who Orlando claims is called Evelyn.

Now, the evidence is there for you all to see, believe it or don’t, make excuses or don’t. I have not put words in Orlando’s mouth and I have not killed an elderly lady to pass her off as Orlando’s Grandmother. It seems Orlando has lied about why he called his son what he did and lied about his poor dead Grandmothers name in the process. Not to mention all the pap pics around the time of her death and he was as happy as Larry considering someone dear to his heart had just died. One word: sick!

~ by Kerrazy Lies on July 14, 2011.

65 Responses to “Who Is Evelyn?”

  1. I have not killed an elderly lady to pass her off as Orlando’s Grandmother

    Oh be careful cause someone surely will claim this as well!!
    That is really interesting…I took that version from granted as he was the one telling it, with his very own voice during an interview, I guess it was Live with Regis&Kelly….
    Such a great way to lie. And a big fat lie as well, where there was absolutely no need to lie.

  2. She passed early May, with the services being on the 10th, and he’s trying to indicate that Flynn was conceived at that time. If that was true (correct me if I’m wrong) Flynn would have been born late January/early February then and not early January (I’m assuming that he was in fact late because she had to be induced into labor).

    Certainly trying to cover tracks.

    • When they met in Paris in early May she was already pregant, she herself told in some interviews she was already expecting Flynn when she shot something in Paris at the time (and we know of course she won’t ever lie).
      Gettin’ confused here with al these versions!

  3. Good lord with all the stories!
    No wonder OB laughed when that pap asked him what they were going to name the still-in-Dingho-belly baby.
    Well, that and being a little tipsy…

  4. Disgusted doesn’t even cover what I am feeling right now with all this. How could he do this? I can’t believe the depths sunk to for this either. I feel absolutely stupid that I ever thought Orlando had a good heart, and you are right, around the time his Nan died he was fine doing pap set up’s. I think his heart his stone cold and I don’t think he is capable of loving anybody. Whatever thoughts I had about him being decent have all gone for good now.

  5. Holy. Crap.

  6. How disgusting is this? I’m sorry for the comment spam but I just can’t get over this. I’m sick to my stomach over all of the years I wasted as his fan back in the day. I feel sullied and dirty.

    • It’s exactly how I feel too. I can’t believe we fell for the nice guy act when he first came out. I can’t get over it either 😦

      • I had really hoped that his farce of a marrige would end sooner rather than later so that I could move forward and hopefully find something redeeming in him, rediscover the reason why I was his fan in the begining but that’s never going to be possible now.

      • I know, I feel the same way. He seems to be as bad as she is and as cold hearted as she is, she chose to use her dead childhood sweetheart for publicity, he has used his own grandmother who he was apparently close to- it beggars belief, married to her or not, I don’t think there is anything decent about him, and I truly don’t believe there ever was, we were sold a lie back in the beginning by a publicist who wanted him to come across as the ideal man, Miranda just showed what his true colours were.

  7. Like the birth certificate, this is another head-scratcher for me. Try as I might, I can’t see the point of such a lie. Evelyn doesn’t sound enough like Flynn to invent the former and claim it as a reason for the latter. (And isn’t Evelyn a male name as well; Evelyn Waugh, anyone?) I wonder if there’s not more to this and what the name represents. It’s not like it was difficult to find out that Granny’s name was Lillian, so why bother lying?

    • I agree with you, and that is what angers me the most WHY do this? But then as we have seen they lie for the most stupid things. All I can think is she disliked a lot of people saying how disgusting it was that Orlando was ok about her calling him after her dead boyfriend so they decided to concoct this ridiculous story, hoping that nobody would find out that she was actually called Lillian. I didn’t believe the “Evelyn/Flynn” crap anyway, like you said Evelyn is also a male name, I actually was disgusted then that he would use his dead Gran for such a story! The problem with these two is, they aren’t the brightest bulbs in the box, which is why we catch them out time an time again, I don’t see why he would lie and say she wad called Evelyn when she wasn’t- thats it the bottom line.

      Kerrazy said she didn’t find it straight away either, she had to recall that his Gran was in a nursing home in Dorset, which I’m sure Orlando prob didn’t realise anyone knew- before she found anything.

  8. I’m really shocked by this. It’s so obvious it’s all a big fat lie, that it can’t be justified in some way. This behaviour disgust me so much, that I don’t have proper words to express it: using a dead relative for this and lying about it, is so disrespectuful and disgusting. And what was the reason for it? Just to match Miranda’s decision to name him after his ex-boyfriend?
    He’s proving more and more a total different man than what I thought he was…

    • The fact that the original lie was probably just to make it look like “well I named him after someone dead too”, makes it all the more ridiculous, using your dead grandmother to prove a point, to make things look “acceptable” because some people were outraged at him letting her name Flynn after her dead boyfriend is just disgusting! Looking at photos of Lillian at his Kingdom Of heaven premiere in London leaves a bitter taste now, she looks so proud of him at that event, and look what he has done. The saying “he would sell his own grandmother” is very fitting for him. Family means nothing to him.

    • Sadly true…

  9. Perhaps they’re banking on no one bothering to check the facts, not to mention the general public not caring enough to worry about the details. Too bad. (But definitely fortunate for these two fools.)

    • I do agree. I think because this blog has been quite for so long, these two idiots have let their defenses down a little too much.

    • I think that is more likely the reason, they are so stupid. They think people are as stupid as they are.

      • I think some on line magazines and stuff should repost these news and not the same old stories they’re reposting in these days. And I hope someone asks him about this beloved grandmother of his during some interview eventually!

      • I agree, they deserve to be put on the spot about this, the world should be shown how disgusting a pair they both are!

      • They should both be thankful that they arent as famous as they’d like to think because if they were A list stars, this kind of shit would have been picked up a long time ago and their lies would have been exposed. They are lucky not many people really care about them enough.

  10. I am dying to know what the shippers have to say about this…especially the Queen of Shippers.

  11. I would have names these fit to Lillian, I, however, wouldn’t like to give them ideas. 😉

    Orlando, you are such an idiot – only unfortunately a part of your Fans isn’t as stupid as you! 😦 I am proud to count myself as one of this half – or has she fucked only your intellect out of you? 😦

  12. Maybe Evelyn is his grandmother’s middle name? Afterall, we all have at least one middle name. Why don’t you investigate further before throwing OB under the bus?

    • Well Orlando never said it was her middle name did he, he said his Grandmother was called Evelyn. I took him at his word. Besides, if you look here and scroll down to the Lillian in Dorset, you can see she has no middle name at all. Thanks for trying though, under the bus he goes lol

    • Afterall, we all have at least one middle name.

      No sorry, I have just a Name and a Surname.

  13. Heh, I didn’t know lying is contagious. Somebody should really point out to these two that whatever is said, will ALWAYS be out there, especially in this internet age.

    Reporter: So, how did you come up with the name Flynn for the dingh, er, your child?

    O: Oh, around the time when the kid was conceived, my most beloved Grandmother died and I told dingh, er, M that if it’s a girl, I wanna name her Evelyn, after beloved
    Grannie whose death devastated me.

    Reptr: Wait, I thought your Grannie’s name was Lillian?

    O: Shit! It was? Oh damn, never mind, my fans are dumb, er, love me so much that they’ll understand that I was so devastated by her death that I forgot her name. Anyway, Lillian…Evelyn…if you say them fast enough, they kinda sound a like so I’ll get away with it.

    Reptr: And wasn’t M already preggers when your beloved Grannie died?

    O: Timeline, timeline. Eh, who keeps track of timelines anyway? Hey, if I can get married on a public beach where no one saw me, conceiving times can move up and down too… Flynn is the spitting image of me, don’tcha think?

    Reptr: I, uh, vaguely remember some articles before that stated Flynn was not named for so long because you guys were struggling to come up with names for him. So, if M already decided to name her first child after her dead bf and you decided on your Grannie’s name, why was there a struggle to name the child?

    O:(mumble:how else do you keep people’s interests peaked) Uh, we were struggling how to change Evelyn into a boy’s name? Yeah, that’s it.

    I guess whorely has totally proven the point of the saying, “He would sell his Grandmother for…”

  14. Don’t throw rocks at me or light me on fire but I’ve got two questions:

    1.) What’s the name of his other grandmother? He thought that Harry Bloom was his father until he was around 13, it’s quite possible he had a relationship with Harry’s parents. At his dyslexia discussion board/whatever he still refered to Harry as his father. It’s possible that’s what he meant.
    2.) It’s also possible that Evelyn is a middle name or just what they call her. I had a grandfather we all called by one name, but if you looked up his birth certificate it was completely different. It wasn’t even his middle name it was a nick name he’d gotten years and years ago and it just stuck. I wouldn’t have bothered to explain that if I was giving a quick answer to someone in an interview. (okay, so that wasn’t so much a question as a statement.)

    • I thought maybe it was Harry Bloom’s mom but I would think that his, Harry, mom might be already deceased before last year. I could see also the nickname thing. A lot of actors change their names or use another name they have when working.

      • I also think that Harry’s mother is already for some time dead because he was born in 1913. Even if she was with 20 mother, she then should been far more than 100 years oldly in 2010. 😉

        Also Harry’s first wife wasn’t calling Evelyn, a little article about him is here on Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harry_Bloom

    • Not going to throw rocks lol.

      1. Sonia’s mother was called Betty. As Harry Bloom was approx 68 when he died in 1981, I think Harrys parents would have died long before last year and what are the chances that 2 Grandmothers die around the same time?

      2. I edited the original post as to why Lillian does not have a middle name, hopefully that will be clear. The site 192 is a British electoral roll/census, all middles names would have to show, Lillian Stone has no middle name.

      • Are you sure that middle names would have to show – as in it is the law? I find it really odd that someone would not have a middle name. Maybe if you showed me the birth certificate of OB’s grandmother in question then I would believe he lied. I don’t know … it’s hard to believe he would make up such a huge lie and tell it on the Ellen show and not think he would ever be caught. For now I am going to consider him innocent until proven guilty. I don’t think your evidence has proven beyond any doubt that he lied. How can we even be sure the person on that list (or even in the obituary)is the grandmother in question. Also, I am not trying to give you a hard time. If he did lie I would want to know the truth as I certainly would no longer consider myself a fan or bother following his life career.

      • Me, on a census it would show, it has to. Look at all the other Lillian Stone’s in the link I provided in my reply to you – you can see the initials of their middle name. It just so happens the Lillian in questions has her E for Evelyn missing? Come on, even you are not that naive surely? If you choose not to believe it, that is up to you but there is concrete proof you cant argue with. Cant or wont – whatever!

    • You’re right – even if Evelyn is not on her birth certificate that could still be what people called her. I guess I am pretty adament in my belief that OB would not lie about this matter – especially on a huge TV show like Ellen. Perhaps Kerrazy Lies
      needs to visit the deceased gramdmother’s hometown and interview friends and other relatives to ask what they called her. I dont know *shrugs*

      • Btw the program was Regis&Kelly, not Ellen, just for the record.

      • Opps, yes, Regis & Kelly. Thanks Dea

      • Yes BUT when you are called something else- when there is a death announcement it would have in brackets the real name or known name. But again- nice try.

        Maybe you should prove us wrong by doing some legwork- if you can prove us wrong then fine *shrugs*- You can be sarcastic all you want but at the end of the day we don’t care what you believe, like it says in this post, I for one knew some would spin it like hell- they have to otherwise it proves they have been wrong about him/them all along- but I have to put right where you are wrong FACTUALLY 🙂

        He is a celebrity and like 99% of them he is has an image he has to make people believe, he is a human being- he lies, he has even been PROVEN to lie, yes its bad if he lies about his family, but say what you want- she WAS NOT CALLED EVELYN, NOT AS A FIRST NAME, SECOND NAME, OR NAME SHE WAS KNOWN BY BECAUSE SHE DIDNT LIKE HER NAME LILLIAN- I know personally what is put in death announcements if someone legally named John and they were named as Jack by all their pals IT SAYS SO ON THE DEATH ANNOUNCEMENT IN BRACKETS.

  15. My only thought is why would he lie about this. Why use his own grandmother to lie about the naming of the baby. It just don’t get what is the point. Why lie about something so stupid.

    • I think he’s trying to make it appear that he was in on naming him. MK gets more publicity over her “tragic” reasoning for giving Flynn his middle name, his little quote about Flynn’s first name coming from his deceased grandmother barely ever gets a mention.

      Just to add this in, AOL.com has a little clip dedicated to this on the AOL homepage, (http://img241.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=703793504_dingho_122_406lo.jpg), I can’t figure out how to pull the video from AOL as it’s a chrome pop-up, but here’s a link, the video should be the first two that show up, either entitled “Miranda Kerr names baby after Ex” or “Miranda Kerr names her baby after a lost friend”.

  16. Wait for some ‘lawyers’ mail and in the meantime I wave to the funny person who uses my nick to comment on JJ! Great job, bring on the fun!;)

  17. can you specifically state when the pic with the girl was taken was taken ?
    was the pic taken on funeral day ?

    • The girl who taken the pic of her and Orlando said she bumped into him at his Grans funeral. The date of the funeral was May 10th 2010.

      • HA! That’s pretty fucked up to ask for a photo on a funeral day. Anything for five minutes of squee I guess.

        And just an add on to my nickname comment, I don’t remember any brackets on my grandfather’s obituary. It was just his birth name. So it’s not a solid yes or no thing. And I don’t understand if you realize he’s just a person and he lies than why is everyone so shocked on this site that he did (allegedly)?

      • Sure we all lie, but to lie about a dead relative? Thats ok to you? I think it is sick, if you think it’s cool, then good for you.

        Do you mean a nickname or a “known as”? A nickname like “Tommy Dick Fingers” wouldn’t make it onto an obituary lol

        Please take a look at this, you can see a (known as) in brackets and if Lillian was known as Evelyn it would say the same thing. In the UK it is standard practice and that is how people in the UK do it, the obituary of Lillian was in a UK publication. Yes, asking for a pic on a funeral day is pretty low but if I was attending the funeral of my Gran, no way would I pose for it. Id politely decline, it is allowed!

      • No I didn’t say it was okay to lie about a dead relative though I’m not quite as disgusted as y’all but my family breaks all rules. What I found odd was that I get the vibe from this site that it’s never okay to lie and that you all tell the truth constantly because according to this site it’s very, very wrong (and yes, it is wrong to lie). So I found the comment about him being human and telling lies (almost in a compassionate sense) to be ironic because when I said that refering to Miranda I was dismissed as foolish.

        And I understand the “known as” part, but that’s not what happened in my grandfather’s obituary. I didn’t know it was standard practice in the UK. I’m sure they do it here too, but it’s not a law that you must put it in there. To be honest I’m starting to not care where Flynn got his name anymore. Too many stories and too much drama. Why does everything have to mean something? Why do they feel they owe anyone an explaination as to why they named their kid 20 million names. Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom…. just rolls right off the tongue like Bob. HA!

      • Yes we all lie but the reason of this site is that MK has told so many lies even though people think she is this wonderful, down to earth, earth changing saint who believes in integrity – thats when it bothers me. She has conned people into buying her KORA, advertising it as organic when it wasnt yadda yadda. Ive never known any celebrity to lie like Miranda and over such important and trivial things alike. Yes she is human but her lies arent every day age, height, weight lies that you or I might tell, some of her stunts are illegal.

        I think we will just have to agree to disagree on the name thing but one thing is for sure, Lillian isnt called Evelyn like Orlando said she was.

  18. My personal take on this (just my opinion). When he explained the name on Regis & Kelly I thought he was making it up as he went along (thought the same thing when dingbat was talking about the first breastfeeding pic). The way he ended it was with a shrug of the shoulders (kind of like saying does that sound good, she did the same). Why make it up? In my opinion, because the only thing he did with this kid is donate his sperm (if it is in fact his). Aileen reps both of them and I think she is behind a lot of the perfect family image. Or since she (dingo) had already blabbed about the middle name (I think) this made it look like he had some say so in the naming of the child. Again I could be completly wrong, but I never actually believed the story he told. Sorry if I offended anybody! Just stating my opinion.

    • I agree with you 100%, that is EXACTLY what i think, and I didn’t believe the story in the first place, he did it for those reasons exactly, I just think using his Gran was a bad move, I do however think that MAYBE he said she was called Evelyn to kind of not make it his Gran if you get me, because it was a lie.

    • I agree with you too. 🙂

  19. very upset to read this. I think just because we are considered “haters”, doesnt mean we are going to pin shit on him. I believe his granny isnt called Evelyn. There is more than one site that states no middle name or alias, so chances are there isnt a middle name or alias.

    That picture and sighting does ring a bell with me. I think she was on Twitter or something and posted the pic last year, we can call her a liar but really, how did she know his gran had died – she must have met him at his grans funeral.

    Me, I completely understand what you mean by you could no longer be a fan. I think this is pretty low but this blog has shown so much crap that has gone on that is doeant exactly surprise me. I will still be a fan because I think there is still a nice guy underneath somewhere.

    • I also believe there is still a decent guy in there somewhere. Hopefully once he gets rid of dingbat, it will come back.

      • Same here. All I’ve been told is that he is a nice guy, just in a really bad situation with that Dingbat.

    • I will still be a fan because I think there is still a nice guy underneath somewhere.

      Same here even if I think, that he is at the Moment an Idiot. 😉

  20. Anyone remember when Miranda said on her Fb that “he just looked like a Flynn” when answering why they called him Flynn, no mention of naming him after anyone. It really bothers me that they think they have to explain everything they do to everyone. When you start explaining away all your actions, it makes you look like you are trying to hide something because its just not a normal thing to do. There are such simple things as just liking a name, why the need for such outrageous stories!

    • I wonder sometimes if the goal isn’t to flood the market, so to speak, with so many versions of a story that the truth gets lost.

      • (Sorry, kerrazylies. I just realized I typed the email address wrong. If I knew how to correct in my previous comment, I would.)

  21. I think she’s an Elle McPherson wanna be or is trying to outdo her the second name of elles son is Flynn, so they make up lies so she doesn’t sound like a copy cat, Elle is famous in her own right she didn’t have to continuously sell her products and herself, Miranda will never be like her.

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