Do As I Say, Not As I Do!

As we all know, Miranda has preached to everyone many times that they should buy organic clothing yet what do we see in the latest pap pics of her while out shopping? Buying organic clothes? No! Buying designer clothes that cost a fortune that a couple of starving families could live off for a few years (the top and the price tag)!

Miranda, why are you so fake? Why do you never do what you tell others to do? You are a walking contradiction… actually seeing as though you seem to drive everywhere rather than walk or cycle (you know, like you tell others to), you are just a contradiction.

BTW, Flynn looks shattered. I think he could have done with staying at home, rather than accompany you on your extravagant shopping trip. Where did Flynn vanish to/appear from during your trip? Was the nanny you aren’t supposed to have there?

What. A. Joke!!

~ by Kerrazy Lies on May 11, 2011.

22 Responses to “Do As I Say, Not As I Do!”

  1. Welcome back!
    She’s a contradiction, as usual. what about the preaching to drive hybrid cars when she was caught several times driving Orlando’s car while Orlando joined her on his bike? Or her mantra about ‘enjoying motherhood’ and bla bla bla. Attention, no one is saying a woman who just had a child doesn’t have or can’t go back to work BUT in real world many many women MUST go back to work for economin reasons. She’s a lucky woman and supposedly rich enough to afford a break from work, but still she preaches she loves being a mother and then carries a baby boy up and down a flight, which is surely not the best place for a baby. One thing is being obliged or have the need to do something, another is loving your job so much that you own baby has to take your rotuine and lifestyle. I know a model’s career is very brief and no model can afford to stay away from fashion industry for a long time but she’s the one who always repeated she knew her career wasn’t meant to last forever and that she was ready to give it up anytime, so…
    She contradicted herself so many times than I stopped keeping track, it was quite hard to.

  2. $1000 for a top? Really? It is astounding how people would spend so much on something that you can get for a cheaper price. And like you said, families out there can live off that for a couple of months.

    • Be kind to her, she needed a new dress for the VS event of tomorrow night!

    • How I already wrote on Mean girls: I can buy a similar shirt for me for 10% of the price here in Germany at a clothes shop (and I have the choice between 5 dress sizes between XS and XL ;.) ). This evening, I was in the store again, it is correct.

  3. Since when can Tits Magee fit in an XS shirt anyway? What toddler was she buying that shirt for? I guess she won’t be able to use her “Add 2 cup sizes” push up with this mortage of a blouse!

  4. Since when can Tits Magee fit in an XS shirt anyway? What toddler was she buying that shirt for? I guess she won’t be able to use her “Add 2 cup sizes” push up with this mortgage of a blouse!

    • And no bra doesn’t go too since she do breasfeeding and possible some milk can run out . 🙂

  5. I have some bills I could pay with that money. I agonize over buying a $40 pair of jeans because it seems like an extravagance to pay that much. It would take me over three weeks to make enough to afford that shirt and I have a real job that doesn’t involve being primped and pampered while I sit around in my underwear or less.

  6. the same here beru, but setting aside the scandal of paying so much for so expensive clothes and setting side she is a compulvise liar -I can’t understand how anybody can live together with a woman who is telling lies the whole day long- I would like to show my indignation at the fact that this sweet, supersexy, proud-genetics blessed yadayadadyadad woman talk about her giving birth in a very stupid way. By listening to her, it seems that those mums who cry for an epidural or have to have a C-section are less brave, less mother, less stronger, less woman… and I am really fed up with such stupid woman because nobody knew what happened in fact in the hospital. And that about her refusing the doc suggestion that she should take an induced birth as she wanted to make O to the point that she was strong enough yayayayayayyadadadadad
    woman who have a C-section a less woman. yes. And can she only talk about that??? And that stupid joke about O having a bottle to pee in??? in all the shows??? As I said before, nobody was in hospital to know how in fact, the little one came to this world. Suppose one day he will wonder why his mother lies and lies, and lies.

    • “And that stupid joke about O having a bottle to pee in??? in all the shows???”

      Exactly, like for example here:
      One of the comments there is spot on:
      “It’s bad enough she made him do it – then she goes and humiliates him further by telling everyone about it! What a malicious controlling woman!”
      In order to get her ‘Me!Me!Me!’ across, she doesn’t shrink back of humiliating other people, let alone her partner/husband. He indeed is only a handbag for her.

      • I love that there is a lot of bad comments on there. I still don’t think she gave birth naturally.

        Also, unless the baby was half way out of her when he had to go pee, I don’t get why she refused to let him go. It only takes a minute and I doubt she pop it straight out then.

      • And in addition: Orlando didn’t even have said, that he cannot pee if somebody watches he’s activities?

  7. Another example. She’s always repeated she doesn’t like perfumes as the skin soaks them in and suggested to have a bit of it only on clother, but here’s her last version on the subject:
    “Dream Angels Heavenly Summer, her favorite perfume from VS’ four new limited-edition olfactory offerings. “It also has peony,” she added, “my favorite all-time flower.”

  8. I don’t think she gave bith naturally. fortunalety enough docs are not so crazy and when babies are so big, a C-section is the way to deal with it, otherwise the baby could suffer from suffocation or have serious aftermaths. And yes, she is making a lot of money, specially now that Aileen manage them both. I find it stupid to talk about the baby in all the show. It is not so surprising if you think that she has sold the baby from the very beginning, but what about him? I can’t get why he bows to agree with all the stupid things and lies she says

    • Just saw Penelope Cruz on Regis&Kelly and guess what? She didn’t have to pimp either her marriage nor her baby.

      • Unlike MK, Pene has work to do and she is an Oscar winning actress. She doesn”t need gimmicks for publicity.

      • Of course, I always said this anyway because I could read it in her look as I saw Miranda the first time: She only uses of Orlando (and now also Flynn)!

        Been the so successful, so in demand Model would be as this Miranda (and her devotees) would like to appear she have never used Orlando. For comparison purposes: Claudia Schiffer has made without exploiting somebody.

        But of course I am butchered by the Miranda disciples but whenever I write this as a comment someplace. 😉

  9. you are so right.

  10. Sorry to go OT but Id like to have may say to Mayfrayn over her rant on her Twitter:

    1. Mayfrayn, you stalk. You contacted Colin Stone, Orlando’s father. If what we do is stalking then you are the queen of stalkers.
    2. You and people like you believe stories that cast a certain couple in a good light.
    3. You spend every waking hour searching for all things Kerr-Bloom. You prove you do.
    4. You go all over the internet spreading “the good word” about a couple you have never met and dont know.
    5. Shippers and team MK have outed real addresses and information on some haters (some fake info too), pretended to be lawyers, have created fake accounts to bitch about us. The addresses and certificates you refer to are in the public domain.
    6. Worst of all you spend hard earned cash to raise money in the honor of a millionaires child and pretend its for charity but really its to make yourselves look like good fans.

    Mayfrayn hon, if we need help, then you need to be in the queue infront of us as you do exactly what we do, just on the other end of the scale. If its not normal then its not normal regardless of your intentions.

  11. So this isn’t relating to the dress, but it’s along the lines of “wtf? that’s not what you preach” she & o were just paped going to their gym in seperate cars. If they’re going to the same place at the same time doesn’t it make sense to carpool being such staunch environmentalists? And they had Flynn waiting in the car and “took turns” taking care of him while the other worked out. You can’t tell me a gym as posh as they must belong to doesn’t have some sort of daycare (the one my poor ass goes to has that for a little extra $$$). Even if they don’t, they can afford a nanny or aren’t her super great family only ever a phone call away? It just seemed really weird to me and I can’t talk about it on the fansites.

  12. She’s spoken about the importance of riding a bike and ive never seen her on one but wait for it I’m sure she’ll snap a photo soon and post it on kora, she drives around in huge cars which is not necessary for a small family especially if you care about the environment and all the jetsetting what’s her carbon footprint??

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