Lying About Nannies?

Do Miranda and Orlando have a Nanny/Manny or not? I’m getting confused because in this interview, they have a “nanny at nighttime”. We have also seen both Orlando and Miranda with other people (not family) holding/carrying/pushing Flynn and those pap pics of the supposed Nanny out alone with Flynn.

But, in this interview, The Bloom-Kerrs have “no routine of nannies”.

Yet, this interview says “she only has a nanny when she’s working – oh, and a ”lady” who comes in to help some nights”. But, Miranda is ALWAYS working, isn’t she? A nanny is a nanny. Orlando is pulling out of films left, right and center, he has time to not need a nanny, especially at night.

Was Nan Kerr mistaken or lying about the night nannies or does MK want to sound like the down to earth celebrity who doesn’t need nannies as she can be a normal mother like any other woman? You decide, but with MK’s track record of porkies, I know what I think.

~ by Kerrazy Lies on July 9, 2011.

16 Responses to “Lying About Nannies?”

  1. Oh no…another case of conflicting interviews? Oh gosh, I’m sure there is an explanation! Maybe her grandma was confused or she had missed her daily B12 shot!
    Seriously, thanks for this post, at least contradictions are clear, of course for those able to read. And once again it’s nothing invented but it comes straighlty from Miranda’s mouth or her family. :=)
    Also, she states they have no routine of nannies, which means she wants people to believe she never had nannies at all, this just in case someone jumps in and points out that maybe they had someone helping in the very first months. She states clealry she doesn’t want and never needed any help with the baby.

    • Oh, Im sure the shippers will say the interview misquoted poor old Nan Kerr and they dont have nannies, the people you see in the pics acting all nanny-like are just friends helping out lol Do I also believe that an OAP like Nan Kerr FORCED MK into doing yoga while pregnant? No.

  2. Of COURSE they have a nanny, i think they have two! I think the reason they have 2 is because I still don’t think they live together, one is hers, one is his, after all why would Nan Kerr lie about them having a nanny if they didn’t? Obviously she claims she doesnt so she can come across as “supermum” yet in reality very few busy celebs can do without a nanny, obviously since it was pointed out they had the nanny and manny they have mysteriously vanished- or should we say just stayed out of the pap set up shots!

    I would guess that Orlando and Miranda don’t look after Flynn full time, I think they just see him when they want to and for pap set ups, I think the nannies look after them full time.

    • Nan Kerr is old dontcha know. She may be going deaf and may have misheard lol I have seen the male and the female who “take over” from O and M sometimes. I dont recall seeing them prior to Flynns birth so I dont think they are friends.

  3. They definitely have a nanny or two. I really dont get the constant yes we do/no we dont thing. Does she lie that much she cant remember what she is saying to who? Easier just to stick to the truth hon. Most celebs have nannies so what would be the biggie anyway? Oh yes the “I am so perfect, I am a wonderful person, I can juggle being a model, a businesswoman and a MILF all at the same time” vibe she gives off.

    Wlcome back btw, missed this blog.

  4. Everyone in Hollywood has at least one nanny for their offspring so why does she think she can make us believe she is above all of that? I would have more respect for the woman (okay, that is NOT entirely true) if she would just come out and tell the truth once in a while. She is not better than me or anyone because she has a kid, she is not better than any other woman who has ever given birth because she didn’t use painkillers, she in not better than a woman who chooses to bottle feed, she is not better than a woman who hires a nanny so she needs to stop setting herself up on a pedestal for all of the shippers and worshippers to prostrate themselves in front of. She needs to undertand that the higher she holds herself, the farther she has to fall when the truth comes out.

  5. And once again she lies. But shippers will find some way to defend this.

  6. The other thing that caught my eye was them saying she’s never ever been away from Flynn for a single day, but she already flew to Korea or was it Taiwan for a day of work without him. I guess that could be because the interview was held before that trip, but they mention her going to NY recently so I don’t know. That part caught my eye.

    All-in-all that “Red Hot Mama” article is quite the tongue bath. She’s very keen on this “perfect” image. She can do it all and it’s effortless. I wonder how long the pace will keep going. I’m rooting for her to be that happy, but it just seems as though there’s too much emphasis on this image. Usually the people that are worried about giving off an appearance of perfection have the ugliest skeletons in their closets. I’m almost scared to find out what she’s got stashed away.

    • I noticed that too but wasnt sure when the interview was from.

      I read that part where she says she felt like she was going to die while giving birth. If it was THAT BAD, do I believe she did not ask for any kind of help? No. You can pass out from pain, if the pain was that bad she was surely putting the whole birth process in jeopardy?

      • Exactly, if you really thought you were going to die you’d take a damn pain killer, unless it was then too damn late because you let pride get in the way. Personally I’d rather be around to see my baby grow up rather than die in childbirth (not that I have any desire at all to spawn, sorry Randa). To each their own, we’ll never know for sure, but it seems unlikely that someone so used to being pampered and complained about painful toe glitter would be able to squish out a near ten pounder with no pain killers. Then again she could be exaggerating the birth itself. Some women (I’ve heard) don’t always have the big dramatic screaming birth. Some people have higher pain tolerances etc. My mother never desribed it as anything so horrid although I think she had some pain relief, but not an epidural. “Just enough to take the edge off.” I believe were her words.

        Miranda just seems too concerned with having this perfect image & that’s what irritates me. And did you notice she talked about the name thing again: “While Flynn Christopher Blanchard Copeland Bloom might get his looks from his dad, part of his name comes from another very special man in his mother’s life – Christopher Middlebrook, Kerr’s first boyfriend, who died in a car accident when he was a teenager.

        In her book, Treasure Yourself, she wrote of that time: “Chris’s death taught me that the people who touch your life are always with you.”

        “Chris and I had been dating for two years,” she says. “After he died, I wrote him a letter that said I hoped to name my first child after him. I told Orlando and he said he’d be happy to do that. Orlando’s a good guy.”

        That’s quite the name, jesus. I guess good on Orlando for being so understanding? Not my problem!

  7. She always has to show herself for the liar she is, and she is QUOTED as saying it so no way she has been misquoted or the article has lied. We KNOW she has nannies- and Belinda I agree with you, that they have a nanny each as they don’t live together. And how is it possible that they live back at Outpost? Outpost is still on the market to rent and there is a video of her saying they have bought a house in Malibu yet there is no public record to back this up like there would be. The latest interview is contrived bullshit, she eats fatty foods people!!! she is a multitasker, orlando is sooo hands on, blah, blah, blah, she never changes, and that is why this blog continues 😀

    • I do wish she’d get new sound bites. If I have to hear about how she eats Lindt’s dark chocolate balls and fried chicken one more bloody time….

      Oh & she popped back after her baby just by eating organically.Nothing to do with the fact that she got to stay home for 4 months (with “help” we’ll say), personal trainers and personal gym. It was the magic of Organics.

      Oh! She also mentioned using the Kora products on Flynn in one of them articles. WTF? He’s a baby, he don’t have achne! Christ all mighty, the venting just won’t end.

  8. Stupid people say stupid things. It’s not much of an excuse, but it’s a damn good explanation.

    As a tag-on to Lydia’s comment above, I’m on board with giving the “perfect life” stories a seriously cocked eyebrow. That kind of rosy glow is almost always painted on. People with genuinely happy lives can admit to imperfections because they have nothing to prove. This tart, I’m guessing, has a little too much to prove. (And God knows how much to hide.)

  9. Notice though, she only ever let it slip once (on her KORA blog I believe or her FBs) that she had to be INDUCED to go into labor.

    She had to be helped to go into labor, meaning not everything was all unicorns and rainbows.

    She’s a walking contradiction.

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