The State Of KORA

Is something up in KORA world?

1. The shipping cost shot through the roof as if they were shipping their products to the moon (the shipping shot up but the goods were shipped surface = total rip off. Bleeding people dry with the shipping costs yet sending it the cheapest way ensures a profit.

2. Some of the KORA range will now be in plastic containers instead of the usual glass because “it’s recyclable” (see here). Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t glass recyclable too? Plastic containers are lighter and therefor, cheaper to ship. I use a cosmetic brand which uses glass and these glass containers are not, or at least should not be, easy to smash. Not unless it was cheap, flimsy glass.

3. The Foaming Cleanser (according to this post) is now available in 120ml, rather than the usual 125ml. No mention the cleanser will be any cheaper even though it’s a smaller size. I do not believe the “emergency run” has anything to do with the smaller size as obviously, the smaller size was created in the first place – 5ml’s smaller.

4. David Jones, apparently, do not sell the full KORA range, only 3 or 4 items. Do DJ’s just sell KORA’s most popular products? No KORA on DJ’s site to purchase. KORA was not mentioned in DJ’s “Beauty Book” either.

Everyone knows (even her own fans) that KORA is way over priced. Are KORA now trying to cut corners to make more cash because either KORA isn’t doing well or they are just getting more greedy?

For example, if I wanted to buy some of that wonderful certified organic Rosehip Oil Miranda says every woman should have in their handbag, I could pay $27 (US) here for a bigger bottle. £14 (UK) here for a MASSIVE bottle 4x the size. $25 (AUS) here. These are already certified, some are bigger, all are cheaper!! It would cost the average American, $65 (USD) to purchase this Rosehip Oil, almost $40 more than buying a bigger product off the shelf. KORA will die a death at these prices (and shipping).

Rip off central!

~ by Kerrazy Lies on March 15, 2011.

23 Responses to “The State Of KORA”

  1. It’s very much possible that KORA maybe tanking, as I’ve seen quite a few people on her FB complain about the shipping price and saying her line is expensive. Granted the skincare line I use isn’t cheap either, but at least I can go to my local Nordstrom to buy it, and any products they don’t carry they are willing to special order or I can simply order them off the company website if I wanted (I’m a cheapskate when it comes to S&H and to me $13 is even expensive ;x but $13 is standard shipping no matter how many items you purchase.)

    As far as DJs goes, it’s no surprise that they may only have the popular sellers, if there’s no demand for other products they won’t bring a profit into their stores. But also, MK turned face when she didn’t walk their fashion show last year due to their “honeymoon” and being pregnant, but walked Balenciaga in September. Again it happened this year, she missed their first fashion show because she was “enjoying being a mum” yet jets off to Paris for another Balenciaga show. Many have already pointed out that a trip to Australia would have been 2-3 extra hours than the Paris trip. DJs isn’t promoting her, very few of her images (maybe 1 or 2 at least) are used in their brand books, and now very limited products being sold in their stores.

    I can’t remember when last year, but she was constantly boasting about how KORA will be available in other countries and in the US soon, and that there would be all sorts of new products available as well, none of which has come about.

    • Also I don’t understand why it would take 3 weeks to restock an item on a company site.

    • Exactly and dont forget Miranda said KORA were hoping to open their own stores in, I think she said US in the near future, that made me laugh.

      Miranda constantly contradicts herself when it comes to modeling. One minute she didnt want to work because she was enjoying being a mum, then she was hoping (i.e pleading) to be included in VS shows later in the year, then she didnt know when she was returning to work, then a week or so later shes jetting off to Paris to walk for Balenciaga.

      • Seems I’m always late to the party…:P But I pretty much agree with what you already said, especially her different behaviour towards DJ or Balenciaga, but I’m sure DJ will be able to adjust things as soon as she goes back to work for them…her contract is not expiring anytime soon if I’m not wrong and if they had had the intention to fire or ‘substitute’ her due to her unprofessional choices they already would have done it.

  2. in all honesty, if the company is losing it, you’d never know cause we understand now why everything’s kept within the family.

    on another note, miranda decides to send her well-wishes to Japan’s tsunami victims. knowing someone criticized her first earth hour post about how she’s only fluff and no donations or action, she now includes in her status, “red cross” will help as well as “prayers and good wishes.” are you kidding me? she needs to just stop at red cross and prayers. good wishes, my good wishes (the miranda style wishes) is really gonna change the world over. I’m gonna sit here today and blow VS kisses and some good wishes at Japan. another lame and very sad way to try to give some credit to her own useless good-wishing for every cause in the world that she doesn’t actually care about. But yes, I support making donations to Japan and using your companies to match that donation = double donation. I don’t support sitting and wishing.

    • THIS!

      Considering that [from the looks of it] she only commented because someone called her out about it says a lot. Then the KORA blog post isn’t directed at Japan, but at all of the natural disasters that have occurred. While there isn’t a problem with that, just the thought that she just says to contact your local Red Cross rather than giving links for information and/or how to donate. It doesn’t take much to search out the links for Red Cross, Unicef or even the news stations that give links on how to help.

      What truly bothers me is her sending good wishes and love to those affected, while all well and great, that isn’t going to make much a difference. Then again this is the woman who believes you can will away illness.

      This is all my own opinion though.

  3. She just wants more money to buy more designer clothes and handbags. Like she doesn’t have enough things already. How about giving to charity Miranda.


    • lol Thanks for that link. I have to agree though. I think MK is best suited to modeling clothes rather than underwear (or nude) because she does have a child like body and when she tries to be all sexy it kind of gives me the creeps. Ive seen MK model really well but she has always been wearing clothes, she just looks cheap, tacky and whorish when she does things like this but I think she likes that but I dont think she realizes how much she resembles a child and just how wrong it looks.

    • Must admit I have to judge every man that thinks her body is hot. Yes, Orlando I am looking at you too.

  5. go to 3.29 “I’ll be taking that money”

    • What did he say to her to warrent that response? I am not in the mood to hear that idiot sqwack her shit.

    • Wow, does she have an annoying voice.

      “I’ll be taking that money”

      That’s the story of their relationship in a nutshell there.

  6. Orlando won $800 at the races, and she said she’ll be taking the money.

  7. yes, that’s a good way to resume the whole relationship. I will be taking the money. But the fact is that that actitud has destroyed more than one life.
    one thing: don’t know if you have read about the fact that they have a night nann so that they can sleep the whole night long. Then… what about the organic natural way of breeding the baby??? what ‘s true and what’s a lie, another one

  8. Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that I nominated KORA Organics for an Australian Skeptics Bent Spoon Award, and they accepted my nomination! I’m a medical scientist by profession and I have been horrified by some of the absolute rubbish I’ve seen on their blog over the past year. It turns out the Australian Skeptics agree that KORA is full of misinformation about ‘treasuring yourself’. Here’s the link.

    • HAHA Thanks for that. Cant wait for the voting to open 😉 but Im sure all the MK and OB fans will vote for others so I cant see the KORA blog winning this, even thought they should.

    • Well done!! Thanks for keeping us informed! So well written too! Fingers crossed that this wins!!

  9. so when will voting begin ?

  10. in that case she has a fair chance of wining / loosing – whichever way you want to look at it.

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